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Tudor Heritage Black Bay ‘Orologi & Passioni’ Limited Edition Watch For Italy Only

Tudor Heritage Black Bay 'Orologi & Passioni' Limited Edition Watch For Italy Only Watch Releases

It’s no secret that the Italians love their watches almost as much as a strong espresso or a carefully aged Barolo, so it’s only natural that the country’s passion for horology be rewarded with an exclusive edition every now and again. Fresh on the heels of Tudor’s release of the Bucherer-exclusive Black Bay, “Lo stivale” is getting its own exclusive Tudor Heritage Black Bay limited edition, and one that might make dive watch fans in North America more than just a little geloso.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay 'Orologi & Passioni' Limited Edition Watch For Italy Only Watch Releases

Tudor Heritage Black Bay 'Orologi & Passioni' Limited Edition Watch For Italy Only Watch Releases

Based on the Black Bay Black with Tudor’s MT5602 in-house movement (hands-on review here), this very limited special edition was built exclusively for Italy’s most passionate collectors; members of the “Orologi & Passioni” watch forum. It’s the latest in a growing trend of powerful watch manufacturers recognizing the influence and importance of online communities. And while this Black Bay doesn’t get quite the full-custom treatment (or sizable production run) that we saw with the Omega Speedmaster “Speedy Tuesday,” its subtle differences are enough to yield a wholly unique watch, designed with direct input from the O&P community.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay 'Orologi & Passioni' Limited Edition Watch For Italy Only Watch Releases

It shares the same case and bezel of the ref. 79230N Black Bay Black, but this edition gets a subtly altered dial with three lines of red text in Italian, a red-tipped seconds hand, and an individually numbered case back engraved with the group’s logo painted black. The addition of red to the dial is a nice, on-trend touch, hailing other modern dive watches that deploy similar color coding to evoke a certain classic aesthetic, like the new 50th Anniversary Rolex Sea-Dweller 126600 or the recently introduced Tudor Pelagos Left Hand Drive.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay 'Orologi & Passioni' Limited Edition Watch For Italy Only Watch Releases

Furthermore, the red detailing also unifies the bezel pip to the rest of the dial’s design while balancing out the rest of the gilt accents with sporty, nü-vintage panache. But what really sets this Tudor Black Bay apart from its peers is the 200 metri, chronometro text at 6:00. Rendered in Italian, it feels a little like the original Zenith Cronometro CP-2 watches (tastefully re-issued here, sans text), where the translation seems to lend further credence that this could have been a watch issued to some secretive unit of Italian commandos. Granted, it’s being issued to desk divers of the most passionate order (albeit ones with excellent taste), but that’s probably beside the point.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay 'Orologi & Passioni' Limited Edition Watch For Italy Only Watch Releases

As mentioned, the guts of the Black Bay persist in this special edition – inside beats Tudor’s MT5602 automatic movement, an in-house-manufactured ufficialmente certificato chronometer with a healthy 70 hour power reserve and a frequency of 28,800 beats per hour. The Tudor Heritage Black Bay “Orologi & Passioni” is limited to only 50 pieces and we believe the price was the same as the non-limited Tudor Heritage Black Bay at €3,500, but all appear to have already been spoken for by members of the forum.


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  • ??????

    Meh. Hodinkee’s $12,000 hourglass outshines all recent special editions combined together – “sits at the nexus of art, design, and engineering”.

    • Chaz
    • IanE

      I’m waiting till they add a tourbillon.

      • Saul Sloota

        I require power reserves on all my hourglasses.

        • benjameshodges

          Wow! I too thought this was a good joke but they’re totally serious! Ten minutes HOURglass with imperfections because ART for $12k? Oh but put it on a coaster and use gloves so it slips off and breaks before the 10 minutes is up. Oh (they say that a lot), the comments section is disabled…hmm couldn’t possibly know why…

        • spiceballs

          Hmmmmm – – – not beyond the wit of man – – – – ?

    • TrevorXM

      I thought this was just a joke from you until I looked it up just now. Hodinkee has got the self-absorbed undeserving rich idiot market DOWN. My laugh of the day.

    • Saul Sloota

      I’ll give you $1000 for 5 minutes.

    • Greg Dutton

      The fact Hodinkee has disabled comments for that article tells you everything – it’s so f*cking stupid that even Hodinkee recognizes that they’d get ripped in the comments section. I like Hodinkee generally, but this level of douchery is hard to comprehend.

      • ??????

        I open Hodinkee only for JF articles. All the rest seems to me a pretentious cr**: fapping on bakelite bezels for 100k, selling $12k hourglasses, very special $40k watch editions, promoting their vintage watch shop, promoting their straps/gloves/scarves/bags/etc. Oh, and John Mayer stuff, how fun to be the first to get a ceramic Daytona and so on.

      • ??????

        I jumped immediately to the comments section while opening a box of popcorn – only to find that it’s closed 🙁 you can imagine my dissapointment.

    • Saul Sloota

      sitting at the nexus of their heads and their asses

  • Sheez Gagoo

    I think Abltw. is the only blog with no special edition from a major Swiss brand. What about Eterna? Ariel, help Eterna or they shut down! AblogtoKonTiki?

    • ??????

      Eterna is a good choice. Or some GS with ABTW pattern on the dial.. mmm, on a base of something like this:

      • Sheez Gagoo

        Excellent! GS is my favourite brand.

      • Yan Fin

        +1 on Eterna.

    • MEddie90

      Possibly a Janis Trading with a subtle co-signature?

      On a more serious note personally I prefer to keep the blogs and retailers separate. As shown with Hodinkee’s special editions and vintage pieces it raises concerns over impartiality when you are in bed with the manufactures you’re supposed to be critical of.

      • Sheez Gagoo

        Indeed. But I think Eterna will maybe be out of business in a year. So there’s no danger of corruption after the special edition.

      • Saul Sloota

        Except that ABTW are not critical of the manufactures either. But I will give them credit for not just slapping the ABTW name on a Citizen or a Nubeo, hoping for a speedy sale…

        • Saul Sloota

          …but what if Apple came calling? 🙂

    • Ariel Adams

      Do people want us to make a watch with a brand? Personally I (as Ariel Adams – not per se as aBlogtoWatch) would be happy to be involved with a timepiece design project. At the least I’d like to make something with a brand that I personally want. I don’t want the aBlogtoWatch name on it, and I would want it to be a watch I’d actually buy myself. I’m curious as to people’s feedback about this. I can say that I’ve turned down several opportunities to be involved in projects where brands simply want us to sell to our audience. I just don’t think that is a wise move as a media site. While I don’t mind being involved in a design project, aBlogtoWatch is an information resource, not store. If we become the latter, we must give up the former.

      • Buy and Sold

        I think it would be naff. Dont do it. I admire the current independent approach.

      • Sheez Gagoo

        It has never been easier to achieve such a project but it never has been so hard to sell watches.

  • Chaz

    Is the red writing done in pasta sauce?

  • Saul Sloota

    Eez not abow da money. Eez my pashun.

  • DanW94

    Sure for Italy only, but I got a buddy, Jimmy “Two Times” who knows a guy named Sal who can get me one of these. A case just happened to appear on the docks with his name on it. I asked how much? He says, “Fuggedaboutit, let me do you this personal favor”. I sense a big return favor involving a body at some point in the future.

  • I’m holding out for the Douglas Adams Special Edition, just so I can see the conversion from Meters to Sheppeys printed on the dial.

  • Gokart Mozart

    Could you imagine Rolex doing a limited edition of 50 watches.

    Rolex sell more than 50 watches in 1/2 of an hour.

    At lease Tudor had the (meat)balls to do a proper limited edition.

  • Marius

    I see a lot of nasty, vicious, and vile comments directed at this watch. Before making fun of Italians, you should consider one crucial aspect:

    • Phil leavell

      No worries buddy they’re just words they want to hate and make fun they can do to me. I’m dyslexic my dad was English & French my mom was a Pollock my wife is Chinese got a good buddy he’s black Got native Indian for brother-in-law let them all hate on, it means nothing it’s just printed words. And I got Italian buddy who just forgets

  • Saul Sloota
  • Word Merchant

    I look forward to the limited edition Tudor Stevenage for everyone who loves that fine British town. Written in Barbecue Source Brown and Hotdog Mustard Yellow on the dial will be:

    Fackin’ Ell Don’t Fancy
    Yours Mate

    200 Chicken nuggets = 1 dinner
    Stevenage Boys
    Did You Spill My Pint?

    This will sell out double quick.

  • otaking241

    Stack of words at the bottom of the dial resembles a plate piled high with spaghetti bolognese–coincidence?

    Seriously though, this lazy effort kind of takes the “special” out of “special edition.”

  • SuperStrapper


  • Mark1884

    I like Tudor………. but let the Italians have this one.

  • Simon_Hell

    I don’t know who Tudor is blowing at aBTW but the exposure they’re getting here is way way above what this mediocre, lame, dull, uninspired, pedestrian, plain, boring brand actually warrants. From the awkward name, to the run-of-the-mill generic designs, the wimpy wussy bezel teeth, the strangely unsettling hour hand shape, the vapid font and logo. Just blinking when looking at it makes me forget what the watch looks like….I don’t even know why I hate it so much when I really shouldn’t care.

    Anyway, the whole Italy-only is total bullshit. No self-respecting wop would buy this. Italians like to make a statement and the only statement this watch makes is that it very ostentatiously makes no statement whatsoever. The limited edition is a marketing BS to create the impression that even someone as inconsequential as Tudor can have special editions.

    • Saul Sloota

      You may be right. I’m a wop and I wouldn’t buy this.

    • Raymond Wilkie

      What he said word for word.

    • IG

      Tudor is the only way get a Rolex knock-off — officially from Rolex.

    • Ross Diljohn

      Give em Hell. I feel like we could be friends.

  • Lawrence

    I wouldn’t get a Tudor, Everybody knows that it is a Value Rolex… Either Rolex or just go for other brand.

  • William Jones

    Lately I have seen several watches where the minute hand is skinnier than the hour hand. I don’t like the way this looks. This is purely a matter of taste but I don’t care for it.


    I don’t know I kind of like it but I like the BB. I mean they did not put a whole lot of effort into it. a new case back check, a new dial with some fancy words in Italiano check, and then voila badaboom badabang. LE 50 at least they did not price it more than the regular one.

  • Saul Sloota

    Tudor Timepeez is a berry especial timepeez.
    Ita took me alotta time to get dis especial edishon togedder, but I gotta say…itsa worth it.
    You will keep habbing your 3,500 gyros.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    ” Hi, can i have a look at your Rol “………..oh , never mind.

  • Saul Sloota
  • James

    I think this is so close to the perfect BB I’ve be waiting for, but 1 or 2 lines of red text rather than all 3 would have been perfect. For me, having all 3 lower lines of text in red unbalances the dial, it’s not a subtle colour… if the lower 2 text lines were in gilt, and the depth rating in red this would IMO be the perfect Black Bay

  • Wow! These comments are rather odd. Why all the stereotypical slurs and accent mocking? Generally, you don’t do this with Japanese, German, French, Russian watches, or watches from any origin really. Why the bias against Italians?

    • Berndt Norten
      • Raymond Wilkie

        Hate the song. kept Vienna off # 1

        • Berndt Norten

          Hate the song too but it seemed appropriately absurd. Heck I love Italy more than Yacob Smirnoff loves America.

    • Saul Sloota

      I make fun of Italians because I am Italian. I don’t make fun of Japanese, German, French, or Russian people because I am not Japanese, German, French, or Russian. I’m sorry if my comments bothered you.

  • Ross Diljohn

    What did the Italians do to deserve this?

  • sfbaydawg221

    Since the watch is for Italians it should have said “TUDOR Ginevra”

    • ??????


  • Saul Sloota

    I’m riveted!

    Get it?

  • Mischa

    Is Tudor’s Black Bay slowing becoming Omega’s Speedmaster (minus the historical prestige)? In the sense that so many variants are constantly released, that saying “I’m the proud owner of a Tudor Black Bay” becomes meaningless. I’ve been debating getting a BB or a Pelagos for a while, but the constant new versions and editions actually do put me off.

  • Phil leavell

    I’ve never owned the dive watch. I like the Tudor Ranger. And I’m not Italian so I guess I can to get a disa watch. And I agree with the comment earlier it’s getting like Omega somebody hiccups and then make a special watch to celebrate it

  • Andrew Hughes

    I think that it’s cool that the watchmakers are listening to us fanboys more… this could be a step in the right direction.

    • GiorgioneOP

      Best comment 😉

  • Alex Meyvaert

    This forum is a real scam, contacted them and their reply: only willing to listen to offers above 10.000euro!

    Did send following mail to Tudor

    I am a great watch lover/ watch enthusisast.
    My collection ranges from big brands such as Patek Philippe to Rolex, from independants like Pascal Coyon to Kari Voutilainen.
    Of course have a few beautiful Tudor Black Bay in collection (see picture attached).

    Once seeing the edition from Orologie Passione fell in love with it: the vintage red underlying,…
    I contacted them in my enthusiastic positivism thinking you never know if one would still be available.

    Was then truly shocked by their respond (find all communication below).
    Selling these watxhes over 10.000euro – this Italian forum just want to have a quick buck. And we are not speaking about one member but several members!
    Ethics wise this is not done for any watch forum and/or purist: this is like the Zenith edition of Puristpro or LE, the Habring LE of Timezone or LE of CronotempVS would be listed above value. If any forum member would do so he would have to return the watch and be banned for life.

    For me totally unacceptable and certainly as Tudor almost never makes a LE.
    The only option for Tudor to restore the damage made by this forum would be to recall all 50pieces made and make a statement claiming this.
    I am a great Rolex/Tudor enthusiast, but this is just damage of the brand. Hope you make a correct choice in order to avoid such scam by a watch forum!

    Best regards,
    Alex Meyvaert

    • A Proud Owner

      Dear Mr Alex Meyvaert
      Please stop circulating fake information
      Tudor is a serious brand that will never take into consideration your funny tentatives to destroy the reputation of the proud owners of this spectacular Black Bay Limited Edition.
      You will never have one of them, just accept it, relax and move on

      • Alex Meyvaert

        Not being a proud owner of this watch have no difficulty to accept at all!
        And members having this watch congratulations.

        But this official mail from following email address :[email protected] pretty clear to me:
        First presentation night of this Tudor BB we all owners have received offers about 10.000€ .. so could you imagine next years?

        See ya! ?

        • GiorgioneOP

          The answer you have receive is not nice but I guess it is a problem of language and of smile 😉
          All of the watches are in the property of the 50 and we hope there they will stay.
          Concerning future value who cares. Hope no one will sell it cause it is a part of the forum history 😉

          • Alex Meyvaert

            @Marco @ Giorgione

            Then I totally agree with you! A false interpretation (would have better not to mention any value).
            Wear the watch in good health and enjoy your watches. A very nice interpretation of this Black Bay that you then truly deserve! Enjoy

          • GiorgioneOP

            Alex I totally agree with you. You received a wrong answer and this is not good. However I’m happy you understood that the reason we have made this watch is different. Unfortunately you do not speak Italian cause reading the topic where the watch was created would clarify even more. ?

          • Curio Gabriele Allocchio

            Dear Giorgione .. as you already know I still have my loved Tudor B.B Orologi&Passioni edition and I don’t want to sell it .. I replied to this Alex Meyvaert in that manner just to cut any next offers.

            That’s all!

        • Marco Pascucci

          So they ufficially answered that all 50 owners have received high offers but not a single watch was sold. You should have understood that for these Italian owners, this limited edition watch is more precious than a lot of money. You understood that they wanted higher offers ???

        • Curio Gabriele Allocchio

          Shure! .. You asked me you wanted to buy my Tudor B.B Orologi&Passioni edition with a ridiculos offer compared to the retail price and I replied to your mail with those words just to immediately cut your request!
          Why I should sell my loved Tudor B.B to you? .. and why you tried to buy my watch with that ridicuolus offer?
          No way!

          Rolesium O&P Forum Admin

    • Marco Pascucci

      I am a member of the Italian forum, not interested in the BB Limited edition, but I have followed this beautiful adventure step by step. Your accusations are serious but probably false. The reliability of the O&P forum organization is unquestionable. What evidence do you have to make your accusations? You have probably misunderstood or you’re just jealous and you wanna take revenge for not being able to have this watch.

    • Hey brotha, I’m not sure if this is really the place to try to start stirring the pot. O&P is not a ‘for-profit’ forum, and while its members might have gotten lucrative offers for one of these LEs, that’s not really your business is it? I think we can all agree that Tudor stepped in and created something extremely unique for a group of very passionate (and lucky!) watch fans – and I think you’re in the minority for suggesting that these members are in for a cash grab, and that this is damaging to Tudor’s reputation. Can’t we all just get along?

      • GiorgioneOP

        Perfect my friend 😉

  • Ulysses31

    It doesn’t take much to create a “special edition” nowadays, eh? Some altered text, different colours and a customised case-back? Really?

  • furio almirante

    I don’t like the watch, it’s a PMW.

  • greyman

    I kinda like it. If they made a BB58 version (I’m so over big/thick watches), I’d be in for one. I do wish they would do a BB58 with 7016/0 or 9401/0 style indicies though (like they did with the Pelagos). I think the square markers look better with the snowflake hour hand.

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