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The New Nomos Lux Weissgold Watch

The New Nomos Lux Weissgold Watch Watch Releases

Nomos has expanded their distinctive line of watches into two new upmarket model lines, the Lux and the Lambda. Available this November, the Lux and Lambda (discussed here) represent a new direction for the conservative Glashütte brand as they move into small batch production of gold watches that are powered by a new range of in-house movements.

The New Nomos Lux Weissgold Watch Watch Releases

While we will cover the Lambda in an separate post, the Lux is arguably the outlier in Nomos’ newly expanded lineup. Available in two 18k white gold versions – the Lux Weissgold (light blue and white dial) and the Lux Weissgold Hell (white dial), the range utilizes a tonneau-style case rendered in 18k white gold and measuring 40.5 x 36 mm. With wire lugs and a thickness of just 8.95 mm, the Lux should make for a very wearable design.

The New Nomos Lux Weissgold Watch Watch Releases

The Lux range is powered by the DUW 2002, a new hand-wound calibre that is produced in-house by Nomos. The DUW 2002 features twin mainspring barrels that provide 84 hours of power reserve to the three hand movement which incorporates 23 jewels and operates at 21,600 vph. Sporting a number of lovely visual elements, the DUW 2002 can been seen via the Lux’s display case back, offering a view of the swan neck fine adjustment and the hand-engraved balance cock which proudly proclaims “Mit Liebe in Glashütte gefertigt” (lovingly produced in Glashütte).

The New Nomos Lux Weissgold Watch Watch Releases

The New Nomos Lux Weissgold Watch Watch Releases

With the simple and undeniable charm of a Max Bill clock, the Lux line retains the spirit of Nomos while offering something distinct from their current lineup. Of the two versions, I really like the Weissgold Hell (in German, “hell” translates to “light”) which offers the sparse and minimal display that we expect from Nomos while perfectly integrating with the vintage-inspired minimal lines of the tonneau case. Either model can be had for $20,500 USD and will come fitted to a Horween Shell Cordovan black leather strap with a solid white gold buckle. Nomos is a brand normally praised not only for their recognizable bauhaus designs, but also for their very competitive pricing. With the Lux, they are applying their aesthetic and movement know-how in a high-end market that is generally home to more ornate and embellished designs.

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  • Zeitblom

    Yes indeed, hell does mean “light” in German, and is applied to many fine light beers, as for example this one:

  • Chaneling a little Ikepod there? Still, I really like the blueish dial, even though I can’t see myself spending that much on this watch…Maybe in S/S ?

  • Ulysses31

    Looks Swedish.  The movement is beautiful but the rest looks like it was designed by IKEA, and certainly the price tag is disturbing.  I realise that beyond a certain level the price becomes meaningless but still, you’d really have to be in love with the design to choose this over a similarly priced competitor.  As someone who doesn’t yet own a money pit deep enough to swim in, i’d have to pass on this watch.

  • Kris C

    Completely agree that the entire execution, aside from the movement view, is reminiscent of a mall fashion watch. Even the strap, which is probably Horween Shell, looks like cheap pleather. 
    I could care less that the movement is in-house and well made, for $20k I don;t want the rest of my watch to look like it came in a gift set with a chromed pen that doesn’t write and a polyester tie for $19.95.

  • LapYoda

    This one doesn’t do it for me (I like the Lambda one though).  But I have to point out that this is a “tonneau” or barrel shape, not a “tourneau” shape.

  • mcv1973a

    Agreed. While I like the way the movement is presented in this piece, I still prefer the Lambda overall.

  • Fraser Petrick

    Elegant, I suppose, but does it have any personality, any soul? I once bought – at the opposite $ scale – a Skagen : elegant, I suppose, but no personality, no soul. It sits, lonely and unloved, in my bedside table drawer. I feel like a heel.

  • Fraser Petrick

    I didn’t sleep a wink last night thinking about the mean things I said about my Skagen. I’m going to wear it today to make up for my insensitivity. Besides, it’s cold and rainy outside: how Baltic.

  • mcv1973a

    Chronos and Caerus are pleased with your penance… but you may need to sacrifice a goat or two, just to be safe.

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