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WATCH & EXPERIENCE GIVEAWAY: Indianapolis 500 Race With TAG Heuer

WATCH & EXPERIENCE GIVEAWAY: Indianapolis 500 Race With TAG Heuer Giveaways

Racing… it is all about the dream of victory, exceeding expectations, and winning because you have the right tools and the right skills. For decades, the worlds of timing machines and race cars have been connected, and today they still are. Watch brands regularly hire car designers and engineers, while automobile makers are keen to work with those watch companies that share their values, style, and appreciation of tradition. Within those worlds, there are few more exciting partnerships than when watch maker and racing event combine forces. To experience a savory slice of that world, TAG Heuer and aBlogtoWatch invite one lucky audience member for the opportunity to travel to Indianapolis for the 100th running of the Indy 500 in May of 2016.

Like all aBlogtoWatch holiday giveaways, we wanted to make this event both memorable and exciting. The giveaway begins with a trip to Indianapolis, Indiana, on May 27 (until May 30th) where the winner will enjoy TAG Heuer’s hospitality and VIP access to the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 race on May 29th. That includes paddock and behind the scenes access at the track… as well as a TAG Heuer timepiece. That’s right, one lucky person gets the full Indy 500 experience along with a TAG Heuer watch (to keep things exciting, we aren’t going to share just what model yet, and the picture above is just a “telling” example) to commemorate the event.

TAG Heuer has been an Indy 500 sponsor since 2004 and a friend for fast cars and racing for decades. As part of the Indy 500 trip giveaway, the winner will also get a “supercar track day” experience at a local Indianapolis race track. This is very important because when in the midst of fast vehicles, the natural tendency for most people is to want to drive one.

Thanks for being a great member of the aBlogtoWatch community all year, and good luck to all those who enter the Indianapolis 500 trip with TAG Heuer and aBlogtoWatch giveaway. Please note that even though not intended, given potential scheduling and logistical changes that may occur, aBlogtoWatch and TAG Heuer reserve the right to modify or make substitutions to the giveaway offer. Also, this particular giveaway has been designated by the giveaway sponsor to be only open to legal residents of the United States of America. Enter below for a chance to win!

To Enter You Must:


1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook, or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required (if you’ve signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there). In the body of your comment, mention one of your favorite “driving fast” or car-related life experiences and perhaps how that has helped make you the watch lover you are today.

2. Be a pal. If possible, follow all or any of the following:

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on December 31, 2015, for the winner to be chosen at random. A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non-US entrants may apply based on sponsor’s policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor’s inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to TAG Heuer, the sponsor of the TAG Heuer watch and Indianapolis 500 trip giveaway here at aBlogtoWatch!

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  • Frits van der Veer

    As a (F1) racefan, this is a dream. Pick me pick me!! (as i jump up and race my hand) 😉
    nice give away!

  • Steeve Barbeau

    This watch is so beautiful ! My wrist is ready for it 😉

  • Felix Gütt

    I have been into cars since I was a child and started a growing interest in watches a year ago. The TAG Heuer LeMans is one of my favorite watches I would like to own some day. To win my first TAG in that great giveaway combined with that experience around it would be fantastic!

  • Craig Newdick

    My first fast car experience was a track day as a passenger in a Lotus Esprit race tuned car. What an experience this could be with Tag Heuer and the Indy race. I can already smell the petrol…

  • Der0

    I’d watched Formula 1 ever since I was a kid. In Australia, most races back in the ’80s weren’t shown till after 10pm and I was dedicated! When I graduated from high school, my parents rewarded me with a gift – a choice of a watch. I knew straight away which brand I wanted. The same as Ayrton Senna and if I could, something as similar as possible as Senna also. Consequently I got a S/el WG5114 which then I subsequently wore every day until my now wife bought me another TAG Heuer.

  • Tanguy Prigent

    This watch is amazing, Tag Heuer made a great job there, I can’t wait to see it on my wrist 🙂

  • ordnungshut

    I’ve owned sportscars my entire life, I was always fascinated with speed, the roar of an engine and G-Forces.. When I got my first porsche I took it for a spin across a mountain pass in the swiss alps, at first it was weird and I was a bit worried by the tight bends and the new found power behind my seat. But after a couple of turns there was this moment of clarity, everything seemed to become irrelevant, there was only the road in front of me, the engine behind me and the car melted to my body as if it was a part of me my entire life. That was pretty much the moment I became obsessed with cars and driving them fast. However despite of my love for cars and racing I’ve never owned a tag heuer, but I think it’s about time to change that 🙂

  • br1ce

    I can still remember the TAG logo that was everywhere when I watched races as a kid. At that time I was only fascinated by these amazing cars. Today my attention is way more focused on that very TAG logo!

  • Mikkel Bau Jungersen

    My favourite car experience was going off-road in my parents’ Volvo S60 (which is NOT designed to go off-road) due to a weird suggestion from the sat nav

  • Ben McLendon

    Beauty! I’ve been saying that my next watch would have a black rubber band.

  • Christian Schutte

    One of mine was when I was 19 in a 77 Z28. It had a 350 4 bolt main built, 750 double pumper, old rock crusher trans. It was great to power slide tgat thing. I guess it is the same mechanical fascination I have with watches. I just love the ingenuity of the build.

  • Ray Ntagozera

    My favorite car related life experience is when i visited Africa as a teenager and had the experience of a safari rally,off road rally cars in the bush that had me amazed.

  • D Young

    My two favorites auto racing and watches.

  • Neil SHAH

    My favourite car related related experience was a track day at Silverstone. Next would be a desert safari in dubai

  • Alex

    When I first saw Maserati Quattroporte (M139) by Pininfarina in pictures, it was a weird looking car in 2003 for a 15 year old. Then having seeing it a year later in metal (Argento Luna (light blue)), the seductive lines, the presence was a beauty to behold. The artisan design of the Quattroporte has a part in sparking my admiration for well thought-out designs, and one of those includes mechanical watches. Years later I got to experience the car in its final iteration as Sport GT S (Nero (black)); I was in love by how well the whole package has evolved over its lifetime, which I believe will be a future classic. Great designs are timeless.

  • Sean PIzzle

    I love to go fast. This year, I’m selling my 2010 Dodge Challenger, with its beautiful v8 engine, as I’m expecting my first child, and frankly need more doors. That being said, I’ve always wanted a TAG (it was the first place I went when I wanted a luxury watch, and although at the time I couldn’t actually afford anything they sold, I’ll always be grateful to the salesman who basically opened my eyes to the world of high end watches). Giving up my car is hard, but given that it’s for my unborn child, it’s hard to be too broken up about it. That being said, if I have to lose my beloved muscle car, getting a race watch the same month from TAG would go a long way to easing the pain!

  • Artem Pervenyonok

    My favourite car-related life experience was, actually, visiting Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where Indy 500 is being hosted. That included driving (unfortunately not racing) the speedway itself and visiting their museum. It was very memorable to see the history of racing cars for over a century!

  • Roy Radin

    I remember pushing my Audi hard on the interstate one sunny Saturday morning. When I looked down to check the speedometer, a glint of light caught my TAG as I held the wheel tightly. I remember what a cool feeling that was and how both the precision watch and automobile enhanced the whole experience and helped to make me the watch lover I am today.

  • Allan

    Winning this would eclipse my favourite experience of throwing an Aston Martin DBS round the track.

  • deuxani

    In October of this year two of my watch loving friends and I went to Jabal Al Jais mountain in the United Arab Emirates (near the Oman border) for an epic journey on one of the most fun roads to drive in the world ( With us a Rolex GMT-Master II, a Rolex Submariner and an IWC Portofino Chronograph inside two amazing rides: a Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S and a Porsche 911 Carrera S. As you can imagine the drive to and on the mountain was something unforgettable, but the only thing missing that day was…… a true racing watch!

  • Jeffrey_Gl

    When i was still in my teens I would always see the TAG branding at F1 races, that opened me up to the watch world. Shortly afterwards got a TAG Aquaracer.

  • RM

    The Tag heuer calibre heuer 01 was actually the first watch that got me interested in mechanical watches since I thought it was an absolute beauty.
    This one looks very similar to the Heuer 01, so it would be a dream to win it 🙂

  • Stephan Chan

    Aiming for a Tag Heuer Calibre 5, always wanted a Tag, i pray!

  • When I was 16, I “borrowed” my dad’s Jaguar XJS and hit about 115 MPH on Route 25a between Manhasset and Huntington, Long Island. My watch at the time? A replica Rolex purchased on Canal Street for about $25. A fake watch and a stolen car? That’s racing, baby.

  • Gabe

    When I was younger I owned a Nissan Silvia s14. Where I grew up there were copious curvey back roads and hills. I’d spend countless hours pushing the Nissan through the “course” and fell in love with that…in control yet ever so slightly out of control feeling. I liken it to the boat on the wake feeling. It brings me happiness as I recall those emotions as I type this. How this extrapolates to my equal obsession for watches…during that time in my life I had entered into watches as well. One of my first procurements was a tag Hauer carrera…the tachometer was certainly utilized daily. I never left the house without it and have many a fond memory of that beautiful watch touring with me (still have the watch 🙂 )

  • Antonio Shimano

    Took a mini van to 120mph…definitely not safe at all! Lol

  • Sarosto

    When I was a kid, my uncle worked in Maranello for Ferrari, so I had the opportunity to have a test drive of the (at the time) new Ferrari F40. It was the most scary and exciting drive (as a passenger) that I ever had. I remember there was this big “Veglia” watch to time the laps, and it looked really cool so for that Christmas my uncle gave me a model of the car, which i I still have, and a Ferrari plastic watch (which I lost)

  • egznyc

    I am excited by the history of our space program. I used to imagine that I was an astronaut in my rocket ship when in fact I was driving the family car, accelerating up an incline in town. On one occasion I remember practicing my driving and skidding skills in an empty parking lot, what we used to call “doing donuts,” which was both great fun and also good training – gave me real confidence in icy conditions. And then learning to drive a manual transmission was a highlight for me, which feels very similar to what I love about mechanical watches: there is a give and take between engine and its operator.

    The Tag depicted here – or a similar one – would be a fantastic watch to get, alongside the Indy 500 experience!

  • JosephWelke

    Driving my Infiniti G37X though some of the great back roads we have here in Virginia, feeling the road surface through the wheel and the suspension and chassis taking a set in the curves, my Heuer Carrera faithfully on my wrist. It was the total experience.

  • Ben Garner

    Driving my BMW or Miata through the mountains of North Georgia and North Carolina is the best time to be had in a car, in my opinion.

  • Audun G. Kjørsvik

    Were watching a local dragrace tournament for many years ago. The lap times was widely spread but the two in the lead were only milliseconds in between. Time is essential, so is my watch.

  • Steven Bremer

    my first vintage race cemented my love of cars, speed and watches.

  • Ben from LI

    Favorite car moment honestly was getting the keys to my own car for the first time. That freedom is really something else

  • Rick DiLouie

    the watch that i have always dreamed about getting has been a tag. watching indy car racing and f1 has always been a favorite of mine. tag and racing go hand in hand together. every since i started watching racing, i have wanted a tag, just can never afford one

  • iamcalledryan

    I cannot think of a single car experience I have had that has anything to do with watches. Perhaps one time I needed to know what time it was while driving? I would have just looked at the dash clock though…

  • Justin Bennett

    Great watch, In past autocrosses I would time the other participants due to the lack of a good PA system. It was fun to instantly be able to see what the results were (at least it was accurate enough for comparisons with my times) without having to check the roster at the end of the heats.

  • Sebby Borriello

    My BIG BLUE BUICK La Sabre. I was the Big Boy on the block even though i only got 8 miles to the gallon

  • Paul Stanley

    I have the Tag that appeared in the Bourne Identity, and have enjoyed the watch. It has been bullet proof. However, who wouldn’t love a new Tag by getting selected here! Cars and watches seem to go together. When done well, both are finely made mechanical marvels that are both functional and a joy to see and operate. As you get older, you appreciate this even more.

  • Edoardo Coronado

    I have to agree, with Ben from LI, my favorite car moment is getting my first car’s keys. Nothing, like the first raid on it. Love the Tag Heuer watch giveaway, just a shame it wasn’t an Omega Speedmaster ’57… 😉

  • Matth C

    Best racing car experience
    was doing my thesis on the suspension of a F3000 racing car (Formula 3000 is now
    replaced by gp2 series).


    Steve McQueen the Tag Monaco, racing at Le Mans need I say more

  • Hamdi K

    About three months ago, i was trying to arrive a derby match, when i reach last bend i realized that i was too fast to turn that bend. Death was very close but i survived. I can’t drive so fast for a while

  • Dooglas Escobar-Moran

    What a beautiful watch. I remember when my dad bought his first Porsche we will be on an airport in Guatemala and use a chronograph to take the time of the car. That sparked my love for watches. Thank you Ariel for doing this article. I enjoy every morning with my cup of coffee reading your articles… Thank you for keeping alive the passion of Mechanical Watches!

  • Mitko Dimitrov

    Nice racing instrument! 🙂

  • Adam Williamson

    Tag’s are amazing and I am from Indiana where the Indy 500 is a part of life. This is a nice looking watch. would love to own it.

  • Lester Phil

    When i was 5 years old my dad used to take me for a joy ride in his car. It was a Mitsubishi and the thing that I loved about it, it was a manual transmission. Sitting next to my dad, I always watched him shifting the gears. I was so fascinated by the engagement of driver and car and made me what to learn how to driver a manual at the time. My dad knew I loved cars and watches, so he bought me a Seiko Sportura Honda Racing edition and ever since then I started collecting watches.

  • Jesse Sherer

    I decided to put my New Audi A4 to the limit. I took it too the middle of the desert and saw how fast I could go. Got up to 135. It was pretty thrilling. Unforunately, I did not have this fine time piece to test my speedometers accuracy.

  • DJRamsey

    My father’s three favorite things were nice pens, watches and cars. We never had money for exotics but he still taught me to appreciate well built machines. Now I work in automotive marketing and get to photograph some great cars. It makes me miss him and wish he were around to see them. I like having that connection to his memory. A nice watch like this TAG or a classic car will always make me think of him

  • Lee Fielding

    Not an OTT experience, but when I purchased a MKIV VW R32, the same year I bought a Calibre 11, Tag Monaco. A good year, but sadly both are now sold ?.
    I’ve been looking forward to the release of the Calibre Heuer 01.

  • Benjamin Denay

    I worked for an Audi dealership and hearing the R8 in person is a moving experience. Even better if you had a sweet TAG to go with the R8!

  • Tom Canedy

    NASCAR has always been my love. Chronographs are so prevalent at the track.

  • Jason

    I once had the experience of driving a car on the other side of the road (in Dominica) while also wearing a watch with a crown in the 9:00 position which amused me.

  • Bill Brown

    My wife allows me to go to the Indy 500 every even year. 2016 would be much better with a new Tag Heuer (and another Juan Pablo Montoya victory).

  • Jack Sexton

    I recently did a ride along in a Nascar driving experience. Going 175mph was very cool. Even used my chronograph to time the laps and figure out our speed. I can appreciate watches more when you are able to use them for their intended function. However, the most fun was when I rode along on a hot lap at the BMW test track in Greer, SC last year. The driver was able to make the car pull enough G’s in the corners to pin me in my seat. Very cool indeed.

  • David

    In my opinion, this is the nicest looking Tag Heuer watches I have ever seen. Before I read the article headline, I expected this to be a Richard Mille watch. I am sure other watch aficionados will make the same mistake should I be the lucky one to wear this after my name is announced as the winner next month. This is definitely the type of watch I would consider purchasing and it is probably more in line with my budget than a Richard Mille watch. I can’t imagine a more exciting weekend than having the opportunity to attend the Indy 500 as a guest of Tag Heuer.

  • Robert

    Watches and vehicles are similar. Many have beautiful designs and amazing mechanicals. Had an amazing track day in a Porsche GT3 while wearing a Panerai

  • Kevin Demsky

    I once did five laps at the Memphis Motor Speedway with Denny Hamlin in a Richard Petty Driving Experience car. We averaged 175 mph. It didn’t seem that fast…….but being in the passenger seat, I was just about 12″ from the track wall. That was cool.

  • Wow, what a great giveaway. My favorite go fast memory will always be driving with my dad on the Autobahn on a trip we took together when I was 12. Not sure how it relates, he was wearing his Rolex Datejust At the time, a watch I inherited when he passed away a few years later.
    On another note, my first “nice” watch (other than the aforementioned Rolex) was a Tag Heuer. It be amazing to attend an event hosted by the brand that got me hooked on this crazy hobby.

  • Michael Stevenson

    There is nothing like pressing the go-switch on a powerful car.. the roar of a throaty exhaust note, tires screeching on pavement, and the G-forces pushing you into the seat. Watches bring the same kind of mechanical elegance that even the most raw powerful cars posses.

  • Boogur T. Wang

    “, this particular giveaway has been designated by the giveaway sponsor to be only open to legal residents of the United States of America.”
    Kinds sucks for some of us U.S. citizens who live elsewhere, a.k.a.’Expats’, but good luck to all and “Gentlemen, start your engines!”

  • Steve Sall

    When I was a teenager, I had a pleasant ride around the Nurnburgring in big family big family car.

  • manuel

    just awesome 😉

  • RMcGaw

    A full day taking hot laps in a bunch of race cars with professional instructors (Lewis Hamilton was an instructor once). Highlights – Caterham 7 and Ariel Atom.

  • loydb

    Outrunning the cops at 15 in a 1972 Ford LTD with a 454 in it. Never tried it again, that’s a once in a lifetime thing 🙂

  • christopher jensen

    Great looking watch. Would love to win.

  • Trent Russell

    Blasting up Hwy 276 to the blue ridge parkway with no traffic, as a stunning sunrise chased me up the mountain, in my WRX. It was pretty much perfect.

  • Davy

    I had the experience to drive a ferrari 458. That car is a real beast, acceleration was spectacular!!The sasdness was that I wasn’t able to look at the meter because of the speed and reactivity needed 🙂

  • Michael

    My first time to IMS was with a major sponsor for one of the cars. He gave us a midnight tour of the track, I’ll never forget that. He is also a huge watch fan and I remember he was wearing his Monaco that night. A great memory indeed.

  • Bert Kanne

    I was at the Monterey Historic races once in the late 1980s and the sound of the now almost priceless Mercedes and Auto Union cars from the 1930s on the track was truly amazing. TAG Heuer, like Rolex and a few other watch brands, is closely connected to many great auto racing events.

  • Rob Klause

    For me it’s the mechanical appreciation/connection– engineering, power, efficiency, elegance… whether under the hood, behind the driver, or on the wrist.

  • Chris Hede

    What a beaut!

  • Jason Baksa

    Wow what a watch. I’ve always looked at Tab Heuer’s but that’s all I could do. Way above my price range like most of the watches on here. Some of the best driving is in the upper peninsula on Michigan. Especially going up to Copper Harbor on the fall. They call it a color tour seeing all those leaves change all sorts of colors. You’ll need a watch just to make sure you get back on time to whatever you need like dinner. Highly recommended visit.

  • Forrest Becker

    This giveaway would be a dream come true for me. I am the biggest car nut. It started for me collecting matchbox cars when I was a kid and continues today. I go to car shows and races all summer and I can’t wait to own an exotic someday. Best car I’ve driven so far was an Aston Martin DB9 a few years ago.

  • Humphrey Mar

    This is a gorgeous watch! I was born and raised in Indianapolis, and though we lived probably 5 miles from the track, we could still hear the cars all the time, and on the actual race day, traffic (and trash) would back up all the way past our house! I recall many at my school (not me!) would skip out just to watch the time trials for pole positioning.

  • Dustin

    I like going FAST!

  • Anthony Herrmann

    I remember back in 2009 I was riding in my buddies 1995 Corvette and we were racing the clock to get to a football game before it started. We were about 20 minutes away and we left about 10 minutes before the game started. As we raced down the interstate during the night at over 120 mph, a car swerved into our lane in front of us not knowing how fast we were going. We slammed on the brakes and spun around at least three times and somehow landed in the emergency pull off lane facing the right direction. It scared the s**t out of me haha. That experience taught me to just leave with enough time. I now like to set my watch a little slow so I’m always a little early to events according to my watch. Also, I would like to get a Tab Heuer, those watches are crazy sweet.

  • Kyle Weber

    Nothing better than driving up to the cottage with the sun glaring off your watch on a hot summer day

  • Yee Kang

    My favorite moment around cars is that I get to chase them all around the city of Kuala Lumpur, spotting them being driven around town. Whats even more amazing is when you get a chance to sit in one, and have the feel of the force when it accelerates.

    Car guys tends to love watches as well, albeit simple tool watch or complicated timepiece, they have it for different occasions. Sometimes they like it fast, hi-beat movement like Zenith El-Primero or maybe slow like vintage watches, depending on the mood or the car they plan to bring out.

    Around car guys, you don’t only talk about cars, you talk about watches as well, and some of them gets as fascinated as how they talk about cars, the movement, the finishing. It’s like they are talking about the same thing with the same amount of passion. This, is what draws me from just a normal car lover, to become a watch lover as well.

  • Jeffrey Gougeon

    My best car experience were driving with my Dad. He loves cars.

  • Arda Aytekin

    The best moment i had around cars was the time i have been in a two seated formula 1. Damn that g banged my head so hard.

  • Michael Kirstein

    driving out of the office on a summer Friday with the sun shining off the hood of my car and my watch, great feeling.

  • Atanu Goswami

    My prized possession is a Tag Heuer Formula 1. I somehow can’t get over my love of Tags. This shall enhance the stature of anybody who wears this.

  • Thiago Zomer

    Really Nice Watch!

  • Eduardo Henriquez

    My favorite car-related life experience actually happened just recently. I got a chance to drive a V10 Audi R8 when the Audi Driving Experience came through Houston.

  • Mike V

    Driving west on Interstate 80 in my brother-in-laws 65 Corvette coupe we decided to time the mile markers without a chronograph using my Rolex Datejust. Although we were routinely reaching 140 mph, trying to time the distance without a chronograph was less than ideal to say the least.

  • Dave T

    My father was an old muscle car lover. He restored some old cars; one of them was a Chevy Corvette 1963.. I remembered a small ride to the local garage as I was about 8, in this ongoing car project… sit on a wood case, feeling the wind (no windshield) and the loud sound of this V8 without exhaust… What a great souvenir with my father. He gave me the passion for old sports cars, he still leaving in me with this. For me, this watch represent the passion of race and sport cars at my wrist.

  • sko2386

    I was at the Nurburgring and took the Ring Taxi with a professional driver. The driver was wearing a Tag Mikrotourbillon at the time and it grabbed my attention (after the hot lap). I asked questions about his piece and it eventually led to my love for not only the Mikrotourbillon but mechanical timepieces for their complexity and attention to detail.

  • My favorite car related experience was definitely driving coast to coast along interstate 80. A buddy and I made the trip because I was moving from San Diego to Washington, DC. We definitely touched 120 a couple of times and I wish I could have had a Tag chronograph to time our intervals! Thanks ABTW!

  • Jeff College

    Best car related experience was restoring/rebuilding a 1966 Mustang fastback with my dad. Learned the majority of my wrenching skills on that car. Will never forget the first time that we fired the engine to life after it had been sitting for several decades, truly awesome.

  • Gregg

    I belonged to a “car sharing” club once and got to take an Aston Martin convertible to Vermont for a wedding on a Saturday and then dropped it off Sunday and picked up a Lamborghini Gallardo convertible for a week on Cape Cod. What a rush. I’ve had the “driving fast” bug ever since. I’ve been teaching my 4 year-old son that a race car and an automatic watch are very similar – they both have very sophisticated “engines” with lots of moving parts. He especially likes to see the watch engine on some of my watches that have skeleton backs. The watch above would blow his mind.

  • vasilis mavroidis

    my favorite brand

  • Duarte Vieira

    I’m more of a motorcycles kind of guy. With that said, I love to ride the hell of my Triumph Tiger 1050 🙂

  • Kyle Chien

    used to drive cross state 6 hours almost weekly. Constantly pushing my terrible car as fast as i could go, just trying to shave a few minutes off the GPS. Don’t really think that this could have possibly shaped me into a watch loved…that’s done through a myriad of other events

  • Aymeric

    love Tag. Thanks to their Carrera Heritage Calibre 6. Nothing to do with cars, but anyway…

  • Brad Radu

    What an awesome experience this would be! Combining a watch icon and one of the most iconic racing events in the world…, simply amazing.

  • Another giveaway I will not win. As for the best driving experience that was every day for the whole year I’ve owned a 911. Miss that car a lot. Maybe I’ll win the lottery someday…

  • Neal Goodacre

    My best experience was when I took my Porsche Boxster to 136 mph and could not believe how stable and solid that car felt at that speed. This made me appreciate the quality and engineering put into making this car. I carried this appreciation into what’s involved in making fine automatic time pieces. Love this giveaway.

  • TER

    Had an old VW GTI with the analog clock center mounted in the dash – made me realize how simple and classic a timepiece can be! Loved that car!

    • Shinytoys


  • René VooDoo Wendtland

    Driving fast with my dad in his 280SEL in the 70s, him wearing a Rolex. Still makes me smile ….

  • Andrew C. Troutt

    great watch. my favorite car experience was buying my first new car – a 1987 Honda CRX si when I was 17. After driving clunkers for a year, it made me appreciate something well engineered and designed, qualities I appreciate in any watch regardless of brand.

  • naviworld

    My favorite car driving experience was driving with my wedding party down to my wedding.. I had all of my closest friends in my car and i couldn’t have been happier. As i was driving i looked down at my wrist and couldn’t help but smile. A year earlier my wife had surprised me with a new Tag watch for my birthday. The funny thing was on that same day i proposed to her. So everyday i look at my Tag watch i remember that day driving down to my wedding and looking down at my watch. .

  • calhou

    When I was a kid I used to go driving with my uncle. He loved analog watches and he owned several Tag Heuers. I remember being amazed at how they looked. He drove a SEAT 124 sedan that he would flog relentlessly. Let me drive a few times. Probably shouldn’t have as it almost ended very badly on a number of occasions……….Good times. Probably accounts for how I drive now………..

  • Jim Davis

    Lots of memories watching folks like Mario Andretti and AJ Foyt race around the oval. Actually got to meet Mario at Laguna Seca at the Motorsports Reunion event. Would be a treat to see the race in person!

  • Allen Ross

    My most memorable car experience was years ago when a good buddie of mine bought a ’92 Porsche 911 Carerra 4S. Just an example of how sick the handling of that car was, we were driving down a street doing about 30-35 mph when made a turn so fast that I was not expecting that I fell over on him while he was driving. He wanted to show me what he was about to do before actually telling me so we both burst into laughter!! He was a big watch guy which turned me into just the same. That day he allowed me to borrow his black PVD Hublot with the rubber strap. From then on I’ve been hooked on cars and watches.

  • Jason Mar

    I remember when I was little, I rode in a 911 with the chrono package and watching the chronograph tick as the car was revving its engine past 7000 rpm got me hooked on cars and time pieces

  • al.outside

    Driving an 85 Toyota Celica Supra across Wyoming on I-80. Could open it up to well over 100 and just had to watch out for pronghorns and trucks in the left lane…always been a watch fan, not sure it ever had anything to do with cars other than going fast and nice watches seem to go together.

  • Tim

    My most recent memory is overtaking a tractor-trailer in a car with a turbo… Holy hell!
    All of the components of the engine, transmission, and driver working together in harmony – Similar to a mechanical watch

  • Jason H

    I’ve always loved cars and motorsport watches like the Omega Speedmaster and TAG Heuer Monaco, but now that I frequently participate in track days and endurance auto racing, I find myself reaching for my titanium Casio Pathfinder since it’s light with lots of functionality and I don’t have to worry about damaging it.

  • Leonel Enrico Baldovinos

    Open wheel racing is exhilirating……

  • SuperStrapper

    My last trip to EU we flew into Milan and drove up to Pisa, which was a nice drive. Halfway there is Modena, where the Ferari factory and museum is. After touring both, we rented a Ferrari and had a blast in it. Lots of fun, very memorable. I was already a watch lover. I was wearing a GShock.

  • Jeff Techico

    I volunteered at a couple Rally Car events in the Pacific NW several years ago and used my Oris Williams F1 Team chronograph as a measure for lap times. Great memories!

  • vanick

    There’s a form of amateur auto racing called “autocross” where competitors drive their car as quickly as they can through a course laid out with traffic cones to see who can set the quickest time. The events are designed such that you can show up with your personal car and drive it safely. It’s something I love doing on the weekends and most courses in my region take about a minute to drive. While the sport uses electronic timekeeping these days historically the only way was to use a chronograph. Wanting to learn more about how they worked I ended up appreciating the fine detail and precision in these timekeepers and became a watch fan too.

  • cyklopz

    My first car was a ’66 Mustang & my first watch was a Tag…I’m loving the moto inspired trend. Hoping I get lucky on this one!

  • For me it has to be the Long Beach Grand Prix. WHAT A RACE. I remember the first time I experienced the race, I was in my 20’s. Never thought that cars racing on the streets of Long Beach would have such an impact. Now I’m in my late 30’s and I never miss a race!

  • Richard Wagle

    Growing up in the rural Midwest, one of the activities I did to alleviate boredom was drive through the countryside, and I have always liked watches that remind me of the dials and indicators of a cars dashboard.

  • Caleb Yoon

    Living in detroit. Neighbors would often go to the woodward dream cruise with their retro sports muscle cars and they’d take me on rides to feel the speed after the cruise.

  • Jerji Roa

    While on vacation in Germany, I got a chance to drive a Peugot on the Autobahn. Though I wasn’t driving a fast version of the car, I had the chance to take it to 120 mph, which would have been unheard of here in the US. Though this experience does not relate to me as a watch enthusiast, I have always admired the beauty of the Daytona. Hope to get one in the future.

  • awildermode

    I was one of the first to ride in the DMC-EV and a DeLorean with Stage III Supercharge engine.

  • Jeff Negrin

    There’s no question that the very first time I went to driving school – in my case Skip Barber at Lime Rock in Connecticut – was the most memorable. Specifically, the downhill approach to turn 7, the fastest turn on the course, that still remains with me. It starts beneath the iconic Bailey Bridge and drops six stories. Makes your knuckles white, and your shorts, well, not white! So. Much. Fun! Anyway, no time to look at your watch at that point, but Tag certainly has the racing heritage to back up it’s claim as a racing brand. And I’d be happy to be their ambassador at Indy or at home with a new Tag on my wrist!

  • Larry Holmack

    I have been a racing fan for as long as I can remember. As a kid I remember just waiting to watch the Indy 500 the week after it happened…as there was no live TV of the event at that time. Then…when I was a teenager, I got to go to a local movie theater and watch the race on Closed Circuit TV! It was awesome. My main passion is NASCAR…I just love going to Texas Motor Speedway..only a couple hour drive up I-35 from where I live. Heck…I’ve been there to watch Red Bull Air Races….talk about fun!!! I also used to attend the Talladega races and the season finale at Homestead, FL when I live in New Orleans. But…living north of Austin TX now…I have been able to attend the F1 US Grand Prix at Circuit of The Americas. It’s an amazing experience. As for my own personal driving experience…well..I can remember cruising at 130 mph across the Causeway Bridge that connects Metairie LA to the Northshore of Lake Pontchartrain in a 1987 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe at about 3 am. I was lucky I didn’t get caught…the Causeway Police don’t take kindly to people going that fast on their bridge!! My passion for speed and racing has fueled my passion for racing inspired watches…especially chronographs!!

  • AronLump

    I I like fast cars. I like watches. Not much more to say!

  • Spooky

    I don’t race cars,I’m not that fortunate,the only time I race is to get to the bank statements in the post before my wife.I opted for the omega seamaster rather than seamaster which I still own today,I did own a tag Monaco before my children came along,I regret deeply selling that watch

  • Sarmoode

    I just came off Abu Dhabi GP Formula 1, as always, car racing is just amazing.

  • disqus_eK0EV6Kh99

    I’m lucky, dont bother trying, this trip and watch are already mine! Pick me!

    • wallydog2

      No. Pick me.

  • Jason Sheppard

    I don’t think my personal driving experience has anything to do with my love of watches. How ever watching James bond made me buy a seamaster

  • freezer101

    In the 1980’s I bought a new 1986 Carol Shelby Dodge Daytona, red, and also a Seiko Urban Quartz slim watch. I had run into some money at that time. I remember driving down the highway one evening listening to the radio. The dashboard was glowing as it was digital, and as I passed the lights on the freeway the watch would flash a reflection each time. I loved the look of that as I tooled down the highway just out for a cruise. It is what first got me interested in watches and I’ll never forget it. I loved the way that watch looked on my wrist, especially how slim it was, like it was a part of me.

  • Mark H. Englert

    A Porsche 938 pulled into my driveway in 1988… A friend of mine who owned a dive bar surprised me with the car ride of my life! The precision, the power stays with me to this day. And he wore a Daytona Rolex which really got me interested in real horology!

  • AveUrban

    Many great car related experiences over the years, going to Leguna Seca with my dad as a kid, first date with my wife was an Formula 1 race, and more recently driving track days and wide open on the Bonneville Salt Flats in a Polestar Volvo C30.

  • James Cooper

    As a teenager I was lucky to have a great car, pretty close to my dream sports car. There were many late nights driving a little to fast on the back highways! Everything mechanical has always been a passion of mine, whether it be cars or mechanical watches. I love looking into the heart of a machine and seeing what makes it tick.

  • Steven Servantez

    I was 14 years old and my brother asked his friend to give me a ride home. We were 15 miles from home. I got into his 1967 Camaro and took off! 120mph all the way home. I was never so scared in my life. Time actually stood still for the ride! WOW!

  • Peter

    I love the sound of an engine roaring at high rpms. Watching F1 races feels like attending a symphony of the mechanical kind. The engineering behind these racing machines amaze me, just like how the engineering behind mechanical watches amazes me. They remind me how capable the human brain can be.

  • Ryan B.

    I always wanted to be like my brother and wear the Casio calculator watch while driving my very first car. So that’s what I did, purchased a 1970 Ford Maverick for 300 bucks and happily sported around town in it wearing my new Casio.

    • wallydog2

      Way too cool.

  • jaemo

    In my younger days me and my best friend would go park his truck on the side of a 1/4 mile strip of road in an industrial park outside of Birmingham and watched all the guys who just came from the official drag strip at Lassiter Mtn. There were all kinds of cars racing from huge 70s Cadillacs to ford Ranger trucks. We mostly sat in lawn chairs in the back of the truck drinking whatever beer we could afford and timing the runs with an old pocket watch my dad used as a coach. Those were the days….

  • George Foshee

    I remember when my wife and i first started dating, he father was uber strict and would flip out if she was 1 minute late, we got carried away one night and we were running late. I remember a curvy road late at night hitting speeds close to 80mph, constantly glancing at my watch. Unfortunately my watch wasnt very good at accuracy, at least not synced with my future father in laws watch, and she was late…… probably a good thing i didnt have to speed away, but that beautiful Tag would come in handy to make sure i was never late again……

  • Bernhard

    I actually am not so fond of fast cars. I like skiing a lot better (mind you, fast as well). Funny enough, racing inspired watches have always resonated very deeply with me. Must be the sporty optics.

  • Wilson Meeks

    Too bad I didn’t own this watch when I drove a Porsche Turbo!

    • wallydog2

      Too bad I didn’t own this watch when I drove a Datsun 510!

  • Jason

    I’ve always been a sucker for old school cars from back in the 50’s and 60’s, and that’s gone over into my vintage tastes as well. Love the classic look of the chronographs from that period.

  • cg

    My father took me to Watkins Glen in the 50’s to see my first F1 sportscar race. The smell and sound has stuck with me all these years as well as seeing men using timing boards and wrist watches during the race. Something I had never seen before. I looked for days afteward for a speedometer and watch for my bike riding. Indy this coming year will be amazing with lots to do…. Always impressed me how accessible the drivers and cars are there. A garage and pit pass is a must it allows you almost shoulder to shoulder access to mechanic and engineers while they are working on the cars. Very up close and personal and not to be missed. In these days of liability issues Indy is one of the last race tracks doing right by the fans. They’ve cleaned up 16th Street a few years ago and now it’s more family friendly…. though I do miss the vendor concourse next to the Museum (another must see if you go!) Hope it doesn’t rain….

    • wallydog2

      A High School friend of mine and I went to Mosport in the mid 60s (in his mother’s red Ford Falcon – which he drove like a maniac). My lasting image was of a Jaguar XKE being swarmed by a gaggle of Austin Mini’s in the corners but left yapping in the straight-aways.

      • cg

        You got that right! Those Jags were all out on the straightaways

  • Richard Baptist

    I’m a huge formula one and Lewis Hamilton fan. So it was a
    dream come through for the race to be awarded to the US and in my backyard in
    Austin. It was the first time I’ve had the privilege of going to a formula one
    race. It was great and I got to meet race fans from all over the world. I sat
    next to a Brazilian guy who had an Audemars Piguet chronograph and was
    following the Brazillian driver Felipe Massa. He was timing his laps and
    writing them down. I loved the watch and asked him about it. Then he told me
    the price! From that time I’ve loved chronographs and always wear them to the
    track. I did some research and I’m In the process of collecting a few watches
    based on chronograph movements. I’ve also never missed a Formula One race –
    including the mudfest that was the 2015 US grand prix, where I lost my shoes in
    the mud. The watch survived though!

  • wallydog2

    I was driving home – I lived in my parents’ basement – in my Volkswagen Beetle – the real one, air cooled and all that – from seeing “Bullit” in 1968. In the stop and go traffic ahead of me was a Dodge Charger. At a red light it suddenly turned sharp left, tires smoking… “Watch it! ” I muttered. “You can’t turn left on a red!” If it hadn’t meant that I would have had to break the traffic rules, I would have given chase through the hills of Kingston, Ontario, grounding out in a shower of sparks after every airborne Beetle leap. Having muttered “WATCH it”, I checked my Caravelle and knew I had to make it home for dinner. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes with cream corn and fried onions.

  • funNactive

    I haven’t been behind the wheel of a high end sports car but have been in the passenger seat of a Ferrari & a Porsche – I have driven my Dad’s new Corvette (that was fun). I do have a sports bike that I have gone a little over the legal limit while wearing my automatic Tag Heuer 😉

    • wallydog2

      I can’t imagine having a Dad with a Corvette. My Dad always drove a Plymouth.

  • mercury66

    The interesting thing is that while I’m the watch nut in the family, its my wife who’s the car nut and likes the fast cars. She makes it a point to always have the nicest and fastest car in the family….. Currently a Tesla Model S

  • SFSaxMan

    It’s not a “driving fast” experience, but when I was in middle school I had a Casio Databank calculator watch. It fell out of my mom’s car and was run over by her front tire. I figured it was a goner — the screen was blank and it was all wet. So I took it inside and took it apart with a set of jewelry screwdrivers. Dried off the internals, wiped down the rubber keyboard, put it back together. I didn’t even have any extra parts left over.

    And yes, it came back to life. But not for long. It was run over by a car, after all…

  • Chris Lashmet

    One of my friend’s dads growing up had a black 1980 Stingray Corvette which we called the Bat Mobile because it just looked and sounded exactly like something BatMan would drive. When we were about 10 years old, he took us for a ride in the Wisconsin countryside and really opened her up and at moment I was just blown away at the smells, sounds, and feeling of letting a machine let it do what it was really meant to do. I think it pertains for my love for watches with the more advanced chronographs. Most people just use their watches for time telling and don’t understand what’s going on inside. I think it’s fascinating in the more advanced compilations to see the watches do what they’re meant to do, it’s truly amazing to see.

  • I remember when I was younger (ok a kid) in the late 1970s. My folks had a 1974 Mercury Capri. Great little car. We drove that thing into the ground. Anyway we were out at the cabin and nearby there was a long stretch of straight highway, maybe 2 miles worth. We were on our way back to the cabin and when we hit that straight section the highway was clear in both directions. My dad punched it and that little Capri shot forward. From the back seat I watched the speedometer needle go up and up. He let off the accelerator when the needle hit 110 mph. My brother and I thought it was awesome. My mom, not as much. My dad’s comment was it was good for the engine to do that ever now and then. Cleaned out the cobwebs.
    Thanks for the chance!

  • amc687

    Driving on the highway at night in my BMW 335, I love the look of the orange race gauges, in particular the orange glowing needle. That love follows to chronographs with a red needle, that jumps out at you and beckons to be started. Love me some Tag!

  • Caleb Fulton

    I miss going to this race (grew up in Indy), and I really like the watch!

  • Danny Klein

    I remember trying to time the cars at the Disney World 200 (at the “Mickyard”) with a Timex 3-hander and thinking, “Wow….these cars are actually racing against the second hand on my watch!”

  • Mike Pinter

    My favorite fast story has to do with going to the Indianapolis 500. My dad has always been a racing fan we went to time trials every year. Later I moved to Indy to go to school and we would go to the race. When I started school he gave me one of his old Seikos. It was my first mechanical watch and sparked the interest in them ever since. The collection has grown since then but it is still one of my favorites.

  • Philippe Vincent

    I grew up in Quebec and in the early 80s Gilles Villeneuve was with Ferrari in F1. Probably every boy of the province was receiving a red F1 car for Christmas during those years. Back then I was wearing a PacMan watch! Later I always wanted to get a Heuer Carrera panda dial of the 60s or a Rolex Daytona.

  • Ashkan Garshasbi

    I I like fast cars. I like watches. Not much more to say!

  • Ted Cole

    One of my cousins owns a racing company, and I’ve had the pleasure of taking my car out on several tracks and learning how to really drive. Karts are the next best thing. When driving under these conditions, time becomes compressed, and the difference between a fraction of a second is amazing when it comes to performance, Accurate time, and the watches that measure it, is critical!

  • Kenneth Lau

    I love this!! Always been fascinated with car racing. Love the speed. Love Tagheuer!

  • Paul MacAlester

    Sprint cup race a few weeks ago at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Those cars move so fast it was hard to keep time on my wristwatch. I’m sure this Tag would help!

  • Matt Maunu

    911. Hasn’t altered my watch dreams.

  • Georgios Polychronidis

    favorite “driving fast” experience was driving a Subaru Impreza WRX on the greek mountains and letting my co-driver time me on his Omega Speedmaster. But the definitive moment of sport-car watch was seeing Steve McQueen’s Heuer Monaco.

  • Apalachicola

    I can’t say it’s a “driving fast” experience, but I love to use mechanical watches to track the cyclists, who ride by my house every year at 30 or 40 mph in our local pro criterium. Those guys pedal faster than I drive!

  • mikeymusic

    Every year I sign up for the BMW M-Power tour in my home town. A chance to drive all of the BMW M line on a race track and satisfy my desire to go fast, in powerful cars, without putting the general public at risk! The mechanical sounds of straight sixes and V eights, both turbocharged and naturally aspirated, play directly into my love of all things that spin, tick and do what they are asked to do with little fuss. This watch captures all of that and more.

    • Apalachicola

      I did this in Stuttgart twelve or so years back. Good times.

  • David Leonard

    yes please. would be a nice addition. fast cars and the appropriate paired watch. like pairing your favorite beverage with the appropriate food and cigar

  • amorbavian

    My favorite car-related experience is when I went to Nurburgrin in Germany for the Formula 1 race – last season before they changed the engine to that boring one they use today. The sound was awesome and it was great to have a chance to change tires on a F1 Ferrari (the old Hakkinen one) and get the best time in the crowd.

  • Eric Thompson

    My wife and I just celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary so we took a drive to Niagara Falls. The drive was not fast, but it was very memorable. Driving up the east coast, through up state NY, is beautiful country. The drive was that much more memorable because just a few months earlier, my family blessed me with a Rolex for my birthday, my 1st luxury watch. I was glancing at it the entire drive. Maybe my next post will be from a local Indianapolis race track with a new TAG Heuer special edition. I can always hope.

  • ddelcast

    I have a “driving fast” experience every morning when I drive my MSport x4. Eventhough I don`t actually “drive fast”, the sound of the engine just sets the tone for my whole day (did I mention I have a straight pipe valve?). Anyway love for watches and love for cars definetly go together. It is just love for all things mechanical…

  • GatorWatch

    One of my favorite experiences was witnessing the Grand Prix in Monaco during this past year. The speed and setting were exhilarating. Of course, watches and timing are a major part of these races and I think tag has done a good job tying themselves to such events.

  • Ankur Vaidya

    This is such an exciting opportunity! I’ve loved cars ever since I was a child. I still keep up-to-date on the newest information about the latest supercars or the automotive industry through Autoblog and other media outlets. I’ve actually recently gotten into motorcycles as well. Being a motorhead is one of my passions and having a watch that represents that has always been one of my dreams. My favorite is definitely the TAG Carrera. A watch that can capture the personality of a racing-driven masterpiece of engineering would be perfect, and whoever wins this giveaway is surely in for a treat!

  • Bucky Katt

    My best car-related life experience was driving the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to Los Angeles for my honeymoon, with stops along the way. The only downside was that we did the drive in a PT Cruiser, which drove like a beached whale. At the time, that was a popular vehicle, so I think they thought they were doing me a favor by “upgrading” me to one, but in retrospect, I guess I should have paid extra for a convertible or something with at least marginally decent handling. There is no obvious watch connection to any of this, except that in San Fran I had dinner with one J.L., who I knew from law school and who I believe might have had the proprietor of this blog as an intern or law clerk at some point.

  • Shinytoys

    Oh my my my my, my Heuer Autavia is singing loudly !!!! My experiences with speed have to be broken down into two categories. The two wheel variety of which I have ridden Deal’s Gap, otherwise known as “The Dragon” in North Carolina more times than I can count. Google or You Tube search “Deal’s Gap” or “The Dragon” and you will quickly see where we have many not so legal stories to tell, and yes, I have crashed there as well. BUT, I was able to ride out of the forest which was not my chosen line, but where I was deposited never the less, after a slightly hot entry into the 11 miles and 211 turns of sheer bliss and asphalt. Yes I nailed parts of my rather expensive Ducati to the “Tree of Shame”. But I lived to tell about it, and I STILL say a Unicorn ran out in front of me 🙂 There was a unicorn there…completely distracted me :
    The four wheel version is all about Muscle Car Madness during the late 60’s into the seventies. Do I even need to say the word? MOPAR !!!!! All things MOPAR, and there was evil lurking in those 440 wedges with a 6 pack on top (if you ran a four barrel, you were considered a wuss). How about an honest of God Hemi that ,like the 440, made no excuses for not having any road manners, but holy cow, if you were brave enough to “Dump” all those lovely Carb openings and smash your foot down on the accelerator to the floor, you will be rewarded with a sound like no other, and you will be so mashed into the seat from the forces of torque, that even if your pants were on fire, there was nothing you could do about it at that chosen moment. Did I mention I live near the Pocono Mountains????? Mayhem from MOPAR. Simple as that. And my Autavia was there through it all. Grand Times my fellow bloggers, and to this day we still indulge ourselves in a bit of mischief here and there.
    Cheers to one and all this holiday season, and you and your families be healthy and well !!!

    • Shinytoys

      oh yeah, the new watch is cool too 🙂

  • markf

    I used to have an old 1997 Viper GTS, one of those blue and white stripe Shelby colored cars. Every trip in it was memorable, though not always in a good way if grip was low. Regardless, they were experences that have never been duplicated by any other car I’ve owned. markf

  • Razvan

    Most of my best experiences are related to a Honda Civic Type R I owned which frequently was driven like it was stolen :D. And with the love for speed came the love for watches and shoes :). I think they are related in a way :))

  • Josh Graves

    What an amazing giveaway. Good luck to all.

    Regarding my most memorable experiences with speed, my best were while riding motorcycles. For cars I’ve certainly been a fan of racing, but as a spectator. Drag strips mostly, Leguna Seca a few times, I’ve even been to a Nascar race. Behind the wheel, I spent three years in Bavaria with a beautiful BMW 320i. I had some amazing drives through the Alps and through twisting river valleys and blind hills in Bavaria. Later I moved to Japan and enjoyed my time owning a Nissan Skyline GT…not the cool GTR, but the more pedestrian 4-door version. What I can say about those experiences is that they heightened my appreciation for fine engineering and the cultural drive to perfection that both the Germanic and Japanese people share.

    When I began my initial quest into purchasing my first Swiss watch, those experiences with both cultures brought me to understand and appreciate the tangible and intangible qualities of Swiss horology. The drive for perfection and craftsmanship is lost in many ways in our modern globalized manufacturing process which empathizes profit over quality.

  • Nicholas Salguero

    I grew up with my dad being an avid car lover and collector! He is also a watch collector and proud owner of a Rolex Daytona 6239! I think both these things have definitely molded me into the car and watch lover I am today!!

  • Roy Messchaert

    my best experience ever was when i won this watch i drove 200 km/hour over the dutch freeway 🙂

  • Loving that new Tag and have always wanted to go to the Indy 500. My favorite speed memory is driving a brand new, just delivered 2002 BMW 530 sport package up Laguna Canyon Road in the evening. It drove like it was on rails. Quality engineering, which is probably why I love mechanical watches too.

  • Jan Cermak

    First off let me mention that this is a great opportunity regardless who wins… Thank you so so much aBlogtoWatch for this awesome opportunity I love the Tag Heuer Carrera watches and this one in particular is currently my very favourite watch in their line up!

    My best car related experience would be back in 2007/2008 when I got the opportunity to be one of the first people to drive the newly released Audi R8. It was and still is one of my favourite cars and I think that the fact that it looks so futuristic even after about 9 years of production is simply amazing. Anyways the great thing was that I got to drive it on a “no speed limit” section of the German autobahn. Back then I had a Zenith Defy Rainbow watch and I (not me personally I was driving) used it to time the time it took me to sprint from 0-100 km/h then 100-200 km/h and so on. It was I must say a lot of fun especially considering the fact that I simply love going at immense speed and paired with a good watch, I can’t imagine a better moment than that.

  • Christian Henriksen

    I had just got a new WRX when I found myself on I-15 west to Vegas. It was early afternoon and the traffic was light so I thought I let it unwind a bit. I came upon a Charger who had the same idea. We didn’t race, just took turns being the rabbit for the cops to catch as we enjoyed a stretch of desert. My little turbo flat 4 hit 130 and still had more guts than I did!
    My interest in watches is similar in that the enjoyment is for myself, not a competition with anyone else.

  • Laurens W. Floyd Jr.

    Wow! What a giveaway. Not only am I a watch aficionado but also a car aficionado who used to track his cars until a neck injury “retired” me. I have never been to the Indy 500 and would love to go. Thanks, Ariel, and add me to the drawing!

  • gaknak

    First, A big thank you to A Blog To Watch and TAG Heuer for this wonderful opportunity. My Favorite “driving fast” experience was seeing how fast we dared drive down a section of mountain road East of Fresno called the four lane. While the actual speed was not all that fast the steepness of the grade and the mass of the huge Chevy six-pack made for an exciting experience. I was less than 20 and don’t remember what watch I was wearing.

  • TickTockTyler

    This is very cool! I’ve always been a huge car fan, ever since I played Gran Turismo on the Playstation. Even went to school for automotive design, which then led me to appreciate watches as well. There is certainly a similarity between the two passions, which is why I think so many people who love cars also love watches. The excitement one gets from aesthetics mixed with the amount of complex mechanics and technology are common ground between the two industries 🙂

  • GordonJ

    Fast cars and gorgeous watches. If you could marry the two, this would be my favourite blog. As for my love of watches as it relates to cars: Steve McQueen, TAG Heuer, and the Ferrari 250 Lusso. Google the dude, drool over the car, and understand why TAG is such a sexy beast.

  • Daniel D.

    So many great memories but I believe the time for me is when I had the chance to serve my country in Germany. I was stationed there from 90 to 95 and was my first exposure to driving on the autobahn. Over a period of time I had upgraded my car from a BMW 3 series to the 7 and what a dream it was to scoot down the autobahn! I would also be remiss not to mention this was my first real exposure to F1 and MotoGP racing at which time Tag Heuer was heavily involved with. Plus the 92 winter Olympics where being held in France and the official time keeper was Tag. Needless to say I had purchased my first Tag in 94 and still have it. I was also lucky enough to fly the AH-64 Apache helicopter to Grenchen Switzerland for the 94 airshow. This was not car related but the Swatch Group was the main sponsor for the airshow. What a wonderful event, great aircraft that covered stuff from the 40’s to modern, professional pilots from around the world and such great fans.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Oh go then. you gotta be in it to win it.

  • Eric Stroud

    I don’t know if driving fast cars helped my craving for fine watches, but the design of exquisite cars definitely aided in my desire for the finest of most of what I own. Tag Heuer is definitely one of the finest watches you can buy.

  • CPrax

    About a month back started following this blog. You guys are the best! TAG Heuer is definitely in the list.

  • Michael King

    the one time my buddy almost threw me out of his crappy Camaro when the door latch failed during an “aggressive” turn..

  • mauro tovoli

    I did not understand if the journey is only open to residents in america or even the clock

  • Trey Rowland

    My first car sucked, so now I like watches that don’t suck.

    • Miguel -MO

      This is the watch I want for Xmas … Pick me, pick me, pick me 🙂

  • amit

    My best friend just bought a Nissan GTR. It would be great driving that car with this beautiful watch!

  • Shirley Furby

    I can be ready in an hour

  • Dejan Spasojevic

    This didn’t participate in my love of watches but one of my favourite trips ever was driving from Toronto to NYC for the night to see Eric Prydz EPIC 2.0 concert. Basically still being students we didn’t want to spend money on a hotel so the three of us agreed to go and drive back same night and maybe pull over and sleep in the car. Now unfortunately one friend doesn’t have a license so it was going to be the two of us. Long story short the other friend with a license gets completely wasted the night before our drive and comes home an hour before we were to leave after I begged him not go go out. He passes out for basically the whole 10 hour drive there and i’m pretty ticked off because I couldn’t sleep. We spend the day in NYC and try to catch some sleep at the public library but that fails. I’m still a little bitter that he left me hanging in the morning but eventually it comes time for the show and it was absolutely incredible, the show ends at like 2am and I have been up for almost 24hours, we are absolutely still buzzing and we decide to just pick up some food and commence the drive long drive back and it was awesome, middle of the night, basically no cars on the interstate just blasting all the songs we could remember that were played and then a lot of others, then dawn starts to break and its a gorgeous sunrise and morning in the rear view. Eventually make it all the way home and just PTFO for a long time.

  • Kristoffer Gregersen

    I really don’t have any great experiences..yet! I drive a boring vw polo and have a decent citizen watch. I have to prioritize things, so I’m patiently waiting for a great experience!

  • David A Rainey

    My first car was a 64 Falcon station wagon, top speed was probably 50 mph. I would need a watch to figure out how much longer it may take, not how fast I could get there.

  • Lurch

    First of all, I am a legal resident of the USA. My car-related life experience is that I am a fan of Formula One racing and Rally Car racing. Living in the UK sparked my interest in these motor sports. Because I am a fan, I can relate to the car racing designs of fine watches like this Tag Heuer and a trip to the Indy 500. I also enjoy drinking milk but would rather have champagne. Perhaps I can have a milk mimosa if I am selected as the lucky winner.

  • Andrew Reittinger

    I’m a big car fan but haven’t too many experiences that jump out. My dad on the other hand has been to F1 races and has run cars on the track at VIR a few times. He’s been a speed junky since a kid and it would be awesome if I won this and could send him or take him with me. He even already has an old Tag he could wear!

  • Eric Gordon

    I have always been a tool watch guy and a big fan of F1 which I follow as best I can while living in the US. I am afraid to admit that I went to the inaugural F1 at Circuit of the Americas (amazing experience) while NOT WEARING A CHRONOGRAPH. That’s right, I wore my plain old Panarai 025 Submersible. Probably the only time I have felt out of place while wearing that watch. OK, now I said it……..

  • Sohaib

    I’ve been a huge racing fan my for most of my adult life. I was never into watches until all those Rolex and TAG advertisements from Formula 1 races got me curious. I then started looking to watches and their history in racing. Eventually I learned about about different movements and complications which was similar to race-car engines in the level of engineering that goes into each design. Then there were watches worn by famous drivers that gave me a way to connect to them by wearing the same watch. (TAG Heuer Monaco for example). Now I love all watches and those with ties to racing have a sense of specialty for me.

  • Barry

    When I think of Heuer, I think of motorsports. My favorite is the Monaco and second the often forgotten but now growing popular Camaro. The fact that watches and cars go together fuel two of my passions. Thanks for the oppurtunity.

  • David

    It may seem a bit mundane but my “driving fast” moment was that VW has helped me appreciate German watches more, especially bauhaus designs. That said, I always associate Switzerland with classic sports cars making hairpin turns on Alpine roads, which invariable is associated with Swiss brands like Tag Heuer and Rolex – Thanks James Bond!

    • Wasn’t Omega also prominently figured in Bond movies?

      I know they have a new one celebrating the new movie (Spectre).

  • Rodrigo Laba

    My love for watches and cars came since i was little. I live in the United States but I’m a Brazilian, and like most Brazilians I love F1 and Senna. I can remember like it was today the little me 5 years old watching every sunday the races and cheering for Senna. My first great birthday present that i can remember was a citizen watch, since then i have always liked them, i have several citizen watches, Ferrari watch, 1 Tag Heuer F1 and my favorite last addition a Tag Heuer Grand Carrera that is amazing!!!! In my dream watch list still a Omega planet ocean and a IWC Portofino, that i wish to fulfill in a few years. I drive a ford focus ST that is not the fastest car in the world but is pretty fun!!!! So, these are the two big loves of my life… and watches!!!! I still watching formula one of course not with the same passion.

  • Scott Rhue

    Not very glamorous but I remember flying to Arizona to pick up a car and the speedometer stopped working during the 36 hour drive home. Kind of like the vanishing point movie, anyway I used the tachymeter on my chronograph to compute speed.

  • abrod

    I’ve loved sportscar racing as long as I can remember – I was almost a teenager when Porsche won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1998, which was special to me as I grew up with a love of my cousin’s Guards Red 930 Turbo. In college, as I became more interested in the history of motorsport, that was cemented as I learned more and more about the history of that great company’s racing projects. My favorite of all would probably have to be the original Le Mans-winning 917K, which was driven in European championships by one particularly-skilled driver named Jo Siffert… who was always wearing a Heuer on his wrist and a Heuer patch on his racing overalls. Soon, it came time to buy a new watch to replace the digital watch I had worn throughout high school. Having witnessed the Heuer name and connection with motorsport in the old films of 1960s-1970s sportscar and Formula 1 races, I decided to look further into the brand – and while I coveted a Monaco, I bought my first true watch – a TAG Heuer Formula 1, three-hand blue dial. Years later, I finally did get a Monaco, a black-dial Caliber 12 chronograph. Both of those watches have since moved on to other homes, but an original 1960s Heuer Carrera ref. 2447 now claims the top spot of my collection… Nowadays, living in a large city, owning a car is too impractical at the moment, but with a (TAG) Heuer on my wrist, I’ll always have that mechanical connection to the great racing sportscars of the past and present!

  • Ryan Chaunce

    When I was a child of had a remote controlled bmw I use to love zooming around on my full throttle battery power whilst wearing my dads cheap seiko watch as an armband. Sadly my last ve for cars as a child is no longer due to a medical reason I’m unable to drive however my love for watches continues.

  • dmiller

    Working towards and buying my first luxury car is similar to how I work towards owning my watches as well.

  • drThrillman

    Best car related experience was when I was about 10 years old my soccer coach let me ride in his Ferrari. Until then I could only see them in books or magazines (hardly saw one in person). My Dad asked if he could take me for a ride. It was amazing. A mobile work of art. True attention to detail where no corner is cut. That is what I look for in my watches. Beauty, balance, history, attention to detail. Love it. Thanks!

  • OneWord

    Love the Shelby Cobra.

  • Abe Andon

    One of the best skeleton chronographs I have ever seen… beautiful time piece, and I know Tag Heuer came out with a connected smartwatch, but my heart is int the Mechanical Movement.

  • Lloyd Park

    Good times at the races. I was fortunate enough to work for Infineon Technologies, who was a long time sponsor of Sonoma Raceway in Northern CA. I had many opportunities to go to both local and NHRA quarter mile drag events, and also coveted Nascar races. Being a very challenging track with a lot of hills, stock car racing was always fun to watch and keep tabs on the lap times via a nice stopwatch or chronograph. Thanks for the great opportunity to tie time keeping with racing, almost a match made in overdrive heaven.

  • agraphix

    One of the best looking TAG watches I have seen. Would love to have it on my wrist at the races!

  • Mantro

    Once, while driving through Germany on a high school trip, my family just happened to drive right by the Nurburgring. As a long time car fanatic, this turned out to be an accidental highlight of my trip. For about $13 I was able to lap the most famous racetrack in the world in our rental car. It’s something I’ll never forget. I also visited Geneva twice on that trip. Though I only bought a relatively inexpensive quartz watch at a small boutique, the obvious focus of that town on horology piqued my interest and that’s where it all started.

  • Tiri Pest

    For my 23rd birthday my girlfriend (now fiance), bought my a super car driving experience. It was truly exhilarating, and one of the things that I took home from it was a deep appreciation for the pinnacle of craftsmanship. So naturally, this encourage my love for timepieces.

  • Andy Berrios

    My most memorable experience was riding alongside a pilot in a chase car down an airstrip while chasing an airplane on takeoff at 1am at over 120 mph! Checking to see if the wheel gear feel off correctly and the strip was clear of debris, etc. Awesome high speed experience and sight to see of the plane taking off, exhilarating! A great and well made watch exudes the same exhilaration.

  • MSM

    I’ve always liked to drive fast. Thankfully, there haven’t been any “experiences” as a result! But I have always loved black-faced watches. Ever since I began buying a watch when I was a teenager and old enough to appreciate that analog was better than digital, I had a (and then several, and then numerous) black-faced watch(es). I read that race-car drivers and pilots had preferred black-faced watches in the early 20th century, and that just made me love them even more.

  • eric ying

    Big fan of Steve McQueen’s LeMans movie in the 70’s when I first saw it as a kid. Needless to say, Steve oozes cool. Been a car guy ever since…

  • Robert Maracle

    Amazing giveaway! I don’t have any “driving fast” experiences (my wife accuses me of driving like a grandma – I call it safe), but for a car related life experience it was taking my kids to Orlando and seeing the look on their faces when they realized what the point of the long, boring (for them) drive was..

  • Bao

    One of my favorite “driving fast” experiences was in high school. I was driving down the shore after prom and was pulled over by a police officer for speeding. This woke up my date and I had to explain to them both that I was going fast because we were running late getting there. He recommended that I use a watch instead of speeding and let me go with a warning. I have since used a watch and slowed down my driving!

  • JayDub

    I don’t drive cars fast, but I did enjoy driving my Subaru cars until the head gasket blew on one, the transmission went out on another and…. now I drive a van. Or my classic BMW motorcycle. 🙂

  • Michael P

    I love Tag watches. I am fortunate enough to have a Tag boutique near me. Several years ago I participated in the Richard Petty Driving School at Disney Motor Speedway which, sadly, is no longer. Drove fast. Great experience.

  • Brian Morgan

    Driving my bros 2008 VW GTI, while he was in Iraq, on a bridge in FL I thought I would race a civic SI. I had a passenger with me so I had to be careful. once we hit about 80-90 the civic SI slowly overtook me and blew me away. I should have down-shifted. Lesson learned

  • BrikE

    TAG Heuer has a big history in car races. I love the F1 races and Formule1 watch from TAG. Ferrari is of course the most epic race car.

  • nick

    My most fond driving memory is romping my Z71 truck thru the sonoran desert outside of Phoenix during high school going to remote desert parties. Always fun drinking and socializing out in nature when you are too young to go the bars.
    I used to wear a Tudor Heritage Chrono before trading it in for my new daily watch, a Tudor Pelagos. The Tudor Chrono had a very cool vintage auto vibe that I could appreciate.

  • Intred

    As a little kid, 10 years old in the backseat of a maserati owned by a friend of my dad.

  • Martin Chiu

    I had a chance to sit in my uncle’s classic MG, too bad he sold it, which would get any teenaged male into fast cars. And you need a chronograph to match.

  • mmurayam

    I wouldn’t necessarily call it a “driving fast” kind of memory necessarily, but on occasion I’ll take the longer coastal route. Popping the manual gearbox into a lower gear, mixed with a little throttle and purposeful gear shifts would put a smile on anyones face. Wearing a chrono on the wrist makes you feel that much cooler.

  • Carlos Marin Aguas

    I love that Tag!!!

  • Srad22

    The first experience I had of driving fast was when I was a
    teenager. I, like many teens my age, thought sports cars and luxury cars were
    very cool. My grandfather was an extremely successful anesthesiologist. The only
    car he owned in my lifetime was an Aston Martin. Every time I saw him at family
    events he would be wearing am old omega watch my grandma got him, and he’d
    always be in a suit. Every time I think back to this, I remember how he was a
    lead foot and didn’t really care how fast he was driving. I truly look up to
    his success, and this is where my love for cars and watches has come from.

  • coskvig

    The watch pictured is sweet. My race memories are my grandparents taking us to the races every Saturday during the summer. The cars were a little beat up, but the howl of the engines was awesome. How cool to experience at 100th running of the Indianapolis 500.

  • Chris Martin

    Best driving experience I’ve had has been recently on my trip through Germany. Drove from Trier up to Cologne but on nearly all back roads through fields and forests. No speed, just nice windy roads and great scenery.

  • Veli-Pekka Sihvonen

    I helped a friend to move. It was a long drive and we were driving fast, racing against time. We wanted to get there before dark. Also there was a party that evening…

  • Steve Deyer

    At a young age I always loved exotic cars for their looks and their speed. Finally got to experience a Ferrari up close and personal at the dealership outside of Chicago. I’ll always remember walking around the dealership just drooling at all the beauties. Then I remember watching a race on TV with a couple of Ferraris in the lead and there was Heuer as their sponsor. My love of both Ferrari and Heuer (Tag Heuer) was cemented.

  • Allan Lips

    Drove a Shelby Cobra across country in college

  • Lauri Mäkinen

    I was sitting in my mom’s new Mercedes the same day I got my first tachymeter-watch and I got to test it right away!

  • Ryan Gallagher

    Tag heuer and the Indy 500 peefect

  • Eren

    My first experience “driving fast” was when I was sixteen, driving during the cold, Canadian winter in my fist car (a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera). I was late for a date with a cute girl I met at school, so I was driving as fast as my clunker could go (195 kph, as it turns out). I was feeling confident by the time I got to her house, so I decided to do an e-brake turn on my last corner to show off—but I ended up hitting some extra-slick ice and wound up in the ditch. Moral of the story: perhaps I wouldn’t have been late if I’d had a watch….

  • Ray Yoong

    Now this is a contest to get into – and this Tag is very very “pretty”. Not “robot-turd”ish at all. Count me in. I recently had the opportunity to do a driving test of the new BMWs on a racetrack…and boy did we gun those cars down the straights – managed to get up to 250km/h on the straight. All legal and safe, the perfect way to drive high performance cars.

  • mtnsicl

    For a Tag, it’s not a bad looking watch. I might even wear it if I were to win.

    Wow, I have so many stories, I don’t know where to begin. So, I bought a Porsche 914-6 in top condition. This particular car is a 1 of 1. It was the only one painted metallic emerald forest green. It has a beautiful palomino leather interior, which wasn’t even an option and it has 911 option Fuchs alloys. It was originally built for a North American Porsche executive. At the time I was dating a famous print model and we were going to the ranch I lived on at the end of a canyon road. Of course, I wasn’t wasting any time. I went around a corner where I can look in my rear view mirror to see if anyone is following me. This time I saw police car lights and it was game on. I didn’t think I could make it to my gate, get it open and through it, before I got caught. So, I ducked in behind my neighbors barn, made out for an hour or so till the coast was clear. Then I took her home where we finished what we were doing!

  • Y Til

    Hi, my first diving experience was when I was 17, long ago… really loved it and since then I have many diving watches.

  • Ian

    My favorite “driving fast” experience was working as part of the pit crew for a SCCA enduro race at Charlotte Motor Speedway as a teenager. A friend had a ’72 Opel GT that he converted to a full-time racer. There were all types of cars racing that day. There were a couple Volvo 240’s, Lamborghinis, and everything in between. It was a beautiful day watching about 35-40 cars racing for 12 hrs.
    This is an amazing give away!

  • Jonathan Liu

    I am a race car driver and I love to drive racecar. The same year that I started racing is the year I got my first watch as a gift from my uncle. Indy 500 + Tag Heuer would be perfect

  • Harry Lakin

    My dad taught me to drive and he also taught me to love watches. He started to let me drive his car when I was just over 14 years old. To this day I can recall the thrill of getting behind the wheel and him telling me to “give it some gas”. I can also vividly remember him telling me to understand where my wheels were, under me. As for watches, he gave me the bug right around the same time, when he purchased an Omega Flightmaster while we were on vacation in Acapulco. He had to have it, so he bought it. My mom told him he paid too much…but he was convinced he got a great deal. Turns out mom was right as he found the same watch at a jewelry store back home, for a wee bit less. It was the running family joke for years every time he wanted to buy something. He passed away in September 2014, but his life lessons and love of watches remain instilled in me.

  • Bald Steve

    I’m originally from Indianapolis. Would love to visit the brickyard one more time!

  • Ricardo Prado

    When I was in college, I used to run these TSD rallies and they were huge fun. There wasn’t supposed to have any driving over the speed limit, but a wrong turn here and unexpected traffic there had you needing to catch up for precious minutes… Speeding on backroads, in a sugarcane field in Brazil and flying on dirt road bumps were a few awesome perks of the competition. We were quite reckless now that I put some thought on it!!! LOL!! Great times!!

  • Iliyan Iliev

    I am a big racing fan and a huge Top Gear UK fan. My wife arranged for us to go to the Top Gear studio during filming and that was a great experience for me. I am also a big movie buff so the classic Le Mans with McQueen is a favorite of mine. The movie made me a fan of Heuer and I would love to own a racing inspired Tag Heuer even if it isn’t the Monaco 🙂

  • Em.Eau.

    A friend of mine in high school knew I was a car guy and that I wanted to be a lawyer. One day, she told me that her uncle, who was a lawyer, wanted to meet me and pick me up in his 911 Turbo to give me and my friend a ride home. The day came, and she was good to her word. We hit 135 on a highway on ramp! I’ve been a HUGE 911 fan ever since!

  • Tony Gomez

    The Indy 500 is one of those races that you want to experience in your lifetime. I hope I can.

  • Ricardo Burciaga

    My dad is a big car fan and he always had racing watches. I grew around racing watches and cars, the first time I wore a nice watch it was his Rolex Daytona.

  • D.C.

    Steve McQueen was my introduction to auto racing and TAG Heuer, and my Dad was always a car guy.

  • Manuel

    One fond memory of driving fast was back in late 80’s living in a small town and racing my motorcycle against a Ferrari 308 GTS, these cars where not really that fast/quick by today’s standards but it was a beautiful car and not only exciting to see one but got to race against was great.

  • Simonh

    Wow, amazing watch. My first car and still the finest, despite owning a range of high performance cars, was an original Mini Cooper in British Racing Green with 2 white stripes and a big boy exhaust. What isn’t to love.

  • kitc39

    I am a Formula 1 fan, and was introduced to Tag Heuer through their sponsorship of the McLaren team. The Tag logo is featured prominently on several of the most iconic F1 cars of the modern era. I even owned a Tag F1 quartz watch for a time. Now, Tag has switched their sponsorship from McLaren to Red Bull, and I no longer own that watch. But I would be glad to get reacquainted!

  • Darren Chen

    One of my favorite car related life experiences was when I was driving home in a rush going 80 on the freeway. I was just checking the time on my watch and suddenly in front of me the car had broke due to traffic ahead when I looked away. I swung my car to the left and avoided the person in front and my car swerves left and right trying to regain control almost crashing. Makes me love how my watches get me into trouble and gives me my needed adrenaline rush.

  • Eric Stark

    Both my love of cars and watches comes from my Dad. My Dad had a 1970 Firebird Formula 400, all original. I remember him picking me and a friend up at the movies, and on our way home coming to a stop light. Some high school kids in some fast car were honking and pointing at our clean looking Firebird. My Dad didn’t even look over…but when the light turned green he stomped on the gas and BLEW the other car away. It was awesome. My Dad also gave me my first great watch: a 1950’s Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox, which I still wear on his funky, 70’s Speidel-like bracelet. (He also bought me my first Tag as a graduation gift…good guy!)

  • Omegaboy

    I remember driving south out of Kingman, Arizona on a Sunday morning, driving my 1980 Datsun 280ZX, racing with about five other cars, all of us headed back to Phoenix. I won, but lost. As the lead car, I was the one who was pulled over by an Arizona Highway Patrolman, who was very nice about it. He reduced my speed to 20 over and asked me to “keep it down” the rest of the way to Phoenix. Guess I should have been WATCHing more carefully!

  • Erik Lee

    street racing and using the chrono functions to time sprints. this particular tag in the giveaway happens to be my favorite designs tag has done. the mikrometer is pretty badass also. great job with the latest designs.

  • bc_from_aus

    I was in Germany and had my first experience on the autobahn. Watching the speedo whilst trying to push the rental car past 200kph was made all the better by having my Tag Heuer Link Chrono in view.


    Well sorry to deviate but I derive more pleasure driving motorcycles fast than cars 🙂 one of my favourite experiences was driving a friends´Ducati 916, just came out to market and the most beautiful bike I´d ever seen, getting on the highway and hitting the throttle and feel the damn thing push like nothing else…I won´t mention top speeds to not be labelled crazy, but it was an exhilarating ride.

  • Tony middleton

    Lovely watch.does anyone ever win outside of North America?

  • Phillip Britanabe

    When I was in Germany, I was lucky enough to go to the Nurburgring. There I rented a track car and drove to my hearts content on the Green Hell. There was much use of the loud petal, lots of tire squealing, and the smell of burning brakes. Practicing the track on my Playstation only set unrealistic expectations on the time I could achieve. Nonetheless, I had the best time one could have this side of heaven and the law. As a kid I always timed things. I was that nerdy kid with the Casio watch that was always using the stop watch function. Now I’m bigger but still a kid inside, and instead of a Casio, it’s a cell phone. (And, someday a nice TAG or Omega! Crossing my fingers… #bestgiveawayever

  • Don Kohn

    This would definitely be something I would scratch off my bucket list. The watch would be a nice bonus as well. I have an Oris TT3 that is dedicated to Porshe racing. I would love to ad this to my collection.

  • Daryl Okayama

    I have a lot of brief experiences with fast high dollar cars but never drive them to their stratospheric performance levels, this could cost me my job ;). Would love to win this watch but would love to attend the 100th running of the 500 even more! Thanks for doing this great giveaway!

  • Mihai Visan

    No real life driving fast adventures, watching race car movies mostly…Steve McQueen`s TAG Monaco would be my holy grail…thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful Indy 500 TAG.

  • GKS

    A long time ago, some co-workers and I made a group visit to one of the karting tracks near Long Beach, CA. For once, it was my turn to be like Mario or Lewis Hamilton. Every lap got faster to the point that my times were far less than anyone else’s in the group and the gap kept growing until we stopped. Seeing the time flash after each lap was like being at the Long Beach Grand Prix or Le Mans and seeing my car on the TAG leader board. Since then, i’ve had a chance to try to recreate the experience at Bondurant in a Corvette. Now I just need a Monaco like Steve McQueen

  • j_cic

    Australia Formula 1 Grand Prix 2015, I had the opportunity to do the Mercedes Benz AMG experience. Gave me an increased appreciation for speed, timing and skill.

  • Gerard Cardinal

    Such a pretty piece of machinery! I may not ever race anything, but I would love to wear this watch.

    I have only once got to drive a Porsche 911 Carrera S cabriolet, a 2006 model, the one where they built the convertible model first, then stripped off the extra parts and weight to make the coupe. It was a hell of a drive, from LA to Studio City, mostly in traffic. The car was pretty awesome regardless.

  • Tony

    I had the good fortune to be able to purchase a used 2005 Lotus Elise nearly a decade ago. That car has been, and still continues to be, the most raw, mechanical driving machine that I’ve had the pleasure to own/drive. For me, the Elise is like a fine, mechanical “sports” watch in the sense that it was hand assembled and goes above and beyond just serving the purpose of getting from point A to point B (or just telling time in watch-speak). You can tell by the design and craftsmanship that was put into it that it’s an object created out of passion and meant to be used (not babied or kept in a garage). Also, it’s not always about going fast, it’s about how it handles and looks, much like a good “sports” watch… especially a chronograph!

    • You had me at, “used 2005 Lotus Elise”.

  • TJClifford

    My first race car was a Datsun 1600 campaigned on the incredibly large salary of a 14 year old apprentice. These times were some of the most fun I have had even when the choice was between food or fuel; long lasting friendships were develop that continue today into my 40’s. during this time I was presented with my first watch, a Casio that recorded 100 lap times and calculated average speed and this was amazing to a kid, to have such technology at your finger tips; needless to say I was now hooked on both fast cars and watches and still am.

  • Trevor Symbal

    I remember shortly after getting my licence, maybe only a year or so after, one of my very close friends’ dad had purchases a used Ferrari California GT and it was beautiful. When he was showing me around the car he tossed me the keys and said lets go for a ride. The thing I remember most about this ride was getting to a stop sign and giving it a little gas going into the turn and maybe only a couple seconds after getting out of the turn he told me to watch my speed because I was already doing 45 in a 35… I was used to my 4 cylinder Honda Accord that does 0-60 in never so that was an amazing experience for me! He also always has either a JLC Geophysic or IWC Portugieser on and those are some of the most beautiful watches I have seen in person!

  • Douglas D

    My first sports car was a Nissan Z and my first “adult” watch was a TAG. Both ignited my passion for speed and precision.

  • Don

    Dallas Motor Speedway, Indy race – went three laps around the track in an Indy car at 180MPH! Awesome

  • William C Karcher

    Want to go !

  • TimB

    My very first memory of going really fast was me sitting as a young kid on the back seat of my fathers motorcycle. I can remember him wearing his 1984 Seiko Sports 100 Quartz Chronograph that I later got passed down on my 16th birthday, I am 34 years old now, have my own motorcycle and just serviced the Seiko from my dad 3 weeks ago and wear it often ever since I got it passed down to me. A Tag Heuer would be a great addition to the collection, what an amazing giveaway!

  • David Bukala

    I owned a ’67 Mustang 2+2, dark green, during the late ’60’s. I put Krager mag wheels on it to look like Steve McQueen’s car in Bullit. He wore a Rolex, a no date Sub I believe.
    When I drove a police pursuit Ford Crown Vic in the police academy, I knew I had to have another Mustang and a Rolex. I now have another Mustang and a Rolex Date! I’m still looking for the Rolex Sub no date.

  • Hammy Wortman

    I have been a lover of cars for as long as I can remember, and my hobby is going to the track to learn al I can about the machine and me. I went to the French Riviera on my honeymoon and stopped over in Bologna. Went to see Lambo and ended up with a very cool Lambo watch that had a carbon fiber dial and rubber from real tired. So cool I can’t remember anything else from that day… Except my beautiful wife.

  • Mr. Green

    Um, best giveaway EVER and a total dream come true for me!!! I’m both a huge Indy fan and old-school Heuer aficionado. The Carrera Heuer 01 is drop-dead gorgeous. Haven’t had a ton of personal driving fast-stories, aside from the recent exhilaration of going with a friend while he test drove a Tesla down PCH, although joy riding in my friend’s 240Z in high school scared the crap out of me on many occasions.

  • wampa79

    I really enjoyed going to the Houston Indy Car races when I lived there. Also, I’ve been wanting to build a Brunton Stalker for Autocross races for quite a while now. Always need a good accurate watch for timing laps.

  • Matthew Toivonen

    I remember my first time driving stick shift.. 250km/h through the backroads of my motherland. Exhilarating experience!

  • bjs314

    When I was growing up, my family lived down the street from a vintage car restoration shop. To my surprise and delight, one of the mechanics shows up at the house for the Saturday BBQ. He knows my family?! After a bit of talking, drinking and laughing and eating, he’s ready to leave. But, waiting outside? Me. I can’t be any older than 7 or 8 years old. The guy says do you know what kind of car this is? (I don’t.) “Its a Jaguar. Let’s go for a quick spin.” Family says yes, so I get in and this guy takes me for the most outrageous, irresponsible, seat of your pants drive of my life. Of course when I swear to never tell when I get home.

    A friend of mine has been to the Indy 500 as swore it was an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience. I’ve watched my fair share of Indy and Formula 1 racing on TV and online. I’d jump at this chance for this one. And a TAG Heuer to boot? Maybe the best giveaway of any watch blog, ever.

  • 112010

    A Tag Heuer watch and a trip to the Indy 500 – what a great prize! Yes!

  • demonkorp

    I do not drive very fast, but I have always loved Formula 1 racing, mainly because of the incredibly impressive engineering feats the teams accomplish, and their fanatical attention to detail. This has led to my appreciation for watches, mostly for the exact same reasons, the design and vision of the engineering and the attention to detail – only miniaturized – which makes it almost more impressive.

  • Mark Miller

    I have always enjoyed working on cars. It started when I was in my teens. My friends’s uncle was restoring a ’32 Ford with some “modifications” and that put the hook in me. The more I worked on and learned about cars, the more I loved racing. I started noticing how the technology in the race cars would start finding its way into street cars. From there, it turned into working on jet aircraft. The faster the better. I had loved watches from being a kid with my grandfather. At that age, the intricacies of a watch movement seemed like an unsolvable puzzle. But the more I learned about machining and working with sheet metal and the intricacies of turbine jet engines, the more solvable the watch movement was becoming. By learning how to make the fine finishes on the metal of an aircraft, the more I appreciated the finishing on finer watches. In a way it is all connected, just like we are all connected.

  • GMTmin5

    Earliest memory for me is timing laps in bike races to see my progress. Whether training for a bmx race or some other form I always wanted to know what the times were. That continued into motorcycle racing and gaining a love for Indy car racing, motor pandora F1.

    Awesome giveaway. I’ve been to the 500 but this experience would be once in a lifetime and absolutely incredible.

  • Mark

    The first time I really noticed a racing watch was with Steve McQueen and his Tag Heuer Monaco, as seen in the movie Lemans. He was a fictitious driver on the VERY REAL John Wyer Racing factory works Porsche team. Driving the light blue and orange Gulf Porsche 917, it was the be-all and end-all of automotive racing movies. I have been hooked on watches, cars and racing ever since.

  • Evan R

    Love cars and watches, and the chronograph and a fast car just go together, love to win this watch

  • louis martinez

    1988 Mazda GT X all wheel dr, turbo, Up Angles Crest Hwy when I first bought the car new. I have always loved watches.

  • Mansur Khan

    Watching Michael Shumacher win championship after championship in his Ferrari F1 and seeing the omega speedmaster Schumacher edition was a big part of growing up as a car and watch enthusiast.

  • yerodtr

    Working on and racing cars (autocross) with my dad!

  • sandmaniac3

    One of my most memorable fast driving exoeriences was driving to a friends house in New Hampshire. It was winter and she lived at the top of a mountain. Being the only people living on the mountain, there was just a windy, steep dirt road. Because it was frozen, I had to take it at 45 miles per hour to avoid slipping all of the way back down or ending up in a ditch. That may not seem fast, but at night, on a frozen road that I had never been on, weaving between trees, 45 was plenty scary. This may not have been related to a watch, but it did make me value being alive and what better way to note the passing of time than on a beautiful time piece?

  • Miguel -MO

    watching F1 races with my dad and looking at all the fancy people, sponsors and ladies hanging around the race car drivers.

  • Alberto Moldon

    New car technologies such as Tesla reminds me that there is still room for innovation and beautiful designs in the watches side, Omega keeps simple beautiful design with new innovative additions to the mechanism

  • cpt cronch

    Got into watching Formula1 as a child with my father and the wrist watch culture that followed it.

  • ZBT71

    Fast cars and hot watches you got my attention at “Racing… it is all about the dream of victory.” This giveaway is certainly a dream come true for some lucky race/watch lover. As far as valid, verifiable speed in the interest of all that’s good in the world, that happened to me when two weeks before the expected event my wife said “it’s time.”

    The trip to the hospital took under ten minutes, the wait for the arrival lasted forever. I can still see the second hand on my watch move slowly around the dial. The waiting, the watch and the realization that timing is important is still with me today, thirty years later.

  • Daniel

    I love to watch British Top Gear with my father and brother. This has created a bond between us that I personally think is very special! And it was the recent episode when Hamond was dropped in the Canadian wilderness with a Breitling Emergency that got me fired up about watches. This watch has captured my attention mainly because I love exposed internal parts!!

    • I just started watching the British “Top Gear” on NetFlix the other day. I think I’ve watched over half of them already. What a great show!

      I am *always* looking at the kind of watches the presenters and the guests are wearing, and now I am always looking at the brand of watch anyone is wearing.

      It is too bad I am in Canada, and I did already win a superb watch here, or I would be working hard at winning this draw!

  • Ron Copenhafer

    Typically I don’t enter contests. But this one I can’t pass up. A Tag Heuer watch and a trip to Indy. Either one is great. Both together are a dream.

  • NC

    I enjoyed my 50th Birthday present to myself, a day at a Rally School. I even went out and bought some Puma driving shoes for the occasion and put a Blue Rally style strap on my watch for the full experience!

  • Khoi T

    Had the chance to drive all current BMW M cars at road atlanta this year and it was an unbelievable experience. Makes you appreciate all the technologies that help drivers lap tenths and hundredths of a second quicker each lap. To gauge the time saved each lap watch lovers need to rely on time accurate chronographs. I currently have a speedmaster reduced but would love to add this Tag to my collection.

  • EdipisReks

    Probably driving my first GTI over 100 MPH with my dad’s GMT Master on my wrist.

  • Michael Kinney

    I think the best road trip I ever had was driving my cousin’s ’65 Mustang convertible from Missoula to Great Falls, Montana. It was maybe 1984, or ’85, 200 miles in 2 hours and twenty minutes. Burned out his muffler and got a sunburn too. As for watches, I have used the tachymeter on my chronographs to check the speedometer in my vehicle (what, you expect me to take it for granted when I have a tool watch on my wrist for hard data?).

  • William Roskopf

    One of the first watches I bought that drove me to becoming a collector is a MOMO racing design chrono. Race and time piece technology go hand in hand.

  • JC

    Seeing the awesome photo of Steve McQueen and falling in love with the Tag Monaco and got it for my 30th birthday. Whooooo

  • Dave McLaughlin

    I’ve always loved Porsches since I was kid and was fortunate enough to own an ’85 911 Carrera which I’ve since sold (still regret it to this day) and currently have a ’12 911 Carrera S. The design and style of these cars is iconic but after driving them you develop an appreciation for fine engineering and craftsmanship. This is similar to the appreciation one developes for a fine timepiece and this would be nice compliment to my TAG Heuer Carrera.

  • berniesiao

    One of my fondest memories was with a friend’s then brand new 911 Turbo going up into the San Gabriel mountains.

  • Tyler Williams

    Iconic race and Iconic Brand. Dad has a history with the Indy 500 and
    his love of cars, like his love of watches, has surely been passed down
    to me. Would love the opportunity to see this historic anniversary of
    one of the biggest races in motorsports.

  • koogly

    This is pretty old, About the time i got my license for Car.. i had a Chevy Spark.. Yeah not very Exciting…. But Incidentally one of my Friends got a Camero!! So We had a test drive in that for Hours…. At the time i had Westar Activ Watch i remember the view i had out the windshield. hands on the wheel glancing my watch as i try to make the checkpoint in the time i have given myself.. that is when truly appreciate the beauty of the watch i had.. i loved watches before, but at that moment i really appreciated the though that went into making that watch a sight to behold..

  • G.Stuck

    Coolest fast car experience was riding shotgun with a U2 pilot in a Mustang chase car as a U2 aircraft was landing(somewhere in the Middle East). This was back in the early 90s and I was a C-130 navigator. As soon as the aircraft came over our heads on the approach end of the runway the pilot driving the Mustang gunned it in order to catch up to the plane. I believe we put it over 100 mph 😉 The car carried the wheeled wing-tip supports that were inserted after the plane came to a complete stop, so it could be taxied back to a hanger. The wingspan is so wide that without those supports the wing tips would drag. I believe that just being in the military and flying made me appreciate good time pieces(at that time we were issued Casio G-Shocks and Tag Heuer Stop Watches). I still have the stop watch 🙂

  • Savage

    I remember becoming interested with fast cars while visiting Charlotte Motor Speedway while at a summer camp in elementary school. We got to tour the facility, meet drivers, and watch the race. I remember being shocked and fascinated at how fast they drove. Unfortunately this doesn’t tie in to my affinity for watches since I was too young to be wearing one at the time…

  • Jlh5684

    First car was an 88 mustang gt, that was some fun

  • Larry Beisel

    Whether I would win or not, I will attend this year’s Indy 500 – my 41st, and 31st in a row (but going as a guest of TAG would be preferable…). And regardless of whether I win, I’ll be wearing a TAG Indy 500 as well. My love of racing definitely began on lap 1 of the 1967 Indy 500 – my first.

  • Patrick Nolan

    Driving on the German autobahns made it impossible not to develop an appreciation for fast cars – combine that with the great German watch making tradition and the rest is history. This TAG is so intriguing!

  • Hakkinen_Fan

    I caught the F1 bug in 2000 watching the Australian GP on TV. That was the first race of the season, and I ended up becoming a diehard fan by the end of the 2000 season. Tag Heuer was the official timekeeper at the time, and from that moment on, I knew I wanted a Tag Heuer watch. In 2007, my fiance bought me my very first Tag Heuer, a Formula 1 Chrono. She knew that I’ve been saving up for one, but spent my watch savings on a ring to propose with. 15 years since my first exposure to F1 and Tag Heuer, I’ve been fortunate to own a small collection of fine watches including several Tags, attended several live F1 races, and had a track day with a Mclaren MP4-12C and Ferrari 458. My very first Formula 1 Chrono still gets the most wrist time from me to this day.

  • Shortly after being gifted a Breitling as a graduation present, I started to use the chronograph to record my trip time across a 200 km long stretch of highway. Did I have a particular objective in mind? No. It was just another excuse to deepen my appreciation of automobiles and timepieces, while reflecting on their shared history.

    After about a year I began timing my milk runs, new laws were instituted in the Province. The penalty for speeding went from a slap on the wrist to a stick up the ass! If one was caught going too fast, the imprisonment of one’s vehicle for two weeks would certainly make one regret speeding in the first place.

    The associated economic penalties influenced my watch buying habits. My chronograph collection grew to include quite a few two-register (30 minute) chronographs, but the Breitling remains my only chronograph that can time periods greater than 30 minutes.

    No longer would I tempt myself with driving for long stretches at punishable speeds.

    Note: This story is purposefully vague to satisfy contest requirements while minimizing liability.

  • Ben

    On a long road trip, hitting the rate-limiter on my friend’s BMW was pretty fun. Would have been good to have a nice watch to time the acceleration time!

  • James

    I loved using by Gallet Multichron Chronograph to while driving my 66 Mercedes 250 SE Coupe.

  • iBradcon

    There’s nothing that gets the adrenaline going like splitting lanes at 90mph on the back of my v-rod. It was motorcycle riding that first got me interested in the Tissot brand with their moto gp themed watches.

  • Matt

    As a kid, whenever my dad had to fix something on our cars, he would show me how to do it and that would segue into him explaining how cars worked and how many little things make up the whole thing. This caused me to develop a curiosity for how other things worked, especially watches. Nothing is cooler than the intricate design of a nice mechanical watch.

  • GalaxyGuy

    I love riding my motorcycle at speeds in excess of the legally posted limit. That said, I think one of my favorite watch related speedy trips was riding the high speed train from Venice to Florence. I used my trusty Aqua Racer chronograph to determine the speed of the train…around 240 km/h!

  • jdela28

    I’ve been saving up for a trip to Europe to see the Monaco Grand Prix (while rocking the Heuer Monaco) but a free trip to the Indy 500 would be just as awesome.

  • Stefanos Stylianou

    I knew I was a petrolhead since I was a teenager. My room was full of car posters from that day on. I managed to save up and buy myself a mk1 MX5 as soon as I got my drivers licence and have been in love with roadsters ever since. it is this love that drew me to the Autodromo Stradale, which with its understated berlinetta inspirations perfectly mimics the speedometer of so many legenday Italian cars.

  • Eric

    Last year my brother surprised me with a wedding gift by taking me to a NASCAR racetrack to drive a race car. It was a huge adrenaline rush and a great speed fueled memory. Looking back this would have been the best opportunity to use the tachymetre on the watch I was wearing. My long love for the Rolex Daytona watch only strengthened after that experience. One day that watch will be on my wrist.

  • Jean-Luc Besson

    Driving “near” the speed limit is a similar rush to seeing or wearing a new, sporty watch. The adrenaline flows and a state of happiness sets in. Speed and watches create similar emotions. Who want’s to live without these emotions?

  • Felipe Garcia

    One of the best experiences was doing a trip in the roadside the Acapulco beach, great time with the company of a Tag Heuer Formula 1.

  • Alistair Salmon

    Would have to be racing a V8 supercar around the Melbourne Sandown Raceway. Unfortunately being in Aus I’m not eligible to win but sure would have been a hell of a birthday present in May! lol

  • Guardianxrx

    I would love to be wearing this watch during the Indy 500!

  • Watchik

    test driving the Tesla Model S with my Breitling Evo quartz watch – all electric 🙂

  • Rob Salviotti

    The first time I saw the film Le Mans, it had ignited my passion for racecars and driving and my discovery of watches. Both racing and timepieces are all about precision and I behind they go hand in hand. I’ve been coveting that Monaco watch ever since I watched that film. The Indy 500 is Racing’s biggest deal in America and to be being the scenes with Tag would be amazing!

  • Mark Silgalis

    I once drove from Carbondale, IL to Chicago behind a Corvette ZR-1… at 120 mph… for two hours. I just happened to be wearing a watch that had a tach on it, it was a Seiko, long gone. but I just could not believe how fast the mile markers were flying by. Reckless youth? Of course. But my love of speed and time was permanently fixed by that experience. I could barely reach over to my watch to do the timing. I just wanted to keep both hands on the wheel. I was drafting him in a 2001 Mazda MP3. I miss that car.

  • Jason Dunn

    My most exhilarating driving experience was a 50-mile long dirt road on my way to hike Buckskin Gulch in northern AZ. The road was twisting and winding with a lot of blind hills and corners. At the crest of each hill, there was the momentary pang in my gut as I wondered just how much road I actually had in front of me before the front of the car tilted down far enough to see. I drove it in my Subaru Impreza, a car made just for these kinds of conditions. I pushed the car as fast as I safely could since I had a passenger who, though a bit of a daredevil himself, had a family and would actually be missed if we ran off the road into the gully far down below. Yet still, he continued to get in the same car with me on our many white-knuckle rides.

    I currently own one “racing” watch, a Dievas Timeattack, though I didn’t own it at the time of this ride. (I would’ve been wearing a Casio G-Shock at the time) However, if I had even glanced at my watch on this drive, I probably would’ve run off the road.

  • Pos Osop

    Race against the clock!

  • Ionesi Victor

    I do not have a noticeable driving experience because we do not have very good roads in Romania but I would love to have this watch in order to measure the time till we will have these roads built.

  • Magnumgourmet

    Getting to see the 100th running of the Indy 500 would be bucket list material. Unfortunately in Seattle, access to fast cars is pretty much limited to the NHRA drag races.

  • Abjarv

    Age 10. First time I ride up front. My dad had just gotten his new Carerra 4 that afternoon. We were coming home from a pizza joint in the mountains. He drove so hard and on the edge when we got home the car smelled of brakes, rubber and warm Dino fluids. My mother smelled the garage, saw my beaming face and promptly laid into my dad who couldn’t stop laughing (not helping his case).

    I have always enjoyed timing different parts of driving be it filling up on road trips or just the drive home. Even when not timing driving events, a casual glance at the wrist machine I am wearing can make me feel more connected to the car.

  • Doug

    In high school I hd a 76 Impala. Nothing fancy, very stock, but with a small block 400. One summer, I was dating someone two towns away. I remember timing myself from one end to the other so I could beat curfew by just a couple minutes. A couple times I nearly pegged that speedo. Good thing it was a really straight highway, because that thing handled like a boat. I had what I thought at that time was a pretty cool watch, a Swatch Irony skeleton. The watch only lasted a few years but, it was good enough to time the ride home.

  • Rafi

    I have been involved in vintage auto racing the last few years, which has given me a great deal of appreciation for the focus and skill that professional race drivers must possess. I have not been to a professional race, and would love the opportunity to witness racing at that caliber in person. Like many racing fans, I am a big fan of the Steve McQueen movie LeMans and owning a Tag Heuer watch assicatied with auto racing would be specatcular.

  • vince hollywood

    I met my fiancee looking at the same TAG Heuer watch as I came in for, a gorgeous black on SS Carrera. She was buying it for her dad and I was buying it for myself. We were vibing up until the guy there told us it was the only one in the store. Used that for funny banter and three months later I proposed to her in Glacier Bay Alaska on the Norwegian Pearl. I put the ring I bought her in the middle of the ladies version of the same Carrera. This would be so cool to bring her to. But I get to keep the watch this time.

  • Abdiel Vargas

    As the owner of a boosted 2005 Subaru Legacy GT I have several gauges Mounted to track different parameters of the car Anything from boost pressure to air fuel ratio Etc Plus gauges are just cool to look at lol But I’ve always seen a big correlation between horology and the automotive world in both we like having information readily available even if its off By a few seconds a day lol

  • Would definitely love to own and giveaway this timepiece on our website one day! Bringing love and passion to the wrist.

  • Krishna

    I used to enjoy go karting and super karting when I was young and still make an effort to go karting whenever time permits. I love watches made to honor fast vehicles and the fact that these are special, one-off pieces. I loved GP and Panerai’s tribute to Ferrari,Tudor’s tribute to Ducati and Breitling’s tribute to Bentley!

  • Nazariy Kernytskyi

    This TAG is a gorgeous son of a Lady Carrera dating with a Mr. Hublot.
    Both DNAs have seamlessly connected in this piece of watch-sport-art.

  • Roland

    I rented a cheap car in Tuscon and was upgraded to a Camaro. Spent a whole day taking the scenic route up to Sedona enjoying the twisting roads and ample power. All I need now is a quality timepiece and I’ll make that trip again!

  • Oleg Karasev

    Once I traveled 500 miles on a business occasion. The road back home lied through hills and forests. And there was a heavy rain. I drove corporate LADA 2105 with 1.3 liter engine and 4 speed manual gearbox. I knew that my tires were almost flat. So I was driving in a manner to keep consistent pace on a road. Not too fast, not to slow, just kept my average speed. It was especially necessary because of week engine. I had to gain the momentum before climbing the hill. Anyway, I drove, somebody passed me, I also had some overtakes, until I noticed black BMW (it always is BMW) rushing incredibly fast. He passed me on a straight. Then it was a hill and train of trucks. I passed them all during the climb (I had to keep the momentum!). Next straight and there’s this BMW again. It was happening during 200-250 miles. He passed me final time just before we entered me home city. Old LADA with 1.3 against new black BMW. And there were my first TAGs on wrist. TAG as always were the witness of great race! 🙂

  • Subman

    Great watch to go with the greatest race ever!

  • VMM

    Best life experience I’ve had – driving my Chevvy down Highway 61, with its vastly empty yet beautifully intriguing landscape, accompanied only by some old time blues and my trusted TAG Heuer. Exhilarating. Calming. Unmatchable!

  • JT

    That is a lovely watch, I have always liked Tag but that is a very bold design, that I personally love. My most recent car memory was actually as a passenger heading back to the airport after a business meeting. What made it memorable was that we were zooming along an autobahn at max speed in a little 1 series BMW, which was a lot of fun. But the really memorable element for me was the look on the other passengers face. He is Japanese and had only been in Europe a short time and had no experience of fast driving, let alone autobahn and running late for a flight fast!!

  • The Architext

    I used to rally in classic rallies where not speed per se but perfect timing is key. Precision is the most important part.

  • LapYoda

    Despite having lived in Indy over a decade, I still haven’t been to the 500 (though I did go to the Brickyard 400 NASCAR race a few times). I have always loved cars but only experienced the thrill of racing my intern year when we held end-of-the-year go-karting races, which were a blast! I honestly don’t care if I win since I’m a local, but I’d love to join Ariel and the winner for drinks when they’re in town!

  • Sammy David Thumba Matipa

    Would love to wear this watch for the 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday, May 29,2016!

  • volaregear2011

    I took a trip From El Paso Tx to Mexicali Mexico in a 2013 BMW M3 that I just bought my wife and in return she bought me a pair of Tag Heuer formula one watches one black dial and white I took them both on the trip and I don’t know how to discribe it but having the combination of the Car the woman and the watch while driving in those scenic places was a feeling that I never felt before it was just right!

  • Dan Constantinescu

    Well im not a resident of USA but i must say i love the watch and what he stands for.Im sure the lucky winner will appreciate the giveaway as a once in a lifetime event.Cheers

  • Vyper911

    I have a Tag Formula 1 watch. I wear it when I drive my 1979 Trans Am. Nice combination. I hope I win this Tag to add to my collection.

  • Alex Trautner

    We used to see how fast we could push my Hyundai Elantra on an open stretch of highway with no on or off ramps. I once got it to 110 – it was frightening! It taught me that it’s not all about the gear, it’s about how you use it. Similarly even unconventional watches worn in the right setting with enough confidence can look good.

  • Tejinder Kaur

    No brand reminds me more to the car engines than the HYT hydromechanical watches!

  • Gregg Turcich

    I am a life long car nut and a trip to the Indy 500 is on the bucket list. Winning this trip along with the watch would be a fabulous way to check it off the list!

  • Kyle Hicks

    When I was in middle school, my friend’s father took me out in his 1968 Corvette cloth top. He had bought it brand new when it had been released, and babied it ever since. He asked me whether he should “really open her up,” and then floored it down a gravel road. That was the day I fell in love with American Muscle. One of these days, I am going to find a red ’68 for sale, and I won’t be able to say no.

  • Hsp Spker

    A year ago, i was a passenger in a Ferrari 599 gtb. That was awesome

  • Robert McLaughlin

    (Sorry if duplicate, haad to verify and it didn’t show!) When I reached the age to get my learners permit, my parents bought a restored 1985 firebird , and I would get to drive my girlfriend at the time home at night (with my mom in the back, learners permit right!) Car is long gone but memories are fond

  • dodge82.

    I was once pinned back into my seat and later threw up a little after being a passenger in a Carrera GT. Me and my poor battered Timex still remember that day vividly.

    A great day.

  • Greg Brown

    When I was growing up my first watch was a Tag Heuer Formula 1 that my father got for me when he took me up to Lime Rock Park in CT to take classes at the Skip Barber Racing School. It was great learning to drive at SB especially since I was only 14 at the time and that grew into eventually racing in the Formula Ford series.

    It was a wonderful spending the time with my Dad talking about racing, cars and watches and especially when we could get out on the track and I could beat him during the time trials!!

  • VandyChiver

    I grew up outside Daytona, and experienced that style of racing. I’d love to see how Indy differs!

  • Bob hudson

    I have always wanted a Tag Heuer watch and to witness the 500 at the Brickyard. If I win this, it’ll be two on my bucket list

  • sondrelaurila

    I had an old landcruiser lj70 witch I used to go driving crazy with. Going offroad and even jumping with the old 1985 model. It never broke or let me down once. The death came after somebody broke in to it and it sat all winter with a broken sunroof. Being filled with snow and ice for many months the electrics gave up. Thinking back that was one of those things that made me appreciate tough and well made mechanics witch I also look for in a watch. I now have the Archimede Sporttaucher bronze and I use it everywhere 🙂

  • Eric Shen

    I used to drive spiritedly down Kelly Dr. in Philadelphia on early mornings to work. There was no traffic and it is a great road overlooking a river on one side and cliffs rising above you on the other. This was my first job out of college and I bought my first automatic watch after starting this job.

  • Steve Jacobs

    Ok… this is a big one for me. I grew up in Indianapolis and, like most boys in town, I wanted to be a race car driver… until, when I was in Junior High, my favorite driver was killed (Tony Bettenhausen Sr, if you want to know).

    We used to go to the qualifications and sat in turn 4 during the race (turn 1 was for the crazies). I begged my parents to buy me a stopwatch so I could time the drivers and I even would take a slide rule to the track to calculate speeds. What a nerd.

    I’m on my 3rd BMW and indeed enjoy driving fast, especially when alone or if my wife is asleep in the car.

    I’ve lived in California for more than 35 years, far more than I lived in Indiana but I still watch the race every year and have wanted to go back for ages.

    Now that I’m retired, maybe this May. It’d be great to do it for free and get a nice watch as well, so feel free to pick me!

  • Kyle K Boyd

    Been a big F1 & IndyCar fan for a while. So far, the closest I’ve personally gotten to that kind of speed was a practice session for the Indy 500 back in 1999. I’d definitely go to every F1 race at Circuit of the Americas and every Indy 500 if I could afford it. Don’t have any specific reason that racing made me love watches. I just love watches. 🙂

  • mayank singh

    I am a big fan of automotive adventurism. When Top Gear selected Stelvio Pass on the Alps in Italy as one of the greatest motoring roads in the world, friends and I made it a point to drive down the serpentine path on our maiden Italian trip.
    Three of us raced down in separate cars one at a time and coincidently two of us clocked the exact same time. As there was no time for a re-run, the winner could not be decided. I have been since then looking for a more precise wrist watch and my search ended on the Bulova Precesionist (alas its a Quartz).
    I yearn for the TAG Heuer Mikrotimer but it’s beyond my reach. Winning this giveaway from ABTW will make the end of 2015 so fabulous and mark a sweet start for 2016.
    PS : Furka pass, Switzerland is next on list. 😀

  • Beau9

    My early experiences travelling with my family across the United States and overseas in a car, just a car. If I happen to wear a particular watch at a particular time, it will evoke memories everytime I strap it on.

  • Robert L.

    growing up my step father was a huge james bond fan, which helped us bond (punny!) together as i also liked james bond during the pierce brosnan era. prior to meeting my mother, he had purchased a “james bond starter kit” comprised of a burnt orange lotus elise sc and an omega seamaster professional. while i was not fond of watches at that time, i did thoroughly enjoy the car (which i drove every chance i had!). we talked about how bond would chase his enemies in his lotus and the differences between the one he has and the one belonging to james bond. one year later, my step father’s health rapidly declines as he was fighting a losing fight against lung cancer due to smoking. he later lost his lotus to repossessions but ultimately left me his omega seamaster as a present for my 25th birthday. i didn’t think much of it initially, but the gesture of leaving me his beloved omega really stood out to me and made me value the watch even more. come present day, it is the staple of my small watch collection that i have been able to have many discussions with the random bond fan or WIS…and to think it all started from pushing the lotus elise to its rev limiter.

  • Joe Whalen

    I have been a car guy for as long as I can remember. I excitedly awaited the arrival of my dad’s copy of Motor Trend each month and most of the time I read it before he did. I still read it today and love driving my Porsche Cayman S on any winding road I can find. As an appreciator of all things mechanical my love of cars has also added watches. I have an old school Heuer Autavia and would love to add a great TAG to my small stable of watches.

  • AndrewT

    My first car was a gold Toyota Corolla with purple interior. It was a beautiful little thing, with a manual transmission. I wanted to learn how to drive a manual, and figured buying the Corolla would force me to learn. I had the car for a few years and always enjoyed driving it. Nothing compares to the experience of rowing through the gears yourself. I’ve driven much faster, sportier, and fancier cars since then, but almost all with automatic transmissions. I always feel distant from the car. Something about the physical connection to the drivetrain makes the act of driving much more exciting and engaging. Maybe it’s why I like mechanical watches so much.

  • Dave Ogburn

    My interest in watches began when crewing for teams in the Rolex Sports Car Series including the Rolex 24 at Daytona and seeing drivers win the Rolex Daytona up on the podium.

  • W00DY

    One of my first jobs was helping restore old 70’s Mopars – these beauties helped me appreciate the intricacies of mechanical things in an otherwise very automated world.

  • Jeffrey LaCombe

    I have always had a passion for “the mechanism”. Where most see cars or watches or any complex device, I see beauty and creativity and craft. I have been a sports car enthusiast since my college days when I scraped together enough funds to buy my first (second hand) Porsche. I paid then about as much as what an entry-level Rolex runs today. Today, I am many cars and watches down the road, with a few amateur competitive driving successes (Sports Car Club of America, SCCA) in my local region. Tag Heur has been a favorite maker of watches for me, and I presently have two that I enjoy greatly. Neither exhibit the beautiful complexity and creative design approach of the Indy 500 model. It would be a cherished addition to my small but growing stable of fine watches.

  • GTR

    Every time that I get behind the wheel is a “life experience”. For me, the love to the cars was before the watches. I felt in love in the mechanics in the cars. Eventually I started to love everything with mechanics in it, including watches.

  • M.Wu

    Definitely the Tag Heuer Carrer calibre 1887 is my favourite speed watch. Have one of those in my collection already. Wouldnt mind picking up one in a different colour.

  • Gary Aerne

    I am more of a classic car guy. I love the rallies and races of the vintage cars. Not to say a trip to Indie wouldn’t be a kick in rhe A!?$$”.

  • Ianislav Trendafilov

    Not my style. I don’t like rubber bands. I like the skeleton like appearance.

  • A D

    Favorite driving fast experience….getting pulled for doing 81 in a 60 MPH zone on I-64 with a radar detector (illegal in VA) and not getting a ticket.

  • jay swanson

    I got to try on a prototype of this in blue and its a killer piece for the price. It reminds me of going around the racetrack at Seattle international raceway a few years ago.

  • Joshua

    My first car was the original 2002 Subaru WRX and ever since I have had a soft spot for Rally Car Racing. While I don’t recommend this to anyone, my favorite moment was racing an Audi A4 on I-95 (light traffic, thankfully no cops) for over 5 miles. An exhilarating, if ill-advised, indulgence for sure. If only I’d had a TAG Heuer Chronograph to track my speed at the time…

  • The_Sherwinator

    My high school yearbook quote:
    “If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.” – Mario Andretti

  • Astronuts

    I had a 944 in my twenties…not a fast car, but fun to drive. After that thing died I got my first automatic- a Tissot PRS516, the one with the rally braclet. They would have went well together…but the watch had a much better engine then the car.

  • Shane Kleinpeter

    I started racing in 2002 after being a driving instructor for several car clubs in the years proceeding. Driving solo wasn’t enough of a rush and wheel-to-wheel racing was the only cure. Most amateur races are actually a set time period (30/45/60 minutes, etc.), not a set number of laps like many pro races. This is because each group only has a set window in which to complete their race in the schedule. I’m going to admit here that I always kept track of the time with a kitchen timer that I had zip-tied to my steering wheel, because you can’t check your watch that easily while piloting a race car at 100+ mph…

  • Mark

    I have loved cars ever since I was a kid with pictures of Porsches and Ferraris on my wall. While I am no longer a kid, I have yet to have a supercar parked in the driveway, so I still enjoy looking at the pictures.

  • Mark Parrett

    My driving fast experiences have mostly been on two wheels, and always atop a desmodue engine inside of an air cooled Ducati. There may be Ducati racers out there who don’t appreciate a fine timepiece but I’ve yet to find one…

  • Paul

    Obsessed with F1 for a while!

  • joescarpati

    This watch would look great in my Santa Fe.

  • Justin T

    I like my watches quirky like my SAAB’s. If the skeleton dial is a design quirk, it would go with the theme.

  • Joel

    Meeting Jeff Gordon last spring in Las Vegas is my favorite Racing moment. Beautiful watch!

  • AntoineH

    I really like the Frederique Constant Vintage Rally Healey Chronograph. Wonderful design and affordable. I like!

  • Patrick

    About 10 years ago I had the opportunity to be a driver in a parade lap around the track at the Charlotte Motor Speedway before the start of a NASCAR race. We didn’t drive fast, but feeling the grade on the banks of the turns and experiencing how close together cars can be on the track gave me a new respect for the sport.

    Didn’t have any real influence on my love of watches, but it did help me enjoy racing more.

  • Panama_Jack

    I would love to own a Tag (especially a Carrera); they are a bit on the pricey side for my taste though.

    The Indy 500 thing is plain and simple awesome. Great catch, ablogtowatch-team!

  • spartanwrists

    Definitely first time i drove by myself to school. After a year of my learners permit, the act of being in a car completely alone was intoxicating. I wasnt a watch guy back then, but i was a major machinehead…. now i became a machinewrist thanks to ablogtowatch and their detailed reviews. even have a collection of 13 watches now and a JL Atmos… the wife isnt always happy about my new obsession.

  • Ethan K

    My favorite go fast driving experience would have to be when I got the chance to drive a brand new Cadillac ATS V. It was insane and I did my first real burnout in the car. I have always been interested in cars from a very young age and the mechanical aspects of cars. Over the years this has translated into a love for watches as well because of the intricate mechanicals of watches. I would love to add a Tag to my collection

  • I see that rather a lot of us have a great deal of experience in going far too fast in cars that handled like a dust mop on a dirty floor. Mine was a ’68 Chevy II Nova with an unremarkable 350 engine tied to a boring automatic transmission.

    Although I never won a 1/4 mile in it, I would, eventually, overtake any car I had raced. That car was a high speed demon. As the speedometer topped out at 120 mph, and was as a matter of course usually pegged, I have no idea of the top speed of that car. I loved going fast and it was a time where you could occasionally do something like that without getting caught.

    As for watches I’ve had a digital watch for as long as I can remember. The Seiko 5 was my first mechanical watch and I feel, a good value for the money.

    My second mechanical watch is the Acionna from Lew & Huey that I won on this very website. And it is beautiful! I never knew, you see, what a watch like that would do to someone. I never want to take it off, I love looking at it, and of course, showing it off to everyone I know.

    And that’s my car and watch story. I wish all the best to whoever wins this dream package!

    p.s. — my review of that watch is in the works and should be posted in a week or so.

  • Phil Lewis

    That’s a good looking Tag chronograph, I like the layered effect of the multi dimensional dial.

    I’ve been to NASCAR, Indy, and CART events in the past and enjoyed them all. The best experience though would be driving in the Richard Petty Driving Experience at the Chicagoland Speedway. I wanted to hit 150 mph, but fell just a little short. Hope to do it again soon!

  • patrick bremer

    When it comes to driving experiences it’s all about the Autobahn……while you’re there, why not check out Glashutte?!?!

  • nm

    I have to say I’ve never driven on a track, or any particularly exciting cars for that manner. But nothing can replicate that feeling of getting your 1st car in high school and the freedom it brings. I remember one night racing my buddy down an empty country highway trying to impress our dates. He in his 300Z and me in a late ’90s Grand Am. We both chickened out when we got to about 105. How young and stupid! Don’t know that it had anything to do with watches at all! How much more sedate is this hobby!

  • James Tingle

    Driving a M3 on the German Autobahn will always be the highlight for me. The feeling of acceleration without limit is intoxicating. Being a fan of cars I think draws you to all things mechanical and there’s a few things more intricate than a mechanical watch!

  • cassfan3

    What an awesome package! really killer deal. I’ve driven (slowly) around the world’s “fastest half mile” at the Bristol TN Motor Speedway. Wow how freaked out was I on those rediculously banked curves! Have 1 Tag – let’s make it 2! Great history to that brand.

  • trainman

    California hwy 1 the Coast Hwy in a rented Sebring convertible. Not a super car by any means but what a surreal experience. Was sporting an Orient diver that day – didn’t do any diving but being so close to the ocean it felt right.

  • Matthew Moy

    I have great memories of driving with my father in his early 90’s firebird. Being in a position where he could “avoid” speeding tickets, it was thrilling to tear down the highway at 140+. That has obviously fueled my own passion for driving at high speeds, though not quite as high as he could. I’m always timing myself in the car, trying to beat personal bests on various routes, and a nice Tag chronograph would certainly help!

  • Mark Doerr

    I have driven my car on several untimed racetracks including the Kentucky Speedway at very FAST speeds. This watch would help in timing my laps. It would also look great on my wrist!!

  • araziza

    My favorite fast driving experience was driving 150 km per hour on a residential street to get ho,e for the overtime of the gold medal hockey game in the olympics. It would have been ice to have the chronograph to time how long it took!

  • D Kaegebein

    i just like to drive fast whenever i’m driving. it’s not a cool story, but it’s what i enjoy.

  • Ryan Stites

    My favorite fast car experience was when my friend let me drive his Dodge Viper from Orange County to San Diego. Driving on the 5 south through Camp Pendleton he let me open it up since traffic was at a minimal. Hit 150 and stayed there for a short period of time before realizing that it wasn’t my car and even though he was sitting next to me, I would have felt horrible if we crashed. He is actually person that got me interested in watches.

  • YJ Lee

    It was my first car that made me buy my first watch. There was time that I had to be in the office by 3:30 AM for my career on daily basis, and no subway was running that early in the town. I had no option but to exchange my time with money, driving lesson, and some extra effort to get myself prepared behind the wheel. Waking up earlier than an early bird that catches all the worms wasn’t so easy. Tired and sleepy, I heavily depended on my old alarm clock to start my day. There was barely any car on the road, however, which I liked about this daily past-midnight trip. I enjoyed speed, not just because I loved speed, but also because I was often in rush. As my driving skill got better – and as I felt more tired waking up early and overslept – I wanted to measure the time I spend per trip, piling up my own “racing record”. I decided to put a nice time-piece on my wrist so that I can take a flash look on the time while I drive. That is when I first fell in love with watch.

  • James

    My first fast-car experience was watching the Toyota Grand Prix in Long Beach, CA circa 1999. At that time, I hadn’t yet gained an appreciation for good ear plugs or good watches. How cool if I were to actually win this giveaway – my first TAG, my first Indy 500, and instant street cred with my 9 and 10 year old boys who can regularly be found watching the movie Turbo…..”Tuck and roll, Theo, tuck and roll!!”

  • Tan

    My first (and only) fast car experience was the first ever Formula One night race that was held in Singapore. As a local, I felt that it was a experience that I could not miss. The throttle of the engines when the cars accelerated was etched in my memory. Now, when I see the second hand of watches racing around the face, I sometimes replay the sound of the throttle in my head and imagine the second hand to be racing against the grandest opponents of all — time.

  • William

    One of my favorite driving experiences was being able to watch my Dad drive around Silverstone in an F1 car for his birthday back in 1998. The look on his face when he got out was priceless!

  • Marc C

    My first car was a Yugo. Seriously. It was a hand-me-down, and I’m pretty sure I was wearing a Casio Databank at the time. (Way ahead of its time, unlike the Yugo…) Now I’ve got a Grand Carrera Calibre 8 on my wrist, and a Nissan Leaf in the driveway — wait, stop snickering! — EVs have killer torque, close-to-no maintenance, and are built to last. Just like a good timepiece.

  • Anthony Notaro

    In college, I used some loan money to buy an Alfa Romeo Spyder Veloce 1750. Gorgeous but ran only when it wanted to. Just got an Autodromo Stradale and it has the style but also the reliability of tool watch. Love the Tag and love the ABTW give-aways…

  • SeanM

    When I was younger, I had a nice little sports car. Nothing better than driving out to the country, finding a nice flat, straight piece of road and letting the car do what it’s supposed to do, go fast!! A good chronograph watch taught me the the real value of speed and precision in those days

  • War Jonson

    Don’t drive however my favourite Car experience is first watching The Spy Who Loved Me and just loving the Lotus Esprit, which even today is my all time favourite car design, I love the folded paper design.

  • Erik Batson

    I lived in the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina and had a somewhat sporty car. I used to get lost on the mountain roads driving around curves and up and down hills at faster speeds. It was a great time to get away from it all and just see wonderfully beautiful country and not worry about anything. Driving has always made me happy and especially while sporting a timepiece that looks great as you hang your arm out the rolled down window of your car.

  • Ross

    Going to my first Formula One race was probably my most exciting car experience. The noise was something I thought I was prepared for, but it was so much more incredible in person! It also happened to be an amazing people-watching venue. Tons of Rolex!

  • I like fast cars and motorcycles, but I think what ties in with my love of mechanical watches is working on engines. I like doing things with my hands, and partially as a result I have tons of respect for well engineered items small or large.

  • grobbins09

    I used to work at a small jewelry store (5 stores in 2 states) which sold pre-owned Rolex watches. I always loved looking at the watches and dreamed to a nice mechanical watch. One day an eclectic engineer came in and was looking at the Rolex selection we had. I was showing him some watches until my manager stepped in. About 20 minutes later I was asked to go to another in state store to pick up a specific watch. It’s about a 2 hour drive, I made it in an hour and a half both ways! I have never driven that fast before or since! Though I don’t work in retail anymore, I still appreciate mechanical watches just as much as when I first learned about them!

  • Boryueh1

    A skeleton dial is a must have for every watch collection. Not practical for everyday use, but what watch lover doesn’t like to stare at the ‘inner workings’ once in a while. My favorite ‘fast car’ moment was taking my son on the highway for the first time with his learner’s permit. You could feel his sensations of fear & excitement all rolled up into one.

  • Joe

    When I was young, every time I went to see my Granddad we would watch a James Bond film together. One time we got sent to the shops by my Nan afterwards, which meant we got to go out in my Granddads beautiful Jaguar. I remember really clearly looking over at him driving a nice sports car with a Breitling Navitimer on his wrist, and I’ve loved fast cars and watches ever since!

  • Gabriel East

    I used to work on cars with my father while i was growing up. he wanted to make sure his kids knew how to do the basic servicing on their own vehicles one day and would have us help him whenever he needed to work on one of his trucks its what started making me interested in mechanical things, which led into my love of watches. I currently work for an official Rolex and Tag Heuer dealer and I’m the Tag Heuer brand ambassador for my company in MN. The new Heuer 01 chrono would be a fantastic addition to my collection!

  • Adam

    I happened upon Tag’s race collection in a department store a few days ago, brilliant!

    My first automotive love was an ’85 Fiero — the previous year saw the first Fiero as the Indy pace car! Mine, though, had the 2.8 V6 and was raucous fun to drive. Paid my brother a grand to own the car, and as a poor teenager I let the tires go bald and the starter die. For about 2 months I would frequently spin out in curves and stall the engine. Luckily, the car only weighed 50 pounds, so I could just get out and give it a nudge to start it up again. I’m sure the traffic waiting behind me didn’t think it so charming, but man I loved that car.

    Nothing at all to do with watches, just fond memories stirred by the mention of the INDY 500! I’d sure love to be there for the 100th. 🙂

  • jimley815

    Nothing screams fast like jetting down Mulholland Drive in my Porsche 911…just kidding! More like driving fast down Mulholland in my Chevy Cruze! I have never been to an Indy Car race- but would be thrilled at the opportunity- the fondest driving fast experience was racing the streets in my ’71 burnt Orange Cutlass Supreme, which I preceded to wreck. That memory would be much more fond if I had wrecked because I was too busy fiddling with my Tag Heuer watch. I don’t like to drive fast- but it has made me a watch lover- because a watch probably won’t get me killed.

  • Squale1521

    Back in the mid 90’s I traveled out West to visit my dad’s cousin on a family vacation. He took me for a ride in his 1994 Ferrari 348. I was my first of a handful of times in a supercar. Twenty years later and all I need is a slick TAG chronograph to go with my uhhhh….. Honda Odyssey. A supercar would be nice too.

  • ericmcclerren

    My first car was a 1968 Mustang convertible. My dad and I found it for sale in a barn. Over time we fixed it up until it was fully restored. It was beautiful. It turns out the appreciation for quality-built mechanical engineering didn’t stop with cars. I love the new Heuer. Reminds me of how I love new Audis, too.

  • Eddy Hope

    Almost 4 years ago now, a friend bought me a ‘driving experience’ gift for my birthday in my dream car… Aston Martin DB9. It was amazing! I noticed the instructor wore a nice looking watch and didn’t recognise it so asked what it was, it was a Tag Heuer Senna Special Edition. Until then Tag watches were not really on my radar for some bizzare reason. I’d been seriously missing out!

  • Curt Thompson

    Very nice giveaway! I’m not sure what my top car experience is, but one time I rented a car for a week in San Francisco. I’d reserved a standard economy car, but they didn’t have it available when I checked in. They were apparently all out of cars, and the guy asked me if a smaller 2 door was OK for the same price. I didn’t care and took the keys. When I got to the car, it turned out to be a brand new GT mustang that was completely decked out! I spent that week driving around San Francisco like Steve McQueen in Bullitt… it was highly reckless! At the time I was wearing a Tissot, but if it ever happens again, a TAG would be much more appropriate.

  • Matt Birnbaum

    In 1973 I was 7 years old, riding in back seat of a family
    friends full size station wagon when the father decided to demonstrate its
    acceleration capabilities while leaving a tollbooth. He wanted us to watch how
    quickly the red needle moved across the speedometer. Went from standing up to
    flat against the rear seats. This was long before people thought to have kids
    use seatbelts. I thought it was the coolest thing and started my love of analog instruments.

  • Edis Zuki?

    “Circle” aBlogtoWatch on Google+ is not working. Not much into fast driving, love the cars and mechanics of them, always compared them to a watch but love how the watch is made to be constant. moving in constant intervals, so no mater the look, design and worth, every one of them is made for only one purpose, to measure time perfectly . Cars, well they are unpredictable so not something to really compare to watch but still I like watches better.

  • IVA the LT

    My favorite “drive fast” moment was fairly recent, in August I tracked a new SLS-GT followed by a 458 Italia. And while it didn’t help me become the watch lover I am today, it did come during the same weekend where I was able to get some wrist time with some exceptional pieces from A. Lange, Blancpain, Richard Mille, and Glashutte Orginal to name a few.

    I always comment during these give aways…but I don’t think I have ever wanted to win one as much as I want to win this one lol! I sure hope Christmas comes early!

  • Stephen Wright

    Favorite Driving experience was learning standard on a first gen Miata from my grandfather. Learning standard increased my appreciation for mechanical systems and through that watches. Also was a huge factor in buying a used first gen Miata later in life.

  • lcore

    This one is pretty easy. Driving a Skip Barber car around Sebring Raceway. The grin on my face coming around the turn from the back straight on to the front. Every race I have been to has a watch brand as the official timepiece. It’s impossible for me to not associate the mechanics of timepieces and the mechanics of fast cars!

  • Terry Gastelu

    Living in Los Angeles, I was driving to northern California for a retirement party. I made the trip in record time just under four hours in a six cylinder Camry. Took the 405 North which is always a friggin pain to drive, to the 5 North all the way. At the time wearing my Dad’s Tag Monza non-chronograph on leather strap. Still love that watch.

  • bill stevens

    Managing a friends go kart racing competition using a mecha quartz chronograph. Sure we also had stopwatches, but it was still cool using the watch for it’s intended

  • FilmEditorFL

    In high school (while incredibly stupid) my buddies and I drove a 27 mile stretch of country road in about 15 minutes. Staring at my friends tachometer and spedometer could be the reason I like driving type watches so much.

  • John Martin

    1985, traded vehicals with my boss for the weekend. i had a Honda Nighthawk S, he had a new Corevette. Thought i had the better end of the deal, but in the end I still perfer a motorcycle.

  • One of the most exciting driving fast experiences was when I suggested my gear head daughter that we’d go to dealerships to test drive V8 sports cars. We had a good time together and we recall it to this day, some 15 years later. Sorry, but nothing to do with watches, a passion alongside fast cars.

  • El unico Samumingo

    Driving trough 65 mile road, full of sharp turns, my watch only had a 1 hour stop watch. The challenge was to finish it under the hour. Started timing some drives since then.

  • cyrekzz

    My most memorable driving moment was trying to keep up with my friends modified 850 and hitting my speed govenor, then having too hit my brakes hard for a speed trap. i think i had “iced” brakes for about a week! but it was fun on the hwy!

  • Greg Street

    I once had to steal 50 cars in one night to save the life of my brother. I used my trusty tag chrono to time the 60 seconds I had per car. I still use it to this day whilst driving Eleanor along deserted highways…..

  • Rahul Joshi

    In my graduation days, I took my grandfather’s bike to my friend’s house and it got late. And as obvious he started calling again and again so I had to ride fast. I took 21 minutes to ride 23 km. That was the first time I ride bike fast, also the first time I used my watch to see the time I use to cover distance, and since then I have always used my watch to time my rides.

  • Noah Panitch

    I got into a really terrible car accident when I was 18 which involved smashing into a boulder and rolling down a hill. During the accident, my watch broke and a shard of glass from it went into my heart but that actually saved my life as it stopped me from bleeding out…….

    lol, just kidding, that didn’t happen. My favorite car memory is the first time I drove by myself (and on the high way also!!) when I got my first car. So nervous and excited.

    Watches are cool too.

  • Acmpn

    Amazing watch from this new TAG Heur approach. I just love it!!!


    A few months back I was able to take a spin in my uncle’s new Tesla. Here I was on I-40 doing 180 and I couldn’t hear the car at all, and I was completely surrounded by electronics and all I could think was “man do I miss old school mechanics” with my dad’s old mustang’s roar in my mind. This also gave me a stronger love for a mechanical watch, old and true, vs. smart watches. And I am by no means saying I didn’t still enjoy driving his Tesla though!

  • Chad D

    My favorite watch/driving story was when I went to a NASCAR race at Dover (the track is exactly 1 mile long) and was able to actually use tachymeter on my Omega Speedmaster without additional calculations!

  • jason trauzzi

    My first car/ watch experience was a few years ago when I got to take a ride in a ford gt heritage. As the driver put his foot down my face was sucked back into the seat…it was awesome. Afterwards I noticed him looking at his watch and smiling, I think it was a TAG but I can not be sure, but it looked like he was pretty happy with his time. Great experience and ever since then my mind has just associated TAG with going fast.

  • Dean

    Growing up my father was into power boat racing. We would spend nearly every weekend going to races and as a kid I thought this was the greatest thing. Not only did I get to grow up around these amazing machines, I got to see my father drive one almost every weekend. To me he was the ultimate superhero and I was his side kick because I got to help him. The experiences that I had with him instilled a love of fast boats and fine well made engines. As with all the racers he was always mindful of his times and the need for proper timing equipment. My love for time pieces came from not only using my dad’s stopwatch but also comparing it to the stopwatches that the other racers used. Many of the racers had used their stopwatches for many years and all had stories for them. What great times those were. So many stories to tell.

  • Dean Louie

    Speeding down the SF Bay bridge at 130 mph in a 1985 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE, I glanced at my 1961 Omega Constillation Pie Pan watch. It read 2:28AM.

    The beautiful brunette next to me realized she was in the ride of her life. We sat back as we blasted “Born to be wild” by Stepphenwolf zooming into Oakland’s Lake Merritt district.

    I’ll never forget that night. She stole my watch and pawned it off the next weekend.

  • MarkFD

    I used to attend the Indy 500 every year during the late 80’s and early 90’s. This sparked an interest in getting personally involved in racing which in turn triggered an interest in precision time pieces, especially the vintage TAG Heuer watches from the 60’s.

  • Chisholm Deupree

    When I was a kid, I tried rodeo and riding bulls. I got bucked off a lot, as eight seconds was “forever” on a raging bull.

  • Kenneth Payne

    I’m awesome

  • Ian

    The first classic car I ever drove was an ’88 Porsche 911. There’s something different about driving older cars without any of the electronic assist systems, when you hit the clutch and shift gears you’re not just pushing a level but actually engaging the engines clutch, a feeling you really can’t get nowadays and connects you to the car. The same feeling can be felt winding a mechanical watch, you can feel the pressure of the main spring housing and the sound as it winds. Both instances are really something that are difficult to put into words but distinctive when you notice them.

  • David Humphrey

    My favorite car memories are from the cross-country trips I have taken. There’s a timelessness when driving great distances, especially through the American West, so wearing a watch is more important than usual!

  • Manuel Troncoso

    I use to be a race driver, a watch is essential in racing

  • Christian Salcedo

    The brickyard brings me fond memories of my very first race I watched, an F1 grand prix! [email protected]

  • Hi?n Nguy?n Th?

    My favorite race is the Lemans 24h. I watched them all day with the watch beside me.
    Experience how things durable.

  • Alvin

    I used my mechanical Seiko to time my drives from home (Bay Area) to school (Riverside) & vice versa over holidays, usually in 4hrs. Then I used my watch to time drives across I40 & back to another school, typically <48hrs from coast to coast, over 4 summers. My most memorable drive started in Jacksonville where I dipped a foot in the Atlantic & then raced across I10 to dip the other foot in the Pacific 48hrs later. Nuts!

  • desertdingo

    I’m no more deserving than anyone else, but speaking as a race team owner (which I plow all my money into) this watch is a work of art.

  • Omar Haroon

    Would love the watch pictured!

    I participated in an event where highway patrol allowed 300 exotic cars drive at a safe speed. The freeway was blocked for 15 minutes on a Sunday morning. I will not implicate anyone by saying more. Let’s just say cars got driven the way they are meant to be driven. Best drive ever!

  • Dan George

    Omega speedmaster + ford gt. Enough said

  • coldkohmew

    need for speed games

  • DT

    I love watches and Porsches, most likely because my dad did also. My favorite go fast moment was bringing my dad to a “Porsche on a track” day wearing my favorite watch the breitling aerospace he gave me at a turning point in my life. Can’t think of better times than spent with dad in a Porsche on a track. Just wish the aerospace could slow down what it tracks so well.

  • Porsche Design Watches i love as much as their cars
    [email protected]

  • Wayne

    At 16 years old, the first time my Father let me take out his new Corvette and I got it up to 128. Don’t know that this experience had anything to do with my love of watches but I do believe most watch obsessed people tend to appreciate cars in the same way.

  • Jonathan Morales

    I remember the first time my grandpa took me out in his karmann ghia. We didn’t go that fast but we were the coolest people on the road. I will never forget that feeling. He also gave me my first watch.

  • Briggs

    Distance is equal to speed over time. I am already planning my Indy trip.

  • jdoerr01

    A red 1971 240Z was my transportation for a number of years. I had to sell it when the kids came along, but always loved the simplicity and intricate detail of the machine. It is probably why I love automatic watches now. It is the draw of the beautiful and powerful machine. Very cool contest from TAG and ABTW!

  • Charles de Crombrugghe

    My dad had a Porsche 911 Targa from the seventy’s it was splendid but sadly he crashed it on the highway, after the accident the people thought all the passengers of the car had to be dead but fortunately my dad escaped any injury, after that he never bought a speedy car again.. sad ! To give him the passion again what could be better than to offer him a watch with a race experience so that every time he looks at his wrist he would think about race cars and maybe one day purchase one again !

  • Jayden Navarro

    Whenever I think of cars and watches the Tag Heuer Monaco comes to mind. Such a classic racing watch.

  • ping

    With the Indy 500 on, then feel the speed. Air pressure is manageable.

  • KO

    I remember being fortunate enough to test drive a Bugatti Veyron when it first launched in the US. The test driver asked me to come to a complete stop on the freeway on ramp and floor it for as long as I felt it was safe. The acceleration and smoothness in which the car got up to speed was unlike anything I had ever driven before.

    My appreciation for well made cars has transferred well to my appreciation for well made watches. I have a love for all brands that go out of their way to push the limit on what can be done in their respective markets.

  • Mark ZuVerink

    Actually, all of my fastest (and most frightening) moments on the road have been on a bicycle. Heading downhill miles from civilization with no engine noise really lets you appreciate the meaning of fast. I will definitely say that my biking hobby has shaped my watch collection, as I very much appreciate the shock resistance of G-Shocks.

  • jabe rooney

    The love i have for cars and watches go hand in hand. I have always loved them both . Over the years i have had some quality watches and also got to drive a lambo which was very awesome. it would be cool to win this, will be one of the top quality watches i ever had.

  • Ziv Weizman

    Porsche Design truly combines the stylish aesthetic of Porsche cars into their watches, making a watch look as if it’s driving at a hundred miles per hour.

  • robert lord

    WOW this is a nice looking watch. i don’t know how easy it would be to view the hands with all that going on in and around the face but stunning to look at non the less.

  • Ealaag

    This is a watch I probably would have drooled over in my teens or twenties. Now that I’ve unfortunately crossed 30, I probably wouldn’t have gravitated to it immediately. Although, I still think it’s a fantastic looking watch. I have to say racing isn’t in my blood, but I remember with fondness some road trips across the U.S. On those trips I was happy to have only the clothes on my back, and probably one high quality field watch with me.

  • Corsiglia

    I grew up 90miles west of Daytona. We’d go to the qualifying for the Nascar races and all bring stop watches with us to see who was fast and who wasn’t. Good memories.

  • Tanj

    Tag Heuer and fast cars just belong together. I have been lucky enough to have driven a Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Porsche all while wearing my Tag. I would love to go to the Indy 500 and meet the folks from Tag.

  • raxan1

    My first racing experience with a car happened when I was young, a friend of the family took me for a ride in his 1973 Corvette. We hit a top speed of 107. Yes, today that would seem extremely reckless but back then it was the thrill of a lifetime. That experience got me interested in racing and particularly Formula 1. I immediately fell in love with Scuderia Ferrari. I became a big fan of names like Ickx, Regazzoni, Scheckter and finally my hero Gilles Villeneuve. I remember seeing the Heuer logos on the cars and finding out what it meant and then I saw the movie Le Mans and it all became clear. I loved that Monaco watch and still desire it to this day. From that day forward I have always had a passion for both racing and watches.

  • nikos galaras

    It’s a great watch and if you have time read Jack Heuer’s book ”the times of my life”.

  • Jorge Serrano

    Love need for speed

  • manivelle

    Lapping at Lime Rock, New Hampshire, and Monticello, as well as a visit to the BMW school, have all been great experiences, even counting the occasional lapses in concentration. But any connection to timepieces has been subconscious. Although I’m very conscious of how slow I am on the track.

  • billy mclaughlin

    I went to my first 500 six weeks after marrying a girl from Indianapolis. We sat inside of turn one and speed of the cars still astounds me today. They are blurs as they go by.

  • Daniel Gilland

    Visit to family in Germany where everything is on time. We hopped in the family 5-series and hit one of the unrestricted stretches of the Autobahn. Nothing else like it. Thrilling.

  • m0lasses

    Absolutely love the depth of that watch. I remember the first time in a car hitting 100mph. Thought I was going to die but, loved every second.

  • Graham Duncan

    Went to INDY qualifier, the noise and speed are ******* mind blowing and will change the way you see the world, always wanted to see the BIG race, don’t love watches because of cars, just love watches and cars, not necessarily in that order. Fastest I have ever gone in a car is 140mph, really want to drive 180 before the end.


  • groycvg

    For my birthday I was given a present… drive a Ferrari on a course…. as fast as I wanted to go. It was amazing. I would love to have a watch that has a similar spirit.

  • Oc4watches

    I fell in love with precision machines years ago when I would open up my BMW 5 series on country roads. The hum of the engine and all of its parts smoothly meshing at 120+ is mesmerizing. It’s the same with watches. A finely crafted, complex, precision machine that is compact enough to fit on one’s wrist is an obsession.

  • rastarck

    BMW M-School, nothing like it!

  • thelobthejam

    Was in a car ride with a friend who was a huge fan of chronographs and he explained to me how to calculate distance with the tachymeter. Thought it was the coolest things ever. Love chronographs now especially the IWC Portofino IW3910!

  • Elim Tan

    Watches are definitely essential to timing a good lap.

  • gtbr

    one of the cool stuff i discovered when i bought my car a few years ago was the chronograph in the board computer.

  • mrhieu

    I don’t always play racing video game, but when I do, I switch to the inside-cockpit perspective immediately. And the design of the dials had a huge influences on me. That’s why I’m interested in sport watches the most, whatever the brand is. I have a Casio sport watch. I don’t my if I can get this TAG for my humble watch collection lol

  • matevz

    i will always remember the day, when i drove on german autobahn with my uncle in his mercedes cla… such feeling of power and freedom was just something new to me

  • David Coates

    This watch has more functions than my prius

  • Amit

    My love for Formula1 got me to love TAG Heuer as they were the official timekeepers at that time. In my world, Automobiles and Tag Heuer is a match made in heaven!

  • Skootertrash

    From the moment my pops let me steer his X 1/9 at 6 years old down some old back roads I’ve been hooked on anything with wheels. A weekend long trip to Road America on the back of his old shovelhead only cemented the attraction! Fast forward to now and I consider myself very fortunate to have a career behind the wheel, where having seconds count has led to my affinity for quality timepieces!

  • Luciano Oliveira

    Best driving experience so far was with a Porsche 911 in a F1 circuit. Is was really a thrill and help me to appreciate the watch designs around racing.

  • Andrew Sris

    I remember driving down I-65 to Indianapolis, driving pretty fast, looking at my Seiko chronograph and remember how much I loved watches. I’m even down in Indianapolis, so I would save a flight!

  • Nicholas Demetriades

    One of my few fast-driving experiences is with my cousin in his Audi S4. We went to a track together, and went nearly 150. Probably one of my most unique experiences.

  • Joel Woodward

    What an awesome giveaway! My earliest memories of speed are as a kid watching the Indy 500, particularly Danny Sullivan’s “spin & win”. Seeing that had me hooked on driving & racing for life. I’ve been going fast, (as stealthily as possible), ever since! No doubt that sponsorship of motorsport by watch companies is exactly what drew my interest to all things horological. While I can’t pinpoint a specific moment when I realized how connected those two worlds are, I’m thrilled to be addicted to both.

  • melikegarfield

    OMG…my boyfriend purchased his friends stick BMW which was nice…but THAT friend had purchased a BMW M3. He took us for a drive on a fairly wet/rainy day and I thought we were going to crash everytime to revved it up. It was scary but exhiliating.

  • gabriel enrique S

    During my 1-year-long stay in the U.S., I rented a Cadillac ATS V Series… And even though it’s not a race car, after having tried many different makes and models I must say this was a good experience and a powerful car to drive. I fell in love with the brand immediately and rented other models from Cadillac after that. It’s a shame they are not distributed in Europe… I am also a music lover and the fact most of the recent ones come with BOSE soundsystem is a huge plus !
    Tag Heuer is my favourite watch brands and I would love winning this one! Cheers ABlogToWatch!

  • AS

    One of my favorite car-related life experiences was going to a Brickyard 400 practice/qualifying event at Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) with my dad and little brother. I’ve never been a huge fan of NASCAR, but I respect what it takes to be a driver in it.

    Going to a NASCAR event in person though is an entirely different experience compared to watching on TV (as would be the case with just about any event). I distinctly remember walking up to IMS and hearing one of the cars go by on the track. I’ll never forget the sound from the outside as the car sped by. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it! It was fun after we all got in, of course, to watch qualifying and to hear the cars from the stands. It was a nice way to spend time with my dad and brother too.

  • Edward

    TAG Heuer watch and Indianapolis 500 trip giveaway here at aBlogtoWatch!

    Wow !!

    Early one sunday I borrowed my fathers new 1969 Buick Wildcat with good intentions of going to church. I still remember that warm Sunday morning with no traffic on Highway 26. It was the first time that I had that car out by myself and the last for a very long time. That car got up to 110 in no time at all, sure wished I had on a good watch that day. needless to say I didn’t make it church that morning.

  • Deb

    Great combination…a watch and racing. The watch looks like something inspired by racing.

  • WatchEnthusiastI

    Stellar watch — sharp!

  • Fitifazrul Rahman

    The first car-related life experiences that perhaps has helped make me become a watch lover today is when I first look at a Tag Heuer advertisment with Kimi Raikkonen as the model. It is Tag Heuer Kirium F1 and from there, I love everything about racing and also love watches.

  • Jim Yee

    I got to watch the Rolex Grand am sports car series at Phoenix International Raceway all day then drove on the track with race driver and visited pit row and luxury suites

  • David

    Got to drive an Acura NSX and the precision reminded me of the precision of high quality watches. I love the marriage of technical and performance excellence.

  • igorak

    Got to ride a Ferrari when I was a young boy.

  • RM

    I’ve always been fascinated with cars, trucks, boats, etc…Anything fast and/or mechanical. A fascination I’d guess is common among watch lovers since the fundamental interests are so similar. My favorite “driving fast” moment was last summer when I participated in my first track day on my Triumph motorcycle. Running 130+ mph (while being passed by guys going 170!) was a rush I’ll never forget and will seek to repeat as frequently as I can! Thanks for offering this amazing giveaway.

  • Danny Moon

    When i was much younger, I grew up tuning import cars with turbochargers, headers, exhauts, and ecu. Street racing was my life in my teenage years. I have always wanted to be able to use the chronograph for precision lap time on a racetrack. Maybe one day my uncle will let me take out his Porsche 911 S on the track and have a rip at it. I would definitely have a much better chance of winning this give away than my uncle giving in. *keeping my fingers crossed*

  • ndl

    That is a smokin’ hot Tag Heuer. I spent my youth and still yurn to drive as an explorer to uncover new things and places in my “backyard” as well as to travel and discover far away. Distances between stops and stopovers are marked by time and it has had its hand in my collecting and enjoyment of chronographs.

  • Aleksander Heba

    Got to ride a Nissan GT-R Nissmo and after that 2015 CLS 63 S AMG (585hp) – and I find CLS much more nice (great V8 sound). If it means I’m getting older, so be it.

  • bob jones

    My favorite moment was when I purchased my 1975 Toyota Celica. I loved hard driving this car up the winding roads in New Hampshire in long summer weekends.

  • Brandon

    Had a Dodge Charger
    (actually my wife’s car) a few years back and it was so exhilarating driving on
    the highway slightly leaning back with my left hand on the steering wheel and
    my timepiece glistening in the sunlight. Speed is measured by the rate of
    change of distance with time. I have a developed a higher level of respect of
    time as I noticed the sweeping hands of my aquaracer or hamilton x-wind or baume
    et mercier riviera move in concert with the motion of the car as the engine
    growls then roars as I swiftly moved with ease past the slower cars en-route to
    my destination.

  • Liutauras Balsys

    Going on off-road race with ’80 VW Golf GTI makes you value speed and… your life. And to better pace your life you need a good timepiece on your wrist. This TAG would make things easier to me for sure.

  • Alex van Rensburg

    My dad’s old boss used to own the very first Mini that John Cooper ever modified. Perks of the job included use of the vehicles he owned. One day, my car had broken down and my dad took me to work in that mini cooper. Being that close to the ground while going as fast as we were was definitely an experience to remember. Got there with time to spare and had to sit around outside waiting for my boss to clock in.

  • Kirk Macdonald

    My father was a major sports car nut; his pride and joy was a 1963 Morgan +4 SS. In the early 60’s his car club would often sponsor and race in autocross and other local races. My brother and I would help with the timing and scoreboard. I think those big quality stopwatches got me started in the appreciation of timepieces. This Tag Heuer is a beautiful piece of engineering and art. The trip to the Indy 500 would be Amazing! “Back in the day” we used to listen to the Indy 500 on the radio.

  • tweetyscute

    My dad use to take us on really fun drives down curvy roads. As a kid it was super fast

  • Viktor

    nothing like driving on the open road, with a timepiece, but without a care

  • Michael Friedman

    One of my favorites was experiencing my first upgrade from an older car with a 4 cylinder engine to a new car with a V6 engine. The thrill of the pick up and engine power really made me enjoy the road.

  • David

    After I was introduced to Tachymeter and how to use them, I fell in love with both fast cars and nice watches.

  • Bartman Hawaii

    Back in 1972 or so, I had a VW/Porsche 911. Got a chance to ride in a real 911/6 on a track with a pro for a few laps. Convinced me that there is no substitute for the real thing.

  • stereoblue

    My friend has a Ferrari 458 which he let me drive around US 1 in California. Talk about exhilarating! Not just the thrill of the ride but also the sheer terror of the responsibility of driving such a valuable machine. Needless to say, going back to my Honda was something of a let down. 😉

  • David W

    Back in my early 20s I spent 6 months or so obsessed with autocross. I was really pretty bad at it, and driving a 12-year-old stock Prelude didn’t help me, but I enjoyed it. Years later, I realized that my driving experience had helped to teach me that precision at the right speed is far better than blundering at high speed. To me that lesson translates naturally to watches. A gaudy tourbillon with a big name on the front will never be more satisfying to me than a refined 3-hander that someone put years of thought into.

  • Ameer Beitvashahi

    I have a lot of good memories of bonding with my dad while working on car projects in our garage. We have never worked on sports cars or race cars, but we have put countless hours in the garage keeping the family sedans and minivans running far beyond the miles most people expect them to last. Cars were my first real introduction to working on mechanical things. That’s something I’ve grown to love and have gotten pretty good at. My appreciation for a good, reliable mechanical movement stems from there. I tend to appreciate reliable, high-value movements (and that’s all I can afford anyway!) and I’ve become a bit of a Seiko fan as a result.

  • Jeff Kolodny

    What a great giveaway.
    I’ve actually been looking to purchase an motorsport race inspired watch
    so I hope I’m the lucky winner.

    Once while driving back to
    my collage dorm in long Island NY from NYC a friend of mine pulled up next to
    me in his very fast Camaro Z28
    I was driving my slow Honda Accord. There we were side by side
    at the light along side the Long Island Expressway. The light turned green and we hit the gas. Just as I was reaching 90mph a pair of head lights came up from behind. I had a good
    idea who was behind me so I just took my foot off the gas. My friend in the Z28 was way ahead of my when the cop flew past me and pulled him over.
    As soon as I approached my friend who was now pulled over on the side of
    the road the officer motioned for me to pull over as well.
    The office came over to my
    window and said, DRAG RACING, DRAG RACING, you are in so much trouble. He
    then asked for my license and noticed it was actually my birthday. He came back to my car handed me back my license and said happy birthday now get out of here.
    My poor friend got a ticket for speeding and was told to stop being a showoff.

    I can’t say this experience made me a watch lover but it’s one of my driving fast stories.

  • steve

    This is pretty amazing. I can’t wait to see what watch it is and hear about what an amazing experience this trip will be. Tag has such a rich history intertwining their watchmaking with auto racing, the timepiece could almost be any one in their stable and it would be fitting.

    I think a lot of us are drawn to cars and watches and anything else mechanical for some of the same reasons. We like to enjoy something that is comprised of complex relationships of many moving parts, which independently would be a mess, but when put together just right becomes something extraordinary. There’s a similar enjoyment of looking down at my little second hand motoring around it’s little track showing that everything is running just right, and hammering down on the pedal of of my supercharged GTO on an empty road hearing the engine come alive and moving me at an unnecessarily brisk and violent pace. Well to be honest, going fast is a bit more enjoyable; but when we’re forced indoors a watch can keep me just as happy.

  • Michael

    I was driving an audi rs 7 dynamic with my friend in the passenger seat. We were heading to the grocery store to grab some stuff. He suddenly starts convulsing violently, and I realize he’s having a seizure. I decide to gun it to the nearest hospital, I was going well over 170 mph (fastest i’ve gone). In retrospect, probably not the wisest course of action, but it was pretty thrilling afterwards.
    The experience hasn’t had a major impact on my love of horology, but it is my most exciting and favorite driving moment.
    (it was not my favorite at the time)
    (my friend lived)

  • Jonas

    Once we drove really fast with my Brother in our BMW. I guess Tachymeter on watches could only be useful with a car.

  • A G

    Tachymeter could have been useful for me to measure the speed on of the train. I did not have watch with tachymeter then, so had to count time between poles and do all mental math calculation.

  • Adrian Lopez

    My most memorable driving experience was getting behind the wheel of a Maserati Ghibli. Feeling the power from the 330 HP 3 litre V6 Twin Turbo engine as it revved to 100 mph on a deserted city street on top of a hill going down the sweeping curves. Well that made my day, but it would have been much better wearing a Tag that day.

  • Timb77

    Driving around Joshua Tree National Park with my brother in a convertible with the U2 Joshua Tree album loud on the stereo has to be one of my favorite driving experiences. I was wearing a Panerai (PAM351), which while not ‘car’ watch, certainly fitted the moment.

  • jerry

    Driving a 1986 Porsche 911. Just the feel of the classic porsche lines.

  • Nick

    My most memorable car experience was on a trip to Vegas. I got the chance to drive a Porsche and a Ferrari on a race track. This same trip my wife bought me my first nice watch, and it was the first time I started noticing the watches in all the boutiques.

  • MJ

    I am an avid car show fanatic. Concours shows, general new car auto shows, classic car and hot rod shows…you name it, I’m there with my camera. I have been a member of several car clubs, in Michigan and Arizona, and there has always been a connection with Cars, watches and cameras. As a watch collector, I have visited shops around the globe. The mechanics of them, the craftsmanship and design are are paralleled in the Automotive world, and these common factors define our taste and what we appreciate. As a designer of consumer electronic goods (Car and home audio/video), I would travel every year to the CES Show in Vegas – also a great place to window shop for watches over the years…along with Hong Kong, where I would regularly make stops as well.

  • Sam Hwang

    i drove 50mph in a 45 mph zone. i wondered what the time was. i wished i had this watch

  • Amit Shukla

    This is a wonderful blog. Even better is the brand history of TAG Heuer and its association with the Racing World. As a kid I learned about CARS by following INDY 500 and essentially became a mechanical engineer due to the passion it generated. I have always wanted to drive a Corvette on the Indy Race track. May be one day!! Machines (fast, accurate and precise) amaze me. I apply nonlinear dynamics to investigate accuracy of watches and clocks. I love these amazing wonders of mechanical engineering.

  • Kevin Peterson

    I went to the F1 race in the US back in 2004.
    Seeing the fast cars and complicated machines made me appreciate fine craftmanship.

  • Kenneth Tu

    My favorite quote from “The Fast and the Furious” is “doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning.” It resonates with me because it means every second counts and it’s good to be on time. Since then I have always worn a watch to remind myself to be punctual.

  • Emre

    There is a winding road that nobody uses through the forest where I grew up. I used to time myself on that road in the middle of the night driving my first car, an Alfa 156 with my first good watch, a Breitling Spatiographe. 15 years passed and I still keep them both.

  • Gerhard

    My dad had to leave the Maple Grove Nationals NHRA race early in 1987 because my mother was about to give birth to me. The timing was just not right. He took me back several times since then, and we have enjoyed many other races together but not an Indy race. The timing just hasn’t been right. To see the Indy 500 in person is on both of our bucket lists. Perhaps We’ll get our timing right this time.

  • Prem Kumar

    Love this watch…sports and watches are all about what’s inside the hood

  • Kelvin

    I used to take lap times and tire temp as a kid at my older brother’s formula ford SCCA races. That was the start of my obsession on cars, watches, and all things mechanical.

  • Torstein Opedal

    I have always needed to know how things are put together, and after I got my Pug 205 gti I had my hands full keeping this French go-cart on the road. The love of the mechanical workings I found then is something that has followed me into the world of horlogery. A beautiful watch btw.

  • hal

    Indy it is with a TAG on the wrist!

  • Greville A

    I once reversed into an unmarked police car. The suspect they were arresting thought it was hilarious. The coppers… not so much. Not exactly my finest moment!

  • Debajyoti Bhattacharyya

    From the first time I came across the movie, Le Mans, it has always been the Monaco from Steve McQueen. Probably one of the greatest combinations of man and machine to have come together.

  • Matt

    My first watch was a Tag. I liked the aesthetics, but didn’t understand how to use the Tachymeter. Once I learned how it functioned, I made my wife drive on the freeway while I tested it out. No surprise, it worked. Tachymeter’s are still one of my favorite watch features.

  • chris casaus

    I like the road TAG is taking with Biver leadership.
    Beautiful design bold and tastefully done.

  • hatster

    I have to say, they are brand that has a watch for most people’s choice of styles. Whether it be the Heuer Monza (are they about to reissue that beauty?) or a modern Carrera, they have found a pretty accessible place in the market. Not known for my luck in competitions, I am still intrigued to see what the winner gets…and as I am not eligible, being in Europe, I know I can’t win this one.

  • Yael Sara

    love it!

  • mitulica

    Test driving a BMW M3 and not realizing you’ve hit 130MPH. Totally in control.

  • Bob Sebastian

    My first Swiss watch was a TAG. I bought it back in the mid eighties because I watched Formula 1 racing (hard to find on TV in the US) and TAG sponsored the McLaren F1 team. I believe they were also the official time keeper. I would listen to commentator John Bisignano talk about Mansour Ojjeh and Techniques d’Avant Garde. It all sounded so exotic back then I just had to get one, even though I was just a student in university. Of course I still have it and wear it regularly.

  • Tres

    An early car related, fast driving, experience for me happened when I was much younger. I had a friend who’s father was a professional race car driver. A few times we went with him and got to hang out with the crew in the pit during the races. He would also take us on “test laps” around the track. I have no doubt that would not happen now for liability reasons. It also helped to pique my interest in watches as he wore a Rolex and I pretty much thought he was the coolest person I knew at the time.

  • Eugene Najera

    I had a 280 Z car and drove it as fast as I could but never got a speeding ticket so had some $$ to buy my 1st TAG:-)

  • Hayzen

    I love watch faces that look a little bit like dashboards of cars. One of the watches that resembles a BMW dashboard in particular is a MIH, with its red-tipped second hand and strict bauhaus minimalism. Even though cars nowadays have so much electronics in them, I drive a manual and look at my watch rather than car clock to check the time.

  • Edward

    I think I’m going to wet myself waiting for this announcement, That TAG !
    It’s snowing in the mountains – I’ll be skiing some powder the next three days, maybe that will take my mind off this. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning.
    Good luck to you all.
    good luck was harder to say than i thought HA!

  • Dylan Flynn

    A watch is the simplest and truest expression of form and function. In order for a watch to be truly valuable and iconic it has to effortlessly combine both a pleasing aesthetic form and an array useful functions. I have always thought wrist watches as being similar to automobiles in this regards, you can but a cheap car and keep replacing and fixing it. Or you can spend the money fora high end product and see it as an investment and as a symbol of your appreciation of true lasting value. TAG Hauer’s roots in the aviation and mechanical design world are clearly mirror this ideal. Just as I longed for a performance car that felt like a jet plane, i also need a watch that had conveyed precision and elegance.

  • Joseph Luzzo

    As a proud TAG owner I’d like to say how beautiful that watch is. I remember my first watch I dropped it and it broke. And coincidentally my first car I crashed it, you could say I broke that too. But anyways good luck everyone.

  • Eddie Chiang

    I have always been a fan of automobiles and racing watches. One of my favorite “driving fast experiences was taking a Lexus sponsored auto cross event. After driving a few cars on the coned course, we were treated to a few laps in the Lexus IS-F on a the full track following a professional racer. After 3 laps of heart beating, sweaty palm auto action, I looked down at my Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 and was in absolute bliss.

  • Pos Osop

    ??????? ????! ????? ???! Awesome watch! Take two!

  • Rez

    Ever since I was in high school I’ve always liked the f1 races. And during that time Tag Heuer was one of the brands strongly associated with the F1. So when I got my driving licence my parents treated me with a Tag Heuer Formula 1 which was my 1st luxury timepiece and has been by daily beater ever since

  • Tony middleton

    Keep the holiday.but I’ll have the watch does anyone ever win these giveaways outside of North America?

  • Adrian Barraza

    Being able to have driven a Maseratti Coupe GT at 260 km/h and have looked work those 2 beautiful mechanical pieces in the speedometer and the Tachometer, just made me want a watch that could match them!

  • Bryan

    Great looking watch!

  • Joshua Reyneveld

    I like it a lot!

  • Ken Thompson

    Beautiful watch. I will be happy to test it’s high speed readability for you on the bike. Just send it on over.

  • Dhiraj KC

    Awesome Watch!!!!

  • Jake from CT

    This is quite the giveaway and very exciting!

  • David Watts

    I was once riding with my uncle in a ’92 Dodge Viper and he told me to use his watch to time how fast he could get up to 100 mph from the entrance ramp onto the highway. He had a vintage Omega Chronograph and the combination of the watch and the Viper has mesmerized me since that day.

  • LiteEmmUp

    Nice continued tie-ins for TAG and racing

  • SteveA

    This watch would look great while at the wheel of a vintage BMW!

  • 0059mike

    i remember going much faster than legally allowed in our olds 88 with a 455 engine, driven by my father. well before the age of fuel efficiency. unfortunately it was summer in Florida and no air conditioning in the car. we boiled in that thing from Ontario to Florida and back.

  • palettj

    I was a valet parker when I was 16, enough said!!

  • MA

    The only “driving fast” car experience I have isn’t with me driving. A high school friend had an old Honda Civic and I was a passenger. He drove it on the freeway 130 mph and the car shook violently. Scared me into never wanting to go that fast myself and never wanting to ride in a car as a passenger going that fast again. I enjoy watching Formula 1 racing and there are some really great looking Formula 1 inspired watches like this Tag Heuer. I am also a legal resident of the USA.

  • Preveda

    I remember my first time getting behind the wheel of a car with some serious power; I was a production assistant on a non-union film shoot and we had rented a ’72 Chevy Nova for a scene – I was the lucky kid tasked with picking it up.

  • Carl Conn

    Best driving fast experience was driving on the Autobahn for the first time in a Porsche Rental. Flying down the road and seeing the country was an awesome experience. At the time I was wearing a Tag Heuer Carrera, so it was a good fit.

  • Chris b

    Love TAG and love racing.

  • Ah Shumaker

    I love driving and fine cars. That love extended into fine timepieces. Tags are excellent watches.

  • Lee Uni

    After a party with a cup or two, I am merely drink half pint of beer. I am assigned to drive someone who is drunk with my sister. The twisting wind hits the window and my watch on wrist is ticking the timeline to boost the driving beyond the air velocity. It’s a fight with nature on time and driving. TAG for SPEED, TIME for BOOST.

  • Lim Jun’an Vincent

    My best driving experience while “driving fast” is actually my first time in a go-kart around a “proper track”. It was a blur and I only remember checking my watch then to note that time really flew by for the 15 minutes I paid for! I remember wearing a Casio then to time myself around the track – hoping then it was a much cooler watch. Like a TAG Heuer!

  • Love this watch and if getting a superb timepiece is not enough, the Indy experience makes this a once in a lifetime event. It probably would not happen without this kind of chance. Fast cars have also like watches have been a passion for me at a very young age. I live in Pittsburgh which has some very long tunnels you need to go through to get most places and are also usually backed up. But if your young person with a new Iroc Z very late into the night when almost nobody is using the tunnels you get an unbelievable experience smashing that pedal to the floor and watch the light show inside give you the feeling of taking off into space, so I have heard.

  • Mike O

    The first car i purchased was an old mkIII VW GTI VR6, which i drove through my University years. There weren’t many “driving fast” moments, as it’s not a particularly fast automobile, but i could not have been more content behind the wheel. At the same time, i had an old acrylic crystal seiko automatic that had been passed down from my father. Although the two weren’t of great objective value and I’m not sure one influenced my enjoyment of the other, I considered them my most valuable material possessions.

  • Maurice Richardson

    Give me the watch! No It’s A TAG HEUER!!!!

  • Harrison Zhang

    MUST HAVE WATCH……i love driving and cars have been a great hobby to me since i was 5.

  • Daniel Yu

    Always been a fan of cars and wristwatches. As a engineer, I love the engineering and design of them.

  • Mason Zhang

    i absolutely love cars…and ..i love wristwatches….of course i like wristwatches better

  • kenny cen

    i have never wear an expensive watch… hopefully im lucky enough 🙂

  • Jason Tucker

    The fastest I have ever been in a vehicle just so happened to be when I was a passenger. I was in the Philippines and I kept thinking, “This feels just like a video game. I am in Frogger.”

  • hachep

    Love Formula1 and love TAG HEUER, they are the official timekeepers forever forever,,

  • Statos

    Working as a transit operator for 31years Im just now getting serious about watches. Ive been looking at cheap watches for so long on my wrist its about time I get something nice to look at. Since I retried I still look at my watch about every 10min to check the time. Just a habit that will haunt me until the day I die. Hope I get lucky!

  • BKSport

    In this age of smartphones and the internet of things, I’ve come to appreciate more and more the hand-crafted and the mechanical. Even though I work in digital media, I love wearing automatic watches because of the constant reminder of human ingenuity. It’s the same when I drive my MGB, a car that has nothing to do with computers. To spend time at Indy with TAG Heuer would take all of that to an almost unimaginably great level.

  • Cullen Chen

    I started out as a car lover and through my love for the mechanical nature of cars stemmed by me working on them, I naturally became obsessed with mechanical watches.

  • Rebecca

    Being able to track a BMW M4 at Limerock Park. Such a classic racetrack with a beautiful, fun car. Now I’m addicted and want to track there every season.

  • AJ DeSantis

    When I was a young boy, my step-father was, and still is, a Porsche enthusiast. Since then, I have grown up loving the Porsche brand and naturally the love for watches as well. My first vehicle was a 1989 Porsche 928S4 and I will never forget seeking out my first TAG Heuer Formula 1 Red face to match my car of course. I still have both the car and watch today.

  • J.Harris

    Driving fast & time… Some years ago I spent two sleepless nights aboard the USS Yorktown in Charleston, SC with my son and his cub scout group. Lights out = obnoxiously immature boys early followed by wheeze-bag dads late. Come the morning of departure, the boy an I hightail it out of town at sunrise, What should’ve taken 4.75 hours home over 320 miles was achieved in just under four hours flat. This included a stop/chat with a Georgia state patrol officer. Nice guy. After hearing my plight of the past 48 hours, he not only appreciated my pressing desire for sleep, he shared the fact that his best friend had just endured the same experience. A warning was issued and all were well rested the next day. A leisurely trip to Indy for fast laps and the 500 would be a treat. J.

  • MD

    What a watch:. Fast and furious, triple x, GTA, all in one watch!!! Better then that slow James B… type of watch. I want it !

  • Jennie Ye

    even though i am a woman, i love watches too and id like this one. i also have a spectacular interest in cars.

  • Mason

    wassup people!! i love cars they have been WONDERS to me as a kid. thank you to ariel adams for sponsoring this….and just saying id like this watch and also i lllllllllllooooooovvvvvveeeeeeee watches almost as soon as i started liking cars

  • Peter Engstrom

    I caught the racing bug from my cousins. They invited me to Tag along with them to an open stretch of Interstate 94 in Minnesota that had just been built, but wasn’t open to traffic. The vehicle was a racing go-kart with an over-powered McCulloch engine. I’ll never forget the feeling of driving along the open, smooth stretch of freeway at about 10 years-old. It was probably way too fast and dangerous for a little kid to be hanging it out… but it provided my first feeling of what it is like for man and machine to work in concert to obtain the thrill. Fine watches are similar to the way cars work; simple in concept, but to make a truly high performance unit takes precision and craftsmanship.

  • Stephanie

    Ahh, my favorite fast driving experience was in New Orleans, La. I was on my way to a wedding there in a rented car coming from Houston, Tx. It was the best feeling to have the wind rustling through my hair w/the Windows down trying to make it to the wedding on time. Needless to say a good watch & a little luck is what got me there on time…

  • Charley

    When I was much younger, I would often follow my mom to her dry cleaners in Chicago and hang around the city. Since her shop was located in an affluent neighborhood, many of her regulars drove very nice cars. There was one car that stood out and to this day is my favorite car of all time, Porsche 964 Turbo. The owner offered to take me for a quick spin around the neighborhood. It was that day I fell in love with the 964, it was because of that car I started to appreciate “old” things and began appreciating “old” watches.

  • knightracer

    Attending Indy 500 was a great experience

  • Phil Dix

    I fall in love with watches a few years ago when I was invited to the BaseIworld and last year I went to the Chantilly Arts & Elegance by Richard Mille, then I realized how much these two worlds are complementary!

  • Eric Stark

    It was 1984.
    Driving a 1972 Grand Safari Station wagon V8.

    Hit 120mph+ on Bay Area Hyw 101.

    Me and basketball buddies.

    WATCHing the dash clock, trying to get home to avoid trouble…luckily didn’t get in trouble on the drive. Who knew she could go that fast.
    Oh…used almost a whole tank of gas in about 50 miles of travel…oh to be 17 again.

  • Zaid

    I don’t know much (or anything really if I’m to be honest) about racing, but what I can say with absolute certainty is that my time at the Abu Dhabi Formula One was one of the most exciting times of my life. As for the Tag, I’m a tremendous fan (the Monaco? who wouldn’t be?) of not only the brand, but the design of their mid level chronograph offerings since their repositioning in LVMH.

  • Alex

    I’ve always loved Tag Heuer, really one of my favourite manufacturers, they way they combine racing heritage and watchmaking, I’ve always been drawn to.

  • kpjimmy

    Fell head over heels for racing when starting to mod my own Mazda and got into stock car racing. Went to my first race in the fingerlakes in NY and a bunch of car people like me got to go into the paddock and see all of the details and behind the scenes. It was amazing and we also got to go onto the track and our group was recognized that day.

    Later on we were able to get to meet with most of the drivers and I got to see the bling of some of the drivers, especially the Porsche and BMW guys. Man that is when I got to see tags up close and personal. I was in awe and have been collecting certain watches ever since.

  • aaw234

    When I was eight years old my father taught me how to use a wrist watch to determine direction of travel while we were taking a road trip from Texas to Virginia. That experience turned my into a watch lover, with an appreciation for analog-style watches.

  • chesirecat77

    When I was little my uncle taught me how to use a watch with tachymeter while driving on a relatively short trip. Well he didn’t exactly teach me but it was enough to keep me occupied during the drive.

  • Dan

    Your favorite “driving fast” or car-related life
    experiences: For sure my first time going to an ALMS race at Road America. Paddock access, pit lane, the sights, the smells, oh so nice!

    Perhaps how that has helped make you the watch lover you
    are today: Watching the clocks over pit lane, seeing the “official” timekeepers. But the sport that brought watches to me has been golf. So much more elegance, grace, timing.

  • Josef Schmid

    I am a big fan of formula 1 racing since I was a child, so naturally I love racing chronographs and especially the TAG Heuer watches.

  • Andy Curtis

    What got me into car racing as a kid was playing Need For Speed games. Then I fell in love with Rallying because I watched a video of Colin McRae! But, how did I get into watches? Well that was James Bond…. Who also loves cars. Seeing the Omega Seamaster in Goldeneye when I was 6 was where it all started. Tag Heuer is Formula 1 to me, and I have loved watching F1 races on a Sunday for years 🙂

  • fluxed

    When I was around five my grandpa started taking me to the local races. It was great.

  • reid

    Favorite driving experience is Virgin River Gorge between Nevada & Utah

  • Michael Young

    Love Tag Heuer watches, it would be great to

  • Steve

    Fifteen years ago, my wife and I hired a Ferrari 355 for a week as a ‘treat’ and drove it to our wedding venue in Inverbeg, on the banks of Loch Lomond Scotland. Three hundred plus miles of Ferrari bliss … or so we thought!

    En route, one of the newly-fitted temperature sensors checking its catalytic convertors kept overheating and shutting down a bank of the V8’s cylinders, resulting in a complete loss of power to one half of the engine and many hair-raising overtaking moments. 😮

    The worst of these ‘events’, however, came when I handed over the keys to my father-in-law-in-waiting who was to drive my wife-to-be to the church, a mere 3.5 miles down the road in Luss. It didn’t require my original limited release, rose gold Omega co-axial deVille to tell me that my wife-to-be was running late, as everyone else in the church became busy checking their wrists too!

    35 minutes later – and several beads of sweat – and I decided I really should’ve worn a chronograph (just like this Indy 500 Tag) in order to show her just how much pain and suffering she’d caused me: my nerves were shot!

    Thankfully, it turned out it wasn’t intentional: the car had played up for my soon-to-be father-in-law too … not to mention he could barely drive the beast! Ever seen a Ferrari driving at 30mph in a 50mph zone? Nope? I hadn’t either. Now I have!

    All’s well that ended well: I bought a secondhand Zenith El Primero soon after – my very first chronograph – with the full blessing of my new wife! 😉

  • My family drove across virtually all of North America when I was young. We experienced sights and sounds you just couldn’t get taking a plane or train. I’ve always appreciated the value of driving after that — it’s not just about getting from A to B, but showing you the rest of the world.

  • Sermet

    well… it was the first day with my new tag heuer 1887, I was driving my friends M3 but not speeding, after a few minutes my friend realized my watch, grabbed my arm and start pulling it to have a look at the watch, that was the moment I lost the control of the car and hit the sidewalk :)) luckily no one was hurt :))

  • Chris

    One of the best driving experiences I’ve ever had was ascending from Red Lodge, Montana to Yellowstone via US 212 at Beartooth Pass. It’s not about the speed, but taking time to enjoy the view.

  • Mack Bakker

    I was in Germany as an exchange student during high school and I remember vividly driving on the Autobahn and a beautiful Ferrari flew by us at 180mph. I instantly fel in love with the engineering component to make a vehicle drive that fast and not to mention be beautiful at the same time. My love of intricate machining led me to loving mechanical watches and it has been my love since I was 15 years old.

  • For my 18th birthday my dad put me through a driver’s defense course at Laguna Seca. To cap the day off we got to do a couple laps in a Viper! I was surprised how agile it was, to go with the sheer power. Such intricate engineering really brought to the front the quality of a well made machine versus a cookie cutter type. I can really appreciate a well engineered car, watch, or bike these days.

  • Yanzhuo

    Last year I drove from Chicago to Ontario because I wanted to check out what Canada was like so I borrowed my parent’s car and it was the absolutely best experience ever. The long drive caused me to appreciate time even more

  • Yudi

    I remember watching the Great Escape as a child, my favorite character being Steve McQueen naturally, and no matter how many times I watched it, there was always a lump in my throat at the end, watching Hilts desperately try to make it away, speeding through the open countryside, and jumping the first border fence. Obviously when my father brought home Le Mans I was more than thrilled to have more McQueen in my life, especially at high speed. When I grew older, and got into horology and came across the “Monaco” connection. Let’s just say it felt very full circle.

  • Luke White

    Favorite car related experience was my first track day. Unfortunately, I can’t directly relate that experience to my love for watches. However, my first “nice” watch ws a Tag Heuer chronograph that I received for college graduation. I’ve been a fan ever since!

  • Kedar Sawant

    Favorite driving experience was on the Nurburgring Formula 1 Track. Love the Formula 1 Tag Heuer watches.

  • Dan

    Car related experience would be when I got to borrow a 911 turbo for a day. That experience doesn’t relate to my obsession with watches, but the owner of the Porsche shares a similar watch “affliction.”

  • Gilberto Pastrana

    Disclaimer – I do not recommend what I did as a kid!!! Anyways, after football practice one day I was riding around w/ my then girlfriend and her best friend in my BMW 325xi. Along on this backroad pulls up this Nissan 300z twin-turbo. At a light, he pulls next to me and asks if I’d like to race, so in a fit of testosterone and confidence in my driving skills, I agreed. Though his vehicle was superior in almost every way, he had no idea how to drive such a vehicle on roads that I knew like the back of my hand. He won the race but only by a car length and only after hitting triple digits. Afterwards we both pulled into a gas station where he asked me, “What did you do to that car man?” To which I replied, “Nothing…it’s stock.”

    Now at the time I didn’t have an appreciation for watches as I do now, but my first chronograph, a Seiko Flightmaster, was just like that car. No frills, just bare metal, raw power and the kind of enginuity I require to get any job done.

  • Andrew Ehlen

    When I was younger, I was obsessed with Knight Rider and Michael Knight would communicate with Kit using his watch. It was then i started talking to my watch and dreaming of a day I could command my talking car using my timepiece. That said, this Tag watch may be cooler than A talking car.

  • RideandRoll

    There is a long unused highway on the outskirts of my city that I used to drive to get to school. In my old honda I was able to take it up to the max speed and reach about 114 in a ’93 Accord. Don’t ever do that, it was super fun but I am surprised the car didn’t disintegrate. Nowadays I am a big fan of chronographs with prominent tachymeters. Granted it would be an awful idea to use chronograph features while also driving like an idiot but my love of speed probably does affect my preference for chronographs.

  • Thiago Ramos Rosa

    Last Summer I drove from Boston to LA. Lots of beautiful scenery and tons of great roads. Cruising down Big Sur had to be one of the best things I’ve ever done. No watch affiliation, sadly. I’ve loved them since I can remember.

  • Bat Ka

    My late wife bought me a track day in Ferrari F430 – best day in my life 🙂

  • silversnoopy

    I went to a Go-Kart birthday party celebrating my friend’s 50th birthday. In my round of race, I was the only girl, all others are guys. It was my first time on the race track driving a Go-Kart. Full gear all dressed up but very nervous. I was afraid the car was going to flip over when I made tight turns. All the guys passed me, laps after laps. Boy, was I really slow or what! Of course I finished last. But what an unforgettable experience.

  • byo

    When I visited California last year, I took the historic route 66 on a rented Mustang.

  • Hashim Khan

    I was obsessed with Chevy caprice my whole life and than saw the SS models with police, and now when I am married and have a daughter I was only dreaming of owning Chevy caprice Sedan (Holden statesman in Australia, not available in US) for the safety of my family and off course the power under the hood- a 6 liter V8 – finally my dream came true and I was able to buy my dream car (in fact my first ever car). I feel confident and kind of show off going to work and friends and family but whenever I pass by TAG signboard or TAG store everyday on my way to office I feel the only thing missing from my personality is a TAG watch on my wrist.

  • M T

    My two earliest luxury purchases were a watch and a car (Audi S8), so I’ve always appreciated and have been willing to pay a premium for fine engineering. Would love a “supercar track day” as well!

  • Darwin

    I remember one time when I was driving on a road trip, rushing to catch the sunrise at 4.30am in the morning for a landscape photography. I kept looking at my watch although the dashboard of the car had a watch, but it was just a habit. It was a tense driving up hill to the top of the mountain and I was driving an Alfa Romeo Giuletta which was my first time driving an Italian car (from car rental), and that car was quick!! Certainly I won’t forget that dawn driving experience 🙂

  • 11732

    Cars and watches have always been part of my identity and I appreciate them for their craftsmanship and story rather than simply for their function. A well made watch or car is ‘functional art’ and that is turning imagination into reality at its finest form.

  • Dan Baxter

    The engineering that does into a high performance car and a mechanical watch has some of the same characteristics. The tolerances and design has to be top notch in both situations.

  • Having a ride in Porsche 911 is the best day I have ever had…of course winning the Porsche Design sports watch topped that day experience!! Yeah, car motor sport goes very well with great crafted watches…when it all comes on winning at 100/second 🙂 good luck to all

  • Justin Bennett

    Working on my it’s cars made me appreciate mechanical things and we engineered pieces. watches were always important to me but as I matured and I better appreciated engineering I began to focus on mechanical watches. The two for me have now been linked…watches and cars will always be intertwined to me.

  • Mocky Mountain

    My first luxury watch was a Rolex Explorer II, bought in 2000. At the same time I bought an Audi S6 with a Nothelle Performance Kit. An “Understatement Porsche Killer”. Unfortunately the Audi crashed, but fortunately my Rolex (and myself) survived! After a couple of years 2015 became another “Douple Dip Year” to me . . . I bought a Rolex Submariner Date and an Audi TTRS Plus. This time let me save the Audi or at least not experience the opposite!! The TAG Heuer looks just great for “racing style” and may keep me away from buying my third Rolex . . . Daytona ;-). Looking forward to the legendary Indy 500.

  • Aravind Memana

    I have designed and build cars at college ,including a single seater ATV.recently ventured into watch collecting.The spring barrel similar to the engine,the flywheel and balance wheel,powertrain to the individual gears .whether it’s belt drive or spring drive ,a watch is a complicated miniature of an automobile.A see through dial is a highly cherished feature.Sincere thanks to Heuer for the amazing fusion

  • Mitko Dimitrov

    Recently I had a ride with a yellow 2016 Mustang V8. It was awesome, of course, to (try to) hold a whole bunch of wild horses with your hands… After that I was thinking that a watch with a yellow dial would be a perfect match to drive with… 🙂

  • Aaron Wood

    I prefer the allusion of going fast to the real thing. My first car was a 67 Mustang with an overpowered 351w engine in it. It was a lot of fun to hit the gas hard, but was nigh impossible to control it. Much like people who like dive watches but don’t dive, I like pilot watches and “fast” looking watches although I do neither.

  • circlesof

    Such an awesome giveaway – thanks guys!! If not for my love of all things automotive, I probably would not have pursued a mechanical engineering degree. And had I not pursued that degree, I probably would not have discovered and fallen in love with the mechanical watch!

  • Colin

    My favorite thing in the world is driving around a parking lot freshly coated with powdery snow and tearing it up. I wouldn’t mind wearing a beautiful watch while doing that so that I could make sure I get home in time for supper.

  • William

    When I was younger my dad, a mechanic, discussed cars and repairs he was making. I dozed off sometimes, however, as I grew older I loved the stories and wanted to know how the cars were working. I still being unable to drive couldn’t relate, however I had a Scooby Doo watch, that I took apart to see how it worked. After that I was slightly disappointed because it was a simple circuit board. Later I went to a jewelry store and was fascinated by the skeleton watches that they had. I could see the mechanisms that made them move. This is why I love watches. It is the same feeling my dad had when he worked on cars, the understanding, the knowledge of how a complex machine works. For my dad, it’s cars, he passed this on to me but for watches.

  • Travis Cannata

    tickticktickticktick…. “Not fast enough.”

    I had just turned 15, and this was the first time I had been behind the wheel of my father’s 1996 Chevy S10. I couldn’t; No… I wouldn’t go the speed limit. I was paralyzed with a psychological fear of losing control of the car. Close friend’s of mine had recently been killed in a car accident and I was petrified of driving. My dad decided he was going to give me 5 seconds to get up to the 30 MPH speed limit. The ticking of his Timex, and the sound of acceleration became a memento to my driving experience; Vivid, and exciting.

    tickticktickticktick…. “Almost that time. Let’s try again.”

    I slammed on my brakes, and reset. I gripped the steering wheel, and waited for him to say “go”. I held my breath in anticipation.

    tickticktickticktick…. “You did it that time.”

    Exhaling in relief, I couldn’t help but smile. With an affirming squeeze of my shoulder, I saw a brief curl of his lip and a subtle nod as he reset his watch.


    And with that, my affinity for fast cars, and faster timepieces began.

  • peacesun

    My dad was a race car driver at a local track until mom told him no. He also was an auto mechanic and wouldn’t buy a new car unless it came with Michelin Tires, because they are the best performing. I went to one car race and the gravel from the track got in the air and hit my contact lenses, so I couldn’t see the whole race. It was fun being in the crowd, yet kindof gritty. My dad wore a watch and I did, too, as a nurse with a sweep second hand to count the pulse and breaths.

  • dbostan

    I would be honored to have this watch. As for cars, I think a BMW M5 would fit quite well with this watch. While I did not have the money to own such a car, I drove one, once and it was very, very exciting.
    In any case, I am a watch lover for many years, and I was always fascinated with Swiss watches. TAG Heuer is the perfect embodiment of the Swiss watch industry and I would really like it.

  • Jared

    My most memorable speed memories were made in my college days with my ’93 Camaro Z28. Every summer I would return home and get to work on modding and tweaking that great LT1 engine and then taking it down to the strip to run the quarter mile. I think if I had been wearing this watch I would’ve lowered my time by at least a few tenths.

  • Noah Joseph

    I picked up one of my favorite watches – a Vallelunga from Officine Autodromo – while in New York for the auto show at Javitz several years ago. I’ve got other watches atop my dresser, but this is the one I love wearing the most.

  • Cole Reiken

    I’m lucky enough to manage the fast growing automotive site in Canada and have had the opportunity to drive many performance vehicles. I owe all this to my father who is a car guy and I still picture the day when I was a kid he sat me on his lap to drive down an empty lane. His left arm, straight arming the wheel and his dive watch around his wrist helping to keep me on the road. Since then cars and watches have been a constant in my life.

  • Andrew G

    I remember going on long car trips as a kid, sometimes overnight. My dad would drive and I would stay up with him and my mom and brother would sleep in the back. He would hand me his old Speedmaster and have me tell him how fast we were going using the mile markers on the interstate and the tachymeter on the watch. The watch is long gone but I hope to have my own someday. I’ve always loved purpose built chronographs and cars, they go well together.

  • Stan Lipnowski

    Would love to add another Tag to the collection!

  • David Geng

    My best driving-fast experience actually came by last week when I attended a test drive event in Doha. A good friend of mine works for a major Asian auto magazine and he could bring a family/friend along for the new Lambo. All I had to do was pay for my r/t ticket to Doha. It was the test drive event for the new Lamborghini LP580-2 – the rear-wheel drive Huracan on the Losail Race Track.

    Probably the most fun we’ve had in the past couple of years… we each got to drive the Huracan for about two hours on and off the track. The LP580, shedding 33kg of weight, the LP580 felt like a go-cart on the track and at 12L/100km off the course i was able to achieve, the fuel economy is amazing, too. I brought my 16520 Rolex Daytona and finally got to use the chronograph on a race track!

    go TAG!

  • cheeyong85

    Can I please have this as my 1st luxury watch? 🙂

  • Hector

    This is a great looking watch and an even better trip to one of the greatest races.

  • Steven Wine

    Beautiful watch its been on my must have list since the first ABTW post earlier this year

  • Cassio Schwab

    Such a nice watch!
    My best driving-fast experience was a car-testing of the spectacular Jaguar F-Type S.

    I was at Jaguar’s open days in Lausanne Switzerland. Usually you are not allowed to test the car but despite my young age (25), They let me try the car when the heard that I knew a little about it.

  • Vyper911

    I owned a 1975 Trans Am back in 1977. I was a senior in high school at the time and had the time of my life driving this car. It was before the Smokey and the Bandit craze. I love the TAG watches. I own a Formula 1 Tag that I have had for at least 10 years. Great watch. I would love to win this one.

  • Yael Sara

    A great watch. I had the opportunity for a month to cruise around in a Lotus Elise as I drove the canyon everyday. Such a great feel

  • Kristof Bella

    I don’t have any driving fast experience, I’m not a fan of cars, but I love this watch and Tag Heuer as well, so I must join to this contest. 🙂

  • Alex

    I always loved when I used to race on I-95 southbound from Fort Lauderdale to Miami in a mustang. Each time I was lucky to not get caught by the police as I did 110 mph in 55 zone in the middle of the night. Each time I always timed my self with my stop watch. It was because of this that I started to appreciate the time pieces used in racing.

  • Goncalo

    When I was a little boy my uncle had a 1971 MG B GT, and I remember perfectly being little and wishing I could drive it. One day my uncle took her out for a drive with me and pushed it to the limit. I remember my uncle shifting gears with his 1941 Universal Genève on his wrist. A watch that is today mine.

  • Brad Britz

    Not related to watches, but I developed an appreciation for cars in high school when one of my best friends started putting his car in different competitions in the area. I would travel around to all the car shows and loved looking at the cars.

  • Noir Wulf

    I love cars since i was a child. I grew up learning about car, brands, models, engines. And most recently, i’m trying to learn by myself how all parts on a car works. And that ended up grewing an interest on watches. How they move, how all the mechanical parts work together flawless. I enjoy watching watches work, as i enjoy watching cars working. Maybe i’m a mechanical soul.

  • Bor

    Perfect for everyday use, would like to have it 🙂

  • sitnstew

    My grandfather used to fix up old muscle cars and I remember that there were two things he love more than just about anything – his cars and his Rolex.

  • Karl

    Although I associate TAG Heuer mostly with Formula 1, McLaren and apparently now also Red Bull (with TAG Heuer branded engines), I would love to with the trip to the race AND perhaps more important, the watch.

  • Scott Ferron

    I attended an F1 event with TAG Heuer as a sponsor. That day I witnessed some of the most amazing and impeccable taking I’ve ever seen to this day.

  • Asher Elkins

    Riding the reindeer sleigh with Santa Claus, Santa asked me what my whole F1 experience was and how it made me a race watch lover and what I always wanted for the New Year gift. I said of course the TAG Heuer Indianapolis 500 Race watch.

    Now if I get the watch, I’ll be calling December 31, the Ariel Adams’ day 😀

  • Jackson Hanna

    Driving for the first time in a ferrari and turning the dial to ‘race’ and hitting the accelerator.
    It made me want to live the life that i wished to have.

  • Taylor Glenn

    Driving way too fast through the mountains in a wrx with my friend in an evo. That was the best!!

  • Mike

    Getting to drive my dream car (70’s era Corvette) for my Birthday. Coincidentally, this trip would be over my birthday as well. I have to win.

  • Balowski

    Oh My God! A TAG HEUER and the 500 indy……A dream come true.
    My treasure…..My treasure……I love F1, recently I bought a shoftshell with TAG HEUER´s name on one of its shoulders because I thought that that was that closest that I would be of a TAG…yes, I know.. Sad but true.

    But know, Being more optimistic thanks to this BLOG I can imagine myself driving my Aston Martin and saying, My Name is Heuer, Tag Hauer. :-))))

  • I used to ride in the back seat of long trips with a map, and a watch, and tell my mother how long until the next land mark based on her speed. It was a Timex Ironman. Not a great watch for a watch lover, but I was 7 through 10 at the time. Now, as an adult, when I drive fast, I let others worry about the time.

  • Yanis

    Hi there,
    My first watch was a Mercedes-Benz watch in black with red accents. That mad me fall in love with the sport watchs and car related products. In my opinion, TAG is one of the few brand that are really close to cars. This watch is absolutly lovely!

  • John Kim

    I need a watch that’s faster than me! Vroom…

  • I miss my Audi S4, the car that I had that had the most balls.

  • M.W.

    Started off learning to drive on manual transmission cars 20+ years ago and they’re all I’ve ever owned since. And now over the past five years have become a lover of mechanical watches. I do think there are some parallels–both are no longer ‘practical’ but provide a level of tactile and emotional connection with the user that their more accurate / efficient counterparts simply can’t match. Anyway … great contest and would love to win!

  • Daniel De La Cerda

    Always wanted to watch the indy 500 live! This is an aweome giveaway.

  • Daniel De La Cerda

    Ive always wanted to watch the indy 500 live, this is a fantastic giveaway! Ever since I bought my first M3, watches have been a part of my life and nothing epitimizes that relationship more than a Tag.

  • William

    I have quite a few fond memories involving fast cars, road trips, etc. While in the military I was fortunate to be able to buy a classic muscle car and spent many a weekend working on it or on friends cars and then taking them out on back country roads to see what they could do when we opened them up. A good chronograph watch came in quite handy and I recall admiring one that a friend had which we used quite frequently to time 1/4 mile runs. I can’t recall now the make of the watch but I do believe some of my current interest in horology lies with those experiences. Pairing TAG with the Indy 500 seemed like such a natural fit and I am glad to see the relationship has lasted more than a decade now.

  • Yojimbo

    lol, it’s quite a stretch to suggest my love of shit box cars has any connection to watches. Thinking really hard, I do believe one of my volvos had a dash clock with a ‘quartz’ stamp on it though

  • Michael Ratliff

    I live close to the 500 (Indianapolis native here) but I’ve never attended–that watch is gorgeous!

  • Jeremy Benishek

    Like the craft of horology, cars continue to advance in technology and beauty. Like Tesla cars have auto pilot, there are beautiful watches out there that run with a hand-crafted movement (a similar concept to autopilot).

  • Akrit Sethi

    Driving with my dad down the memorial parade in Sydney few years ago really got me to love cars! The reason for loving cars is that the level of details and mechanics that goes into making a car which got me very interested in watches! Watches display years of workmanship that i love and therefore would love to win this piece!

  • Ty

    First week after graduating high school in 1988, my brother allowed me to take his 1984 300ZX anniversary edition down to Myrtle Beach for the week with my friends. It was badass…digital dash, manual transmission, t-tops. On the way home, I hooked up with 2 other cars and drove a lonely stretch of highway upwards of 110 MPH until I got to my exit. It was quite exhilarating for an 18 year old. My love of cars has always been there, but my interest in watches really took another 25 years to develop. The common being that both are highly complex machinery, that is quite fascinating.

  • Porsche and Porsche Design Watches

  • Allan C

    There is no doubt that my best driving experience was when a friend and I decided to head to the beach, but we wanted to arrive on style of course. We rented a Ferrari and got to the beach in less than an hour. I live about an hour and forty-five minutes away from the beach. It was a beautiful sunny summer day and the wind hit our faces with full force as we went last 110mph multiple times on the highway. It was an incredible experience fillrd with excitement and adrenenline and would love to do it again.

  • Jason

    Flying down route 66 in my brother-in-law’s ’63 Corvette, and admiring the Rolex Oysterdate on his wrist, made me always want to be just like him!

  • David Fisher

    While studying I worked at a car detailing outfit and occasionally would drive luxury sports cars; unfortunately only within the cbd. It did give me an appreciation for well designed and fabricated products such as luxury watches.

  • Edward

    #dontcrackunderpressure check out the manufacturing process of this watch, there’s a video on the website.
    This watch went into production faster than any watch TAG Heuer has produced so far !
    Indy 500 fast. This is really one good looking watch, besides being fascinating to ook at

  • FollowPhil

    As a long-time racing fan, I feel in love with the vintage Monaco Tag watches. I couldn’t think of anything better than to watch the Indy 500 – a classic race – with a classic brand sports watch – Tag Heuer. Of course, I would also wear it driving the German autobahns as I’ve had the excitment to do a few times!

  • Ty98

    As an massive racing fan, and as someone in my mid-20s who has owned 16 cars, this watch best reflects my attitude towards speed – precise, focused, and in the right place. Hitting the gas pedal before a corner is wrong, exiting the apex is right. Similarly, I can appreciate a watch that reflects its racing heritage – which is why this Tag would be best for me!

  • Lyndon Louie

    I’ve enjoyed auto racing and watches for quite some time now. The Indy 500 and Tag Heuer are both fine products. Have 2 Tag Heuers but have never bee to the Indy 500. Very impressive racing watch. Thank you Ariel and Tag Heuer, have been a long time follower of your blog.

  • at1time

    The first Heuer watch I loved was the Iycx chronograph. Can-Am series jim Hall and P. Jones in the STP Indy car that dominated for about 195 laps

  • Ibrahim Mohammad

    I remember timing my Civic’s acceleration with my chronograph timex… 10.3 seconds but I still loved every second haha

  • Jeff Moulton

    My friend’s car for whatever reason lacks a clock on its radio despite being a relatively new mid range model, riding with him makes me appreciate wearing my watch even more.

  • BarracudaRon

    How’s about the time I drove and the speedometer stopped altogether, we’d pass mileposts and time them on the highway for speed… what a great time… almost as good as driving in a blinding rain with no wipers and sticking my head out the window..

  • Bighnesh Upadhyaya

    it was in january this year . my friends elder brother had bought a audi a4 . and i had the chance to drive it . and i remember , at that time i wore a casio chronograph . . and i had marvelled at how alike it looked . (p.s. never have had a luxury watch) . and we drove it at a max of about 100 miles an hour . . it was insanely good. and that day i developed a liking for both awesome cars , and chronograph watches 🙂 ohh and tag heuer is a brand thats not even available here . . so owning one would be preety amaziong 😀

  • i wish to win

  • David Dandoy

    Seeing the movie ‘Le Mans’, featuring Steve McQueen and his Heuer ‘Monaco’ blue dial. Definitely a classic but this experience directly relates to my passion for watches. When it comes to (lawfully) drive fast, German highways are the place -but always careful on the road please.


  • John

    For me, as obvious and vicarious as the moment was, it came from early Bond films. Watching both the Aston Martin and the Rolex submariner used with such precision by a man who only used the best tools and knew how to use them well created in me a permanent affinity for the finer elements of both high performance cars and finely constructed watches.

  • John

    For me, my love of cars turned into a love of watches. I love the mechanical aspects of classic cars and have owned a few, however I don’t enjoy working on them myself anymore because I’d rather spend time with my family. Since constantly taking the car into the shop is also a big time-suck, right now I only own newer cars. Once I stopped following all things car related, I shortly thereafter became fascinated and in love with mechanical watches. The basis for my interest in both boils down to the engineering and the art, two things that cars and watches have in spades.

    When it comes to driving fast, I’ve done it too many times and am glad I’ve never had any mishaps. These days I keep it much more sane. Of everything I’ve driven, the modern cars seemed the safest and most at-ease at high speeds. My favorites are the various BMWs I’ve driven and for American muscle the modern Ford Mustang. The things that the BMWs and Mustang have in common is even though they are stacked with power, they handle extremely well. I don’t think the same can be said for some of the other new American muscle cars from say Dodge, for example.

  • Elijah

    A few months ago, over the summer I began work on my grandfathers 1986 Corvette. Like others have said, my appreciation for cars has always been linked in with my love of watches. I love the mechanical perfection in these time pieces, and a finely tuned engine has the same effect on me. Anyway, once it was done my father and I took it out driving, and we messed around with doing launches with it, and we tried seeing it’s 0-60 using a timepiece with a chronograph.

  • Paul Elam

    One of the watches that first sparked my in watches is the iconic Omega Speedmaster. Made famous by association as it was worn my the astronauts of Apollo 11. The Speedmaster name is a nod to driving, and the Speedy was the first wrist chrono to feature its tachymeter scale on the bezel instead of the dial for legibility. My grandfather wore his Speedy with pride and I’ve long regarded it as a grail watch.

  • Kyle Kimball

    One of the best experiences I’ve had in a car was my first wheel to wheel race with Lemons. Going out there and cutting my teeth in a slower car with tons of traffic was a fantastic way to learn racecraft in a fairly safe setting. This has led to me owning my own race car and competing in my first season of racing next year.

  • rengle02

    I have an omega and that’s all, but it is 16 years old and it need of someone to share time on my wrist.

  • bigachx

    About 10 years ago I got arrested for driving too fast… True story, was going 68 in 25 (Don’t blame me I was a dumb college kid), but I was not drinking or anything and I remember when they came to book me and put me in a jail cell for 4 hours (dunno why), they held onto all of my belongings, I remember turning over my DKNY watch which my girlfriend (now my wife) had given me and I was very worried that they’d scratch it! Moral of a story don’t be a dumb college kid!

  • Kathleen

    I had the opportunity to ride 3 laps with NASCAR driver John Andretti and know that racing to become a winner is about precision and timing. My experience was thrilling and a once in a lifetime privilege.

  • ben fong

    I like gokarting. I use my watch to give me an idea how my laptimes are so I can improve with every lap

  • Winning this watch would make me happy.

  • Nate Magnusson

    As a teen, a Cardio surgeon family friend would take us in his Acura NSX at PIR. This took my enthusiasm for race cars & watches to the next level. Hopefully Santa knows I worked hard this year and rewards me with this amazing Tag Heuer & trip to the Indy 500! 🙂

    #ablogtowatch #tagheuer #swiss #indy500

  • Biser Tsolov

    I have a Speedmaster and I prefer Formula 1, but such experience can change everything. I love this TAG piece, congratulations to the ATW review!

  • Murray Kreeger

    Love the look of the internal mechanisms. Another awesome Tag Heuer.

  • robert deleon

    Awesome looking watch, I think it looks great!

  • PeteNice

    pretty slick, have nothing like it

  • Min Hoo Kim

    Any type of racing events sometimes can get down to the difference between milliseconds. Moments like those make you more appreciative of precise time-keeping. Where else to look for precision other than quality time pieces?

  • Alex storey

    Drove a retired UK ambulance from London to Mongolia for charity 5 years ago. Broke 3 watches in 4 weeks, most notably when firing an RPG in an old soviet military base, leading me to realise I needed to get something a bit more robust! Photos available on request!

  • Ex Vegas patriot.

    I remember watching Ferrari F1 cars on Wide World of Sports in the late 1970s and dreaming about what it would it be like to pilot one of those beautiful Tag Heuer liveried race cars.

  • Griswold

    I always enjoyed long drives to and from college and being able to watch the time pass on my watch with my hands on the wheel.

  • Alan Davis

    My most cherished car moment was sneaking in the pits at the 1991 German. I was twenty and it was epic! At the time, I knew next to nothing about watches, but after seeing everyone in the pits with their Rolex Daytona’s, I was hooked on watches too.

  • Dr. Dunghorse

    I’m a freight train Conductor following in my father’s footsteps. As a kid I’d watch his compulsive habit of looking at his wrist to check the time no matter where we were. At the time he had a 1980 Rolex datejust and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Years later when I was a senior in high school I thought it’d be a good idea to borrow his Omega off his dresser and wear to a party while he was working. I had no idea the following morning when I awoke at home it was missing gym my wrist, I panicked knowing he’d be home in hours so without cell phones being around as they are today I hopped in my 5.0 mustang and was caught doing 115 miles per hour in a 60 by an Illinois state trooper! As was turning me around to cuff me I explained what was going on, why I was driving so recklessly on an early Sunday morning…He put me back in my car, followed me to the house where I found the watch IN THE FREEZER…he ended up saving my rear end and only fifteen years later did I tell my dad. It’s too traumatic to even look at omega today but I do wear an Oris on duty.

  • Robin Masters

    I’ve been thinking about purchasing a Tag Heuer Monaco with a blue dial. Beautiful watch. Rich history.

  • Devain

    I really want to win this 🙂

  • Devain

    Getting into a Lamborghini that my uncle owns made me realize how much of a fan I am of luxury items. A Tag could be the first step to becoming something more and owning an amazing watch.

  • Jeremiah Purba

    It is needless to say that every young boys love cars. I am an Indonesian but I grew up in Germany. Rules in Germany were a lot stricter for children when it comes to getting a “car experience”. I had to always sit in the back with seat belts on. As soon as I came back to Indonesia, things were drastically different. I had the pleasure of sitting on the front seat and admiring the speed-meter (or whatever it is called) on my dad’s Toyota car.

    The dial on the Tag reminds me of my story above. Such a beautiful piece.. a watch I would definitely love to win and hopefully pass it to my next generation.


  • Taylor Burns

    My favorite story of speed is much unlike the other stories shared. Mine comes from a young and inexperienced kid of 18 with much more stupidity and recklessness than respect and appreciation for cars. With a fresh high school degree and the world ahead I purchased a beautiful V6 sports coupe. Not soon after, being young and dumb and driving way too fast without a seatbelt, I was driving down a mountain road after the previous nights rain. I took a corner to fast and hit a ditch which propelled the car to flip 3 times before coming to a rest down an embankment. Somehow, someway I was able to crawl out of the shattered sunroof of that car with nothing more than a bruised head and a scratched arm. Since that day I have gained a new respect and appreciation for the sheer power, but also limitations, of those powerful machines we step into everyday. I believe that appreciation for mechanics has spilled into my love of watches.

  • Vig2000

    I remember driving years ago on the German Autobahn. I felt the need for speed that day, and wound up going at a rate of speed of 120mph. It was an absolutely exhilarating experience and one that I am bound to repeat again should I ever find myself on the Autobahn in the future!

  • OmegaPhattyAcid

    I’m the type to drive places as “fast” as legally possible, and I always have a watch with me, timing my routes. I also remember watching a lot of racing with my dad growing up, so an opportunity like this would be amazing for me

  • Eric Levine

    There is nothing better than the thrill of driving fast, not knowing how fast you are actually going until you look under the top of the steering wheel at the dash. Its at that moment when you get a glimpse of the dash as well as your watch that sends a sensation down your spine….

  • Alfred

    Never really driven a decent fast car, but I do remember going up to 100mph on a highway during a drive back from school to home. It was a stretch of perfectly straight road without no other cars around despite it being like 11am on a weekend. Granted I was going downhill too, so I didn’t have to gas it as hard, but it still fit awesome as hell to be moving that fast.

  • M1lhomens

    Ever Since i was little ive loved watching racing. as i grew older and got more and more interested in watches, i couldnt help but notice the connection many watches had with the racing community. Ive always been in love with the racing inspired watches throughout the years. I hope to someday have one myself to enjoy while watching all the racing ive loved.

  • Lane

    I love cars and driving fast! I am and avid follower of F1 and love the Texas highways where the speed limit is 85! I think a sports watch is a required part of any gearheads life.

  • ThomasShanghai

    I have always loved cars from an early age. I was fascinated by all types of cars. For a while when I was a kid, I wanted a Monte Carlo yellow Saab 900 Turbo convertible as I walked in front of one every day to school. Then I loved Testarossas, then muscle cars. I used to watch F1, Senna, Prost, Mansell. And I still remember the fateful day Senna passed away. His plane stopped in Paris on the way back to Brazil, and I went to the airport as many did even tough I had my finals the next day.

    A few later, I started driving. One of the best drives I ever did was in modern day Manchuria in northeastern China between Harbin and Mudanjiang. Since 2008, what was once a winding dangerous road has been enlarged into a highway carved through the mountains. I don’t drive a Saab, but my trusty Benz C class roared along the nearly 300 km of twists and turns. NOt many cars, beautiful scenery, all types of driving. Flat, uphill, sharp turns. And enough places where you can let loose for a few minutes and really enjoy speed whilst endangering no one.

    Having a good watch is essential so that when you can record your achievements when you let loose and a TAG Heuer is perfect as a companion for a road trip what with all the automotive heritage associated with the brand!

  • Basil Othman

    Being a serious F1 fan forever, it’s always fascinating to see how the milliseconds can make or break someone’e race or season

  • Alain Van Loon

    One of my oldest memories of motorsport is when a much younger version of myself was riding around on my bicycle outside during the Imola grand prix of 1994. Sitting outside afterwards with my dad listening to the radio for news on Ayrton is to this day engraved in my memory. A memory which is all the more relevant to this question given that Senna was himself an inspiration to Tag.

  • Shawn Wayne

    I’ve always been a car geek, along with a watch geek as well. I grew up with friends who were into cars and racing and going fast, and my fondest memories were of going to track days at Road America only an hour from where I lived and watching motorcycle races and other types of races they had there. I’m hoping to do a winter auto cross race one of these days.

  • Austin

    My grandfather used to race cars on a semipro level, and he has always told me about the importance of a nice and accurate watch.

  • Aidan

    These are two of the things on my bucket list! I’ve always wanted to own a Tag Heuer, and I’ve always wanted to attend an Indy 500. Winning this giveaway would be awesome! My favorite car experience was my first drive by myself after learning how to drive a manual transmission. Good times!

  • Bobby Creel

    I would love to win this watch AND attend the Indy 500!

  • Caleb Anderson

    A few months ago I acquired a rather hideous Toy Watch brand, Daytona-styled, massive, orange, plastic watch with chrome accents. Naturally, as all who receive such silly and fun gifts (this one in particular from my grandmother), I wanted to see if I actually could actually figure out how to use its monochrome tachymeter. I then took an old car my family has been using for a while, headed to my alma mater high school, and did racetrack circles around the parking lot calculating my speed. After a while of this, I almost flipped the car from the pure speed of a compact sedan on asphalt, hydro-planed on a stubborn puddle, and in the end, finally learned I am a mediocre tachymeter reader.

  • AK

    A little over a decade ago, while I was still in high school, I used to drive a Mustang from the early 90s. Although the thing was a bit cosmetically beat up at that point, the 5.0 engine still had some juice. Anyway, I picked up some buddies on a warm Friday night and we decided to make our way into the city. As we’re driving one of my buddies challenges me to see how quickly we can make it downtown. I agree to the challenge and my buddy in the passenger seat starts the stopwatch on his digital Casio as we merge onto the expressway. I don’t remember exactly how long it took to reach the exit, but we hit speeds of over 120 mph while zigzagging in and out of traffic. Apparently, due to the convertible top being down, this was an extremely frightening experience for my friend in the backseat, as he was sobbing like a toddler with no ice cream by the time the “race” was over.

    I drive like a grandma now, but all in all it was a fun (if not insanely idiotic) memory.

  • John Chapdelaine

    I guess my many years of watching Formula 1 had an affect on me as far as watches go. All the F1 drivers, mechanics, team principals, etc are sporting high-end watches. Plus a very good friend of mine I ride motorcycles with is a watch aficionado. Cars (and motorcycles) and watches go very well together.

  • R-E-L

    Goddamn you Steve McQueen. First you show me that you can be a stylishly masculine badass, then you show off that damn Tag Monaco in LeMans. It’s bad enough I was into cars, but it was then that I realized the appeal for cars and watches are intrinsically similar. Both, after all, seek to create a product that exemplifies the pinnacle of both form AND function. You can’t expect to be successful with a good looking watch that delivers crappy precision; the same way you can’t have a beautiful car drive like crap (unless it’s the E-Type, E-Type gets a pass).

    Fun Fact: I bought my moonwatch recently; the same day I got to drive in CotA. Beautiful track, beautiful watch. It was a good day.

  • perpetualcuriosity

    Great giveaway. Thank you, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

    Winning this timepiece and attending this race would be the noteworthy “car related life experience” that would help strengthen the interest in watches.

  • Rocky Scaletta

    Attending the Indy 500 is my favorite drive-fast experience! Last year I took lap times with my Seiko chronograph and it was a lot of fun.

  • Derek

    Fantastic give away! Love this site. Happy holidays to all!

  • Jim Snider

    I got to see John Force run at the NHRA Nationals several years back. Time and speed are everything at the strip. I have been a watch/clock nut all my life but seeing those top fuel cars run compared to the souped up street cars made me appreciate speed vs. time of the big boys.

  • mhavilandwriter

    Resolve to bank the curves and increase my power on the straight roads of life… this watch would be the perfect tool for just that goal.

  • Andy Kollin

    Wow! I would love to be in Indy and wearing a beautiful new Tag too! Just a 5 hour trip for me – so count me in 🙂

  • Eamon Sadeghi

    What a beautiful watch!

  • tmh

    Cars and time measurement go hand in hand. I recall testing quarter mile times in a 1968 Cougar 390 GT with a digital casio in the early 1980s. it was not the safest, most prudent activity, but marked a love of cars and watches that continue to this day.

  • Spiro Dongaris

    Beep-beep was my nickname in college, sleeping late and driving fast to make class was my way of living. Unfortunately, i couldn’t afford much at that time so all i had was an old hand me down SEICO (or was it SFICO, i am not sure) and a second hand RENAULT-Le Car. I no longer wear the SFICO but i do drive a 550 BMW, so this beautiful watch would look great on me.

  • Tim Mai

    What a beautiful watch! Attending the Indy 500 is my favorite drive-fast experience! I took lap times with my Omega Speedmaster.

  • carhappykid

    Back when I was in college, won’t say how long that was, I worked part time for a used car lot. One day I got to drive a Porsche 928 from NJ to CT, needless to say I got back in record time even after stopping at home to show off the car to my friends and leaving a nice hole shot infront of my parents house. Hence the name carhappykid…What got me into watches was watching Roger Moore wear a Rolex Sub in Live and Let Die.

  • Mark Bell

    My first job was at a service station who’s owner was a factory trained Fiat specialist. Every Italian car in town was serviced by us. Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, etc were in and out of our lot every day. The appreciation of all things mechanical began in earnest then. That was a while back.

  • Adam

    Steve McQueen in Le Mans… made me wish I lived back in that time. And his Tag was a masterpiece.

  • Keane218

    I was in my friends SLR McLaren, and the road was completely empty, so his foot on the pedal, and I was in love with Mclaren ever since. Mclaren did a few watch with Tag, so yea, Tag was my first dream watch

  • Gary

    Brilliant indy racing inspired design, the open dial work is amazing! Exposing the inner workings of the watch yet maintaining a clear sense of legibility in time telling. Kudos to the engineering and design team of Tag Heuer.

  • Paul M

    Growing up watching Formula 1 and loving the racing but waiting for the interview to get a glimpse of the watches that the drivers were show casing for their watch sponsors.
    To me the Tag brand is the racers watch.

  • Jamie C

    There was nothing better than winding down the country roads in my Mini Cooper. Winding my watch is less visceral but you can still feel the same soul that exists in both machines.

  • Indu P

    Beautiful watch! It would be a lovely gift to my son if I win! 🙂

  • JC

    My family owned a service station that I worked at from the age of about 12, developing a good appreciation for all kinds of cars and mechanical wonders in general. The Calibre Heuer 01 would be the perfect watch to wear while I work on a dream retirement project of restoring an MG-B or even better, an Aston Martin Zagato. Beautiful timepiece!

  • Regis

    When I first rode a Ferrari.

  • rawdesignhouse

    Well…I definitely don’t deserve to win this amazing watch (and entire experience) like so many who have commented/entered on here do, as—though I’ve watched a few F1 races in my life—I don’t regularly watch or follow anything to do with racing. I do love cars though, and always have…and so many of my favorite memories revolve around cars (such as the great times had in my first car, a 1960 Chevy Bel-Air, with a 400 small-block V8). I can’t say any car-related event in my life has shaped my love for watches in any fashion, but this Tag looks incredible, and I’d be overjoyed to win it, and see the F1 race in person too.

  • Andrew Hindle

    I was lucky enough to visit the Indy 500 as a child with my family, and that experience led to many years watching formula one and other motorsport activities. I was then lucky enough as an adult to watch the Singapore F1 whilst working in Singapore and saw a number of drivers in the pit line who branded Tag / IWC / Rolex and it made me want one! It’s my wedding in 2016 and this would be an amazing gift.

  • John Marquez

    I was never a huge watch guy until I bought my Merc E550. The clock on the dash always caught my attention so I began reading up on watches. I’m now a watch lover, building my collection, and would love adding a good race inspired watch to the collection!

  • Charlie Murray

    If there is two shiny things I have always had a passion for its quality cars and quality watches, something about the speed and feeling of a fast car and the feeling of putting and wearing a nice watch go hand in hand. Indy and Tag are a perfect combination, it’s a handsome watch and would love to see it in my collection.

  • BKF

    Getting my masters degree after a lot of struggle! This would be absolutely amazing to mark my new and upcoming chapter.

  • Jay Kenigsberg

    1979 having just learned to drive, taking the Celica Hatchback out, rear vented window, impress my date? No, didn’t quite have the “put gas in the tank” thing down. I drove impressively, didn’t get her home without embarrassment but did do so on time. Dad’s Seiko made sure of that. Don’t have the girl, car long gone, but kept the watch.

  • Normz

    last summer i was driving very fast with my camaro SS on the coquihalla highway in canada. late at night and didn’t really pay attention much to the speed. used the chrono and tachy function on my 1887 carrera. noticed i was going really fast. slowed down.

  • Chow Kah Wai

    In my early driving years, I always imagine myself as a racer, pedal to the metal thanks to F1. And I always noticed Tag Heuer as the technical sponsor and desired to own one. Unfortunately, I can’t afford one yet.

  • Eric Robert Paul

    Tag Heuer big name brand. Unfortunately i can’t afordd such a watch. Maybe luk is with me.

  • David Baden

    Thanks for the chance at a stunning watch. Daniel Craig in James Bond actually steered me towards watches as he always wore an Omega as he dodged bullets, swerved in an Aston Martin, and all was done in style.

  • Keith Hauser

    I recently attended the BMW performance driving school which was a blast! The BMW M3 is a mechanical marvel! I have a great appreciation for all great mechanical machines, whether they be cars or watches.

  • Mike Burdine

    I would love to win the Tag Heuer, and the trip to Indy. Since my early twenties when I transferred cars for the local Ford dealer (when the national speed limit was 55) I have always tried to calculate my trip times and ETA while driving. A Tag Heuer would make it more fun.

  • Jim B

    Just retired after 31 years in Law Enforcement. Got to drive fast all of the time. Never in an Indy car and never wearing a TAG. Drove a Crown Victoria harder and faster than it was ever designed and never wore much more than a G-Shock, so I figure its time to step it up. Since I don’t see myself every getting to drive an Indy car I would love to wear a TAG and watch the race.

  • Richard Körner

    Steve McQueen definitely had a huge impact on my interest for cars.

  • Saso

    drivin fast – when I got my driving licence and get for drive mercedes CL with 350HP……. young and too fast……

  • Frank Kotarski

    This is one heck of a nice looking watch and then you throw in a trip to Indy 500, WOW!
    Thank You, Tag Heuer for a fantastic opportunity!

  • redmamb4

    Went to the Indy 500 as a kid, definitely sparked my interest in all things cars.

  • George T

    When I was a boy, my Dad took me to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. It was a world of sounds, sights, smells… that I’d never imagined possible. It’s the point in my life where I realized that there was a fundamental difference between the functional bespoke works of art that I was seeing and the emotionless vehicles that I saw everyday. Now, I see the same fundamental difference between the frivolity of checking the time on your phone compared to the experience of viewing the time on a fine timepiece.

  • mitch

    Go Tag!!! The Most Innovative Swiss Watch Company With The Connected!!!

  • scott d

    When I was about 11 my older brother got his first car and I spent all summer helping him work on it. Ever since then I’ve loved taking things apart and seeing how they work. Skeleton watches with display backs are another one of those things that I just love to see how it works.

  • Brett Lancelot

    As a young boy growing up in Australia, I watched the Indy cars race on the Gold Coast but never got to see any Aussies drivers in action. All of the various luxury watch brands sponsoring the drivers soon became a huge obsession for me purely from this experiences. Now that Aussie guys like Wil Power and Ryan Briscoe are doing a great job in Indy, I would love to see them race on the biggest stage of them all. Here’s hoping!!

  • Robert Gray

    I was exposed to the sport of Auto Racing and speed at an early age. Through the years I’ve learned how to control speed with wisdom and respect. I also know that a Tag has always been associated with Auto Sports and the subject of speed
    It is a must timepiece for the auto enthusiast!

  • Excel

    My TAG has been on my wrist for 17+ years,its time for a new one . I am drooling over the one listed here but im also fond of the latest Aquaracers .

  • SunMotive

    I love this watch. The Tag Heuer Formula I Indy 500 is suitable for all outdoor activities. I would love this watch.

  • Dávid Katona

    I remember when I was a kid my father had a Toyota Celica and sometimes he took me with him for a ride in the mountains. He is a good driver and both of us like speed. I really enjoyed those times with my dad. I also remember him always wearing one of his watches – he’s a great watch lover, I guess my passion for watches derives from him.

  • Greasy_Taco_Aficionado

    I’ve never been to the Indy 500, that would be an amazing experience. I love auto and MotoGP racing. I also love when people ask me what time is it, and I can look at my wrist and tell them rather than having to check my phone. A Tag Heuer on my wrist would be dope.

  • Tommy Pero

    For my 16th birthday I didn’t get a car. Instead a got exactly what I wanted: a watch. No it was not a Tag, but I have been eyeing them up and love the way they look. Of all types of watches, I’ve always been drawn to automotive and racing themed watches the most, and that was what I got. As I looked at my new watch and saw the second hand wisk gracefully by, I thought to myself about how novel and momentous this time in my life was. I was only going to turn sixteen once, only going to go through high school once, only going to live once. I decided from there on I would make everyone one of the graceful whisks count. I must always use my time effeciently. In my young sixteen year old head, I used this thought to justify that when I do drive, to drive very quickly or “effeciently” as I called. Viable or not, I still drive “effeciently”, love watches, and hoping for a Tag.

  • Daniel

    I’ve never had a directly related fast driving car scenario related to a watch. The adrenaline of speed is definitely an interesting feeling. Would love to have that tag!

  • Joaquin Fernandez

    when i was 12 me and my dad timed his car´s 0 to 60 time with the first watch he ever bought me, it was a timex iron man

  • mikegrattan

    A TAG Heuer was my first “real” watch. This one looks great!

  • Trevor Hirst

    I purchased a car in Texas and drove it straight back 28 hours to New York with my brother and father. The car had over 400 horsepower, and getting onto the interstate was so much fun. We wound up going onto the Texas highway that had no speed limit, and we went up to 150 mph. My dad used his chrono watch to time how long it took me. After that, I had to get a chrono and got a used tag formula 1.

  • bakoglumgit

    back in ’98, i was driving down i-35 with my good bud jimmy-whitehat. we’d been playin’ bingo all night with the old broads in the south of austin, stinkin’ of tobacco and woman’s perfume. you see, my curfew was 12:00 and it was already 12:08. we sped like a bat outta hell down that highway and i couldn’t take my eyes off the ironman my pops had given me that last christmas.

    got home and ma was still waiting up for me, drinking a tea like she did sometimes. she never did tell the old man. saved me a good whoopin.

  • Jenn Elliott

    An accurate and reliable watch is a necessity for me, especially when working. I drive the same 45 minute/37 mile route twice a day, most of which is rural two-lane highway, in Missouri. To me, a high quality wristwatch is far more trustworthy than a thousand “everyday” watches.

  • Dave Spencer

    My mom was a car enthusiast and taught me to how to drive during summer’s at my grandparents’ cottage. One morning I accelerated a little too heavy into the final turn of their country road sending her prized convertible into a wicked fish tail. The rush was amazing. Afterwards she told me that “speed also commands respect”. When my mom passed away from cancer a few years ago I used some of the money she left me to buy my first proper timepiece – a daily reminder to me that every minute is precious.

  • Seth Borrowman

    I like to drive fast and watches are cool

  • Justin Garrett

    Favorite memory would have to be driving a nocturne blue 1979 firebird trans-am through Wisconsin. First time I ever topped 100 was in that car with a submariner on.

  • Max Hein

    Favorite memory: when my friend who collects vintage italian and british cars took me for a ride in a Ferrari 250 California and let me drive his Jaguar xk140. Amazing cars!

  • I grew up in Indiana – so the Indy 500 every Memorial Day weekend is my favorite memory. I actually got to do a lap once with AJ Foyt in a 2 seater!

  • Albert Post

    I was in college and Mike Joy invited my brother and I to participate in TDS rallies starting at the Univ. of Hartford parking lot and traveling through the Northeast.My brother has since passed but these are the memories that I keep with me. That’s when I got interested in good watches and stop watches. Great times and very fond memories, we won a few !

  • f???graphable

    Driving my Dodge Stealth Twin Turbo to Canada in the winter and the guy at a Buffalo gas station tells me who he loves my Dodge Viper…

  • Stanley Tan

    back in 2002, i bought my 1st real men’s watch which is a TAG Heuer Classic 2000 model about a month after i bought my Honda CR-V. i am proud to say that i still use both of them on a daily basis till today and both are in perfect working condition

  • Seth Zimmerman

    Love racing love TAG. Hope I win for my son to have this experience.

  • Dana Russell

    My first car (in 1978) was a 1969 Mustang fastback. While it only had the 302 engine (rather than the 351 Windsor), that car looked fast and was fast (at least for a 16 year old). When I graduated from college I sold it to my brother (who quickly wrecked it). Wish I had it now.

  • ccv

    My favorite driving far experience was racing go karts at my uncle’s shop over Christmas break when I was 10 or 11. This is a great watch.

  • Hong Kin Ng

    Driving a GTR from nice to cannes in 40 minutes. Speed is a function of time and its a beautiful thing to own that watch

  • Alex

    Driving with my father.

  • Todd Haldeman

    Probably 2004’ish: Riding shotgun in a ’98 Subaru Impreza, ripping around some back roads in northern Pennsylvania. We come around a bend onto a dirt road, sliding sideways. It would’ve been a well executed turn, if it weren’t for the change from asphalt to dirt. The turn took us right to the edge of a steep, high cliff. Thought we were going over for sure. Result: we made it to our favorite fishing hole in record time!

  • Bryan-Hrdz

    Can’t wait to add this beautiful piece to my collection and be part of the Indy 500 would be a experience of a lifetime…

  • Jason Klue

    One of the most memorable driving experiences for me was the bmw test track. Was invited to run a few different cars but didn’t realize I was going to beat on them until I was paired with another gentlemen that was just killing it. He was wearing a fat tag which was new to me. Liked ever since!

  • Mike

    Interesting direction for Tag with this watch. We will see if It can capture the market they are looking for. I’ve always loved cars, motorcycles, and anything mechanical. Loves taking deserted wooded backroads on my commute with the windows and the pedal down.

  • WiZARD

    Driving a W12 A8 on the German Autobahn, for 500km… That was fast 😉

  • Robert Larson

    Hmm. Best driving experience was taking an open wheel, single seat driving class. Learned an enormous amount about track driving techniques, as well how different driving an actual race car is. Used my Sinn chronograph to time my laps. It was tremendously cool.

  • Eli Erickson

    When I was 16 I went to Las Vegas and drove in one of the Indycars at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It was one of the most exciting car moments in my life since I am a huge car fan. It also inspired me to purchase a Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph watch when I went to buy my first fine timepiece. I love that watch and it’s racing heritage!

  • Rich Hauck

    Bullitt and Benrus (movies count, right?) 🙂

  • Chris Erhard

    What an incredible opportunity for both watch and car lovers. Growing up I could identify almost any vintage car make and model. My father has two big Healeys. I am slated to one day receive a 1962 Austin Healey Tri-Carb from him and my brother will receive the 65 convertible. Watching vintage racing and other racing events always generated interest in my head for the timekeeping brands associated with the races. I have always loved the old Heuer logo and have longed for a Tag ever since my cousin who just happens to be a development engineer and performance driver for GM (he was a lead engineer on the new Camaro 6 SS) had one given to him by his father after college. Winning would be an awesome way to renew my love for motorsports and build on my love of horology.

  • David Antonacci

    I had the opportunity to run my 1993 Mustang GT on an open race track. Since it was an after hours affair, we had to time the cars on available watches. The most common watch amongst the racers were Tags which is when I was introduced to them. So since then been a fan of Tag Heuer and have a few in my collection.


    Had the incredible privilege a few years ago to ride in a two-seater Indy car at Sears Point. Life changing experience.

  • Frederick

    When I was younger, I had a chance to ride in a Porsche. Since then I was in awe of the engineering of such machinery. This also led me to appreciate the design and engineering of watches, especially watch movements.

  • Nicolas Allier

    A wonderful drive through the Alpes in a Porshe 😉

  • Logan Austin

    Being around 14 years old riding in my brother’s new 2004 CTS-V down a straightaway near our house. He had just gotten it and wanted to show off a bit. He asked me if I had ever gone faster than 100 mph, which I said no to. At that response he dropped it into 3rd gear and pinned me to the passenger seat as we scream down the road reaching 110 or so. Definitely a fun moment.

  • Luciano Oliveira

    Stelvio Pass in a 911… so far just a dream.

  • Marvin_M

    I’d love to show off my new watch at the race; just let me know when I win. Thanks

  • Roger Merrick

    My drive fast moment involved turning off the lights in the Camaro Z-28, doing a u-turn on a county road in Alabama, passing the sherif who was chasing me, and after topping the next hill, turning down a dirt road with the lights still off and managing not to hit a tree or bottom out.

  • Jon

    My best friend in high school played with me on a soccer team about an hours drive from our town. His car was being worked on and his dad had just bought a new AMG Mercedes s65 and we got the all clear to take that to practice.. On the way there it was taking it slow and being careful, but on the way back we got up to 155 on the highway. Fastest I’ve ever been!

  • Maciej We?yczko

    Driving thru Little St Bernard Pass /france-italy border/ and autobahn nr 13 Switzerland. Great spiritual experience.

  • Derrick Cheek

    Always like Fast Cars and Chronograph Watches. One can never do without each other.

  • Nick Gangi

    Fast cars require chronographs in my opinion.

  • tagdude

    My favorite “driving fast” experiences is measuring how fast I am driving using the tachymetre on my Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 16. This watch has help me appreciate and admire the watches I own and hope to own in the future.

  • Prabhjot Anand

    I am always a careful driver and am always proud of it. There are so many memories of car driving, but the most loved memory of mine is actually when I sit on the back seat of a car and some one drives the car in the night with streetlights glowing above… I always love this ride. so smooth and enjoyable.
    Never want to see my watch at those moments, just want to pause that moment and re-live again and again…

  • B Warn

    I grew up watch rally races and Colin McRae and playing his video games, so when I got the chance to own a WRX it was something special, and its an awesome car. And that interest in cars and mechanics lead right into watches

  • Breck Kennedy

    My dad had a B5 blue Dodge Challenger. Riding in the car was great bonding time. My dad was big into watches, and he even gave me one of his old Citizen Eco-drives, which helped fuel my love for watches

  • Bryan

    I love going to the Montreal Grand Prix, and it’s exposed me to a number of watch brands, including TAG and Oris…

  • Andrew O.

    For me, it was my interst in cars is similarly rooted as my intere st in watches…namely the engneering, with the historical design obstacles each has worked tirelessly to overcome!

  • Tim Gill

    The 1980s had some nice sports cars. I had friends in college who drove 944s, Supras, Trans Am’s etc. Cars I wouldn’t be able to afford for decades. Some of those cars are still on the bucket list and perhaps one day I will break down and acquire one now that I can afford to. Today, I like fine things. I drive a Cadillac, and take annual vacations to the Caribbean. A fine watch remains on the bucket list.

  • Calvin Newman

    Best driving experience was having a long straight road for as far as my eye could see. I remember using my very first watch to time the car going from 0-60, then 0-100. Nothing like using a precise time piece to time a racing car!

  • Matt Mayer

    My father and I bought a 1989 Toyota Supra in 1994, and embarked on trying to build a performance machine. We started with weight reduction and a performance exhaust first, and that’s when we realized the precision necessary and how every ounce on a car matters. That precision and appreciation for engineering has always drawn me to watchmaking. In my opinion it’s one of the few areas left that craftsmanship is still universally appreciated!

  • Eswaran r

    First my obsession started with cars, then i started to realize that cars and watches arent very different actually. When my father showed me an automatic watch i was astonished, because i didnt know that automatic watch or watches with such complications exist and people are still making them and this art is greatly appreciated even tho quartz has been dominating since its introduction. Watches are very closely related to cars and the amount of effort put into both of them to build are amazing. There are also companies such as hublot and ferrari teaming up and showing there design features in both their cars and watches which shows that both of them are marvels of engineering in their own league

  • Arturo Concepción

    This time I was at a local race in my country, where an uncle of mine had VIP access because one of his friends was the announcer for the event. I met him in the VIP area and I glanced at his watch and absolutely loved how it looked on him, so there I started asking for watches for gifts instead of toys or video games. Now that I’m older and understand the complexity of watches, now that I understand the value of them, my interest is way bigger and I would love to have a nice collection one day, perhaps this Tag is gonna be my first luxury watch.

    PS: Thank you for this amazing blog and doing these giveaways!

  • Steve Hong

    Since my 1st childhood viewing of the Indy 500, in grainy black & white when Jimmy Clark won with the 1st rear engine car, a Lotus Grand Prix racer, I have been fascinated with racing, and it was through my interest in racing that I discovered a very strange and cool type of watch not sold at our local drugstore or department store… a chronograph…!! Still my favorite type of watch, and I would be absolutely deeelighted to win a TAG!

  • David Stewart

    Well, love the watch, and my favorite race car experience was not quite a race car. I had a little 2 stroke engine Go Kart when I was a kid, and it sat so low to the ground that practically the only place we could ride it was at a local airport in Orange, Massachusetts. It really was exciting. Wish I still had it.

  • Brandun Hughes

    This would be awesome. Great watch and a pretty good race too!

  • RKef

    Using the tachymetre scale on my chrono to see how fast we were going!

  • BillyRay

    I used to race go carts, one day I was driving in the big race, drove into a curve to fast and the cart flipped over. Luckily I had my trusty Timex on so I was able to walk back to the clubhouse and arrived just in time for lunch…boy was that a close one. That was then and this is now, my old Timex is long gone so I could sure use a new watch.

    Peace: BillyRay 🙂

  • Frank

    As a kid I remember spending a lot of summer weekends at Road America in Elkhart Lake watching the June sprints. You got to see the cars on the track and then you could walk around town and see a lot of exotic and vintage cars. Great memories.

  • William Seminario

    I´m fan of TAG watches especially the Formula editions, my best experience was with my grandpa, he had a old mustang, he only drive on weekends and it was very fun to be with him in those “trials”.

  • brian61992

    Not really a driving fast story because I was doing the speed limit but I was T boned in September of 2013 my 2004 Acura TSX was totaled I came out luckily and thankfully without a scratch. What I thought would be a routine morning turned out to be a reality check. And even though this post is suppose to be about our appreciation for watches that came from a car, I’d say what I gained was an appreciation of time.

  • Hyesung Kim

    I remember my father having a ton of different cars and lately as I grew older I began to appreciate them. Eventually I combined my love in watches and my interest in cars by looking into car specific watches such as the Bremont Jaguar Mk 1/2/3 or the Tag Heuer Monaco for an instance.

  • Edward Parkhouse

    Loving car dials and the different fonts and designs, great to see them incorporated into many designs today, driving fast down country roads, barely time to look down and check you are within the limit helps you appreciate getting the design right to make it easy to read whilst being styliush

  • GeoffW

    My favourite driving fast experience was when my father drove myself and my grandfather to my wedding in his pristine Humber Super Snipe Mk 1. We were a little late and made it only just in time in spite of my father’s babying the car the whole way. I still wear the Omega I wore that day, a wedding gift from my mother, and think of that drive when I put it on my wrist.

  • tknospdr

    This is a very cool watch! Reminds me of the time I got to drive on the Daytona International Speedway in my Abarth!

  • Yee-Cheng Chang

    Using the my chrono to see how fast we were going!

  • Josh Chessman

    Definitely excited to win this one!

  • John Thompson

    I had the chance to ride in a V8 Stock Car around Atlanta Motorspeedway several years ago, which was pretty amazing!

  • Rob Montgomery

    Have always been a car guy with a thing for German machines. Remember the first time I saw my 930 in the showroom and the sales guy (a friend) telling my that it was too much car on the track for me. That was all he had to say, bought it right there and then. Now 12 years later and a few on track spins and close calls later, I have a deep appreciation for the mechanical simplicity and all the nuances that come along with it… Probably why I also am so drawn to mechanical chromos as well.

  • Mitch Ziegler

    This is definitely one of the watches I have been lusting over.

  • GojiB

    since forever, as far as i can tell, i’ve been a big big fan of F1, which is a lot more popular where i grew up and being into F1 immediately meant being into watches… great drivers and great cars were associated with great watches!! first ever watch i coveted was a Barichello AP.. i’d still love to have it..

  • Lou N

    One of my favorite go fast cars is the Daytona Coupe build by Shelby. I’m currently building a Cobra Roadster replica and it has been a great experience. Love to watch racing – Formula 1, drag racing, sports cars, and of course Indy. I recently found a new interest in watches and I’m enthralled with all there is to learn. Love the TAG Heuer and always associated them with fast cars and the racing lifestyle. My favorite go fast story is probably the racing school I attended back in early 2000 in California; never realized I could go that fast on the track – great confidence builder.

  • MitchC123

    One of the nicest tag watches! Followed racing since the 90’s. Would be lovely to add this to my collection!

  • Jay Nicoll

    Lovely watch and a race I’ve always wanted to go to. It would be great to see the race live, that my great-uncle Jim Clark won.

  • Jason Sheldon

    I love anything to do with motorsports, and most recently was fortunate to go over the wall to celebrate a nascar win and championship with Kyle Busch!
    Watches and racing are like milk and cookies, they’re great together!

  • Fumiya Sawa

    My passion for watches is definitely a derivative of the automotive industry. I think the two go handed in hand. Since I’ve started driving I’ve owned everything from a Toyota Prius to a Porsche 911 and truly see the beauty in each every brand and build. As a purist I have an appreciation for the spirit of engineering in cars as I do for watches and more specifically mechanical and high complication movements. Adding the TAG Heuer and a trip to the Indy 500 would be an honor for me.

  • Achilleas Heretis

    calculating speed (vs the car speedometer) on an old chrono watch that belonged to my grandfather. driver was grandfather, me in the back seat. age 10.

  • Mark

    Driving to 218mph in a Koenigsegg CCX at the Tamiami, FL., SST airport (that was never completed). It is still active but can be rented by car clubs for speed trials, etc. I was illustrating a story for a magazine and was in the passenger seat with sports car driver Didier Theys. My job was to photograph the speedo when the clock went over 200 mph. We hit 218, I shoot my pic and then he slams on the brakes because we were quickly running out of runway. I had bruises on my shoulders from the harnesses but it was well worth it!

  • Jeff D.

    Driving fast in my SRT 8 is always a rush! A great time piece helps me make sure that I arrive on time. This beautiful Tag watch will help me arrive on time and in style.

  • Ollie Jennings

    I’m only 20 and just starting to collect watches, a Tag would definitely be a good start to my collection!

  • Azrek

    Beautiful watch and this Indy should be a hoot, though I hope there are more racers this year so Bump Day is more down to the wire! I do lament that Lotus wasn’t able to get their Engines into the great series.

  • Brian Kastli

    I used my dad’s Tag Heuer Carrera to measure lap times at Daytona. Now I can have my own Tag to measure lap times at Indy

  • Ellie Rothstein

    Tag makes some beautiful watches

  • RS23

    My favorite “driving fast” experience was trying to find shortcuts with my buddies while driving back to college from a break. While that had no influence in making me a watch lover today, the relationships I developed with those guys, as has evolved and we are all watch guys today.

  • hans

    My car-related life experience: The chance to drive on the Spa Francorchamps track in Belgium. Very fast, a lot of challenges behind every corner and all this in a beautiful environment.

  • KentH

    Awesome watch…..I’m reminded of my first visit to Indy. We went around that 2 1/2 mile track in about 30 minutes, riding in a tour bus. Great visit to the museum and ride around the track. I can only imagine wearing that watch and zipping around the track at 200+ mph.

  • ccylee88

    Best car experiences are when my daughters scream me to go faster when we are on the on ramp, or ‘drive like a roller coaster’. Everything in a safe environment of course 🙂

  • beachbumaz

    this watch will look great with my 240Z

  • Dan L

    I drive fast [more than I should] and would like to obtain a good chronograph to track time on my common routes.

  • Gene

    I’ve been a tag heuer admirer since their partnership with my beloved mclaren f1 team; shame they split

  • Image is nothing, speed is everything!

  • Juan

    Love tag. Love this watch.

  • Jeff Jenkins

    I was in a muti car accident once in which my cheap digital watch was broken. I bought a nice mechanical Zodiac (original company) and have been a watch lover ever since.

  • H2

    I missed out on a TAG bequeathing; the memory is bittersweet. Non-bittersweet memories: driving like a speedy loon in the lesser-occupied parts of Colorado, looking at my wrist and remarking “Oh, if only I’d a chronograph to better appreciate this moment.” Years ago, I wouldn’t have been nearly as learned as to appreciate what best complemented the high-speed experience.

  • Paul

    Drove a Porsche with a dad’s friend who managed a dealership 10+ years ago. I was too young for any watches at that point but loved the speed.

  • Ngminh8895

    I played NFS when I was a kid 😀 I’ve been to Nurburgring once. Amazing!!!

  • Dan Eraso

    Simple. Since i was a kid i have raced. And every kid and its dad had a tag heuer. Actually my dad was going to give me an f1. But i waited and bought a second hand 1500. And most Of the kids got their time taken with cheap casios but tags were the watch to have. Since that experience i stopped racing. But i have always have a tag in my collection.

  • Lauri Mäkinen

    Favourite was when my mom drived through traffic cursing 150km/h

  • jahenson

    I was lucky enough to see F1 live in Indianapolis. It was in the waning years of the 3 liter V10 engine. Nothing else sounds quite like it. One of the most amazing automotive events I’ve ever been to!

  • Ricardo Zuniga

    Last summer I got to drive a NISMO Nissan GT-R at a racetrack (with a race car driver sitting shotgun), it was great fun! I was wearing my Carrera Re-Edition on a rally strap (it felt appropriate).

  • Ashkan Garshasbi

    Using the tachymetre scale on my chrono to see how fast we were going!

  • BDwide

    Looks like the perfect watch to wear at the Isle of Man TT next summer. If I happen to get this watch, I think I just might go do that. My going fast experiences are more of the two-wheel variety – mostly watching others do it. Always needed a good watch to time my racing friend.

  • chadd Bailey

    I would like to win

  • wallydog2

    Gimme the Tag and I’ll wear a John Deere hat.

  • Alen

    Most exhilarating car experiences dates back to roughly 10 years ago. An old friend had a yellow Lamborghini Diablo, and offered to drive me to few miles to where I was headed. Being younger, less exposed to fast cars, the drive just blew me away. From the grip of the car that felt like it was glued to asphalt, to the speedometer needle reaching 127 miles flying down the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn, NY. Life must have flashed before my eyes several times over.

    Cant say that this experience made me into a watch lover, but, visualizing yourself in an exotic and having your hands on a steering wheel. Without a watch, it’s just an incomplete look.

  • DrLaszlo

    I could well imagine wearing this watch whilst driving my imaginary vintage McLaren…

  • Chip

    I first went to the Indy500 in 1970…..what a thrill it would be to go to the 100th race!!!

  • Halvy64

    One of my favorite “fast car” experiences was behind the wheel of a DeTomaso Pantera. The owner had taken me for a spin and pulled over into a parking lot and got out of the car. I sat there puzzled as he said, “All right. Your turn.” I got out and slid into the passenger seat and with my clutch leg shaking, I eased onto the road. After crusing at a modest 25mph the owner had had enough and said, “Stop being such a $#%$# and drive the damn car!!” I let out the clutch, floored it and quickly made it to 120mph.

    I can’t say that that experience directly influenced my love of watches but it definitely helped that the owner had a Rolex on his wrist. 🙂

  • ??????? ???????

    mention one of your favorite “driving fast” or car-related life experiences and perhaps how that has helped make you the watch lover you are today!!!

  • Starboard tacker

    I was nearing the end of the break-in period on the engine in my Subaru WRX when I found myself beside a 911 Turbo heading southbound on I-355 outside of Chicago. We looked at each other and he dropped the hammer. I looked down; 983 miles on the odometer; close enough, I figured, and I downshifted. Traffic was light, perfect for a game of cut and thrust. After a few miles, constrction closed the left lane and the Porsche swept in directly behind me in the middle lane. As we approached the hill where the left lane reopened, I looked in the rear view mirror to see that he had dropped back so that he could get a good run to launch by me. Sure enough, the concrete barricades ended and he blasted by me going at least 90. I punched it and cleared the hill in hot pursuit… when I spotted the cop, sitting in the median wielding a radar gun and a massive grin. I did the only thing I could; slammed on my brakes and came to a stop in the left lane while waving smokey in front of me. He gave me a “next time, punk” look and took off after the bigger fish. As I passed them on the shoulder (at a very PC 62 mph) the whole ride was topped off by the small writing on the license plate of the offending Porsche; DEALER.

  • Benoit Husson

    My best experience when I was at 250 km/h on the nordschleife, speed, be focus…

    Huge moment for me to win few seconds on my time.

  • Dan Patrick

    As a racing fan from Indiana, I’ve been going to Indy 500s for years – about 12 in all. I got to go up into the Pagoda once – as a sports reporter for the Indiana Daily Student newspaper. Great race; great series and the Carrera is my favorite Tag!

  • Deny

    My first watch was Fortis Mercedes branded watch my father got with his Coup. Car for him, watch for me.

  • Steeve Barbeau

    Great watch ! My favorite car related experience was in the USA with Mustang/Camaro and 350Z on HW1 !

  • Sarthak Sharma

    My uncle is a surgeon in Frankfurt and let me wear his solid gold daytona while driving his SL55AMG on the Autobahn. I got up to around 160mph. The coolest part, though, was when a Ferrari actually passed me in the other lane. Must’ve been going close to 180.

  • Matthew Mark Horn


  • Evan R

    Chronos are favorite complication, watches are second favorite thing to cars. Always loved going fast on the autobahn

  • Owen Smith

    My favorite driving experience was with my brother at the Audi R8 Driving Experience program in Sonoma. TAG Heuer has a rich racing history that ties in closely with the Audi spirit. It would be amazing to win this contest and have a piece of racing and horology history in one.

  • Rich F

    When I was a kid, my chiropractor, whom I saw daily because of an accident, drove a Nissan 300Z with custom turbos and suspension. One day he took me driving, after returning from a 155mph run – blurry fast – I noticed he was wearing a Heuer Chronograph.

    Since that day, I have always wanted to own a Heuer watch and drive a fast car. Now that this contest is here, this is my chance!

  • Barcelona FC

    Well…I am just middle aged man near Detroit. I have 3 life long passions…Tag Heuer watches (I have had 6.) cars ( too many to count) and women(too many to list).
    Now I have 1 car left…1 woman left…but I will never sell my Tag Heuer’s!
    Car related info: 19 years old…1980 something…5.0 mustang…made a 3 hr trip across the state in 1.25 hours…never knew that you could still put the car in cruise control while driving 135 mph.

    Boy was I young and dumb

  • Paolo Puno

    i was riding on the 1st gen Lexus IS that belonged to a close friend and his dashboard looked very similar to a chronograph… years later i purchased my first chronograph (omega seamaster 300 pre-co-axial movement) and I think that car ride with my friend started my passion for chronographs

  • Michael Stephens

    In 2009 my girlfriend (now wife) and I had already booked a trip to Provence when I realized the Monaco Grand Prix was the day we were leaving. After expressing my disappointment to my her, my soon to be wife surprised me with tickets to qualifying. It was the biggest sporting thrill of my life. Now looking for the right Tag Heuer to match that thrill.

  • Jason723

    I like this watch. I wonder if Tag is offering the same face on the TAG Heuer Connected Watch?

  • TM9999

    The good old days of riding on a friends cars roof or other stupid things. Now old enough to appreciate the finer things instead!

  • ajgpoet

    When it comes to cars and watches, there aren’t too many other combinations that go hand in hand as well. Both are complicated pieces of machinery that make our pulses race and hearts skip a beat when we see a new model or see the beauty of the lines and curves. Would love to attend the Indy 500 with watch on one arm and wife on the other.

  • jopez

    My favorite driving fast story is the one on the Pontiac Firebird of a friend of mine. That car was so fast for us back then! I still remember the trips to the beach, we made around 30 min to get there, when you usually need at least the double on average speed. That was fun!

  • Stefano Brugnerotto

    Friends Mclaren……good lord is that an experience.

  • Brian Noonan

    Favorite driving experience was down in mexico when me and my family got to do laps in a Ferrari! It was great watching the split times go down after each lap

  • David

    never had a great driving experience, even though I loved cars my whole life… I’ve never had the chance to drive a nice care

  • Carol Lynn

    The most amazing driving experience I have had is watching my Dad drive the pace car for a Nascar race. It was an experience of a lifetime for him and will forever be in my memory.

  • Jack Jiang

    Whenever I jump in the 1st Gen Mini Cooper S, with the rev up, feels like a flying airplane, the blood pumping driving experience reminds you that it’s not about from A to B, it’s how to get to B in style. Very similar to an automatic watch movement, it’s the sweeping motion of the second hand.

  • Chris

    My friend was able to borrow his dad’s BMW for a beach weekend. Nothing like the ocean air on highway 98!

  • Asem Maher

    my experience was on Zante-GREECE mountain with sharp curves. fast and risky but was fun.

  • J Moore

    My first experience was at Lebanon Valley Speedway where Tony Stewart was racing in modified class. Cool part was that I was able to do a lap in the lead car and hang in the Pits. Indy would be off the charts …as would Tag…!

  • Raul Garza

    I drove my friends suped up Chevy chevelle and it was so difficult to drive because just touching the gas peddle made it lurch forward. I couldn’t look at my watch.

  • Winston

    I once drove my friend’s Porche Macan from LA to Vegas….. wow. I know what car i want when i get more money.

  • jroot123

    Favourite car related moment: learning to drive in rural Saskatchewan under the watchful eye of my German immigrant grandfather. You could drive for hours without passing another car…

  • Saurabh Chowdhry

    The day I sat in a Porsche 911 and realized while I won’t be able to buy one for a long time, I can at least aspire to buy a Tag Heuer Carrera!

  • Icka Sade

    one of those days in LIE, driving so fast in my MINI didnt care if there was going to be a police waiting to get me. its like you just know the right time when to do it. and when is the right time to slow down. holding the wheel of the car never feels right when you’re not wearing a watch. wearing a watch is like the right timing for the gear to shift.

  • Daniel Selim

    I don’t think I can think of a time where I had a car experience that made me want a watch. I do however, want this watch. So please choose me. Cheers, Daniel

  • Khawaja Ameer Hamza

    I m not an athlete nor am I a driver but I get picked random. I’ll still be the winner 😛
    Come to me Tag…. Please

  • amankh

    I live, eat, breathe and dream watches. Though, I can’t literally eat and breathe the Tag Heuer in case I win it, nevertheless it will surely be a dream come true 🙂

  • cezovski

    My Dad was a big car buff AND watch lover — I got my love for fancy cars and nice watches from him!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  • cezovski

    I circled you on Google+
    Carol Ezovski

  • Chris Lang

    I was a big fan and follower of F1 and Schumacher during his glory days. I think its only natural that the importance of timekeeping in the sport made me appreciate chronograph watches and the brands that sponsor F1 teams.

  • Jean-Noel Charon

    Attending the French F1 Grand Prix in Magny Cours is the best car related experience I ever had. The second one was driving a Ford Formula on a track. Both are not directly related to my love for watches but whatever 😉

  • kasra salehi

    as an automotive designer I’m often inspired by watches, and Tag Heuer is probably the best car related watch company out there.
    The Carrera line offers fantastic combination of simplicity and elegance and sportiness all in one design.
    I’ve been enjoying reading ablogtowatch and calibre11 in recent years and my love for watches has increased.

  • Richard Patmore

    My best “go fast” time was when riding my Kawasaki ZX-9R between London and Le Mans for the MotoGP. The mix of european tunnels and loud exhausts on a wide-open throttle was pure nirvana. But this didn’t get me into watches. I have to say i have had a passion for watches for almost as long as my passion for motorsports. Almost anything with an engine and a race circuit interests me. I’m still saving up for my first automatic chrono, maybe i could be lucky enough to win one…………

  • Craig Webb

    Very nice looking watch was at Indy in 2001 to see Schumacher win

  • Grievear

    Would love to win!

    My favorite fast car experience has been when I rented a Ferrari 458 Italia in Las Vegas and drove it through Red Rock Canyon park. Was an amazing experience, but unfortunately the wife wouldn’t let me sell the house to buy one. I’ve always been a fan of the classic Carreras from Heuer, and think they’re the perfect car lover’s watch.

  • Justin

    My favorite fast car experience was attending a Mazda racing event where I got to test drive their new cars. I also got to see the insides of the engine and how complicated it was. I think that has helped me appreciate mechanical watches.

  • Alexander Virabyan

    Great watch!!!

  • Esteban Ivanovic

    I used to travel weekly between two cities in my country Bolivia,back then I had a Tacoma pickup and traffic was a lot safer and also with fewer cars. For me it was a challange to make better trips each time: better time, better driving… simply drive as good as possible having the best time between cities. I used to chrono my time and that’s when and how I learned the difference between one minute and the next. My best time between those cities reminds me of my best “driving fast” experience. Remember it was 1 hour and 38 minutes between Oruro and Cochabamba.
    Cheers and have a great year you all at ABTW!!!

  • Rust

    My dad, a lover of fine watches, taught me to rebuild an engine in my teens. I also inherited his appreciation of watches.

  • Elliot Timmis

    My fast car experience is from when I drove a Lamborghini Gallardo for a few laps around Silverstone, with the perception of being the fastest guy ever to brace the track. This was swiftly followed by a passenger in an Audi R8 V10 with a professional; I couldn’t have been further from the truth, the cornering speeds were immense! To top the day off, a 60+ retired driver honoured me with 3 laps in a Caterham r500, the result being the most exhilarating few minutes of my life.

    I guess the 3 cars from that day bare some resemblance to the watch world: you have the ludicrously expensive Gallardo, that turns lot’s of heads and is refined to its craft; the middle-ground R8, which does a perfectly great job, demands respect from fellow car enthusiasts, yet doesn’t cost an arm and a leg; then there’s the r500, the workhorse that’s equipped with the bare-essentials needed to function, doesn’t bankrupt you financially, yet delivers the same pleasure and fulfilment as the aforementioned.

  • Mike Swanson

    My favorite fast car experience was attending the Daytona 24 race. Standing next to the cars as they work on them gives you the application of how machanical things work both large and small.

  • Rob Cook

    I was born May 25, 1975 during the Indy 500 much to my Fathers amusement and mothers bemusement as my Dad and the doctor would rather have listened to the race on the radio as it was a long, slow birth. Once I was old enough Dad and I would go to the 500 many times together, I was there for Sullivan’s ‘Spin and Win’ in ’85 amongst other great drives. Later I was lucky enough to attend the USGP, this time my Uncle and I made every race together. One of the most memorable times was sneaking onto the track and kissing the yard of bricks. Indy and watches was always something that went together, having a watch to time the laps and see who was catching whom was a big part of the races.

    If I was to mention a fast car experience it was again with my Dad when we went to the Newton Speedway and participated in the Rusty Wallace Experience, 8 laps driving yourself in Stock Cars around the short oval. I got up to around 140 flat out.

    I’d love to win this so that I could take Dad back to the Indy for the 100th running, finally be able to return the favor and have some more memories of the Greatest Spectacle in Racing!

  • Louis Ortiz

    Love the Tag Heuer watches and this would be a great addition to my small collection. We haven’t been to the Indy 500 and that would be a great gift as well. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year! Use to have a very fast car and loved the speed experience until too many tickets piled up;

  • christopher jensen

    My first car (’69 GTO) instilled a love of all things mechanical, and this has certainly carried over to my appreciation of mechanical watches.

  • Hans A.

    I am a fan of mechanical things. Having the fortunate ability to get to race sports cars at the amateur level and enjoying timepieces, I have focused my interest in watches on those that are somehow related to racing (my disposable income goes to tires and brakes!). Rolex and Heuer (and TAG Heuer) are the dearest to my heart. I will likely never be able to afford a Daytona, but TAG Heuer’s are just within reach… and this is a cool timepiece!

  • Keith brooks

    Wow this has to be one of the best monthly giveaways I’ve ever seen A Blog to Watch do. I have been really impressed with Tag Heuer Innovation and styling cues in recent years. It seems that their watches have become more attractive and more complex in the past 5 years. I’m not very old and relatively new to the watch world but it seemed that the old Tag Heuer were known for their one style of racing watch. Which was a good looking watch in and of itself but after you have seen it time and time again with no further inovation you kind of get bored with that brand. Tag Heuer has been developing some absolutely amazingly beautiful timepieces in recent years and I would feel extremely fortunate to win one of these no matter which one it was. One of my favorite memories of going fast was going down 75 southbound near Atlanta doing over 100 miles an hour and whizzing by a cop thinking I was surely going to jail but however he never pulled out and pursued me. I’m not sure what he was doing but I’m sure glad he didn’t come after me.

  • Eddie Hoffman

    Steve McQueen’s watch would be at the top of my Grail list, and my most favorite fast car adventure was a few years ago when I just got a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and the whole family piled in for an off road adventure/baptism.
    The local Energy provider owns some “No Trespassing” land nearby, so we naturally selected that as the Baptismal site. Our youngest knew about the terrain from dirt bike adventures, but he kept it to himself. A humongous dip appeared out of nowhere and down we went! The ride seemed to last forever and I really wish I’d had this Tag giveaway to tell you the duration, but I can only say that at the bottom, with the Jeep dripping fresh mud, our family laughed and screamed with excitement like there was no tomorrow. If I only knew how long we were in that “nose down” position!

  • Bill Jones

    I once got pulled over going 85 in a 45. The officer couldn’t write me a ticket because it was so much over. His choices were take me to jail or let me go. He let me go! Strike one up for the hassle of paperwork!


    Even when I was young I loved Formula One and was intrigued by the name Techniques d’Avant Garde on the side of the early 80s Williams. Of course TAG hadn’t even bought Heuer at that point, but the name was so out there. Later I remember seeing my first TAG (the original F1) and loving it, but it seemed so far out of reach then, It took me until I was 34 to buy my first TAG Heuer (an F1 Kirium) which I still own and will never sell. An Aquagraph followed, then a 2000 series for every day wear. As soon as I saw the prototype of the new Carrera 01 I fell in love with it, pick me and I promise to wear it when I’m driving excessively fast!


    When I was in university, I’ve always looked forward to taking the 200 mile road trip home in my beat up Daihatsu Mira. Pedal to the metal on a rusty slow car through windy roads was hell lot of fun! The Mira didn’t have a working clock and the only way I could tell time was my trusty Seiko SNK809 which I still have to this day.

  • Saad Haroon

    i attended the U.S grand prix, and i noticed the fake watches on the driver’s hands, and i thought about getting a real one for myself.

  • Aaron W. Byrd

    Several years ago, myself and several other instructors were tasked to set up a driving course to educate our employees on safe driving. We used a large (several acres) parking lot at a local outdoor concert venue during the off season.

    All of us are car guys. One had a dolled-up Mustang, I have a not-quite-stock Mini Cooper Sport, and the boss has a Porsche 911. We set up our course using cones through this parking lot. It turned out to be a pretty challenging road course.

    At the end of each day, after the students left, the instructors all became irresponsible. We would take our personal vehicles through the course at breakneck speeds, with a system of penalties for touching cones. All of our timing was done on my vintage Omega Speedmaster Pro. I dearly love that watch. I agree with one assessment that I heard previously, that the Speedy is the one watch that a man can buy and never have any regrets at all.

    Funny enough, at the end of all our shenanigans, the fastest lap time came to the Mini Cooper…likely due to all of the curves involved, but I’ll still never let the guy in the Porsche live it down. 🙂

  • David Swayze

    I used to race a bicycle and once saw a stage of the Tour de France. I have never seen a race car track never mind a race, but always knew the Indy 500 was the race to see. I’d love to go wearing a new Tag.

  • Surjit Singh

    I was born in India and only was able to ride bikes. When I arrived to the US, the car experience was amazing. Now I enjoy my car and my Rado like I couldn’t imagine before!

  • Good looking watch, a great addition to the collection of the watches I never won here :-). My best experience driving fast was behind the wheel of my old ’88 Accord back in 1996. This rusty Accord was replacing a lethargic Tempest that would not go over 60 mph no matter what I tried. I was picking up my wife from work and it was the first time I was taking the Accord on the highway… Being busy merging into the fast traffic, I did not pay attention to the speed and being accustomed to the old car, it’s no wonder went over 90. By the time I realized I was way too fast and started braking it was too late, sure enough I got pulled over. “Do you know why I stopped you? ” the officer asked. “Was I going to fast?” I’ve asked candidly. “No”, he replied, “you were flying too low”. I explained to him why and what happened and much to my surprise he let me go with just a warning.

  • Pedro Quaresma

    I find wristwatches to be the most essential pieces of clothing, so while my wife always keeps scarves or gloves on the car, I always have a spare wristwatch on mine. Just in case! 🙂

  • ptraister

    Tag has come a long way,to come this piece.

  • Y Til

    Not a great car race fan but Formula 1 would be the race of choice.

  • Jimmy Rellaf

    My love of watches began before I was able to drive. I do remember riding bikes with my brother as kids and using our cheap casio watches to track our fastest times around the block. This experience kicked off my love of watches.

  • Byzness

    Probably my favorite car related experience was when I was driving a friend of mine home and got involved in a street race. He had been drinking, so I was taking him home while driving his truck, and when we were just a few miles from his home in west Austin, a Subaru WRX STi kept cutting me off. At first I ignored it, but the guy kept looking at me so it began to frustrate me; so I’m my anger, I hit the gas(my buddy had a customized Chevy pickup truck)! So we were speeding down this rural road easily over 120mph(I don’t know, my adrenaline was pumping!), and I had him, but eventually he caught up and passed me up as I could hear the whistling of the turbo in his car. He stuck his hand out the window and threw up a peace sign, I took it as a sign of respect for my wreckless, but very cool moves; but regardless, it was very exciting. I was wearing my Tissot T-Race watch(quartz) at the time, and I stole a couple of glances at it while I was racing, it looked great while I was gripping the steering wheel and trying to keep control of the speeding truck. I don’t think it made me more of a watch enthusiast, but it definitely made me glad I was, it was funny how I chose the Tissot that day not knowing I was going to be using it for what it’s design was meant to give homage to.

  • Bart

    While it did not make me into a watch lover, my favorite driving experience was at the Richard Petty Driving Experience at Phoenix International Raceway. It was great to be able to get inside and drive a stock car.

  • Ron Heiden

    Thanks A Blog To Watch and Tag Hauer for the opportunity! It’d be an honor to be at the 100th Indy race wearing an incredible watch. Chances are slim to none but I’ll hold my breath just the same.

  • Hank429

    I love racing chronographs. I think these watches make me want to race my car rather than the other way around. Any chronograph with a sub dial at 3 and 9 on a rally strap has me feeling like I’m in a rally car.

  • Brennan Duthu

    My love of watches started young with my dad’s old Timex that we used to time all the neighborhood kids running, then biking. Once cars came around it did not stop. I remember driving a Cadillac for the first time while my car was being serviced. It was a 2005 CTS and I’d never felt a combination of performance and luxury at the same time. I went on to wear that car out for a day and a half. Thanks to Tag Heuer and aBlogtoWatch for this chance. Indy 500 and a Tag…wow!

  • markf

    I’ve always like the mechanical gauges of older cars, such as the 1953 MG-TD I once owned. Those dials, both the design and the yellow/mustard color, remind me of many watches
    I like, and the FP Journe in particular. I also like auto racing and special edition watches, and am currently wearing a Citroen-branded WRC watch/special edition for driver Sebastian
    Loeb. Cars and their watch counterparts are just plain cool. markf

  • Stephen Leslie

    I would live to win this watch, it would be my first true luxury watch.

  • TeaiIn1416

    My earliest experience with “driving fast” occurred in Atlanta, Georgia with a friend who was into Porsche. He’d just rebuilt the engine on one and offered a ride. Sitting at a stop sign he said, “Hold on,” and then floored it. It was my first experience with g forces but definitely not my last. I don’t know if there is a direct correlation with that first “driving fast” experience, but I’ve had this strange addiction to high-end watches ever since 🙂

  • Frank Hennessy

    The only car that I’ve owned and adored was an Alfa Romeo 159 which looked beautiful and had the performance to make every drive feel like I was on a race track. And for longer than I can remember I’ve lusted after TAG HEUER watches for their quintessential style.

    Great design is timeless and so is cool; just ask Steve McQueen.

  • vasilis anagnostopoulos

    My friend driving 130mph in a drag race, with me not knowing he was going to go this fast in his 60s Camaro. Tag is synonymous with racing 🙂

  • Kurt

    My most memorable auto racing-related moment was getting to ride in a two-seater IndyCar around New Hampshire Motor Speedway, piloted by none other than Al Unser, Jr. While I had been a longtime motorsports enthusiast up until that point, it truly gave me an appreciation for what the drivers experience, as well as the athleticism needed (both physical and mental) to do what they do. And to think, I was only going 2/3 of race speed with no cars around me! It also gave me a chance to walk around the garage/paddock area, where I also gained a deeper appreciation for the team effort that goes on behind the scenes with the engineers and mechanics as they fine tune these race cars.

    Similar to most enthusiasts of watches and motorsport, I find that the precision and engineering associated with both race cars and mechanical timepieces creates a natural fascination with both worlds. I would certainly love to be able to experience a pair of “firsts” – attending an Indy 500 and owning a Tag Heuer timepiece – through this contest!

  • Alex

    Bought a Mercedes AMG two years ago, and was given a complimentary day at AMG Academy, essentially their performance driving school, at Laguna Seca Raceway. Got to drag race, road race, drift, auto-x and ride in the entire AMG line, from the CLA all the way to the SLS. Interestingly enough, the interior detail that stood out the most in my mind as I was tearing down the track at 120+ mph, or drifting sideways, or putting my foot to the firewall with race start.. was a small IWC clock on the dash.

    With all the horsepower, torque, tire-shredding going on.. there was still a detail of elegance sitting there, on the dash.

    Being physically on the race course, and watching various watchmakers signs zip by.. really hammers home how intertwined auto racing and timekeeping are.

  • Timeless Watch

    Wearing this watch will surely improve my driving style…..

  • Christopher Brown

    Was raceing my brother when i was 16 going 120 in a 45 the cops caught us and drug me out o fthe window and beat me up.

  • Allan

    getting to sit in a 2000 Dodge Viper Hennessey when I was 22 …

  • Dan Sparks

    My wife loves fast cars and fast driving. When we were first dating, I flew down from Oregon to SF to meet her and the plan was to drive back up to Portland. We got off on a rocky start and the first couple of days in SF were a bit rough, and we headed north in a bit of a grumpy mood wondering if the trip was a good idea and if we were going to work out as a couple.

    Our route took us through the beautiful winding roads of Napa Valley. It was a gorgeous day in the height of summer. It was also the middle of the week, and we seemed to have the road completely to ourselves. Conversation wasn’t happening, so I just slowly eased into to driving, taking corners faster and faster as I got deeper into the groove, accelerating out the turns, using the whole road, finding the limits of the car, until I became completely immersed in the car, the road, and the rush of speed.

    As the road melted away behind us, so did the tension between us. This is when I learned that my now wife loves fast driving. We had a wonderful day, taking turns at the wheel. We stopped and had a picnic in a field underneath a beautiful old oak next to a quite stream. Everything seemed to go just right that day and the rest of the trip was absolutely wonderful. As dusk started to fall and we were leaving the valley, I came around a corner into a straight away at well over a hundred miles an hour. A car coming the other way flashed their lights, so I slowed down. Just on the other side of a rise we passed a cop with his radar gun, at just a couple miles an hour over the 50 mph speed limit.

    Winning this trip would be perfect. My wife and I haven’t gone on a honeymoon, but the plans are that some day we’ll go somewhere where there is a race track and spend our honeymoon, driving fast in truly fast cars and having a good time. Just like that day in Napa Valley.

  • Chad Bjugan

    Going 100 mph in my parents Chrysler Lebaron convertible when I was 18

  • Dylan Fogarty

    love the tags. Family’s favorite brand

  • delexilio

    I have always loved driving fast, especially in a convertible. My friend has a Viper and we would put the top down and drive the highways. The greatest feeling is when you pass by other drivers, how they all love seeing a great sports car and always smile or give a thumbs up as you pass by. Then, in the blink of an eye, and a downshift, and we’d leave them behind as the Viper shows what it can do. My friend has a Tag Carrera, and I would love to have one too.

  • Bill

    just beginning to appreciate the tags…my friend has been talking them up to me for years.

    favorite, drive fast moment. working 3rd shift, on my way to work, I remember feeling invincible in my new Nissan. Out of nowhere, a supercar race blew right past me on the NJ Parkway. A Porsche, a Ferrari, and a Lamborghini all raced past me as if I was standing still. That was 20 years ago, and I remember the sight and sounds like it was yesterday

  • Shrikant Tode

    When I learned riding the bike; it felt like I got a wings. I was flying like a free bird but the craving for speed never ended. I bough the motor bike and now saving for my sports car. One thing kept common through out this transition that is habit of measuring of TIME. Today With this comment I wish I can win the contest and continue my flying with Tag Heuer as a true Pal.

  • WhiskersInCalif

    Tag watches like early Jag autos so often just get it right.
    I recall an early grey Jag c.1965 that the owner placed little engraved warnings
    “Do not open windows at speeds in excess of 140mph” on the top of the doors.
    Still engraved in my minds eye and mostly a joke I still watch the mileposts fly by with
    my windows closed and time myself with a good watch.
    Even when driving the speed limit I do dream.
    Please select a model that does one of my favorite races justice.

  • SSchork

    Driving my Honda preclude cross country and ripping my way across Texas, seeing how fast I could get her to go. Beautify watches like beautiful sports car are both precision tools of high quality craftsmen ship.

  • Blaszek

    if i will wear this new TAG – will improve and fasten my driving skills

  • F Woodson

    I enjoy driving my MB AMG which influences me to look into IWC watches.

  • TJ

    really cool watch. Would look nice on my arm while driving my 68 firebird.

  • Voloh Gheorghe

    This is quite a tempting giveaway. The chances look good though.

  • Blake

    My driving fast experiences never really translated into a “watch aficionado” moment – but the confluence of my enjoyment for driving technically advanced cars very fast and for amazing watches probably started with the Rolex Daytona and the Tag LeMans Monaco – both of which I hope to own one day.

    My fast driving (on public roads – which I don’t recommend or condone) began and ended in 1988 with a stretch of I-80 in Illinois and a fairly new 1987 Chevy Z24 Cavalier with an upgraded performance chip in the computer… I think the ticket said “104 in a 55” – but I’d have to check. Owning a Tag is definitely on my bucket list — in addition to driving a Porsche on the Nürburgring…

    Tag Heuer has consistently created watches that capture the spirit of automobile racing and timepieces that extend the thrill of motorsports to the somewhat mundane task to ‘checking the time’.

    While this watch might not be the LeMans Monaco (one of the, IMHO, best rectangular watch designs ever created); Tag Heuer (as a brand) consistently embodies the technical aspects of motorsports and the art of industrial design.

    The addition of a trip to the Indy 500 would be a “bucket list” experience that I would love to share with my 10 year old son — who has, since he could barely speak, an intense love of anything (and everything) that has wheels on it and goes fast…

  • Jeff Randall

    I would talk about my best fast driving experience, but a gentleman doesn’t tell. 😉 Can’t say it made me more or less of a watch lover, however. This watch could make me more of a fast driving fan, however.

  • patrick bremer

    I first time I took a (not so great car) over 120mph was pretty memorable. I was 16 and probably only had my license for a couple of months, but had to have that rush. It was a 1985 Toyota MR2……basically a road legal go-cart!! I took my foot off the gas when it started to vibrate and shake as if it was going to fall apart. Good times. Don’t remember looking at my watch once. 🙂

  • Mike Helmick

    My first driving fast experience got me pulled over. Didn’t receive a ticket, luckily, but my dad found out within 10 minutes. He has not let me live that down since and that was 20 years ago. If he only knew how many times I’ve been pulled over since. Can’t say that my collection has anything to do with my lead foot. Just spent a lot of time with red and blue lights in my rear view. Thanks

  • Matt Owens

    One of my most memorable driving fast experiences. Is when I raced my wife then girlfriend home I just barely lost to her because the governor on my truck cut me off at 99 mph and she beat me with her old ford probe. It doesn’t really have anything to do with my love of watches. I had that before I met her.

  • dk3

    One of my fastest moments in a car was driving 125 mph on a California interstate in an old Porsche. My love for German engineering and design in cars has certainly fueled my love for German engineering and design in watches.

  • Grant Jones

    No speed stories yet, still restoring my 69 pontiac tempest. The one thing that I always associated with classic cars and watches was the detail and effort that went into the dials and gauges

  • Tejus

    Always thought watch brands and cars gelled well thanks to speed, timing, the lot. Tag heuer has been a dream since its association with Fomula – 1 for me!

  • Doc494

    A memorable auto experience includes my brother taking German delivery of his BMW and driving on the Autobahn. My sister snapped a photo of the speedometer reading 157 MPH and the image has left an indelible mark. The clean lines of the speedometer, the bright red needle on a solemn black face has left an imprint in my mind as undoubtably the tires did on the asphalt. It would be great to snap a photo of this beautiful TAG Heuer on my wrist with time set to 1:57 and send it to my brother.

  • Ollie

    Oddly enough it was the technical relationship between Armin Strom and Manor Marussia that solidified the connection between my passions for motoring and horology. It perfectly exemplifies the crossover between the two.

  • Jean-Pierre Diaz

    Tag has always been a revolutionary brand but Biver’s mind takes it to new heights and levels! There’s good cross pollination of Hublot and Tag and it’s a welcoming element. I test drove the new Alfa Romero sedan recently and it was breathtaking. I can now imagine this watch on the table next to the keys! Better yet, on my wrist and in the ignition! Full throttle!

  • Benjamin Moritz

    I use to drive home from college to my hometown and there was a stretch of highway where I would always time myself between the mile markers. This was a way to beat the boredom of rural Nevada highways, until I finally got popped for speeding. If I had a watch like this, I’d still be getting speeding tickets.

  • GB

    I enjoy all types of racing and look forward to this event every year! I also enjoy my Tag. I currently own three.
    One of my most memorable experiences in a car was a gift from a friend for a racing school in Sebring Fl.

  • D Leavitt

    Indycar- at least it’s not ALL ovals!

  • Jordan Gross

    A year after I got my license I was driving home with a bunch of friends, all driving separate cars. Went out on the highway and just floored it, going over 100 mph. In hindsight, it was very stupid, but a lot of fun nonetheless.

  • Louis Pam

    I love drifting and carving my way through the hills and mountain roads. One time after a few days of me getting my first manual sport car, I almost drifted out of a curve on a mountain. A speedy Tag watch like this would keep me in the right speed when going through the curves 🙂

  • DocSanti

    As a watch collector I only wear mechanical watches , I would love to own a TAG watch to go along with my black M3 . It would add to a great driving experience ,the roar of 415 horses from my 4.4 L V8 , and checking the time on a sporty TAG 🙂

  • harry kurniawan

    Wow a spirit of skeleton

  • Ugnius Vy

    What is there to say, I love cars and I love wathces.

  • Mike Bookhardt

    My favorite ‘racing’ experience, is fondly remembered, from when I was a teenager, on a Boy Scout trip to the Carolina Mountains. It was not a race at all, but the chance to ride on the track at Road Atlanta. Although it was much slower than the track would normally be traveled, it was truly a unique experience for a young man of 15 to ride ‘shotgun’ with the Scout Master as we cruised through the hills and turns of the track. This particular Scout Master was also a pilot, and his love for cars, airplanes, and fine timepieces was shared with all of the kids in his troop. 😀 He is 84 years old now, and he is still admired, and loved, as a 2nd Father to many of us.

  • J Patton

    One of my fondest racing related memories was attending the Brickyard 400 with my Dad and brother. It wasn’t so much the race as the time to hang out and reconnect after having lived away for a number of years.

  • Omri Suissa

    Thanks A Blog To Watch and Tag Hauer for the opportunity!

    I Love Tag Hauer watches

  • Rich Bos

    A very nice looking watch showing the interior movement.

    Getting my first car was probably the most memorable. Picked it up in MD and drove to NYC in the wee hours of the morning. It was a big deal to me at the time.

    The car experience has nothing to do with my love of watches, sorry to say. I have been a watch lover long before that. Maybe if I win this TAG I might think up some creative way of linking the two worlds.

  • Ben Jeronis

    The feeling I get from looking at this watch, in a funny way reminds me of Matt Damon from the Bourne identity who had also wore the iconic Tag Heuer Chrono during it’s filming. The Jason Bourne car chase scene in that mini cooper through the narrow streets in the film really reels especially with Paul Oakenfold Ready, Steady, Go. . .knowing that he was keeping time for every turn a Tag. was like WoW factor. The movie and probably the fact Jason Bourne wore a Tag fueled me to purchase Tag Heuer (auto) 2000 series, which was probably $1500/- locally then, over an Omega worn by James Bond during 2002-03.

  • BrandonS

    Most vivid memory of racing: when I was a kid watching the Swede Savage wreck. Just ingrained. Not the best of things to instantly recall, but there you have it.

  • Josh Graef

    Driving with NYC traffic every day gives one many speedy encounters, but my favorite is the day I escaped a very serious accident. Had I not, I fully expect that I wouldn’t have ever been able to fall in love with watches in the first place.

  • Dave N

    My first car…an ’88 300z…I moved to Denver and sold it….wish I kept it in hindsight…lots of memories and would have kept it for weekend only.

  • marcedli

    I’m more for watches than racing…however Tag Heuer is the priest of their wedding 🙂
    I love the moment when I took my 4y old son to Hungaroring on a formula race. To see his pretty face shining when all those loud cars surrounded us…ill never forget.

  • Mads Aakjær

    When i was 20 I got my first chronograph. I Loved to take my old Mitsubishi to check the tachymeter at different speeds.

  • cvguild

    While proudly wearing my Chopard Mille Miglia, I rented a big ole Mercedes in Stuttgart for a weekend boondoggle to Berlin. About half way there I was in an accident on the Autobahn while going about 240kph (and the other guy got the ticket) – thrilling and terrifying at the same time.

  • Todd Makurath

    To me the love of watches and cars go hand-in-hand. They are both built on an appreciation of fine engineering and performance. I don’t think there was one single car experience that evolved into a love of watches, but cars were certainly the gateway drug. I don’t think anyone in my family owns a fine timepiece but my love for cars and how they are constructed is what led to my interest in fine wristwatches and keeps me coming back to A Blog To Watch for many years now. Since you asked for an anecdote though I am reminded of the second feature film I produced called Fast Girl which afforded me the privilege of renting Willow Springs race track for an entire week. As the producer of the film I would show up a half-hour before everyone else just as the sun’s light was beginning to illuminate the night sky and I would wallop my Honda Accord Coupe through the nine turns they call the Fastest Road In The West. My Honda certainly wasn’t setting any records, but those fifteen or twenty minutes of solo track time were some of the most invigorating of my life. If only I’d had a nice TAG Heuer to keep my lap times 🙂

  • Richmond

    Richmond Adan
    First i would like to say a big thanks to tag heuer for a chance to own a prestigious watch.
    Honestly i like sports car and i never had an experince driving one, but i have experience driving a maserati which was own by my boss when he ask me to park his vehicle and that time i didnt notice i was wearing my tag heuer Formula 1.
    [email protected]

  • VT Freeheeler

    One of my favorite car experiences is cruising around with my family – my two children screaming in the fresh air of the open back windows. I appreciate the mechanics and aesthetics that goes into both automobile and timepiece design.

  • Nathan

    Once had a friend’s Mom start the car and drive with me still hanging out the door. I don’t know how long I was running next to the car but if I’d had a Chronograph I might have!

  • Don Unglaub

    Driving fast is fun, and since I live in a hilly mountainous area, there are many back roads with lots of grade changes and curves. Taking a car out for a spin on a windy road is the one of the best ways to appreciate what it can do, and a very rewarding experience. I think love for cars and timepieces go hand in hand, with both the prestige of each, the statement they each can make of the owner, and even to the deign parallels you sometimes find with the dials and gauges. Love for one often exists with love for the oher

  • Rob Bagshaw

    I have owned a Honda S2000 for about 10 years now. I love going for long drives on winding roads and getting the most out of the car. When I was young my neighbour had 3 Ferraris. I used to help him wash them and then we’d take them out on the highway to dry them. Meeting him and experiencing his cars changed my life. Perhaps one day I’ll have a Ferrari of my own, but today it’s all about my S2000 🙂 [email protected]

  • Paul

    I remember fondly driving up to the scenic caves in Collingwood, ON on two occasions 160km each way, but I loved every minute of the drive. You forget the beauty of the country sometimes when you live in the city.

  • SirTickTock

    The 500 has always been a part of my family. I’ve watched it countless times on TV, but
    never had a chance to see it at the track.
    I’m sure a day with tag (maybe timing a lap or two) wouldn’t be anything
    short of amazing.

  • Deb

    It would be too big for me but I do like the red accent color. Black and red go well together.

  • Abdul Hadi

    Talking about fast cars, Lap time naturally strikes the mind. The chronograph is indeed one of the finest inventions of measuring time. And the more furnished examples would be the rattrapante movements. Though this is a very bountiful era in regards to the availablity of any sorts of examples today, still the top of the line manufacturers still execute their timepieces with a panache. A specialist can spot it in a glimpse. Although a very rudimentary equipment, still very difficult to execute this esoteric art with deft.

    Mercedes Benz S Class W221 was the first car I encountered that actually had an IWC timepiece mounted in the center of the dashboard. It looked so sophisticated and elegant. That has been the source of my admiration to timepieces related to cars. Very few cars have actually mounted some solid looking timepieces and MB certainly did it flawlessely. Among the most sophisticated hyper cars, the PAGANI HUYARA actually seems like missing the perfect time piece yet. I dream about sketching one for it as it truly deserves one. The Bugatti veyron still has a slot open in my opinion. These ideas have emerged in my mind since the afore mentioned Mercedes Benz W221. I think the watch manufacturers should look in the car industry to explore their options as the artful cars continue to emerge in the market.

  • Kenneth Hecox

    Ever since I started in watch retail, I’m already into watches that partner with cars, such as the Zenith Tour Auto. They have rich history, unique design and represent cars. Talking about car watches, they would always have the chronograph function and tachymeter, which is indeed one of the greatest complications in watch history.

    I personally don’t have any driving life experiences, but having a car watch would have the same feeling as having a driving experience!

  • Hendy The

    I’ve always a fan of Tag Heuer watches, especially the monaco; eventhough, I have not a chance yet to own one of them. However, the new indy 500 series is a really beautiful watch to look at and I believe that the quality of the watch is not to be compromised. Thank you to aBlogtoWatch that have been always giving us the beat information about watches and also thak you to Tag Heuer that have been always producing great watches.

  • besezu

    Normally I don’t participate in contests but I have to earn it. At the moment I have no experience with supercars. But if I show my tag heuer to my father sure that he would lend me his BMW 535GT to have them ;).

  • harry kurniawan
  • harry kurniawan

    Done. Again. Lol ? [email protected]

  • David Griffin

    Swiss watches and fast cars – all about precision, engineering and vision! I remember my first trip to Switzerland – driving a Saab turbo across Belgium and France from Amsterdam and learning that the car would in fact go AS FAST as the speedo said it would!! Upon arrival in Geneva, buying my first Swiss watch and starting a lifelong affair with all things horological!! A wonderful addiction to be sure!!

  • Eric Benson

    I just recently (~4 years ago) started to appreciate and enjoy watches for what they are. That is, a marvelous, life long piece of wearable art that really defines who are you. Growing up, I’ve always been into fast cars. My dad had a Corvette Z06 and my neighbor had a Porsche 911 Turbo. Between those two cars, was enough horsepower, back then at least, to get my blood flowing. I always remember going out for Sunday morning drives with my father. The fall was the best, since having the windows down with the cool fall air was just an amazing combination.

    I’m not sure what ultimately triggered my new found love for watches. Maybe it was the endless car forums I would browse and see people post pictures of driving, not knowing their watch was subtly in the picture of their hands/wheel.

    I will say one thing though, I do love Tag