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The Sinn T1 and T2 Titanium Dive Watches

The Sinn T1 and T2 Titanium Dive Watches Hands-On

Always a fan of a well-sorted diver, these new models from Sinn have been flirting with my wallet since we first saw them at Baselworld last week. The all-new Sinn T1 and T2 divers offer a different perspective on the tool diver platform we’ve come to expect from Sinn after such hits as the U1, U2 and UX divers. The T1 and T2 are mostly differentiated by case size, as both include many of the signature features that make a Sinn diver so special. Definitely two of my favorite new divers from Baselworld, the Sinn T1 and T2 are worth a closer look.

The Sinn T1 and T2 Titanium Dive Watches Hands-On

The Sinn T1 (or EZM 14) is a 45 x 12.5mm titanium diver that weighs just 71 grams without a strap. Alternatively, the T2 (EZM 15) is 41 x 13mm, also constructed of the same bead-blasted titanium with a weight of just 59 grams. Both models boast sapphire crystals, anti-shock and anti-magnetic protection (to DIN 8308 and 8309, respectively) and are even fitted with what Sinn calls their Captive Safety Bezel. The Tegiment-hardened unidirectional dive bezel locks in place and must be depressed before it can be rotated, this is also seen on the U1000 and is similar to the system found on some IWC Ocean and Aquatimer divers. Whether in hand or on wrist, the Captive Safety Bezel is a cool feature that seems to work quite well. Only real life use will tell if dust, lint or even sand can clog the travel of the bezel and render it harder to use.

The Sinn T1 and T2 Titanium Dive Watches Hands-On

Both models are powered by a Soprod A10 automatic movement which is a direct competitor to the ETA 2824, with hacking, hand winding, 25 jewels and a date display at three o’clock. The titanium cases are more vintage looking than much of the current Sinn lineup, offering a curved case profile with short lugs that really hug your wrist. Thanks in part to the case shape and the lightweight titanium composition, both the T1 and T2 wear comfortably and are quite low profile, especially given their high degree of water resistance. The T1 is water resistant to 1000m, while the smaller T2 can withstand up to 2000m worth of pressure (possibly due to its flat sapphire crystal). Additionally, both the T1 and T2 divers are low-pressure resistant and include Ar-Dehumidifying technology which combines drying capsules, specialty seals and a protective gas filling to combat the effects of any moisture-laden air that may enter the case. This system not only protects the movement and its crucial lubricants, but also prevents fog from forming on the inside of the crystal during rapid temperature change.

The Sinn T1 and T2 Titanium Dive Watches Hands-On

Available with either a matching titanium bracelet or a black silicone strap with a titanium buckle, the Sinn T1 will retail for $3360 USD with your choice between the bracelet or silicone. The smaller T2 will carry a price tag of $3120 USD and can be had on a bracelet or the silicone strap seen in the above photos. These new designs may prove to be too much of a departure for the hardcore Sinn fan, but that lot can rest assured that these new models are additions to the Sinn diver range, and not replacements. I really like both of these new models so, given the pedigree, technology and execution, I would say all you really have to decide is which size better suits your wrist. For my money, I’d prefer the T2 on the bracelet, a nearly ideal dive watch that won’t seem out of place on dry land.



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  • DG Cayse

    Excellent review Mr. Stacy. I have had the Sinn line under consideration for much too long. Fine technology and fine watches.
    You mention something that has been, what I consider, and overlooked item in watch durability – sand(as well as dust) and its degrading effects on watches. IMO, and others also no doubt, I think this is a much greater detriment than mere water resistance. Most, if not all, watches spend the majority of their time out of the water. Sand and dust, in particulate size, have a much greater chance to creep into places that water molecules cannot enter. It is here that the real efforts at isolation of the inner mechanisms bear fruit.
    Sinn, and a few other makers, seem to have made considerable efforts in combating these nasty intruders.

    • jstacey

      DG Cayse Glad you liked the write up! Sinn makes some really great watches, to be sure.

  • MichaelStockton

    Had the opportunity to see these at Basel and try them on.  The Sinn folks were so friendly and willing to let anyone try their watches.  I agree with you on the T2…it was so light and comfortable on the wrist.  Definitely on the want list!

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