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One of the most interesting workout watches so far this year is the STB-1000 "Sports Gear" collection of Bluetooth-enabled watches by Casio. These seem to be an answer to the question of "can I combine my fitness tracker with something that tells me if I…
Casio Sports Gear STB-1000 Bluetooth Watches Offer Fitness Information Plus Phone Alerts

If you are in need of any additional proof that Kickstarter is a great place to fund the development of a new watch, look no further than the Touch Time project from California based Phosphor Watches. Phosphor is well-known for READ MORE
Phosphor Touch Time Watch On Kickstarter + Interview

Casio is proud of this new mean and green Casio Pathfinder PAG110C-3 watch intent on reminding you that Casio Pathfinder watches are green friendly...…
Casio Pathfinder PAG110C-3 Go Green Watch Review

Here is a cool set of new Casio G-Shock watches that are coming very soon. And they are pretty economical to bat. Aside from new styling that is still utterly “G-Shock,” the G-Rescue G7900 series of watches is specially made READ MORE
Casio G-Shock G-Rescue G7900 Cold Resistant Watches

Let’s start with a detailed rundown of an extremely impressive (and lengthy) set of features: * Light-weight titanium case and bracelet with a highly scratch resistant DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) coating. Not only does DLC shrug off all kinds of abuse, READ MORE
Review Of The Citizen Attesa ATV53-2933 On