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URWERK UR-202S “Full Metal Jacket” Watch With Bracelet

URWERK UR-202S "Full Metal Jacket" Watch With Bracelet Watch Releases

From the brand that brought you a black coated gold watch comes a black coated steel watch (and brushed steel) – and for some reason that seems odd for the brand. What I am more excited about however is the bracelet. This is the first Urwerk watch that I know of that comes with a metal bracelet – and I think it is really fitting. You can get me excited all day long with straps of fancy materials, but I really enjoy a nicely engineered bracelet (which is exactly what I expect from Urwerk).

The 2011 UR-202S “Full Metal Jacket” is a variant of the UR-202, which itself is a variant of the UR-203. This collection is also named the “Hammerhead” due to the shape of the case. It is actually my favorite Urwerk watch style in their collection to date. The UR-202 was previously done in steel/titanium in the limited edition UR-202 White Shark watch here, and I wrote a nice hands-on article with the UR-203 here. The difference between the two watches is the complications on the dial on the left and right. While the UR-203 has an “oil change” indicator and a life of watch indicator, the UR-202 has a moon phase indicator and a day/night indicator – which I find more useful than the features on the UR-203.

URWERK UR-202S "Full Metal Jacket" Watch With Bracelet Watch Releases

Urwerk will offer the UR202S in a few finishes including steel coated with AlTiN (which is coating made of aluminum, titanium, and nitride), as well as a polished steel case. Urwerk will also offer an 18k rose gold version of the UR-202S will also be available. The case is 45.7mm tall, 43.5mm wide, and 15mm thick. Inside the watch is an automatic Urwerk calibre 7.03 movement (love that it is an automatic). Telling the time as always is done via satellite rods which have the hour on them and run along the minute scale. The bracelet has a lot of work that goes in to it and should be really impressive. Overall a nice looker in black and with a bracelet that fits the design of the watch well. The UR-202S will be available as a limited edition of 50 pieces total.

URWERK UR-202S "Full Metal Jacket" Watch With Bracelet Watch Releases

URWERK UR-202S "Full Metal Jacket" Watch With Bracelet Watch Releases





UR 7.03 automatic winding






28,800 v/h, 4Hz

Balance spring


Power reserve

39 hours


Single mainspring barrel


Uni-directional winding rotor regulated by twin air turbines


Bridges spotted and rhodium plated

Screw heads bevelled and polished

Pins with polished convex tips


Satellite complication — patented — with orbiting hours and telescopic minute hands

Day/Night indicator

Moon phase


Bridge and hour satellites in ARCAP P40; transporters in beryllium bronze treated with MOVIC; telescopic minute hands in titanium.

Back: Adjustment lever for the winding regulation


Carousel diamond cut mirror polish

PE-CVD (plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition)

Super-LumiNova treated hours and minute markers


Metal: Gold, AlTiN (Titanium Aluminium Nitride) stainless steel or polished stainless steel ,all with matching metal bracelet; titanium base.

Dimensions: 45.7mm x 43.5mm x 15mm

Water resistance: 3ATM/30m/ 90′

Watch Brands



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  • Kris C

    Still an awesome watch, but let’s see a photo. I’m very much a bracelet guy, and while I’m sure this one is engineered to the Nth degree, it ends up looking like that from a Seiko Monster, without the shiny bevel. Or like that from a number of other watches for that matter. Not that I think it should be distractingly unique, but it should have it’s own flair, just like Urwerk watches.

    Regardless, this piece is a true feat of horology, and I really want one.

    • Ovidiu

      The links on the Seiko Monster bracelet have a reverse flow (I don’t know how to put it right), and although I’m not a fan of the butterfly type of clasp, I think the design works for Urwerk. Also the all black mate surface of the bracelet and watch head puts the dial in evidence better.
      I agree with Ariel here, the high tech look the watch works best with the bracelet rather than an elegant leather strap.

  • Ahoy

    AlTiN is not an alloy, it is a coating. They do not make watches out of AlTiN but coat it with it. It is a very hard intermetallic. Please do your homework better

  • witch watch

    Kris i’m with you on this one, i also would expect this bracelet to be something truly ‘out there’ and unlike anything else on the market but this as you say does not not in photo form give you a sense of wow like the rest of the watch does.

    I’d love to see any model of Urwerk in the wild just to see if the owner matches what my mind eye see’s him being, which for the record is someone around 30-45 who works in a creative field,lives in a studio flat, drives a porsche, owns an English Bulldog or Terrier and loves Prada suits.

    Oh and for me Panerai make one of the best looking bracelets on the market currently, with both the Tag Heuer 6000(on looks) and the Tag Heuer Kirium(for still unmatched comfort imo) from the past being my favourites.

    • kris c.

      Well, I’m in that age group, but I work for a bank, drive an Exploder (for other hobby reasons), and prefer my bespoke Tom Ford to Prada. But I do own an English Bulldog, and I’d really like to own this watch.