Swatch Automatic Chrono Watch Giveaway Winner Is Happy

Swatch Automatic Chrono Watch Giveaway Winner Is Happy

Last month you were able to enter for a chance to win a free Swatch Automatic Chrono watch from The winner has received the Swatch watch and has been enjoying it, and has sent me a few shots of the watch as a follow up. Congrats to Andrew D. winning the new Swatch watch and I am glad that he enjoyed it. The timepiece is really making a bit splash with a well priced automatic chronograph Swiss movement and fun styling. Don't forget to enter for this month's Giveaway for a chance to get a free US made Orbita watch winder.

Here are some words about the watch direct from the winner:

"As soon as I found some free time I quickly opened the box to experience my first ever Swatch. The first thing that struck me was the packaging. Truly Swatch! In keeping with their famous Jelly watches it appears as though they have Jelly Boxes too. Upon seeing the new Chrono my first thought was "boy it's big" I have a small wrist and until now my largest watch was a 42mm Fossil. I was hesitant to put on the chrono but nothing ventured nothing gained. This watch is extremely light. Deceptively light for the size of it even keeping in mind that it's plastic. For the first few days I'd forget it was on my wrist. I could've been wearing my vintage La Salle for all I knew. It's actually a joy to wear this large watch without the weight and that may be why I find it so comfortable. The other plus is knowing I've got a Swiss chronograph on my wrist. I like the small splashes of blue on the inner bezel at the hour markers to match the second hand and I love that I now have a Swatch. I was surprised how firmly I need to press on the pushers. Moreso the Reset than the Start and Stop. I found the Lume is very bright but fades astonishingly quickly BUT retains a dull glow for a fair bit. I like the almost mirror like quality of the dial but I found that when the hands where around the 9 o'clock they got lost amongst the the subdials because they're skeletonized/ladder type. I was also surprised to see Swatch AG 2008 on the dial when the watch is the Winter/Fall 2009 collection. I'm curious what that 2008 refers too. Also I'd add an extra keeper for the strap, one that doesn't move. Overall I'm thrilled with the watch and will probably be wearing it for a while before another beckons to be worn. Thanks again to you and Swatch and I look forward to more of your blog."

Stay tuned for more giveaways regularly from Thanks again everyone for reading.

  • Aart Wijnbergen

    Hello, i,m from Holland you now, windmils and wooden shoes.
    I so very very very very much like that watch!!!
    I now its to far away but atleast i cantry?
    Greetings from the Netherlands

  • Ritchie

    Lucky guy! Congratulations man!

  • e.burroughs

    i like your reviews and critiques thankyou