Sporty German Diver: Limes 1 Tausend GMT Diving Watch Available Right Now

Sporty German Diver: Limes 1 Tausend GMT Diving Watch Available Right Now

Limes 1 Tausend GMT dive watch on eBay A while ago I mentioned the new Limes Endurance 1 Tausend Diver watch that was due for release soon. The watch had a wonderful Germanic utility feel to it, and I looked forward to seeing one. The Endurance was a deviation on the existing Limes 1 Tausend (one thousand, as in the depth rating), which is pictured here.

This particular watch has an automatic ETA 2893-2 movement, that includes the GMT complication. The dedicated GMT 24 hour hand is nicely done with a large red arrow providing nice visibility, without being too distracting. Actually, this is one of the clearest GMT diving watches I have seen.

Limes, like Sinn is a maker of high quality, but aggressively prices German "sport" watches. One thing that makes Limes a bit unique is the fact that they make all their own cases. Most smaller watches companies essentially source most of their parts. This is not a problem, but Limes takes great pride in constructing well-made cases fit for their watches.

Although 1000 meter watches are becoming more popular, they are still a difficult feat, ensuring structural integrity. A watch maker is required to ensure that water does not leak in through the caseback and crown, and the sapphire crystal must be thick enough to keep from imploding.

A Limes 1 Tausend GMT is available on eBay right now for well under $1000, which is an excellent deal. I can easily recommend this, and almost all German Limes watches. This is because of their quality, and dedication to being bold, useful, and lasting timepieces.

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  • Harry Bishop

    Nice to compare this to the “monstrosity” you posted about yesterday Ariel. :-)

    I agree, nice to see clean lines and simple utility. I still think 1000m resistance is mostly a silly marketing ploy, being far more water resistance than would ever be used, but at least it’s presented fairly well in this watch.

    Thanks for all the posts, continuing to enjoy reading your blog.


  • admin

    Hi Harry,
    Always good to hear from you. Along with the good, I would be amiss to gloss over the bad. When a watch comes along that is ugly, I will be the last person to dress it up with flowery language in an attempt to justify its existence.
    You are most likely correct in regards to the 1000 meter classification. The watches would probably survive, but are tested in pressure chambers rather than deep in the ocean. No human body can survive those depths, and the watch companies know this. Regardless, it is supposed to serve as some vague indication of a watch’s relative durability.
    I am flattered that you enjoy reading, keep doing so, and I will keep posting. Catch you later.

  • Thomas Carey

    I just wanted you all to know Archimede and Limes have just launched an official discussion forum.