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Rolex Watches At Baselworld 2014 Teaser Video

It ain’t much, but Rolex has produced a teaser video to get people excited about its new watch releases for 2014. Rolex is a bit special in how they debut their new watches and experiencing it is a sort of annual Baselworld rite of passage.

Many of you know this, but for those who don’t know Rolex’s little ritual we will explain. First of all, as far as we know, Rolex is the only brand to debut their new watches in this way. Rolex literally unveils the new watches. There are windows around the entire Rolex booth, and in the display case windows are many existing Rolex watches as well as the new ones. The new ones have a little “new” label next to them and are covered with a little cloth hood.

Rolex Watches At Baselworld 2014 Teaser Video Watch Releases

When the time is right (usually in the early afternoon on the press-only day of Basel) Rolex opens up the case and pulls off the hoods–pretty much all at the same time–to reveal the new watches.

After that it is a de facto point of conversation to discuss “the new Rolex watches” and everyone asks each other whether the new Rolex watches are enough, or properly new, or interesting. There is usually a consensus that the watches will sell but that Rolex hopefully will “go further more next year.” Nevertheless, we continue to be eager and esteemed about what Rolex has up its sleeves. In a few more days we will participate in the unveiling ceremony once again!

What do we know about the 2014 Rolex watches? The video doesn’t share much, but there is a teaser of the side of one watch. It is clearly an Oyster style case and it has a fluted bezel. The flutes however are rather shallow so it might indicate a brand new model– versus a revision on an existing model. My guess is that it is a new version of a Datejust of a Day/Date, or something similar. We shall see soon!


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  • I won’t be able to sleep now until after the curtains go up and the great annual mystery is revealed. (yawns and heads to bed).

  • Ulysses31

    Shallower flutes!?!?!  I’ll take ten.  Hoping for something genuinely new from the people of the Neutral Planet, but we’ll just have to wait and see.  “If I die, tell my wife I said… hello.”

  • brtnspn

    Ulysses31 MarkCarson  Maybe this is an outrageous suggestion but the way the Moon is shown from 0:01 and how it is revealed (and since it is shown so early in the video, “hoping” that it will go unnoticed) I’ll go out on a limb and propose that maybe there’s a moon phase coming up?

  • LapYoda

    Is this going to come in a box that doesn’t look like it contains a Happy Meal toy?

  • brtnspn Yeah maybe. The sun is also featured for what that may be worth.

  • DG Cayse

    Be still my heart…it’s all a flutter….;)

  • Zeitblom

    One of these days Rolex will display something that looks like a Ressence. And then go broke paying all the people who will sue for causing their heart attacks.


    ***approximately 1/3 of the crowd faints/babies start crying/men cover they’re wives’ eyes/the heads of attending paparazzi start exploding***

  • RindaMan

    Going out on a limb and predict some sort of moon-phase complication assuming the elements in the trailer are hints and not just props

  • timekeeper703

    I have been at basel for the past 4 years and anytime Rolex does anything remotely interesting  the crowd stands around the booth with bulging pants, even the women.  I.E:—did you see the new datejust!  they increased it to 41mm!!!!  its groundbreaking…..takes 2 year to make now instead of one.——.
    As for this watch…….wouldnt be overly surpised if they added a moonphase complication to the center of the skydwller date ring.  
    Of course this would cause spontaneous combustion and will make a mess of the main hall.  Bringing my boots this year.