Roger Dubuis EasyDiver Blackswan Watch

Roger Dubuis EasyDiver Blackswan Watch

As a supplement to the new for 2010 EasyDiver collection (that I wrote about here), Roger Dubuis has released a limited edition EasyDiver Black Swan watch you see before you. These are all revisions of years of EasyDiver watches and/or other sport models from Roger Dubuis - most have been good, all have been interesting.

The Black Swan, as it is called, is named as such for use of a black ceramic bezel. While ceramic bezels are no longer particularly uncommon, this one is interesting given how complex the shape is. It is still not nearly as easy to cut ceramic as it is metal. For instance, how many square ceramic cases have you seen? While I don't know the particular ins and outs of how the bezel was made, I would guess it is significantly more complex than just a ring-shaped ceramic bezel. The complexity comes in with the notches and the numerals done in relief.

Compared to the watches from 2010 the Black Swan certain has more of a night look. I would go so far as to say "black swan" look. Is that like black sheep? Black Swan makes me think of something dark and elegant - which I guess in a sense this watch is. Mostly I think back to other names that Roger Dubuis added to its dive watches that are equally silly such as "SAW" (sport activity watch), and Seamore.

Aside from the black ceramic bezel the case is in steel and 46mm wide. There are carbon fiber inserts on the sides of the case (which you can see if you like to the previous article above). Quality and comfort are high for this range. The Black Swan comes in three dial choices. All that changes on each are the hands and hour indicators. What do you prefer, black, white, or orange lume?

Other than the bezel and minor dial changes the EasyDiver Black Swan is the same watch as the 2010 new model as far as I can tell. Inside the watch is a Roger Dubuis in-house made caliber RD821 automatic movement. The watches are water resistant to 300 meters and come on nice rubber straps. Unfortunately the price is pretty high, even though there will only be 88 Black Swan watches made. Up from about $13,000 for the 2010 Roger Dubuis EasyDiver models, the Black Swan will retail for around $20,000  (13,900 Euros).

  • JohnnyJohnnyJohnny


  • sean_r_wilson

    Ummm…If I won the lotto, and I mean a HUGE lotto, there is nothing about this watch that would compel me to drop $2,000 let alone 10x that. It looks fat (not chunky…FAT), has an overly busy dial (I’m sure someone on their design team was on meth at the time) and a price tag that screams arrogance vs. value. I’ve seen many watches that if I had the money I’d gladly pay $20k for but this ?

    • MichaelG

      @sean_r_wilson Agreed. You’ll find many RD watches to fall in this category.

  • marketsurfer

    Beautiful watch. Looks like RD will have a winner here. It retails for less than the original Easy Divers and has a cool updated look yet maintains the spirit of the original. However, Black Swan means an “unexpected and impossible to predict occurrence” at least in the financial world. See Nasim Taleb “Black Swan”. Good review otherwise, thanks!

  • marketsurfer

    Upon further thought, the name “Black Swan” is killer perfection for this watch. The furthest thing from silly. This one is moving to th top of the must have list.

    • admin

      That makes sense.

    • Snow1

      @marketsurfer you know that there is more than one definition of black swan right? there is a swan that sticks out because it is not white like all the other swans and then there are also the “unexpected and impossible to predict occurrence”s mentioned my Taleb (who i think is a total idiot; i remember him advising everyone to buy out of the money put options for hyperinflation 2 years ago and also stating in his book that he doesn’t care to study economics; not that i don’t believe that what he described as black swans occur). I thought that this was well known but you appear to be oblivious to the first and more traditional meaning of black swan, not that both couldn’t apply to this watch i suppose. but then again is an overpriced luxury watch that isn’t half as original as it claims to be really unexpected and impossible to predict?

      • marketsurfer

        @Snow1 yeah, nice points. Taleb is an idiot and overpriced isn’t relative

      • marketsurfer

        @Snow1 Taleb is a true renaissance man, far from an idiot—- although I wouldn’t invest in empirica. Provided your first definition of Black Swan–the name still works. For those who have no clue what on earth we are talking about:

        • Snow1

          @marketsurfer@Snow1 i might have been wrong about black swan being commonly accepted as a similar interpretation to black sheep, sorry about that. You are right Taleb is not an idiot i shouldn’t have jumped to it like that I just don’t think he is as incredible as some people think. it seems that over the past few years all he did was rant and rave about how Bernanke is an idiot and how his book explains all this and so you just have to buy it to understand. But anyways he does have some useful and important ideas. I wouldn’t invest in empirica either, maybe thats why he quit to sell books.

  • marketsurfer

    How about a comparison of the new Easy Diver movement with the original?

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