• Kris C.

    I cringe here. I was very recently blown away by the “double freak”, but this is no proper followup. It’s like following a 2-run homer with taking meaningless swings at junk thrown into the dirt. This might be one of the nicest rotors I’ve seen recently, but thats about all it has going for it, although I do appreciate the effort that went into the crown. This piece will end up costing more than my first house, but there is not even a seconds hand so you can see the movement in action. Although I would imagine on a piece this gaudy, the tiger’s eyes glow or blink in tacky fashion to mark the seconds going by.
    The artwork reminds me of those terrible fleece blankets you buy at fairs, etc from the carnies that students hang as tapestries on the walls of thier dorm rooms or first shabby apartments.

  • Dennis

    I find many UN designs to be pretty busy and not my taste at all. This one is pretty terrible. I’m sure it will do well in Asia.