Update To Getting aBlogtoRead.com Articles Via Email

Update To Getting aBlogtoRead.com Articles Via Email

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aBlogtoRead.com is now fully back in action. If you notice any problems or issues let me know (via my contact page). A lot of you enjoy aBlogtoRead.com via e-mail. One of the changes that I have needed to make on my new server is how I send e-mail updates to you. The system I previously used no longer works due to my new host's e-mail policies. I'm not allowed to send more than 250 e-mails per an hour - and as more than 250 of you enjoy aBlogtoRead.com's new articles in your inbox, it was time for a new approach.

I apologize to say that all of you who already have been getting aBlogtoRead.com via e-mail need to sign up again. I know it is a pain, but there was no way around it. Auto signing people up would make it too easy for spammers, and none of us want any more of that.


To get aBlogtoRead.com sent to you via e-mail you'll need to use the form above, or visit the Email Subscribe page. You'll need to enter you e-mail address, enter the CAPTCHA, and then active the link that will be sent to your e-mail address. This applies even if you have already been getting aBlogtoRead.com via e-mail in the past (as that system will no longer be working). Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for reading.

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