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WATCH GIVEAWAY: Azimuth King Casino

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Azimuth King Casino Giveaways

The year 2016 starts off with a winning choice, as aBlogtoWatch offers a most unique timepiece for our giveaway item this month, thanks to watch maker Azimuth. The Azimuth King Casino watch was released in 2015 (debuted here) and brings back the previous Azimuth SP-1 Roulette watch with a larger case and redesigned dial. Still “gaming themed” with its roulette-inspired dial, the Azimuth King Casino is more than just about offering the time in a novel package, but is also actually a game unto itself.

Press in the die-shaped crown and a special hand on the dial with a small ball attached to the end spins around the dial and rests at a random position allowing for the wearer to literally play roulette as well as baccarat with the outer dial ring. The casino experience of wearing something bold and eye-catching is delivered in this avant-garde timepiece that is 45mm wide in a curved ergonomic steel case presented here in PVD-coated brown (though other case colors are available in polished steel or yellow gold-plated). Inside of the Azimuth King Casino is a base Swiss ETA automatic movement modified by the brand.

Azimuth prides itself on imagining some of the more unique mechanical watches available today with prices that aren’t stratospheric given the brand’s boutique production numbers and often complicated ideas. The Azimuth King Casino watch has a retail price of 3,650 Swiss Francs and one lucky winner will be the future owner of one. Good thing winning this game involves no risk. Comment to enter below.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook, or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required (if you’ve signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there). In the body of your comment, mention a big risk you took in life that really paid off in the end.


2. Be a pal. If possible, follow all or any of the following:

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Enter your email address:


3. Wait until the giveaway is over on January 31, 2016, for the winner to be chosen at random. A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non-US entrants may apply based on sponsor’s policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor’s inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Azimuth, the sponsor of the Azimuth King Casino watch giveaway here at aBlogtoWatch!

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  • Daniel Soelistio

    ABTW is so generous to giveaway this avantgarde kinda watch. I really am amazed how azimuth can produce this masterpiece. From its roulette table shaped dial, dice as its crown, and spherical domed like crystal. Watching this watch its like watching 100k watch. It’s going to be like wearing 100 k for sure if i I would have won it. It’d be a privilege to won this one of a kind watch!

  • Felix Kofman

    Love the watch and the size! My risk was marrying while in college and still being married with three kids!

  • disqus_u3b8ocIv7c

    Love gambling, love this watch. Once bet a fella I could somersault over his car as he drove at me, won the car

  • Julian Chan

    Love taking a chance, this watch looks cool too. Thanks guys for the giveaway! Happy new year!

  • Ahsan wahab

    This is a really great chance to win a cool watch.

  • ricsif

    All of my exams took me a high risk 🙂

  • Federico Edoardo Patruno

    Wonderful watch, Thanks for this giveaway! Happy New Year.

  • Guido Buccolo

    I love this casino watch, a big risk that I took was investing all my savings in penny stocks at 18 years old, I lost all my money :-), where is they pay off you may wonder, now I learned to bet for just for fun and work to live. 18 years later I see that the learning was worth it.

  • Federico I

    Gorgeous yet strange complication. Certainly a piece to strike up a conversation…

  • Ben S.

    That’s a unique watch. The biggest risk I’ve taken was choosing an unpaid internship over a paying job. The internship turned into a proper job with far better everything than the first job would have had.

  • Dominik Rocchi

    The watch is simply amazing.
    Winning it would be as much of a reward as choosing an non-paid internship rather than a well paying one for over a year, with the result of being offered a leading position right after, in a field I really enjoy working in.

  • dubcee

    That is one gnarly watch. I picture myself wearing one as I devastatingly lose a high stakes poker game in a cigarette smoke filled room hosted by Chinatown triads. *Back to reality* A big risk that I took would be to backpack through the outdoors alone. It has since become one of my passions in life.

  • Sean PIzzle

    I’m in for this one!

  • Simonh

    Great watch, really interesting. My big gamble was putting it all on red when it came up black.

  • doulikemyname

    wow, a conversation piece if anything, great for parties and those casual nights with friends

  • Eugene Kim

    Awesome watch! My biggest risk is when I decided to play poker professionally right out of college. It was a great decision by me with no regrets.

  • Michael Harvey

    The feature that I noticed right away on this fine Azimuth SP-1, was the left-handed stem! This is such an awesome design! A big risk I took that really paid off was deciding to marry my wife after knowing her for 2 hours! Four children and seven grandchildren later, I believe it was the best decision I ever made.

  • Sam

    Leaving a higher-paying job to pursue my current interest. Might have made more dough to spend on watches, but being happy is definitely its own reward.

  • Elko

    When I spent my life savings to invest in photography equipment. It definitely paid off and I’ve been making a career as a pro photographer

  • iamcalledryan

    I once went to the train station without considering what time the next train would be. I got there and sure enough, one was coming along in just 7 minutes time! Then I found $1m in a bag under my seat.

    • Twinbarrel

      You’re too funny. You should get this one – good luck my friend

    • DanW94

      Only had to wait 7 minutes for the next train?? Can’t imagine anything luckier than that! Oh, the bag-o-money is okay too, I suppose…

  • Rockymet

    I’ll give it a Whirl, Of course getting married and having children is the biggest risk I have taken but it paid off well and I now share life with three watch lovers.

  • Michael P

    Biggest risk I took was getting a divorce after 34 years of marriage.

  • Keefe

    Having sex without a condom during a one night stand with a gorgeous babe and came multiple times until dawn. Does that count? Haha. It’s a joke. Leaving a stable job (teaching) to pursue my passion (car detailing). To realise that it’s true when they say if you enjoy what you do, you don’t have to work a single day.

  • dennis

    nice watch, a bit different, all and any risks i’ve taken paid off.

  • Jens Ken Lundstrom

    The biggest risk I’ve taken was when I left my job on blogging full-time.
    Wish you a Happy New Yrar!
    Good luck!

  • Hamdi K

    I’ve never risked anything because i’m adequately unlucky

  • Mike V

    Leaving a job that was secure for one that wasn’t.

  • Tony C

    Great watch! The biggest risk for me is coming up. Planning to leave my job with government after many years to try my own thing. The Azimuth King Casino watch would give me something to play with to kill time if no one wants my services. 🙁
    [email protected]

  • Twinbarrel

    I’m not a gambling man by nature but I gave up my longtime corporate career, my marriage and went bankrupt, became homeless and started my business with zero money to my name. It’s only been 14 years ago and I have achieved much more than I ever expected in life in success, health, family and fortune. Was it taking risks or having no choice? You be the judge but it shows you can achieve anything from any point in your life. I love this timepiece and your query because it reminds me of the time things turned for me. It could only have gone worse or better.

  • IamSES

    Leaving my home country, with a fully paid house, a b-level executive job and my dream car in order to move to my dream city (San Diego) with absolutely nothing but one suitcase and tons of dreams.
    A few years later, I’m living my dream life, splitting time between my home country and gorgeous California, doing what I love for a living!

  • Kyle Tan

    A beautiful piece

  • Caleb Chay

    Leaving a stable career to start support a new business which is completely out of my expertise.

  • at1time

    A piece as different as I am. A risk I took was running a marathon after losing 253 pounds and ended up being written about in a tabloid.

  • BillyRay

    I use to gamble and race go carts, one day I was driving in the big race, drove into a curve to fast and the cart flipped over. Luckily I had my trusty Timex on so I was able to walk back to the clubhouse and arrived just in time for lunch and poker…boy was that a close one. That was then and this is now, my old Timex is long gone so I could sure use a new watch…does anyone know what time dinner is served ?

    Peace: BillyRay

    P.S. Happy New Year 🙂

  • peter_north

    Wow! Very interesting watch!
    A risk I took that paid off? Quitting a solid (but boring) job to go back to grad school to study something I was passionate about.

  • Soney Van Do

    I love Vegas and I frequently go there at least 4 times a year. Would love this watch to accompany me!

  • Berndt Norten

    The biggest risk I took was placing tiny little ads in newspapers around the country. I owe it all to Don Lapre, may he RIP.

  • Brandon Putz

    I took a big risk by changing jobs. Cool watch!

  • Jonathan Brown

    four years ago, I moved from North Carolina to lake Tahoe with no friends, a very basic job, and no idea what would happen next. Now, after injury, surgery, heartbreak, low winter seasons, and some truly incredible times, i’ve decided to put down my snowboards and apply to watchmaking school. The two seem so unrelated but in fact, i had to do one, so I could realize my passion for the other would lead me to my next steps in life. cheers and happy new years all!! [email protected]

  • Matt DeVane

    I love this watch- very cool choice. Happy New Year!!

  • Sherman Peh

    Interesting piece. Life’s a gamble, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Not an actual risk, but I met a complete stranger 6 years ago at a gig and she’s now my wife-to-be.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Can you make sure I don’t win this nightmare of a watch. As for taking risks, I once went outdoor without my thermal body stocking on,………….never again.

  • Adrian Hudiono

    Thanks for the generosity ablogtowatch!
    I left my 7 years of life in Melbourne to pursue a career in Indonesia, started from zero again. I’m glad I took the risk and so far it’s been one of the best decision in my life!

  • Steven Servantez

    Oddly cool looking watch! My biggest risk was packing my bags and leaving home early to make it in the world. No plans, just wanderlust

  • Andrew Choi

    Happy New Year!

    A risk I took that paid off… I left a steady job to care for my niece and nephew. Years gone by I was fortunate enough to land an opportunity that I’m still progressing in my career with today. Sometimes you take risks, you win. Gotta be positive though and strong.

  • Paul MacAlester

    Doing missionary work on college campuses for 3 years!

  • Douglas Cocks

    Cracking looking watch, The biggest risk I ever did was leaving a well paid job to set up my own business . two years later it has paid off.

  • Jason

    Big risk, huh? Well the first time I ever gambled was on the way out of a hotel in Atlantic City after a trade show. I was almost out when I decided to give gambling one try. My money went in and I amazingly walked out with double my money. That $.25 bet actually paid off with a $.50 win!

  • H2

    Ah, this piece. Reminds me of a great joke: “How to Win at Roulette. Step 1: Own your own casino.”

    As for biggest risk that paid off? Leaving my job and family on the East Coast, landing in Denver with all my belongings stashed in the backseat of my Ford Focus, with naught but a few hundred to my name. Down to my last dollar, I landed a timely gig with Apple corporate. Years later, with a beautiful wife, daughter, house, dogs, Jeep — it’s turned out pretty alright. “Go West, young man” indeed!

  • Nick W

    Happy New Year!!!

  • Patrick H

    Happy New Year and what an unique timepiece to add to the collection. Its makers like these that make the analog watch still relevant.

  • Jared

    [email protected] the biggest risk I ever took was rushing to the defense of a stranger being jumped by 9 people, I ended up getting in trouble but the important thing to me is i saved someone.

  • Heigo Protten

    Big risk? Started my own business 🙂

  • Ted Cole

    Wow, what a unique look to this piece! Probably the biggest risk I took was when I decided to completely change careers. It’s been a long road, but worth it.

  • Spooky

    Happy New Year ,that’s definitely a unique looking watch & would look good in anyone’s collection,specially mine

  • SunnyCo-CreatorFin15

    Awesome start to the new year… Hopefully we all come up winners this year

  • IanE

    Clever stuff, but not for me.

    ** Can we do New Year requests? If so, is there any chance of something on the McGonigle brothers watches?

  • Julian D

    Happy new year! Biggest risk was betting 25k on Mayweather when he fought Pacquiao.

  • Omri Suissa

    Happy New Year 🙂

  • William Setyobudi

    Ive been a loser my whole life, and im just so tired of it. so I took my whole semester tuition fee and go to casino, and guess what happened next? yes yes yes, i have lost everything in a blink of an eye. and the biggest risk i ever did is to quit gambling, to embrace everything, hold onto nothing. To started all over again. life is change. growth is optional. choose wisely. 🙂

    • Shinytoys

      dude, If I win , I’m giving you the watch! Happy New Year and Best Wishes.

      • DanW94

        How f**king cool would that be if you won it and did that……

  • Aleksander Heba

    Biggest risk? Leaving my job, country, and moving to other one. 180 degree change. It was 10 years ago. It has paid off after all.

  • Nolan Meyer

    Happy new year guys! My biggest risk was moving out of my home across state at 18 for a possible job. Got it and am making good money now!

  • TrevorXM

    One big risk I took was dropping the witch who was making my life miserable way back when. That cost me a lot of stress and money for nearly a year, but in the years since, every day I am so happy I escaped.

  • Mark Parrett

    Met a girl and six months later married her. 11 years later I couldn’t be more sure that it was the right move.

  • Steve Vines

    My biggest risk was adopting 2 young boys! Best decision ever!!

  • I used to work in a cruise ship, sure there were many risks working in a ship. Now, i’m working for state-owned bank that I’ve been dreaming of. Different risks ahead but it still gives me pleasure of serving my country. Happy new year!

  • christopher jensen

    Moving cross country and changing careers was probably the bisect, but it did pay off. Thanks for the opportunity

  • Brian Jones

    Biggest risk would have to be deciding to make the move from New York to Singapore to pursue a new career. The move had a big part in sparking my love for watches, and also led me to get engaged to a pretty little lady

  • word-merchant

    Sold my IWCs (didn’t lose too much money) and Schofield SIgnalman DLC (actually made money on this one) and went with a Rolex white gold Sky Dweller and Deepsea D-Blue. Not much of a risk, I guess, but it just felt the right thing to do. Still feels right.

    If I win this watch I guarantee it will go straight on eBay and 100% of the money I make from the sale will go to a UK based charity.

  • Nolan White

    My biggest risk was deciding not to commit suicide. I was in a really bad place in my life and almost committed suicide but instead i decided to leave behind thr bad stuff and keep on living.

    • Twinbarrel

      im happy you made that decision. You deserve to win all the time pieces to run the rest of your life.

  • Tuomo Norring

    I fell in love with married women. She divorced and now 8 years later we are married happily.

  • PJ Dechaine

    Leaving a six figure job to go back to university after 10 years

  • A D

    the biggest risk was not getting married to my wife. Good thing I did..

  • Tommasio

    Biggest risk….. Being born is the biggest risk you can take. Cause you never really know what is going to happen after 1 minute, 5 minutes or even 1 hour. So in general we are all risktakers taking constant risks subconcious. So yeah we all crazy.

  • Ken G

    My biggest risk was similar to others here – it was: selling my house; quitting my job; leaving my family and friends; moving to another continent. All for a girl who subsequently broke my heart. But it all worked out in the end as I met someone genuine a year or two later…

  • Gary Aerne

    Met and married my wife. Best bet ever!! Still ticking 45 years later. Your watch would be a great gamble as well.

  • Tony Williams

    Quitting a very well paid job with excellent benefits to work for a small company using obsolete technology. Within 6 months they were training me on a new IT system. Within 2 years I moved to a better role. Within 3 years I was out the door and working for a company 5 minutes from home

  • reid

    Moving my wife and three kids across the country for a business with nothing but a handshake and a gut feelng. That was 19 yrs ago and no regrets.

  • Marc

    Three years ago I was about to be out of a job and had two potential opportunities. Both turned into offers. One offer working for someone I know was at a low salary, equal to what I made over ten years ago, the other was very good. I took the job with the lower salary and it turned out to be the right move. With that I have done pretty well and have built up my watch collection among other things. I am a huge Azimuth fan and own three of their watches. The newest Crazy Rider, a new old stock Mr. Roboto and an SP-1 Spaceship. They make some of the coolest pieces. This will look great in the collection.

  • Neal Goodacre

    Went into management in my company and never looked back.

  • SeanM

    A big risk was getting married. 25 years later, it’s still paying off

  • matevz

    decided to quit classic “9 to 5” job and started my own small business

  • Mak15

    My biggest risk was taking a year off from work to figure out what I really wanted. It worked out as I now have a job I enjoy and a fiancé I love.

  • Stefan

    In terms of financial risk I would have to go with going to college, massive debt at the time, but it paid off in the end with a great job and awesome opportunities.

  • Richard

    Biggest risk to date was when I owned an import company and to create a buzz on my product I had posted my items for sale with no reserve and zero starting price on a 24 hr bid on e-bay. Not only did I sell out but my product sold for triple than what i was going to be selling them at! I feel like the SP-1 Casino represents that in a very unique and awesome way. Just let it roll and your bound to hit on your number, just gotta take those chances or you’ll always be left wondering, what if?!? Happy 2016 all! To a kick ass new year 🙂

  • Andrew Reittinger

    One time I tried to steal home in little league. Didn’t work out. Unique watch for this giveaway, would be fun to have.

  • Dato Andy Lee

    Many years ago, I was working as a CFO of a rapidly-growing company in Asia when I had to decide if I wanted to continue to be with the love of my life then; which would require me to take a huge risk to throw away everything that I have worked for and up-root myself to re-locate to London, with literally just the savings in my bank and faith in my heart. Today, I have climbed back up the corporate ladder and the biggest win of all was being blessed with a lovely spouse and my handsome but cheeky boys. You have to take a gamble sometime in life…

  • Y Til

    Quit a job and great place to go for collage education.

  • TriggerMG

    Biggest risk….ate leftover Chinese food…it paid off as tasted great. I live dangerously

  • Hammy Wortman

    I sold most of my assets to start my business. Now I support my family and love what I do. Big risk- paid off big time!

  • JD Ouest

    This watch is so bonkers over-the-top it’s awesome. I always loved casino and gaming culture.

    I quit being a union employee and joined management. It was the smartest thing I ever did for my career as it opened a huge number of opportunities. The pay increase(s) enabled me to put way more money towards paying off the mortgage.

  • Edward

    That really is quite a watch, My big risk? asking my second practice wife to marry me ! She left without taking me to the bank ha !

  • MA

    I can see why this watch is being given away. Biggest risk I took in life that paid off in the end is when I had almost $3K in swiss automatic watches and sold them all because they were just a waste of my money. I don’t miss them and don’t ever want to replace them with other expensive automatic watches.

  • Shinytoys

    my biggest risk is similar to many as I dropped out of college to pursue a career, and it’s still a gamble, but it’s looking pretty good 🙂 Happy New Year Y’all


    Quit my good paying corporate job and became a street food vendor. Best pay off ever, doing what I’m passionate about and I own a successful restaurant now.

  • wow what a watch will love to have it on me when in casino
    biggest risk I took was a move from east coast to Arizona I left good managment position to start new life with my family in Arizona after 10 years we still here all is good and no snow 🙂

  • 112010

    What a great watch! I will spin the wheel and win it! Yes!

  • Vikram

    That’s a different looking piece, interesting nonetheless. Biggest risk was going into a field of work that is very volatile… But 8 years on and progressing steadily ?

  • dj heidihoe

    I love casino games, but dont have the money to afford this watch.

    Biggest risk which payed of is outdoor adventuring, it is great fun to bike the alps and check out new ways.

  • ZBT71

    That is a beautiful watch, thanks for this opportunity to ABW and to Azimuth. My biggest risk…I was very young with very little life experience when I asked a lady I had recently met to lunch. Over a long lunch I casually mentioned to her that I was going to marry her. Four years later we were married and its now been 44 years and counting. She still thinks I’m crazy but it was the biggest and best risk I ever took in my life.


    hum biggest risk moving out of the country to look for opportunities. did pay off now I need to do it again. Anyhow, if I end up owning this piece I shall then turn around and give to someone much less fortunate than me. Maybe it will bring them good luck.

  • David Stewart

    What a unique watch! I love it. As a student of probability it is right up my alley. I really like it.

  • Omegaboy

    Married a woman 12 years younger than me. That was 26 years and two kids ago. We have a terrific marriage!

  • jahenson

    My big risk so far has been graduate school. I know it isn’t for everyone, but devoting that much of my life to education and taking on student loans seems to have paid off for me.


    One of the biggest risks I’ve taken in life was the jump from working in the music industry to jewelry sales. I was feeling a need for a change in life and was offered a position at a jeweler and figured why not give it a shot. Now I am the manager of the store and am trying to go back to school for watch design! I would love to win this watch to see how companies are designing new designs and concepts and how they are alter ETA movements to obtain their vision.

  • sandmaniac3

    I moved in with a girl I barely knew because I needed a new place and it was close to work. I don’t live there or work there today, but she and I are still together.

  • darvidteche

    The biggest risk I’ve ever taken was going back to school. I walked away from a decent career after 10.5yrs to get my education. My undergrad is done and now I’m starting medical school this summer. I guess I’m still putting it all on the table, but I know the payoff is on its way.

  • Login

    I love it! 🙂 For I like to gamble in the local casino, and that experience will be much more intense with the Sp-1 Casino King on my wrist! 🙂

  • korbindallis

    This is a unique watch well not a Christophe Claret blackjack but a damn sweet cheaper alternative

  • Addison Gernhard

    Paid 25 dollars to enter a pool tournament made out with 250 dollars

  • Daniel Gilland

    Moved to NYC. Pretty big risk, great reward.

  • Larry Holmack

    Really cool looking watch…would love to own it!!! I took a huge risk moving to New Orleans in January of 1997…with no job…and only a few grand to live of of until I found work. Found work in a week…got an apartment and met my wife a year and a half later! It was the biggest risk I ever took…and it paid off great!!

  • Zoltan Szabo

    a big risk you took in life that really paid off in the end: hahaha it was my marriage

  • Jeff Negrin

    Can’t imagine another watch that would generate more interest. Very, very cool. And perhaps most innovative is that the novelty isn’t just in the design for design’s sake, but rather Azimuth took the concept all the way through to the mechanical execution, and you can actually play roulette! How cool is that? In terms of my big risk, after a career in larger companies, I joined a very small firm – now 10 years ago – and it has not only provided financial rewards, but also flexibility that allows me more time with my family. Happy New Year Everyone!

  • Abjarv

    Left a high paying job in food and beverage to pursue a passion (beach volleyball). Played for three years, qualified for the US Open in 2009 and have never regretted it. Hung up the sports dreams after that and returned to the corporate world. Other big gamble, marrying the amazing woman I did.

  • S.lim

    Very special design watch,pls let me be chosen to make it the best birthday gift I will ever receive.

  • bdraguts

    Dropped out of medical school, got married, found a job I love, and couldn’t be happier.

  • Jason

    Moved away of Branch Banking after 25 years to work for a courier company after the stress levels and targets became too much. My wife says I’m a different man and much happier as a result. Would make a great birthday pesent for my 18yr old son. Cheers from the UK

  • Jason Sheppard

    leaving a job after 15yrs of security and really enjoying working for myself

  • I quit a very solid job with benefits for a lower paying job with no benefits just over a year ago. And now I am making twice as much as I was at the old job.

  • Wow this is awesome!! Love roulette and watches and would live to win this. Blogtowatch is one of my fav sites and instagram accounts to follow!

    My big risk – i was a contractor for a major technology storage company, they were preparing to move our contract jobs to company jobs in egypt. We were told we could get training and stuff and encouraged to look for other positions with-in the company. I sent a blast email that my manager didnt like expressing how we as contractors should stick together and if anyone was affraid to say anything mention to someone who wasnt as we needed to look out for each other. Well that got my contract terminated fast. I didnt get discouraged it allowed me to go to school for certifications and get involved in social media. Five years after this moment of sticking up for my coworkers i have a great group of friends i met and new career from that decision to stand up for my team mates. This mentality was given when i made another big choice to join the service many years ago.

  • Chris Ryan

    Stunning watch that will look great on a trip to Vegas.

  • Luciano Oliveira

    Moving to a different country.

  • Lawrence BonForte

    I took a risk telling my wife that I was sure we were getting married just after we first met. That was 15 years ago.

  • Steve Mulder

    Beautiful watch. Big risk: getting married! Totally the best move.

  • John Wardleworth

    Moved to Sydney at age 17 to start a law degree. I was alone in Australia’s biggest city.

  • B. Presley

    Very sharp timepiece. It will look great at Monte-Carlo next time!

  • James Dimauro

    I risk my life every time I tell my wife I am going to buy another watch.

  • Susan Vieno Stirling

    I love this; just like I love my son-in-law. Would love to give it to him to celebrate the joy he brings to my daughter’s life!

  • Aaron Mok

    In 2008 I during the recession a lower paying job so I could spend more time at home with my first born. The job paid 40% less at the time and the company made 75 people redundant after the first 3 months I started at the company. As it turns out the skills I acquired from this job provided opportunities for my to triple my earning with 5 years. So hard work, patience and resilience really pays off.

  • Lauri Mäkinen

    I really don’t have that moment yet… But would love the watch!

  • Greg Lane

    Just getting out of the house today is risky enough.

  • wallydog2

    Please do not enter my name in this month’s give away. This watch is beyond tacky!

  • Mitch

    What a crazy looking watch. This would be a real conversation piece at parties.

    The biggest life risk for me was joining the military and deciding to make a career of it. Best “risky” decision I’ve ever made. It was well with the sacrifices.

  • D. McMurchy

    A bit much, but an interesting talking piece

  • Bernard Jones

    the biggest life risk which changes everything is to make a move from my beloved country to Australia…where i have to leave all my family and friends behind. Start a brand new live here.
    It pay off because of the result of success.

  • Alan

    Beautiful piece of craftmanship. Striking, eye catching, different, yet masterful. An absolute stand out.

  • Louis Ortiz

    A unique looking watch that would be a perfect gift for a gambler just like me. I would love to have it.

  • I got married. It’s been great! Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Nathan Asher

    That watch looks so cool! It will be a great heirloom for my kids! Love it.

  • I’m not surprised someone is giving this watch away. It’s the ugliest watch I have ever seen.

  • Maxtor

    I joined the Super Bowl Pool with my buddies. We go to Vegas every year and part of the ritual is to make a pooled bet on the next year’s Super Bowl. Haven’t won yet… but maybe this is the year. If not, I’d love to be wearing this watch when we go to Vegas this year.

  • TimB

    Not my thing, but great out of the box give away, hope someone that really loves it and wears it wins! 🙂

  • Dustin

    Going from the restaurant and hospitality industry of 15 years back to school to pursue a nursing degree. The financial investment was the biggest risk, but in the end has made me and my wife happier.

  • James Vaisey

    Always bet on red, an unusual piece, and would serve to offer the perfect tonic to my self imposed casino ban!

  • Danny Lawrence Evans

    Going out with my ex girlfriends sister years ago. Married now with 3 kids

  • Steven Holness

    Would look so much better risking being seen on my wrist!
    I took a risk moving to London with confirmed work (as a musician) paying less than my rent cost….but I had to be there to start my career….now I own my own flat, have had a very successful career, am often performing on TV and on major live tours and gigs…all because I took a risk……

  • Dylan Fogarty

    Beautiful watch

  • Richard Wilt

    Going skydiving New Years Eve several years ago. Terrified of heights. Moved to NYC to pursue my dream of acting and ended up getting paid for it.

  • Daniel D.

    It would have to be when I had joined the Army in 1989. Many years of service and wonderful opportunities abroad and here at home. Good luck to all.

  • Jonathan

    Beautiful watch to go with my Cait Sith costume! Actually, I don’t have a costume but I would definitely be channeling the gaming spirit were I wearing this watch.

  • IVA the LT

    Crazy watch, I’d never buy it myself, but if it somehow ended up on my wrist for free…

    Biggest risk: went to college with no financial aid at 17 and had never spent more than one day in the area. Best decision I ever made; grew up real fast.

  • mikegrattan

    When I was 20, I was in the Army and about to be deployed to Germany. On pure impulse, I drove eight hours to propose to a girl whom I had dated when I was fifteen. We were still in touch, more or less, and I knew she wasn’t involved in a serious relationship. I drove to her town, called her from a payphone to get directions to her apartment, picked her up, drove her to a nearby park, and proposed. I had it all planned out, I knew she would say ‘yes’. But, no, it didn’t work out. Fast forward 25 years and we were in touch again; we were both going through divorces and we helped each other via email. Once everything was said and done, I asked if I could fly up and visit her. She said ‘yes’. We’ve now been married for almost five years.

  • Frank Kotarski

    I have been looking at the Azimuth SP-1 Battle Tank, it might be a while before I get one. This is one of many of their watch line that is pretty cool and outrageous. I give them lot’s of credit for thinking outside the box with their design’s.

  • Blissful Ignorance

    Definitely a unique watch, the perfect conversation piece. Absolutely adore that crown!

    Here’s a funny risk story. I remember way back in high school, there was a test question that asked to give an example of a risk so I simply wrote “leaving this question blank”. Ended off with full marks and a very impressed teacher.

  • cg

    Biggest risk I had was playing Roulette with my last $1K in College with the rent and tuition due… The pay off eventually worked it’s way up to $15K more than enough to pay for my last few classes and almost a years rent…. Bought new tires for the DS too! Love the fact it’s a gamers watch too.

  • manuelvizcaya

    Getting married. The best decision of my life.

  • Adam Goldstein

    Very unique watch. Definitely one of a kind. Dropped out of college but went to culinary school which worked out really well.

  • Bucky Katt

    I took a job in Japan, speaking no Japanese, and not knowing anyone. I had a great adventure, and saw a decent amount of the country. Even met a couple of relatives I had never met before. It didn’t go perfectly, but it could have gone a lot worse, and I’m glad I did it.

  • Ben

    Entering grad school

  • Felipe Garcia

    This watch is incredibly outstanding. The most significant risk I ever took was changing job while getting married. It paid getting even more options and better opportunities.

  • Ahmed Talal Khan

    Life itself is a risk and remains so throughout the time! However, the biggest I took was when not only I changed the job but also the field. Today I am successful in a field that I once thought I hated the most.

  • Eric Yee

    Flying half way across the U.S. to live with a woman I’d met online. That was nine years ago and now we’re happily married.

  • Kenneth Khor

    Getting a metallurgical engineering degree in China would be my greatest risk ever taken. Wonderful memories.

  • kenneth Laycock

    I was living in the UK from 2012-14, working in the health care field. As a permanent resident of Australia,I was required to renew my residency status,as a precursor to return to Australia as a resident, in order to retain my eligibility to live in the country. Unbeknownst to me at the time,I had a 2.5cm tumour sitting inside my head. I decided to leave England,and return to Australia,where further test confirmed that I’d been treading time. Now all is well,and I’ve discovered the joy of mechanical watches and the cameraderie that aBlogtoWatch has brought to my life.

  • Arun

    Marrying a girl within a month of our first meeting was the greatest risk I ever took. Glad it paid of so well.

  • LA

    A couple of years ago I forwent my parents dream of me becoming a doctor and turned down my acceptance to medical school. Instead, I decided to pursue my calling as an engineer. The risk was, in many people’s opinions, walking away from a prestigious career and a higher than average financial situation.

    In my heart, it wasn’t about money. It wasn’t about prestige. It was about becoming MY own man and taking control of my life. Making the decision let a huge weight off my shoulders. The greatest part was after telling my dad, he said he’d be proud of me regardless of what I did with my future.

    I’m happy to say that today, I have a great engineering job and am living a very fulfilled life. Sure, there are moments when I wish I had gone to medical school, but I honestly don’t think I’d be where I am today had I not made the choice to truly follow my passions.

    That risk really paid off.


    I risked moving to another country, and found love, care and inner peace.
    I’d love to win this, to gift it to the person who is giving me all the above, thank you.

  • JayDub

    I barely take any risks. 🙁 I can literally not think of one huge risk.

  • SuperStrapper

    I quit a job and left an industry I was good at but no longer wanted to be in. I took some contract work I a completely new industry, and it eventually turned into a full time job and then a career that I loved.

  • David

    I wanted this watch since its debut on A Blog to Watch last year.If I win this, I would wear this until everyone I knew got sick of seeing it. 10 years ago, I decided to venture out and become an independent financial planner. I never wanted to chase my clients again, knowing that every time you leave a wire house broker dealer, everyone in the office works over time to steal your clients.In most firms, the unsaid word is “Do what is right for the client… as long as it’s good for the firm as well.” I was tired of always fighting to do what was right for the client, which often times cuts into the firms and your own revenue. The first year was very tough, and I almost gave up until I had a chance meeting with another independent adviser that already had 20 years under his belt and a thriving practice. After a couple of months of discussions, I merged my practice with his. Though I have regretted many decisions in my life, this was one that made up for quite a few of them. I have never looked back, and I can honestly say that I have never had a dilemma of conscience since.

  • David Dumas

    Around 2009, I was a BROKE college student who loved cars and watches. I used my tuition money (saved from working 3 jobs over the summer) to buy into Ford just when all the other US based automakers were preparing for bankruptcy and used a loan to cover school. I paid about $1.50 per share. When I sold a few years later at about $17/share, the earnings were enough to cover my entire education as well as my first new car… Which was a Ford.

  • Steve Bowden

    I took a big risk that paid off big when I threw a pie at the Canadian Prime Minister of the time, the humourless Stephen Harper. It wasn’t really a pie so much as a pie-plate filled with whipped cream. But I think it still counts, don’t you? Anyway, after the successful Throwing-Of-The-Pie I was whisked away by the RCMP. To the un-initiated, that’s the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. So they threw me into the back of a paddy wagon, and then tossed me into a cell in the Royal Canadian Hoosegow. But here’s where my risk taking really paid off! The police subjected me to repeated cavity searches where, disturbingly, the horses had a part to play. But in my cavity they found one of the rarest Canadian coins, a 1936 ‘dot one’ cent coin. They confiscated it, but it was returned to me upon my release. Having been up my colon for so many years the coin was not in ‘mint’ condition, and will never smell minty even if you covered it in Juicyfruit gum. In mint condition it would be worth 400 000 easy, but I was willing to settle for a quarter of a million.


    graduated in computer sc but to do others 20 years ago. i do not regret it

  • Alex Gerasimov

    Spending all of my savings and starting a business!! do far so good.

  • j4m3z

    I worked hard & saved some money to further my studies overseas. It was risky to me as I had a family but it paid off in the end with a better job and I could provide for my family a little better.

  • Joseph Luzzo

    What a great looking timepiece to wear to the casino, I bet it’s good luck.


    I can´t really recall a risk that really paid off unless you consider a big adrenaline rush payment 🙂

  • MSM

    Does getting married count? It’s certainly paid off!

  • Bob Sebastian

    I’m not much of a risk taker. Or at least I don’t recognize the risk involved in some of the things I do. This is an unusual and fun watch that I’d love to wear, though.

  • Chris Morgan-Jones

    Letting my father-in-law drive us all to Edinburgh for Hogmanay felt a bit risky at time, but if paid off, we survived the journey and had lots of fun.

    Has anyone ever used a watch for a bluffing system in poker? I read about a system where you decided whether to bluff or not based on whether the second hand of your watch was pointing more to the left or the right so your bluffs were random and unpredictable. I’d love to know if anyone has had any success with this or other systems…

  • tcoomber

    Generally, I’m pretty risk averse but I did quit my job and follow my girlfriend to a new city that I wasn’t too keen on. Lucky, I quickly found a new job, married the girl and now, 10 years later, consider this city my home.

  • mauro tovoli

    I think the biggest risk in life is to not risk nothing The risk I am taking now will be presented to you in a short time (I hope) in this blog

  • Giulio Tonin

    Talking about casino, here you are a risk I took.
    Last year I’ve been on school trip in Prague; I ran out of Czech Crowns, one day before leaving the city. I still had to buy some presents to my mates. Me and my friend decided to go to the casino to win some money. Starting from 600Czk, in an hour we reached 2048 Czk, then we took a pause and restarted later, reaching our top win 2700Czk.
    Then we walked away and bought all the presents.
    In the evening, bored with our last 300Czk, we decided to go back to the Casino and spend all the money, but we still won 2060Czk, that we spent around on stupid things.
    Here you are my evening winning ticket.
    Took a real risk in the afternoon but I’ve been rewarded and had a really funny evening and night.

  • grandma 1

    I truly hope I win this watch for my grandson

  • karen petrychko

    I really like these watches and think they are going to make great gift Shop!

  • Harrison Zhang

    Well, the biggest risk i took in life was buying a porshe when i was almost broke. i was broke afterwards but a guy came up to me and said that this was the most valuable one in the market. so i sold it and here i am with 3 times the value i bought it for!!

  • Wayde

    I like the design of these watches

  • Bruno Marcic

    Great watch!

  • Jeffrey Gougeon

    Awesome looking watch.

    My biggest risk would have been moving to the other side of the world. It was an amazing change.

  • Kyle Flodder

    Stopping work to earn an MBA, but I am glad to have taken the chance

  • Rodney Stone

    Nice watch, i took a risk buying horse racing software, so far so good

  • Candoman BC

    The watch would look good on my wrist. Biggest Risk: Moving to a foreign land to marry. Still together 26 years later.

  • Sean Pynaert

    I’m taking big risks right now gambling on the stock market

  • Would love to have this watch rsbrandt44 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  • Maxx reiner

    biggest risk was moving to st Thomas to become a local watch dealer. Best decision I ever made.

  • Maxx reiner

    Biggest risk was moving to the other side of the country to marry the woman I love at a young age. Was the best decision I ever made

  • JB

    Took a risk by leaving a secure job for one in a new city and state, farther away from family, at the same time as I got married. Lots of change in a short time, but six years later it’s paid off. More job satisfaction and we love our new home.

  • steve

    I still feel that the biggest risk one can take is braving the 101 during rush-hour commute. Intentionally my greatest risk has likely involved repeatedly committing various acts of aviation.

  • DonRobb

    The big risk I took was not every going back to my job. It forced me to find a better one.

  • Jayden Navarro

    The biggest risk I ever took was choosing a less well respected college to be in an area closer to where I wanted to be.

  • Ste Kerry

    My biggest risk was many years ago. Upon taking a bike ride with my brother on a canal boating holiday with our dad in about 1989 we ended up in a field full of bulls. After being cornered and not being able to charm our way out of the situation we had to drop our bikes and jump over the fence. On returning to his boat my dad sent us back to get our bikes. They weren’t cheap apparently. I distintcly remember saying to my brother ‘This is too risky’ and he said ‘it is a big risk but dad said we have to get our bikes back’. With my dads abscense duly noted we ran in and got them and no one died. Apparently my brother says to this day that i cried. I dont remember that aspect but i was a little bit preoccupied by the fact that i’d wet myself. It really paid off taking that risk because i had a paper round that had i had to do it on foot rather than my bike – i would have been about 2 hours late for school every morning. Also i had put some good stickers on the frame.

  • Jeannie Smyth

    My biggest risk was choosing to have surgery to remove a rib. I’d been in a car accident which had left me with thoracic outlet syndrome. The surgery gave an 80% promise to alleviate the problem. Unfortunately it didn’t work out but I don’t regret having the surgery.

  • Petar Panov

    My biggest risk was when I was building homemade fireworks. It was years ago when I was just a kid and wanted to impress my friends. The risk was mixing the ingredients together to make the giant ‘firecracker’, I burned my pants but other than that it went harmless. I don’t know if it was worth it, but it was one big BOOM and so is this watch. I would be more than happy to own it.

  • Alex H

    My biggest risk was having a beautiful baby girl! It was a game changing risk that is 100% worth it.

  • Carol

    Am always running late, my watch quit have not replaced yet…hopefully I win this one…

  • Keith

    Leaving the table, sprinting down a steep slope and swimming past rocks towards backline to see a pod of dolphins (complete with a belly full of English breakfast and champagne). Arriving at said location only to find the dolphins had moved on and weren’t interested in me. Vomiting said breakfast into the ocean soon thereafter. Realising that, in it’s own way, this is what life is all about.

  • NC

    Racing Mountain Bikes as hard and as fast as I can. Yes I crash, wreck bikes and wheels, but I’ve also been on the podium a couple of times!

  • Ealaag

    It was fun reading some of the other things people posted as their biggest risks. I would have to say mine was taking a long road trip, with barely enough money to cover the gas. The memories of that adventure are some of my most treasured. Anyway, this is one of those love-it-or-hate it watches, and I must say it looks pretty cool.

  • Noah Panitch

    I gave up a full scholarship to Rutgers to go to NYU. So far that risk has played out well as NYU has been amazing to me and given me many opportunities I don’t think I would’ve had if I went to Rutgers!

  • Randall Sheppard

    After working for Fortune 500 companies for very many years, I started my own consultancy business which allows me to better direct where my time and energies can be best spent to earn additional funds to buy more high end watches.

  • Nick

    I once corned a black bear to get a picture of it, the bear was foaming at the mouth and growling. It never attacked.

  • falconer68

    I took a risk in 1997 to move away from my hometown of Montreal to Move to Alberta 4400Kms away. For my Children and i to have a better life. We left our Parents/grandparents and all family members. After a year my parents and brother and sister and their families followed suite. We are all much happier now. It was a risk not knowing what to expect in a different province. A risk well spent.

  • Muhammad Usman

    This watch to me is an amazing piece of art and refinement. I would love to have it on my wrist. Since I cannot afford it, I wish that I am the lucky one to win it.

  • A Drain

    I left my home country and family before I was 18 and came to America. I have enjoyed a wonderful set of experiences over the past 22 years. I also had kids (never planned to)!

  • ben fong

    I put it all down on black and won! That was the biggest risk I have taken.

  • ??????

    Must be fun to wear!

  • ElaineB2

    What a unique collection of watches!

  • Robyn B.

    Love this watch! Biggest risk I ever took was having a second child since I was much older at the time but worked out wonderful.

  • Ashkan Garshasbi

    I love watches and going to collage was biggest risk I took
    in my life.

  • spartanwrists

    Hands down biggest gamble was my wife. Previous of her i was a professional muay thai fighter. Once i graduated college i was moving from america to thailand to take my fighting to the next level. that last semester of college i met my now wife. the effect was it caused me to hang up the gloves and grow out the mohawk. with life plans thrown out the window, i got a boring desk job as a mental health counselor, but its been 7 years of blissful marriage.

  • Farouk Gomati

    The biggest risk I’ve taken so far in my life ismoving from South America/Colombia (where I was born and raised) to Germany at the age of 17 all by myself. I moved with only a couple of Dollars in my pocket. Long story short, this risk has paid off very well. I ended up living 7 years in Germany, finished my jazz studies, I was awarded with a full scholarship in the most renowned music school in the world (Berklee, in Boston) have won 3 Latin Grammys, visited over 48 countries in the world, and many other things that I couldn’t share with you if I wouldn’t have taken that risk at the age of 17.
    Life has taken me now to Miami where I live and I keep welcoming risks everyday

  • MuzikaL 7

    Trusting my brother 😉

  • Karla R.

    The biggest gamble was moving with my husband to another city but in the end the move was great.

  • DT

    marrying my wife 🙂

  • Andri Purba

    The biggest risk that i have taken in my life was choosing to going back for good to my country indonesia when i already have a good job in australia. I decide to going back after i hear my father having a health issue and as a son i choose to leave a good life in australia and having a strugling life in indonesia . My father health become better as time goes on, and im happy with my life too even with less money compare when im still working in aussie

  • Darren Chen

    I once gave up a steady job to intern at a startup. Shortly after I was offered an even better job using the experience from that startup. And well, here I am packing things getting ready to move tomorrow.

  • Veli-Pekka Sihvonen

    I also gave up a steady job to go to another firm with the same tasks. It payed off because I was planning to get ahead on my career with the new firm. It happened.

  • Aravind Memana

    Opting for a career in mechanical engineering is the best decision I have made till date.Hailing for a family of doctors, the career decision was a huge risk .guidance from family was restricted but I followed my passion ,completing the course with distinction.

  • Andrew Ehlen

    This is a very interesting watch. The gaming theme will keep it always unique. It’s certainly a risk to wear it any situation other than gambling. I took a risk when I finally pulled the trigger on my first luxury watch, an Omega Speedmaster. I debated whether it was a smart financial decision, but the intrinsic value is something you can’t put a price on.

  • Stefanos Stylianou

    Back in 2016, there was this online watch giveaway that I really wanted to participate in. Only catch was, I had to come up with a story about a big risk I took in life. Since I couldn’t come up with something on the spot, I decided to risk and make a meta post about it. Wouldn’t you know it, about a month later I had my hands on an amazing Azimuth King Casino and could not be happier!!

  • David

    Very interesting watch. I want it 😀

  • Anderson Rosa

    The biggest risk i took in life was to quitte my fulltime job at age 25 to get a bachelor degree in fysical therapy. That meant taking a huge setback in financials and dealing with 18jr olds. I wanted a medical degree an I didn’t had a proper degree to enter university but I was accepted through an interview. I finished my degree in 4 years and now make enough to bye myself a Rolex Datejust II. Always wanted that watch so I bought it and couldn’t be happier with the biggest risk of my life…Like the Azimuth too!! Would love to own it!

  • Sarosto

    Once I gambled my new car of 2 days on a single poker hand, now I have a new motoricycle, courtesy of my King high full house…

  • Alex van Rensburg

    I changed jobs and moved to a new city to be with a girl I’d been dating long-distance for a few months. 4 years later and my job and girlfriend both still kick ass.

  • Andy Siow

    One of the biggest risk I took was on a commodity stock 2 years back which had collapsed 95% within 3 days. While the market was still trying to figure out what went wrong. I took a leap of faith went in to make a purchase of that stock. In 4 days time after my purchased, it rebounded 100% of the low and I doubled my capital.

  • Martinmgl

    Leaving my stable and thriving job back in my home country in order to find a job in Japan, without speaking Japanese and without ever having visited the country before. In the end it really paid off (and still is)

  • Steven

    The biggest risk I’ve taken is participating in helping the North Korean refugee escape from North Korea and the happiness of the refugee escaping makes it all worthwhile.

  • Hamilton Lin

    Awesome watch, especially if one likes gambling!
    Biggest risk: jumped down two story building because saw someone do it in a movie (not very smart)

  • Josh

    How funny would it be to walk into a casino with that one on your wrist!
    Biggest risk I’ve taken was to buy an off the plan in 20 minutes. The pay-off came 4 years later and has helped to finance that ever expanding collection!

  • Alex More

    I took a big life risk in deciding to go to law school, but that decision has really paid off through my success and satisfaction in my career.

  • mojomarc

    The biggest risk I took was probably moving cross-country for a job to a city I has never lived in. A decade later, I have a house, a wife, a beautiful daughter, and a growing watch collection to show for it.

  • Chad D

    Decided to spin the wheel and move out to Chicago. It was a risk I took about a year ago, but so far has been well worth it!

  • Bunny Butt

    decided to take karate classes even though i didnt really like it, 8 years later made some of my closest friends and achieved the rank of blackbelt

  • Kvks Kumar

    i took the risk of joining a company that pays lil but i would learn a lot. n it paid out well. i have learnt a lot compared to my friends who started off with me

  • tank324

    Moving from Michigan to Texas for a job transfer was risky but has worked out really well for me and my family.

  • GojiB

    moving from Singapore to NYC seemed like a big risk.. but it’s still paying out!!! i feel the same way also about my first watch that i bought, IWC3234-01 and after all these years, it’s still my favourite!

  • Edis Zuki?

    Was in town with friend for a drink or two and spent our last money betting on a game, two hours latter we won more than I though to see in my miserable life, great feeling, spent it on family, friends and some other necessary stuff but still I have done more than enough what I wanted with it.

  • Was my first time as a watch enthusiast at Baselworld. Most of the exhibitors were asking which country we were coming from, and if we were a distributor?? before they would accept us to explore their collections. I was so down and had to do something, otherwise all our trip was turning to be a disaster. Then, when another exhibitor aksed me this time “Are you a distributor?” I said “Yes” and the Ceo came…Ceo??? I became so nervous…He show us the pieces…But, It all went good and we even shared contact info to keep in touch again…

  • Dan Eraso

    Mba. High risk. Hasnt paíd yet. But I do not regret it.

  • Dave T

    Biggest risk… Well, my kids !!! I’m so happy, everyday, I made this decision.

  • Paul Murcko

    Impressive design; unique!

  • BillyJackHD

    A big risk that I believe I took was to stand up to two guys that were harassing a smaller guy.
    I am not a big guy but acted tough when this situation arose.
    The two guys backed off and left without issue.
    I felt afterwards that it was a crazy thing I had done,
    But I was glad I had done it, as was the guy who was being harassed.

  • David

    The biggest risk I have taken, was leaving Australia for the uk with a girl i had only know for two months. We have now been happily married for nine years.

  • Muhammad Usman

    I had only ~380$ (original in Pak. rupee) when I spent these in purchasing second hand bike and it paid of for next 7 years and still is going.

  • aishihigeo

    Paid 100 dollars to enter a poker tournament made out with 10000 dollars

  • aishihigeo

    Paid 1000 dollars to enter a poker tournament made out with 10000 dollars

  • Maryna Jedrzejak

    This is amazing watch and i love to win!!!

  • karen petrychko

    This is one fantastic watch. Love the casino theme!

  • clara lim

    Left my home country to be a watch designer.

  • Ron Heiden

    I’ll gamble on this one. What a fun watch. A big risk I made was going hiking as a kid and all the while being grounded. I thought I could get home before my parents and they would never be the wiser. As it turned out there was a downed power line in our path about three feet off the ground. Not knowing what it was I grabbed it to lift it over my head but instead was electrocuted with 7200 volts and 84 amps. I never made it home for a year and suffice it to say my parents found out. I shouldn’t be alive and that risk didn’t pay off. My wife and kids did though. Glad to be alive!

    • Should have stayed “grounded” then


  • Mason Zhang

    I spent $500 in a casino and I actually won TWICE the amount I started with!

  • Binns88

    Upped sticks and quit a management job in the UK and moved to the Middle-east to start working in education. Best decision I ever made.

  • Nick Man Mathias

    Moved without knowing a soul to St. John’s, Newfoundland and started engineering! No regrets.

  • Matthew

    I quit university when studying an undergraduate degree in Architecture in the UK when 20, with nothing to my name. Decided to move to Thailand for a new start. Been based here 5 years, now married, with a house and car, good job, close to becoming a manager at the company I am at, whilst they are also sponsoring me to study a new undergraduate programme via online study at a UK university. I could say that I have landed on my feet, and I’m finally in a position to start my own watch collection (Timex Weekender, and Seiko SNK803 – cheaper options, but not a bad place to start).

  • Kirby Ellis

    Whilst unemployed, I knocked back a job offer (with nothing else in hand). Tell weeks later for a better offer with a better company – absolutely smashing it! The risk was definitely worth the reward.

  • Ionesi Victor

    I got married just after 3 months since I met her. It was a very good decision 15 years since than.

  • William

    Moved to a new country without knowing a soul. Really paid off in the end!

  • disqus_oyY8b9zRMS

    Watching your videos instead of studying, hopefully it will now pay off.

  • Igor Stefanovski

    Entered in casino with 20 Euro and came out with 220 🙂

  • Nick D.

    Unbeknownst to my parents, I quit the ingineering program that was driving me mad and started to study film. It was a big risk at the time, career wise at least, but it really paid off in the end and I never regretted it.

  • Gabi Balas-Baconschi

    a few years ago, I left the insurance company I worked to another company in a different industry. After 4 months, I returned to the same insurance company I left. Usually a return to the same company, it does’t give you a good “image”. But after another 6 months, I received a career opportunity and moved to a senior management position. So it really paid off in the end.

  • etanner

    It would sure look in place on the felt.

    I took a long shot chance on love once, after a long series of rejections, I almost didn’t approach her, but glad I did, she’s a light in many peoples lives and I’m fortunate to be one of them. Swallowing your pride and taking a risk that might damage your ego is one worth taking. The “what if’s” hurt more than the bruised ego.

  • Michael Ratliff

    Had a baby, she’s very smart and cute–worth it!

  • Duncan Gray

    It would a fun watch for fun occasions. Working for myself, a lot of work but it worked out well in the end…

  • I took the red pill, stayed in Wonderland, and found out how deep the rabbit hole went.

  • morphal

    Reading this blog instead of studying. Actually a discussion about watch helped to land a job so reading about watches had a pretty good risk/reward ratio for me.

  • Daniel Johnson

    gorgeous watch my father swore by them and I have always
    wanted one badly but could never afford one

  • dmiller

    I took the risk of quitting my job for a new one and it paid off

  • Erik Batson

    I moved to NYC and looked for a job in education. I got one once I was there in the Bronx teaching students at a great high school. I had lived in Alabama and Mississippi my who life and decided I needed to see what was out there. It paid off huge, I learned more than I would have ever imagined and it also stoked my love of watches because I could window show in amazing shops in NYC. This watch is great!

  • Pablitoz68

    I don’t have this in my collection. So how about helping me out?

  • German Lopez

    I took the risk of staying a contract employee (with my now current company) for about 2 years not making much, but in the end it worked out well because i got hired on full time and now i get tons of employee benefits and perks that i never did.

  • Marc-Alexandre Nolin

    I’ve stayed in school for post-grad study. In didn’t paid off that much in money term, but I met my wife at that moment 🙂

  • benjameshodges

    Give me the watch. There’s a big risk now let’s see if it pays off.

  • Joel

    This watch is amazing!

  • Henrik Johnsen

    Would be a superb start of my collection untill i can add some serious pieces my self. Fingers crossed!

  • Travis Cannata

    After getting married across the state, I was offered a job on the opposite coast. My wife and I took the plunge, packed up everything, and she received the biggest promotion of her life moving over here.

    Both of us moved up the corporate chain, and have been living happily ever after.

  • Bartman Hawaii

    My marriage! Big risk, big payoff.

  • Shane Kleinpeter

    Why is it easier to come up with the example of the big risk I took that DIDN’T work out??? Ha! I once bought a stock that seemed to be dead for $3. I bought a bunch, and it took off and I quadrupled my money. This watch would be a fun thing to have in the collection.

  • Daniel Hercman

    I moved from a good school to a bad school because i did not feel comfortable with the people there. Now i have found my future wife and found my best bros there! It’s the best decision in my life but it was a big risk.

  • Iver Almås

    Starting a netflix subscription is a fairly big risk, considering sleep and social matters. But I’ve I got through it without the biggest issues. So I guess it paid off. I think the watch is an unique and cool piece wich I would love to wear on my wrist.

  • Andre Pelletier

    I returned home from australia to be with a girl I had only been with 4 weeks before leaving. She’s now my wife and bought me my first watch.

  • Ryan

    Joined the Army. Not only did I experience a lot in the ten years i was in, but currently a civilian going to college full time on the government’s dime.

  • Adrian Lopez

    My biggest gamble so far has been giving the wedding vows a second chance. After a failed marriage, I told myself what the heck, lightning surely won’t strike twice in the same spot. Or will it, that is the gamble I speak of. Regarding the watch, what a gamble this model is literally. It’s either you hate it or love it. I for one think it’s amazing for being so spontaneous. I will say the Mr. Roboto watch is my favorite Azimuth themed watches.

  • W00DY

    I made a major career switch last January into a field in which I had no experience in. I made more money last year than at any other time in my life and I enjoy my career more than before; this gamble paid off.

  • Peter Tokar

    The biggest gamble I have made in life thus far was to quit my old job without having a new job in line. I was unemployed for a stretch, but much happier. Then the perfect job came along while I was out there looking. Hard to do with a family, but worth the risk.

  • Jeremy

    Biggest gamble…falling in love with the wrong girl…ouch

  • Chhon Mc

    get a gym membership was a big paid off, it was scary at first but I feel much fresher now.

  • blessedta

    Quitting my job

  • Kevin Peterson

    asking my now wife out on our first date.

  • Upul Ratnayaka

    Taking a job for only 21 days period without no indication of extension whilst already being employed elsewhere.

  • amankh

    Having worked for a few years in the graveyard shift, I was getting miserable and had spread the word stating that I was looking for a change. One fine day, I received a call from one of the largest database company in the world stating that there was an open-position matching my profile. However, it meant relocating from Mumbai to Bangalore.

    Having limited options, I took the risk of re-locating to a new city. Within 6 months of doing so, I ended up being of of the top performer in the organization and won an all-expense paid trip with my family to Gold Coast, AU. SInce then, my career has been moving northwards with each passing year. In the last one decade, I have got a chance to tour many countries for business purposes and most importantly, have easily managed to buy a 3-bedroom apartment in one of the premium condo’s in Bangalore. All this is a result of taking a risk of relocating and moving away from my comfort-zone!!!

  • gchahinian

    Just moved from New York to California 2 months ago. Hasn’t paid off QUITE yet, but I’ll be starting a line of work next week with some amazing potential 😀

  • Timm

    My relationship, exactly 11 years, longer than many marriages. And it is paying off every day.

  • Chris Nibert

    Moved to Germany right after College. Been here now 15 years, house, 2 kids and 30 days vacation a year! I think it paid off:)

  • Risked to launch a startup business with few resources and many uncertainty but paid off…good luck to all!

  • François Flürk

    Quitting my computer science degree to get into art. Life’s not been financially rewarding, but very interesting since, would do it again !

  • Austin

    Moving far away from home.

  • Wilson Meeks

    Big risk: joining a very competitive Wall Street firm rather than staying low risk and low profile in the Midwest. Interesting watch!

  • Semido

    I once entered a draw for a watch from my office computer, during office hours.

  • Andre Pelletier

    I returned home from australia to be with a girl I had only been with 4 weeks before leaving. She’s now my wife and bought me my first watch

  • Jason Dunn

    I made a gamble to switch careers. It started to pay off, but the contract I was on got awarded to another company, so I had to take a setback by moving to a different city, another gamble in itself. Sold my house at a loss and spent way more on a new one, but with higher upside in value. Still waiting to see if it all pays off.

  • redmamb4

    I sold my hold and moved to a new city just to work my dream job!

  • Chris Martin

    Switching majors from computer science to finance. Thoroughly enjoy my career now and can’t imagine being a programmer.

  • Spencer

    Quitting my job to go back to school to get an MBA. While tough to leave earning an income to go back to school it’s opened a lot of doors.

  • xeno_x2

    Moved across the globe to attend medical school, best decision I’ve ever made!

  • AK

    My wife and I put up all of our savings to buy a few foreclosed condos right after the housing crash. This was in spite of the advice from my parents and in-laws to stay away from real estate at the time. Each apartment has been profitable in rental income over the years and the value of each apartment has also grown quite substantially from the purchase price. We are very happy with the gamble.

  • Felix

    Hmm, not quite my style

  • D.C.

    Talking to a girl in a club, and marrying her six months later…the band from that night played our wedding reception. Best gamble ever!

  • Seth Zimmerman

    biggest risk, moving to a new city with a shiny new accounting degree and hoping it would work out. 20 years later, i would do the same thing all over again. cool watch that would be a nice addition to a new collection.

  • Humphrey Mar

    biggest risk? hmm – the road less travelled…going part time when our first child was born. No regrets!

  • Michiel Schroeyers

    Once, my grandma had a bit of a money issue.

    She was short on her loan and couldn’t pay it due to several factors.

    I took a risk and gave her about 4000 dollars, which was about all I could miss as an 18year old.

    Now, everything is ok and everybody is happy.

    She gave me the money back with something extra 🙂

    Seeing her happy and emotional in this situation made me realise that family is the most important thing in life!

  • Matt

    Accepted and moved across the country site unseen for a job. Luckily, things are great with the job and I love what I do.

  • Jay2s

    Moving to a different state for work.

  • skaapsker

    I would say the thing that paid off the best was when I switched jobs. I went from a big multi-national company to a small venture with probably 20 employees at the time. It was without a doubt one of the best choices I’ve made in my life.

  • Paul Newman

    I got married.

  • Bounce781

    nice prize.
    I quite like the designs Azimuth are putting together. I have their Journe/Nuit Round-1 and it’s always a conversation starter

  • Stefan Buji

    $1000 on black

  • M. Halay Tunceriki

    Moving another city for university and It really paid off. Now I’m working in a job that I like.

  • Cam

    Took and moved to a lower paying job at a place closer to my family. The promise was that in a few months I’d be making the same amount of money within months. I have had the best year of my life having my family around me and to my surprise the company grew so much that I now make more than I did far away.

  • Marco Sampuel

    I has to be when I chose my career, it isn’t a decision you take from night to morning, luckily it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

  • Alex Yule-ikawa

    I cut toxic people out of my life so I can be who I want to be

  • Claudiu

    Moved in another city to pursue a career I otherwise couldn’t have done in my home city, and now 10 years later I’m having the dream job

  • Nox

    Maybe what is really paying off are all the risky choice went bad…

  • Mark ZuVerink

    Gonna have to go with getting married. Not a lot of risk if you’re marrying the right person (which I certainly was) though.

  • Lindell

    The watch looks good, but the blockiness of it night not be that comfortable…
    Hopefully I will be able to test it out.

  • ryan

    I’m still in the middle of my “big risk.” Instead of pursuing a career in engineering I’m in medical school now. If everything goes well, it’ll definitely pay off

  • Alex Houseago

    Choosing to add a year to my degree to study abroad, it’s been the best part of the degree so far.

  • Brandon

    It was late at night and the smell of cigars filled the room as I stumbled across the casino floor pickled with whiskey. I could hear the roulette table call my name. Pulling out the last of my sweaty Franklin’s from my pocket, I yelled out “All in on Red,” not aware that my mind had subconsciously made a decision before I had time to ponder my choices. The croupier gave the wheel a spin and sent the ball rocketing in the opposite direction. Time stood still. Heart racing. The ball bounced, I closed my eyes…RED!

    I am a fan of Azimuth’s designs and concepts. This unique timepiece is sure to turn everyone’s head in the room. A great watch to add to anyone’s collection.

  • Jeff

    Without doubt having the courage to ask my now wife on a date. She was so far out of my league that to this day 14 years later I still pinch myself. Fortune favours the brave.

  • Hacker4748

    Still waiting for the risk to pay off.

  • RBuschyX

    That is a unique looking watch!

  • circlesof

    Getting up in the morning

  • Tony

    I would say my first $1k+ watch purchase was a big risk that ended up paying off in the end. My foray into both entry level luxury and luxury watches has opened up some doors and gotten me into circles that I normally wouldn’t have.

  • Srad22

    My first big risk i ever took was choosing to go to a private high school rather than going to public school like all of my siblings. When I was younger all of my siblings went through public school but i decided to go to a private college prep school. The academics were much harder, and the price was much more expensive but it paid off because i am going to a much strong college with better scholarships than they did. Taking this risk and helping my parents out allowed me to get some scholarshipsback.

  • alex r

    My biggest risk was leaving my engineering major to take up graphic design. This was a big deal because my father pushed engineering on me from the time i was extremely young. i am very happy that i left engineering because i am happy with my graphic design career.

  • funNactive

    Big risk: leaving a job & moving across country. Ended up in a better location & am happy where I am at. If I win this watch, next stop: Vegas!

  • Leaving a good job I hated to go to grad school. 7 years later I’m still making less money but am infinitely happier. It also led to meeting my fiancé, something that wouldn’t have happened had i played it safe and stayed with that company. Now send me my watch.

  • The biggest risk for me was… Don’t know.

  • Daniel Park

    Starting a new job!

  • buffalo

    biggest risk – going out on my own and starting my own company.

  • Andy Kollin

    Biggest risk – switching industries! I took a chance moving into healthcare sales and it has paid off. I’d love to celebrate with this cool King Casino watch!

  • Astronuts

    leaving the kid in the car…just for a minute.

  • FilmEditorFL

    I would think my biggest risk was deciding on a vocation. I went with my heart and pursued filmmaking. I’m not wealthy, but I love what I do and hopefully people get enjoyment out of it.

  • Peter

    The biggest risk I took in my life was making a down payment on a house. Fortunately, housing values have increased since then, making the risk worthwhile.

  • Jay Ji Woong Kim

    My biggest risk in life is by my first apartment. Luckly it paid off as property price increase in last 5 years. Looking for a upgrade. Other risk was buying my first rolex datejust2. I enjoy looking at it everyday and introduced me to world of watchs so it paid of big!!

  • Adam Williamson

    This is defiantly a unique watch. I would love to see it in person.

  • Mitko Dimitrov

    My biggest risk is proposing my wife! 😀 You can see the result in my avatar 😉

  • Jason Tong

    One of my biggest risks was not taking Accounting in University. I’ve enjoyed my work so far and couldn’t imagine myself being an accountant.

  • Duarte Vieira

    Getting a job proposal, and having to move away from my city and my confort zone 😉

  • Paul Stanley

    Biggest Risk: Leaving work on the tech sector to go to law school.

  • Spooky

    Biggest risk is the chemicals I’ve consumed but I’ve finally grown up now

  • David Singer

    Biggest Risk… Closing my business, moving to North Carolina with no job, and leaving my kids up in college. Then growing a successful business from scratch!

  • Brennan Duthu

    I quit school and bought and ran a successful restaurant and bar. The biggest risks was selling it all and going to a good business school to finish my degree. It paid off because I’m healthier and happier now. This is a beautiful timepiece so come on Lady Luck!

  • Jesse LaPaire

    My big risk I took was switching my career from Law to Mechanical Engineering and I am the happiest I think I could as far as careers go!

  • Aaron Wood

    The biggest risk I took was not returning to my high school mathematics teaching job and taking a paid internship with a tech startup. Now I could never picture myself being stuck in the classroom again.

  • Richard Baptist

    Biggest risk was to move to a different country at sixteen, leaving my family behind. It paid off -although I missed my family!

  • Anthony

    A big risk I took was skydiving for the first time, being someone who has a huge phobia of heights. Thanks to this, I was able to completely overcome my strong fear of heights. As a matter of fact, later that year I became a certified skydiver! 🙂

  • patrick bremer

    One time in band camp….. ha ha ha. Just kidding. Biggest risk I’ve taken was moving to Japan to teach English for a year without knowing a lick of Japanese. I had the greatest time and think about that year often. No risk, no reward!

  • mario sumaryono

    My biggest risk in my life is having sex with my straight-male-cousin. Well i am a gay discreet, But i dunno why he got a naughty experience to suck his cock. And i do it. I dont care if my family know about i am gay after i suck his dick. Sometime you must be yourself even you have take a big risk. Maybe i am silly but i love being me. But i hope my cousin didn’t tell my family. Hehe that’s my first biggest risk and naughty experience in my life

  • Hawk

    Moving to Pittsburgh from California for new job. From sand pit to snow country. Greatest job experience ever

  • Dave Ryan

    I was laid off a job I had and me and my wife decided to move across the country. We decided at 10am and were on the road by 2pm. We love our new home and I found a job for almost twice my old wage.

  • freezer101

    Biggest risk for me was going to Las Vegas, and gambling. I don’t gamble because I do not like losing. However. I had $300.00 on me and said what the heck, I’ll play black jack at a $5.00 table. Of course with the buzzard luck I have in life as far as winning anything, I lost all but $5 in short order. I played my last 5 bucks and ended up walking away with $3 grand. May not sound like a big risk but to me it was. And I still don’t gamble even after winning that. Winning this watch would be a great reminder of that night in Vegas as well as having a unique timepiece by Azimuth.

  • Preveda

    Biggest risk for me was learning to ride a motorcycle; I’m not a risk taker. I don’t jump off docks, I don’t venture into caves, I keep it safe and simple. However, one step at a time I’m learning to take calculated risks and open up!

  • tknospdr

    I spend a lot of time on watch forums. That’s a GIGANTIC risk to my wallet. The more I peruse, the more I see things I want. Trolling the forums (in the good way, not the bad way) did lead me to a sweet full on swiss dive watch for only $350 though…

  • Derek Haas

    Apart from browsing watch blogs everyday, the biggest risk I ever took was moving to New Zealand alone without knowing anybody. It took several weeks to find new friends, figure out my new job, and learn to drive on the opposite side of the road. In the end the move was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

  • Roger

    BIggest risk? Leaving my higher paying-lifeless audit life for a lower paying accounting job. Payoff, a life.

  • Stephen Wright

    Biggest risk that payed off was stopping my job and going to school to get a University degree.

  • Jeff Addison

    Seems fitting to take a gamble to win this game themed watch!
    Love this blog, btw!

  • James See

    A lovely and unique roulette watch that will keep you entertained for hours on end. At the same time it will be a conversational piece. Awesome blog to keep me posted on luxury timepieces ?

  • kornkrit

    unique time piece.Great for adding in my casino dial collection : perrelet poker / corum & paul picot roulette dial, corum casino

  • Ronald Gagnon

    Fantastic watch..everything you could ask for..However I won a bigger prize..the very first night I saw my future wife..I told my brother that I was going to marry her..that was 38 years ago…and I did exactly one year later.

  • Laurence Daly

    Wow. That is a unique timepiece. I’ve never seen one like it.

  • Francis Phua

    Clever use of the game of Roulette into a timepiece

  • Boon Chong

    I love the whimsical portrayal of the roulette table in this timepiece, right down to the wooden grains on the watch case! I really appreciate how Azimuth continues to be avantgarde with its designs following other awesome timepieces like Mr Roboto or the Spaceship. Azimuth realy puts Singapore on the map in the world of horology. Proud to be a fellow compatriot. Thumbs up!

  • Jason

    Nice watch. A big risk I took in my life was when I quit my day job to focus 100% on my online business. Now, my business has grown and I work from home 100% of the time while travelling the world. This never would have been possible without taking that risk.

  • David Harman

    I’m all in.

  • Rick Chua

    This is an awesome watch….. it is a very iconic watch as it celebrates the first-time-ever opening of the 2 integrated resorts with casinos in Singapore. Well done to the good folks at Azimuth to do us, Singaporeans, proud! Bravo!!

  • LapYoda

    It’s hard to compete with these other entries since it seems that so many people have taken much bigger risks than I have – moving to other countries, quitting their jobs to pursue their dreams, or betting everything on a risky venture. I suppose the riskiest thing I did that paid off for me was ranking my current city as one of my top places in the residency match after med school. I had never visited the place before my interview, and it was never on my radar as a place I would want to live, but I just got a feeling when I went there. So I put in my preference and matched there. Fourteen years later, I’ve built my career here, started a family, and turned it into my home. Ultimately the gamble worked.

  • Zingaraaa

    Unique watch! My biggest risk in life was attending a really demanding high school, instead of following my friends to “easier” schools. I wouldn’t change that experience for anything.

  • Matthew Moy

    I love this watch, it’s a really cool and unique design. Probably the biggest risk I’ve ever taken is asking this girl that I liked out. Now she’s my wife, so I’d say it paid off big.

  • Ibrahim Mohammad

    Lovely watch. The biggest risk I ever took was moving to another country and leaving everything behind. I’m doing great now, so I guess it paid off really well 🙂

  • Benjamin Denay

    Very cool watch! I turned down a big city corporate job I knew would be a good move to stay close to home and work to grow the small company I still work for today it was risky but more rewarding then I could even have imagined!

  • Graham Duncan

    Completely crazy idea for a watch, would I ever wear it in public? Only around really close friends or really distant strangers. Biggest gamble is probably still to come. Accepted a position with a bunch of crazy bastards and have not been bored for a second, Hope it works out.


  • Forrest Becker

    Very cool watch! Like Ariel Adams I left the legal profession and I am very glad that I did!

  • Gauge

    Such an interesting timepiece.
    I certainly can’t compete with some of the gambles here, especially when all of my gambles turn out to backfire.
    So if you need a story where the gamble has failed. You know who to look for.

  • Addison Yu

    Cool watch. The biggest risk I took was moving to China for a few years. Totally worth it.

  • MA

    A big risk I took in life that really paid off was buying my first house, living there for between 3-4 years and selling it. I didn’t like the house too much but this was all my wife and I could afford and find. We made a handsome profit and could afford a home we liked when we moved.

  • Anders

    This watch truly is special. I haven´t taken too big risks in my life… but I guess I´m going to take it some time in next few years as I have been considering my own business.

  • John Marquez

    I love seeing watches that are so unique. I’ve always worked hard but really enjoyed playing it safe in my career. A little over a year ago I decided to start my own business and it was the best decision that has given me so much more free time to enjoy with my family. It also allowed me to start collecting watches!

  • Tristan

    Oh God, I’m not sure about that watch. You’re going all in wearing it and it’s either jackpot or bust. As for a gamble, I bought a vintage Tudor Snowflake Sub from a dropkick seller. Paid off handsomely though.

  • lional

    big risk i took was to drop out of university which i was struggling badly, after which i started working in banking which was totally different from my diploma studies. In the end, i enjoy my work and took a part time degree in banking and finance and never look back.

  • logomachy

    My big risk was playing the board game by the same name.

  • Trevor Hirst

    Biggest risk I took was to quit my job, go back to school for my master’s degree and start a company with invention. Really paid off and I’m my own boss!

  • Jason Reyes

    Biggest risk I took is deciding to get my license. I got my license at 18 and my parents surprised me with a Cadillac

  • René VooDoo Wendtland

    Marry my wife! At the end everything is sweet and well!

  • Francisco Carrales

    cool looking watch. Biggest Risk I have ever took was left my career with the biggest Company in my field and go work for a much smaller outfit, and so far seem like I made a really good choice

  • David Bukala

    After 25 years, I made a career change. I quit my job and went back to school. My new career paid off better than expected as it opened many more job opportunities I would not have had in my previous career.
    “Play it all on black.” James Bond

  • Ex Vegas patriot.

    Funny that most of the risks below are about starting a new career or starting company. I will join the rest and say standing behind my wife as a new company was created is my biggest risk that paid off. Now all is well.

  • Christian Henriksen

    I checked my bags with American Airlines once. That payed off in wisdom and the opportunity to update my luggage.

  • Jeff Moulton

    Leaving a job at my previous company for a completely new type of work for me. Has paid off in 3 promotions and 10 years with the company.

  • Romi Irwan

    Biggest risk I took was to sold off most of my cameras and a large stash of Hot Wheels in my collection to start collecting watches, and so far it seems like I made a damn good decision. Watch collecting is so much more interesting than my previous hobby! 🙂

  • fernando ramirez

    I have yet to make a big risk within my life, but within the next couple years I do plan on starting my own business. This will either make or break me, hence the risk

  • Tauseef Anwar

    In 2008, smack bang in the middle of the recession, I switched jobs and moved to the leading company in my industry…who were going through immense internal turmoil and restructuring. It was risky but it was the right choice in the long run…been here ever since.

  • Brent Jenkins

    Quit my job, walked away from our house, sold pretty much everything we owned and my wife and at that time, only daughter, moved to the beach because we were MISERABLE where we lived. Took a few years to financially get back to where we were, but now we get to live every day where most go on vacation.

  • ?????? ???????

    The biggest risk was to choose casino as main job long time ago, 23 years left, but I am still working in casino and I am happy with it.

  • Dan Turck

    The biggest risk I took was relocating to be with the girl I love. It’s paid off in spades – she’s now my wife and I’m happier now than I ever thought possible!

  • jimley815

    Biggest risk I took in my life? Moving to BFE Oklahoma to take a job. It paid off in that I met my wife and we now have 2 beautiful children. I sometimes wonder what would have happened with my life if I hadn’t taken that job, but it’s paid off in spades!

  • Kasper Andersen

    The biggest risk I took in my adult life, was when I told the girl of my dreams, how much she meant to me. We became a couple and the time we were together, I learned more than I could have ever hoped. Still think of her from time to time, and miss what we had. In the end, I learned a lot about life and what I am looking for.

  • Kim Lân Nguyen

    When I moved out from my parents with my girlfriend and just live and experience life together.
    We have learned a lot about each other, life, experience happiness on another level and all the memories we have created together is the best paid off in the end.

  • Sevan John

    I had two job offers: a higher salary, but boring, job with a company close to home; and a lower paying job in Atlantic City, doing what I love. I took the job in Atlantic City and have enjoyed my professional career here. The company close to home folded (pun intended) not long after the job offer. The gamble in Atlantic City, paid off in the end.

  • Yeb W.B. Heerema

    This watch is a gambling time machine in this age
    Not giving away itself to one or the other
    Shown with interest on a web page
    And only One seems to bother

  • this watch looks good…

  • achonx

    Biggest risk I took was coming to America, finished school and working on the job that I want to do is the biggest payoff

  • David

    The biggest risk I took was getting married and I owe my family, career, and good fortune to that decision.

  • Diverging Clear

    Dropped out of school to go work on the railroad. Couple months later everything crashed and the class of 2007 is still looking for work! Some of these risk stories are nightmares, about marriage and kids…that’s like asking for cancer or something…the rest are privileged life “hardship” decisions…gimme a break..overseas tech, financial BLAH blah….the watch is something I wouldn’t wear even if by mistake it was sent my way, but again, I’m not a Jovan musk wearing convienant store owner. Another thing, walking away from a home mortgage isn’t a risk which I read in a post, it’s called screwing everybody else over. Doing without, working undesirable jobs sometimes multiple to make ends meet to fill an obligation is what men do. I’ve gotta go down some pepto after reading ALL these man-gina risk posts,,, EXCEPT for the military guy, THANK you for your service, and may you WIN something fantastic!!! Everybody else including pole Smoker, the next risk you take might be saying no to a trip to Bed Bath Beyond with the wife..hahaha SUCKERS BTW your blog is the ONLY one worth reading, thanks for the up to date looks!

  • Amit

    Pretty cool looking watch! The biggest risk I have taken is ironic as it involves betting a big amount (for me) at the roulette table!

  • ejz

    Cool watch! I’ve founded my own startup recently. We had a successful Kickstarter and are seeing continual success.

  • Hans Maryo

    Great looking watch! As for the biggest risk, I took a big risk opening up an online shop selling audio products back in 2006. I think I was one of the first online shop in this category at the time. Now the shop has gone larger to the point it can support my family and even support the audio community by sponsoring audio related forums. You can check the website at 😀

  • H. David

    As someone who loves functional watches that do more than simply tell time, this is one sick watch. For a risk that paid off? It’d be enlisting in the Air Force- It’s lead to so many more opportunities I didn’t expect prior to applying.

  • Omar Akridge

    The biggest risk I’ve taken is moving my family to a new city. Away from friends and family. It was rocky at first but things have leveled out. New careers and new experiences.

  • Caleb Yoon

    Biggest risk i took was moving 1000 miles away from home after graduating college to find work. Now I’m stable in a new city with collecting watches as a new hobby.

  • araziza

    I took a risk and worked for free for a company hoping they’d give me a job. Got it after 2 months and now been working for them for 5 years. Hope I get the watch!

  • 0059mike

    waited nearly 2 years to move into a new 650 sq ft condo . by that time we had a 2 month old, and needed to move fast. listed and sold the unit before it was registered/owned by me. didn’t sleep for 2 months but registration did close a week before my sale closed. the timing was perfect. and then the condo market crashed , so a double winner.

  • mmurayam

    Instead of taking a job out of college I decided to go back to school. Working parttime and taking classes for three years payed off when I was accepted to medical school. I’m in my second year now and could not be happier.

  • Damir Cobanov

    Thats a aweosme watch

  • melikegarfield

    My biggest risk was reaching out to reconnect with my boyfriend (who I want to win this for). We kind of let things fade and when something rough happened in his life I reached out to him and it helps build the amazing relationship we have now…over a dozen years later!

  • Paul Cowdroy

    I once entered a random aBlogtoWatch competition to win an amazing watch and won.

  • Adam Bossy

    A very classy watch, very well detailed roulette table in the center with a classy leather band to suit.

  • Aaron

    Effective marketing. I’ve been thinking about a response to this question (and, in turn, the watch) for a week now. My response: choosing the follow my passions in lieu of other more traditional paths in life.

  • Guideaux Hiers

    Love it!

  • Glenn

    Biggest risk I took was going halfway across the world to Sweden alone for an internship stint. I didn’t know anyone there, or the language either. Fast forward 6 months, I made a ton of new friends, whom I now converse with in Swedish. I’ve never felt more welcome. Oh, and I also got a job offer from the institute!

  • Roddy S

    The biggest risk I ever took was beginning my college education. Now if i screw this up and don’t land a well enough paying job i’m not going to be able to pay for my own place to live or food to eat.

  • peterthechild

    this watch screams vegas… i hope 1 day to take it… to vegas…

  • Alexandro Betanzo Bartolozzi

    Nice watch

  • b morton

    styley watch! love it

  • Zachary Burris

    Love the vegas vibe f

  • Declan Gray

    The biggest risk I have taken is starting my own business last year. There where many doubters (including me) at certain times. But now things are going well and improving day by day.

  • Alfred

    My biggest risk was probably asking for a promotion when I was first starting out. I had been a pretty consistent and very efficient employee for about a year, so I wasn’t really sure if I was in a position to propose that I’m not worth more than I first started. Turns out my boss is pretty understanding and/or I was able to convince him for a raise. Now, I’m super comfortable with approaching anyone at my office about pretty much anything.

  • murphhprum

    Winning would be great!

  • Mike White

    Very Cool.
    When I was a young man, I had a job with a small company where I was given a position of authority.I was making decent money but really may not have been able to move up in position due to the fact that the company was family owned and pretty small. My wife got pregnant and I worried about our long term future. I quit that job and took one that paid 1/3 as much in salary. I gambled on my ability to learn and grow within the company and now am a valuable senior employee and was able to put three children through college and provide a beautiful home for my wife. It wasn’t always easy but it certainly was worth the risk.

  • Tjerq

    Verry nice watch. I’m 15 years and my biggest risk was. To buy the caravan (with al my money) of some friends to make some profit. It worked out and i make some profit.

  • r2d2

    A big risk was to take on foreign education and move across the world without knowing anyone there.

  • Oc4watches

    My risk was leaving the big firm as a young professional, mortgaging my house to fund my own shop and hoping I would still have a roof over my head the same time next year. A lot of hard work and a few good breaks have made the risk I took years ago very worthwhile. By the way, the watch is unique.

  • Timothy Wirnason

    My biggest risk: rejected an offer from Indonesia’s no. 2 steel-manufacturing company to go to Beijing to study Mandarin for a year. I expanded my networking and now I’m working as an SAP consultant, having the advantage of speaking 3 languages.

  • Rav

    My biggest risk: leaving salaried work to work as a freelance writer … 12 years on and still going strong, so no regrets at all

  • Simon

    Biggest risk is to move to Europe to study and begin a new life following my love! BTW what a fun watch!

  • chris

    life Is To Short not To Take The odd Risk. You Have To Lose A Fly To Catch A Trout !!

  • Dave

    I don’t know if it was a risk or foolishness, but I wore a halloween costume (on halloween of course) forgetting that I was attending a very important lecture that day. I was the only one in costume in the middle of a very serious group and stuck out like a sore thumb. However it caused me to get noticed and meet a wonderful woman who turned into my wife.

  • Saso

    biggest risk was quiting job at my father and start working in other company (automotive company). I didnt know nothing what I am going to do. Now I work in purchase department in automotive company and my decision was good.
    Watch is cool, I like Azimuth brand and their “creations.”

  • The big risk i took in life was betting EUR 1000 on Red on Roulette and i luckily won.. Pay day!!

  • Bryan Rodriguez

    The biggest risk I took in my life is taking the red pill!

  • Edmen Daet

    Biggest risk in my life that when I follow my friends recommendation to apply in a BPO company even my qualification did not match to the said company.

  • Boardr26

    I had two great job opportunities after college, one I had no academic or professional experience with the other was a safe bet that utilized all of my existing skills. I went with the risky option, learned a ton, and ended up in a profession and industry that shows no sign of slowing down, love my job!

  • HEPee

    Probably when I decided to get together with my girlfriend, which means less focus in college, eventually I didn’t do well in college. But till today I’m happy with her everyday

  • Onamorus

    In October last year I took the biggest risk in my life with my life. Seriously ill and having massive lungfailure due to Cystic Fibrosis, I agreed on having a double lungtransplantation. From not being able to walk 5 meters without oxygen, I can now walk for hours. It makes me humble and appreciative, being able to live, thanks to my donor.

  • BarracudaRon

    Leaving a good paying job to start up my own. Doing well with it now 9 years later!

  • Caio Rodrigo Regulle

    Biggest risk in life was to get all my funds to start in stock market. Very beatiful watch ABW and congrats to Azimuth, very suggestive watch.

  • Darin Young

    Biggest risk was skipping college and joining the Marines. Best thing I’ve ever done besides having 2 beautiful daughter’s.

  • Pascal Doughton

    Biggest risk was leaving a high paying job and my family to go back to university and start a degree in something I have always wanted to do. So far very rewarding and I’m glad I made the call.

  • David

    Leaving my job with an amazing company to start a business with my dad, greatest risk and greatest reward.

  • Jeff Kolodny

    Very unique watch. I have taken many major risks in my life. 2 have to do with moving to different states. First I moved to Los Angeles from New Jersey to pursue my photography career. I have very little skill but a college degree. That risk came with major rewards because after 20 years of living in LA I developed a very successful photo video business. Then 11 years ago I re-located again to South Florida and opened a new photo video business. That also paid off because I now have a very successful business here in Boca Raton, FL.

  • richardcrowley

    Biggest risk? Buying funky rental income properties that paid off very well!

  • richardcrowley

    Very cool and unique watch.. if you play well, it could recoup it’s cost due to your friends and co worker’s gambling with your wrist-worn casino!

  • awundrin

    What a unique watch. Without question, the biggest risk I ever took was moving ‘across the pond’ to be with the love of my life. Risky, yeah, but oh so worth it!

  • PhilLC

    well, next time I go to Las Vegas must have this on my wrist or else…

  • Erik Sorensen

    I know exactly which of my friends would most love this watch! Maybe wearing it would keep him out of the actual casino!

    A huge risk I took, as an introvert, was agreeing to train new truck drivers one-on-one in my truck as we drive over the road.

    The payoff has been more than just cash. Seeing a person into a new and lucrative career is very satisfying!

  • Josh Armendariz

    My biggest risk was a career change after spending more than a few of my young/prime years in one field working my way into management. The bottom line is that life is too short to be left unfulfilled, and it absolutely paid off. Not immediately, but everything good is worth waiting for.

  • Denis Danijel Puhar

    My riskiest thing I’ve done in my life was, climbing on a particular mountain in the Alps. This mountain is not readily accessible to ‘tourists’ and it “demands” a certain amount of respect from the climber. Several people (many of them experienced) already died in trying to ‘conquer’ it, which isn’t really hard, but it demands constant attention without ANY exceptions. In a very brief moment of not being concentrated enough, I found myself holding with only one arm a piece of rock. And this rock was my only link between a 1000 meters vertical drop on one side and relative safety of the barely visible path to summit, which was not far away. Being so close to death has given me a lot of respect towards nature’s forces in general and I’m sure, that this particular event has given me a whole new perspective towards respecting the Nature itself and the forces it governs. Also, I’d like to think, that because of that event, I became a better person.

  • Abe Andon

    I enjoy playing games of chance… I would definitely rock this watch at my next Poker Game… they did a great job… Not only a great watch, but a nice conversation piece…

  • patently_offensive

    Great watch! The big risk I took was actually just last year. I moved halfway across the country to take a new job, knowing little to nothing about the company or the area. It wasn’t the most reasoned decision, but 8 months in I’m loving my job and the location!

  • Ken

    Nice watch. give me much talk about during the game

  • Mike Mazzu

    Quite the discussion starter, especially for an aspiring musician heading off to college. I’d say my biggest risk so far has to be picking up the guitar. At a young age I wanted to play but really had no idea but I made the investment in a quality instrument and also into lesson, and I can now say I’m a fairly fluent player and auditioning at some music schools within the next couple of weeks!

  • Hubert jab?o?ski

    One big risk I took in my life happened just half a year back. I chose to pursue an IT degree, after I’ve been completely terrible at math in high school. The things I learn now are incredibly interesting for me, and because of this I tried very hard and even managed to get passing grades or better on academic level math. If i haven’t taken this risk I would be probably bored out of my mind for 5 years trying to memorize all the things you need to know on Biology, or other related courses. It might seem like a rather immature thing to write about this, but if my degree is going to shape my future, then I think I missed a bullet.

  • Anh Tuan Le

    big gamble on the design but i like it !!!!

  • Steve Brownlee

    I love the design and the use of the colors on the face.

    My biggest risk/payoff was agreeing to step out of the technology world as a both a software developer and a manager to become a teacher. It was a giant pay cut, but I took a risk on joining a fledgling, non-profit coding academy because I felt it was time, after 25 years, to give back and help train the next generation of developers.

    After putting in a tremendous amount of research and effort building an effective curriculum, and training a few cohorts of students, the school has taken off and our reputation and trust in the community has soared. It’s been extremely rewarding to change people’s lives for the better and fill a need for the community.

  • Dakota Dennison

    A big risk was moving across the country to open up a new office for my corporation. Knowing no one other than co-workers to begin a new chapter. One of the best decisions I ever made. I like the watch, it seems like something you would wear to the casino, in Vegas, or perhaps to a sporting event. The fact that the watch includes a game is very creative and a great way to “kill some time” between hands of hold em!

  • Byron Whalley

    Biggest risk was getting up a set of ladders to fix my roof (didn’t realise how scary it was up there) all sorted now though, and saved me a few quid!

  • drunkos is drunk

    Biggest risk? Getting married. Paid off so far!

  • Grammatis

    This is a gorgeous watch – biggest risk I’ve ever taken was quitting my job in my hometown to move in with my girlfriend at the time after she got a promotion in another state – I left not knowing anyone in the area or having a job, now we are engaged, about to get married in 2 months and have been to Ireland and Germany in the past 12 months.

  • YeRam Yun

    Wow. Would love to have this a part of my collection :).
    A risk that I took was standing up for myself when my bully in 5th grade picked on me for the millionth time. I decided that I had enough when he humiliated me in front of my crush. I stood up for myself and took him on. Here I am now, working out on a daily basis with my confidence soaring through the roof. It was a risk that changed my life 180°. (And yes I got together with my crush, after she recognized me) hehe

  • bert gillespie

    Took the wife to Vegas over New Years and that was a risk in itself. Resisted the temptation of eye candy and had a great time. Love the watch hope i win!

  • Biggest risk I took in life was a surgery I opted to have which really improved my quality of life. I was so scared to have it but it definitely paid off in the end.

  • Taylor Cortellazzi

    I took a risk about a year ago, quitting my job in search of a better paying and more challenging job. lucky for me, lady luck was by my side. found exactly what I was looking for and more.

  • Lucian S

    Great looking watch.
    One risk I took about 10 years ago was moving with my family in a new city to work in an industry I didn’t know much about but it is paying very good and I could start my watch collection.
    An even bigger risk I took 17 years ago when I packed my life in a few suitcases and moved with my wife and kid from Europe to Canada. It paid off.

  • Abjarv

    Biggest risk so far was quitting a career I was a standout in to pursue work that afforded me the time to be close to home and happy with what I did. Paid off is happiness and oh so much more. Gorgeous, unique watch I would love the add to my small, but deliberately curated collection.

  • Gabriel Atienza

    this watch is unique

  • peacesun

    My biggest risk is something I wanted to do since age 8 and that is become a nurse. Helping people stay healthy or giving advice to ears willing to listen both ways is an asset that I’m involved with daily. I’m never to busy to help a friend in need.

  • Reg

    I love the crown! Definitely a watch for the extrovert.
    I guess the biggest risk I’ve taken was going to work in “double denim”. I also cooked a scotch egg the other day with a runny yoke and slightly underdone pork but it you’ve got to take risks in search of scotch egg perfection.
    Both risks paid off because I haven’t lost my style icon status and was only slightly queasy from the raw pork.

  • Gal Sh

    I took the risk and immigrated to another country. It was hard being apart from my family, but few months later I found great job with good salary.

    This watch is crazy and beautiful!

  • Nick Gangi

    I took the risk of moving in with special ed roommates. It worked.

  • Jay Kenigsberg

    Biggest risk was taking that first job and knowing this was likely going to be a career. I was right and 30 years later, no regrets. Now, let’s win a watch!!!

  • Charlie Coombs

    I went to a school on the other side of the country, away from all my relatives – really paid off and glad i did it. Lovely bold piece

  • Carlos Entsberger

    Last year I met a lovely woman called Domenica. After the first date I fell in love with her. The problem was that she was going to move to another country. We only had about 2 months of time remaining before she had to pack her things to start a new life 2300 miles away from here. However, we took the risk and we did not fight against love even when we knew that after she had to go, the memory was going to hurt. The time we spent together was the sweetest expression of love that I have ever felt. We are still in contact and I have plans to go after her when I graduate from college. Taking that risk really paid off because it gave me a reason to fight for and the strength to pursue other goals such as academic excellence and other skills to get the means to go after her. That’s risk of falling in love with the right person. This watch is amazing by the way. Really detailed and sui generis.

  • Jesse Sandler

    Forgiving someone I love for hurting me more than I thought I could ever be.

  • byo

    I risked my hard earned grand in Las Vegas. I was pretty big for me.

  • Harry Lakin

    Very cool watch! Would love to add it to my collection and wear it in Vegas! As for a risk taken, I’d have to say starting up my own business. It was a huge leap of faith, but fortunately it’s worked out of the best. I can’t imagine going back to work for someone else.

  • dbostan

    Nice watch. I would really like it.
    The risk I took was coming to the USA. I think it was worth it. Freedom is worth everything…

  • Ezra

    I have taken a large risk with the choice to pursue a career in medicine. In six years I hope to know that I made a good decision.

  • Nathan

    Funky watch! Biggest risk has probably been not pursuing a safe desk job. Currently pursuing a career in film audio, and working on set has been very rewarding.

  • Eric Z

    A big risk that I took was enrolling in an Emergency Medical Technician program without knowing if it is what I want to do with my life, and now I cannot imagine myself doing anything else. I currently work for one of the largest public hospitals in the United States, and I plan on attending medical school next year.

  • Daniel De La Cerda

    The biggest risk I’ve ever taken was to ask the women I love to marry me a little less than a year ago. I had no money for a wedding let alone a nice engagement ring, but it didn’t matter. We are now nearing our one year anniversary and I can honestly say we’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Her company through life this past year has by far been my greatest reward.

  • Sigmund Berge

    self reliance in a world that is constantly trying to change me. Pays off

  • Ty Philips

    The Azimuth SP-1 King Casino watch is fun fun FUN! I absolutely just LOVE the ingenious die-shaped crown–especially left mounted for comfort sake, as a left arm watch wearer. The brown PVD coating is also a most unique color which somehow completely compliments the roulette wheel, mimicking the wood mount tables for the game in the big casinos.
    A big risk I took a few years back, that really paid off was answering a job posting seeking a photographer. At the time, my own client base had dwindled and I was struggling to make ends meet even with many years experience as a pro photographer. I got an interview and it was then I was offered not simply to work as a photographer, but to run the entire photography subcontract as “Showrunner” for Cirque du Soleil’s North American tour of CORTEO! I came away from that interview having no idea what I had just agreed to, but I was up for the challenge. For the next 18 months or so, I was dispatched all over the continent and when the final tallies were made, I had traversed 27 airports throughout the Continent! Let me tell you though, while it certainly was an adventure far exceeding my original plan to land a part-time gig, it was indeed a risk that paid of in ..*ahem* SPADES. Now if I just could have had a King Casino timepiece on my wrist while waiting in all of those many airport lounges…well perhaps the risk of sharing my story here will again see a wonderful pay-off! Thank you Azimuth and thanks Ariel for the opportunity as always. -Ty

  • Yasmine

    Nice watch.

  • Dale

    It’s a unique watch where each of the design cues speaks as a whole. It has that Rat Pack Vegas feel.

  • Thane

    Azimuth is another brand with artistic qualities and well designed timepieces. I have always liked their approach in the world of horology.

  • Rae D’s Contests

    I took a risk by moving to France when I was just out of high school. I learned French which has helped me in my jobs since then. It was a really good move.

  • manuelvizcaya

    I took a big chance dating my girlfriend and it’s paid off.

  • Nicholas Strandell

    I took a big chance moving to Chicago with no family present or job; 8 years later I am happy with a family and a brand new baby boy born this week!

  • awildermode

    I am taking a big risk, right now by entering the contest.

  • Nat N.

    Bought a Japan-only model Omega and ended up flipping it for a lot more.

  • kalvert

    Want to bring this to the casino so I don’t have to rack my brains thinking which to stake on the roulette!

  • Yee-Cheng Chang

    Bought a Lexus, wondering if I spent too much. Now 11 years later I only had one problem.

  • Pierre Boisson

    Two weeks before starting back university in France, the international advisor offered me to go to South Korea for a year. I said yes. Landed there without knowing anyone or anything about the country nor having a place to stay. Best decision I’ve ever made.

  • Stefano Brugnerotto

    My girlfriend is the result of my biggest risk, couldn’t be happier.

  • Rich

    Bet duke would win march madness. Won.

  • PhilB

    I undertook a dirt biking tour of Cambodia, having never ridden a motorcycle before. I Crashed into a tree and nearly put the bike in a river, however the trip was unforgettable. Best holiday of my life!

  • otaking241

    Went from Bangkok to Siem Reap via train and “taxi.” Let’s just say we chose to fly back.

  • Donald Wood

    I turned down a full time position out of school to pursue a Masters in Fire Protection Engineering. Now I have a great internship at a great company this summer and couldn’t be happier!

  • William Seminario

    Two years ago I decided to work in the peruvian jungle for a year and a half, this village was in the limits with Brazil, only a river separeate us. I was a very helpfull experience and when I decided to go to the city again I was more mature, I had money and I had a lot of experiences with me to my whole life 🙂


    No snake eyes, no snake eyes…

  • Martin F

    As always – a great watch from a brand i really like. Great design at a fair price.

  • Cam Nadeau

    I moved from Canada to London 4 1/2 years ago. Now I’m happily married and expecting our first child. So yeah, the risk paid off!

  • David Watts

    When choosing the college I would attend, as I am now a college student, I couldn’t decide between a cheaper public school and a more expensive private school. I knew that going to the more expensive school would give more financial obstacles, but I hoped I would see more opportunities there. In the end, I have been asked to run an insanely expensive chemistry instrument and professors that think highly of me enough to write recommendations and get me on the fast track to graduate school. I couldn’t have had these opportunities elsewhere and it was worth the risk, I believe.

  • Tim V

    Wonder if the watch makes one a better gambler

  • Rick Shepherd

    Please pick me. I love me some gamlin’

  • This Dude

    I built my own house by hand. Risk well taken.

  • Jeff Durocher

    left my job to start a business on my own.

  • Jens Harsem

    I got married – and I think it paid off….

  • Olga Anisimov

    I just had my first son 1/21/2016. There is always a risk with pregnancy, but it is quite worth it!

  • Stephen Horwick


  • Ivan Machuca

    Got married when I was 19 years old, and it really paid off!!

  • George C.

    Didn’t win Powerball but maybe this will change my luck 😉

  • khongwen

    Took my father’s advise to major in Finance at university, despite wanting to do literature. Love my job now, so the risk paid off!

  • Dan Sparks

    Buying a pretty much uninhabitable house on a great piece of land in a very complex deal with my at the time girlfriend. Now wife. And we have a pretty nice home now.

  • Greg Lee

    I left my career in marine biology to tell people about Jesus. Big call. Glad i did it.

  • Krishna

    I compromised my career to spend time on my MBA so that I can aim for bigger jobs, better money and better watches! And that’s exactly what happened….acquired 4 watches in the past 4 years and still counting! My wife has pulled the breaks temporarily but that gives me time to save up more and get a really cool one soon!

  • secretpanels

    My big risk was actually horology-related. In 2009, the economy was on the skids and I was working a job that meant nothing to me. I decided (with the encouragement of my wife) to go back to school to learn watchmaking. Now I’m working my favorite job I’ve ever had (watchmaker at a top retailer/repair shop) in my favorite city I’ve ever lived in (San Diego), thanks to that initial risk, and my wife’s incredible support.

  • Boding

    I left a career in the medical science field to start at the bottom of the totem pole in IT. 2 years later, I’m in a mid-senior level position that has allowed my watch collecting obsession to take off.

  • John W

    When I was in college, I had never played horseshoes, but I signed up for intramural mixed doubles horseshoes with a girl I had recently met in spite of the fact that I knew I would be terrible. Somehow, we actually won the tournament…then I married the girl four years later.

  • bbfrid

    Switched from engineering to biochemistry in college after deciding to go to med school….the rest is history. Recently, horologically speaking, I took a chance by buying a preowned Grand Seiko SBGR019 from Japan (from a pawn shop through…turned out to be a great get.

  • Tub Tubbie

    Neer had a big risk in life yet, still waiting for it.

  • narkleptic

    I quit the full-time job I landed after college to be able to spend more time writing and performing. I ended up touring the country multiple times. More recently, I’ve made some light night vintage chronograph ebay purchases…

  • Ben Nabas

    I started a new job in a different industry a really love the challenges and get excited to go to work everyday.

  • Berndt Norten

    It seemed like time and the bell had buried my days. The black clouds carried my dreams away. Along came Don Lapré. He convinced me that if I placed tiny little ads in newspapers around the country, I could become rich like him. And so I did. But I ended up bankrupting myself. So I took another risk. I took Kevin Trudeau’s vitamin and bought his book on speed reading. Two roads in the woods. I took the longer one. And that has made all the difference.

  • Asem Maher

    shift to anther country was big challenge but worth it

  • Thiago Ramos Rosa

    Quit job as financial advisor to work at a tech firm in which I get to help lots of people out. I make significantly less, but I’m much happier.

  • steve Toomey

    I walked away from a well paying corporate job to go on tour with a band. 10 years and and over 40 visited countries later and I still love every minute.

  • Luis Carlos Cano Ciuffetelli

    Whether to follow my dad’s footsteps or go by my world of watchmaking. Watchmaking it was

  • Dawid Karwowski

    I quit school to do tattoos( which sounds like a horrible idea especially at that time)when I was 17. I was in love with this form of art. I’m 30 now tattooing everyday , visited 52 countries , i have won multiple awards in tattoo conventions around the world. so that was a risk, but it paid of so well!!

  • Dorian Le Bigot

    Leave everything to start a new life in Hong Kong, Definitely worth it!

  • Owie Gallardo

    Hong Kong sounds like a good idea, i heard its the land of opportunity in Asia.

  • DC2PP

    I was working a glorified secretary job (in addition to numerous restaurant night gigs) in Washington DC after college during the depths of the recession, and decided based on a CD I found of Cambodian music from the 60s to travel to Southeast Asia for what I thought would be a several month backpacking trip before applying to graduate school. 4 years and 2 countries later, I’m living in Malaysia working my dream job in a major international organization, tax free!

  • Tuan Pham

    Big fan of ablogtowatch for a long time. I listened to Adams’s advice on youtube and purchased an Omega Seamaster PO 42mm. it was an risky investment since the price is high and my budget was really limited at that moment, but it eventually paid off because a good high quality watch is a must have for any man in business. I’ve gained more respect from my customers, business goes well, girls think i’m a man with styles. But the most important thing is that, I really love the watch, I have been carrying it with me all the time, to anywhere i go, it’s my best friend now. So I guessed it’s one of my most successful investments. By the way, It’s a chance for me to say thanks to Ariel Adams, your videos, posts, comments are extremely useful and rich of info. keep the great works. Thank you..

  • Arek

    The biggest risk I took lately was with a vintige Car. I thought that I’ll be able to make this car awsome with not big amount of casch. Reality was different- I spent a lot of money, time, some tears- but at the end of the day I have very cool car that peaple admire.

  • Cody Ryan Mullins

    Roulette is my game so I’m feeling lucky.

  • Biggest risk I ever took was taking my current job. I had just separated from the military and my plans had fallen through. I was desperate for work because I’d done the homeless thing before I joined and didn’t want to end up back there. I was several interviews deep with both Tesla Motors and Google, but this company came out of nowhere, flew me out to NY for an interview, and offered me the job. I graciously backed out of interviews with two companies I adored to work for a relative unknown. I couldn’t be happier.

  • Marcel Sakr

    I’m new to the blog but already a fan. Big risk I took was to accept a job in a new country that completely changed my life.

  • Nik Bil

    As a BIG, really BIG Fan of ablogtowarch im so happy to participate in this and all other giveaways. When I was a kid we have had puppies. One day one of them was stucked in and huge hole fullied with mud, and when i saw it i jumped in to the hole fullied with mud to save the puppie, and jumping in to the hole wasnt a good idea couse i get stacked inside of it and I startvv screaming. My grandmother wasthe one who had the job to arise me, aster she listen the scream camed and get me out of the hole an saved us.

  • Scott G

    A really interesting watch! I made the move away from my home town with no job and little money, but it paid off in the end… Great job, lovely fiancee and enough money to treat myself to a nice watch from time to time!

  • Paul William Dow

    Big fan of the site – thanks all!

    A big risk in life that really paid off: tequila with this girl I had been friends with for awhile who was dating someone else at the time. Now, we are engaged!

  • Sean McQueen

    You guys do a great job with the range of watches you cover. I really appreciate that as other similar outlets will only show you things that you will never be able to afford or even see in person. This Azimuth is very interesting and cool to say the least. Good luck everyone!

  • Sean McQueen

    You guys do a great job with the range of watches you cover. I really appreciate that as other similar outlets will only show you things that you will never be able to afford or even see in person. This Azimuth is very interesting and cool to say the least. Good luck everyone!

  • F William Webb

    Listening to a friend for the Kentucky Derby in 2014. Risked a lot and won! Thank god!

  • Rachel Woodruff

    I’m new to watches and new to a lot of things, honestly. A year ago I risked everything to leave my controlling, intimidating, manipulative husband. Now I am living on my own, supporting myself and caring for my kids, and I’ve never been happier in my entire life.
    I love the blog and I love seeing all the brilliant mechanicals in my Instagram feed. Thank you!

  • David Fisher

    I took a risk in forming my own company to bid on a large project when I was working in SE Asia. A few tense weeks later I was in business and my venture paid off when my bid won. Following a blog to watch is paying off as well. I’m enjoying seeing such a variety of design in watch making.

  • markusp

    i never stopped loving my ex-girlfriend…..and it was worth it 🙂

  • Janis Banis

    Thats a awesome looking watch!

  • Josef Schmid

    I would love to win and wear this watch!

  • sensemille

    I promise I will take the big risk of wearing this watch in an important meeting if I win it! (and send you pics to prove it ) 🙂

  • Whakeback

    Real estate, I buy risky property. Pays off when your intution is in link with lady luck, I own a sweet islannd as a result.

  • Fouad

    Very cool watch!

  • Jerry Davis

    While I’m not much of a risk taker, one that did pay off was risking my pride and asking
    her for a second date 36 years ago.

  • Joel

    That’s an interesting watch..

    My big risk was asking that girl from high school and it really paid off because we are still together..

  • Dan Willingham

    this question made me realize I never take risks…

  • H F

    Starting my own business.

  • Brian Hsiao

    Changing jobs last year. Beautiful watch by the way!

  • Steph C

    Quitting my job to take care of my daughter. It’s been a very rewarding experience. Love this Casino inspired watch!

  • Tom

    Interesting timepiece. The usage of materials, color and the details. Outrageous Crown. The biggest risk I took (I am a horticulturist) was growing a massive open air garden on the world’s largest cruise ship (Oasis of the Seas & Allure of the Seas). It’s never been done before. Wind, salt air, out at sea, different ports are huge dynamics. Thousands of gardening books about planting a garden on land but not one sentence about “at sea”. 12000 plants and 65 trees later, it has been very successful. Massive and expensive risk but if you don’t go for it, you will always regret it.

  • Stephen Christiansen

    This watch is a gambler’s dream come true! A huge risk I’m taking is in supporting Donald Trump, very polarizing!

  • McFly998

    What person in their right mind would ever put that on their wrist? I have never seen anything so ugly…….. and I’ve seen yo mamma !

  • Konrad Orsini-Rosenberg

    I think this is meant to be. In November 2015 I lost a bet and actually went to the Casino with exactly half my monthly paycheck. Ok, it wasn’t roulette, but I doubled it at the poker table. Best bet I ever lost!

  • CheeChung

    I always think “risk vs reward” in all decision making. Biggest risk so far that paid off in the end: Marry my first and only girlfriend, so far so good.

  • Pierre Bourque

    That’s a head turner for sure

  • Brian H

    Wearing this controversial timepiece could be seen as a risk! But seeing people’s reaction and having the self satisfaction is the reward!

  • Matt L

    Decided to forego an entry to become a lawyer for professional tennis and it paid off 🙂

  • Marty C.

    I quit a stable but boring job to take a low-paying position as a trainee in a completely different field.

  • Tres

    Biggest risk so far was moving in with my spouse 3-months after meeting, that was 21-years ago.

  • em ka

    Great website. Yesterday I took a risk to be nice for my wife and today’s morning I got a spectacular b…job.

  • Farheen Zehra

    Biggest risk I took was leaving my country and family behind to move to the USA to study a few months ago.

  • Scott Ferron

    The biggest risk I have ever taken was attending college, which has most certainly paid off with the promise of a job after graduation!

  • Y Til

    One of my biggest risk was to travel alone 10 thousands km from home with 300 USD in my pocket and nothing more.

  • mikeyw2

    Quit a job to start my own business!

  • ragingpanda

    getting married is a big risk that paid off big time! happiest decision ever.

  • Jack Sexton

    The biggest risk I took was accepting my current job and leaving my previous employer. Been here 25 years so I have to say it paid off.

  • Sean

    Like many, the biggest risk involved moving. Took a risk moving to Israel and another moving back to the US… a few years later and those are the best risky decisions that I have made for a variety of reasons.

  • Fabian Berends

    The biggest risk I ever took was trying to flip an omelette composed of 7 Eggs. (Yes, I was really hungry). I would say the risk paid off for the most part. The omelette disintegrated in mid-air, leaving me little to eat. On the other hand: we now have a really fetching piece of art on our kitchen wall, reminiscent of an early Pollock. Always makes for an interesting conversation piece. (As would this lovely watch, by the way.) Cheers.

  • Clinton

    I had kids!!!

  • I’m not the most adventurous person, I guess, but I do gamble. Out of Azimuth watches I like Spaceship Jump Hour most, but this one is very nice too

    • Chris

      The spaceship jump hour is interesting. It is a very simple module, all on the dial and hands, but with a good effect.

  • Chris

    I have always loved that Azimuth does a lot of what the higher end contemporary brands, but at a much more accessible price point (except for the tourbillon they released a couple of years ago in their sp-1 series)

  • Matt

    I’m a very risk averse person, which I guess is a bit of a risk in itself. Have to wait and see if it works out in the end. Right now, I’d say it’s a push.

  • Addison Chandler

    I can’t say my list of great risks in life is extensive, but one of my more adventurous choices was made while free climbing with a group of friends. We hit a point where we weren’t sure what was ahead of us, so it was either continue on with a high level of uncertainty or turn back and have guaranteed safety. I can say the view was perhaps the most breathtaking I’ve ever seen and opting for safety wouldn’t have made nearly the story. Once we came up out of the rough patch that had us reconsidering our direction we were able to see chains of lakes and mountain peaks for miles. It was well worth the climb.

  • Louis Voyer


  • Kevin Kaufmann

    Went to college in an emerging but still small field. So far it’s going well!

  • Edi Zhen

    make love with married friend… >_<

  • Wayne

    Buying second hand watches…so far I have been lucky and they have been real

  • jdoulas

    Decided to go to law school, which has paid off with a very lucrative and fulfilling career.

  • Chang-Hyun Han

    cheated on my wife w/ much younger lady for 2yrs.

  • TheYoshi

    Accepted a job moving my entire family to Austin, TX which ultimately led to an even better role 4 years later.

  • Rajvind Jude Dhaliwal

    Waiting till this late to get in on this giveaway is somewhat of a calculated risk. Plus this is a really fine piece to have, that I would love if it would be mine.

    Well in my life I have taken handful of risks and one of the most memorable one was using social media back in 2008 messaging a lovely girl, whom then became my wife. But before that I proposed to her in Macau, yes Casino Capital of Asia. That is why this watch when ever I look at it, will constantly remind me of my proposal in Macau.

    That is why I would be not only fantastic to win but serve as a memento for one of the biggest risks which paid off!

  • Shoben Jaya

    Pursuing my career in Music. Cause I have a very stable career with minimal hours per week and I’m financially stable, despite some who discouraged me!! And not forgetting I’m doing what I love because when u turn what u love into ur job it no longer is one =) and this watch is super awesome and I can’t wait to have it!! Amen =)

  • Ola

    Love the azimuth brand of watches

  • Justin Frankovic

    My greatest risks in life have been the ones that have been initially simple, but created the biggest return on investment. For me it is the 20 seconds of courage that have propelled me to reach new heights. This 20 seconds of posting can be the result of a masterfully designed watch.

  • Rostislav Horní?ek

    marriage with a woman I knew three months, 12 year later we are still together:-)

  • Emil Frydendal

    One of my greatest risks was when I spend all my life savings on my first “real” motorcycle when I was 23 years old. I have spend many hours on that bike and I have a lot of good memories from riding it. Money well spend! 😀

  • Luc

    Great watch!! I want one for my poker game with my pals!!

  • Ron Copenhafer

    My greatest Risk was changing careers in 1980 from computers too; well, I wasn’t sure but ended up in water and wastewater treatment. It worked out pretty well.
    I was lucky enough to be playing craps once when the table got “HOT”, There is no other gambling experience like it.
    This watch would be one of my prized possessions.

  • Mark Mason

    Nice watch that would surely look better on my wrist!
    Greatest risk – leaving a secure, well paid job to start a business of my own in the same market as was fed up of making money for other people. Still going two years later but not all plain sailing – worth the risk though

  • crezo

    Incredibly unique watch!

    My biggest risk in life was very similar to the other Mark below! a company I worked for shut down, and had been been applying for jobs at the time. I got an interview for a company I’d wanted to work at for years, but was in discussions with some friends about setting up our own company. I’d been in design for 10 years and none of us had ever run a business before and we had no money to put into it.

    Wed landed one contract, with 4 of us and decided to risk it instead of going for the amazing job.

    4 years on and we’re still going and our company has even won some awards for what do! Big risk and a lot of stress and struggle but worth every second if it. Sadly not earning anywhere near enough personally from it to afford one of these (or 90% of the watches on here) but it helps fees my watch obsession with some amazing microbrand divers so that’s a pay off for me 😉

  • Mara udzenija

    This wach surely is unique. Havent seen anything like this before. I think my frend sould like it the most, he is into cards and casinos ands knows a lot about it. I also like its brown since that color realy goes well with anything you ware. And now about my bigest risk, to keep on doing sport regardles of my previous injury. But i learned my lesson and play safe and careful and trying to fulfil my life.

  • Darz

    Firstly let me just say that I am a big fan of the site and reviews of the high end watches. As a watch designer it is a true pleasure to read about them as soon as they are out! I am also a fan of Azimuth to try and break from the mass market requirements and do something absolutely unique, at a more affordable point than the other independent companies. So, the biggest risk I took was to move out of my country back home which was small and did not provide the right setting to pursue my career and to develop in life. It certainly was a difficult journey and still is, but the rewards already started coming in, the lessons learned, experiences and trips will not be forgotten, only added upon!

  • Chia Christopher

    Thanks to watch companies like Azimuth for bringing us affordable advant-garde time pieces. The biggest risk in my life would be agreeing to do the bungee jump! Thank goodness, I survived, lol.

  • German Andrade

    I’ve had parachute failures, scuba diving accidents, unprotected sex and night walks through unsafe neighborhoods in different places in the world. But by far the biggest gamble I took was not to seek regular employment after college, and instead start a software company. Today, more than 25 years later, I have everything I want, and better yet, I enjoy it. Thanks for a great blog that enlightens me every day!

  • Mike Kan

    This watch is definitely a conversation starter, loud enough to command attention yet classy enough as to not overdo it. The PVD coated brown finishing adds a woody feel to the watch, completing the feel of being at a professional gaming table.
    With many of such designs, the watch would look like a roulette table, but that’s about. For this watch, the push of the dice launches you into a mechanic wonder as you watch the extra hand with the ball go round!
    It’s definitely something I can wear around, both for formal business suit meetings or for a night out about town.
    Azimuth has truly been able to keep their followers with its interesting line of funky watches.

  • Andrew

    Casinos in Macau are in trouble due to the anti-money-laundering crackdown in China. Rich Chinese gamblers are looking for alternatives.and my wrist has always represented a terrible alternative… until now. With your blessing, generosity and watch-giving ability can solve many problems with just one fell swoop. Help China. Help my wrist. Don’t send any money. Please send me a watch. Much love. Andrew 🙂

  • I doubled $200 on black and won. Woo! Yep, my life is full of risks.

  • William

    Very interesting time piece. Not all that realistic as a daily wear but it would certainly be a conversation starter in any setting, as well as an eccentric addition to anyone’s collection. I have gone out on a limb a few times over the years. Perhaps one of the riskiest that paid off well was to accept a temporary assignment that came with no guarantees of a permanent position nor that my job would be available at the end of the assignment. At any rate it turned out well as I have advanced successfully in my career and, on the personal side, the assignment came with a relocation to an area where I met the woman who became my wife.

  • penemio

    Our family relocated four years ago in hopes of better employment opportunities and I ended up almost doubling my salary!

  • ivel1977

    Marrying my husband 🙂 8 years later and happy as could be with 2 wonderful children and a dream home.

  • Michael J. Dulude

    Having kids. I never thought I’d be ready to be a parent. I was terrified. But it was totally worth it. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

  • Jaakko Hyytinen

    This watch would remind me that (usually) “no risk, no reward”, and maybe encourages me to take more risks in my life.

  • Chrissi Visage

    travelling far from home, after many years and many adventures – meeting my soulmate, having a son, settling in a new land, a new language, a new life.

  • Atanas

    I trade my last convirtable BMW for a watch 🙂 It was kind of strange deal as it was BMW Z3 for the new Milgauss Z-blue dial, then I bought a motorbike Honda CBR and ride it daily with the same Rolex on my wrist to go to work. When I had accidents I always thought of the watch first.

  • Breck Kennedy

    I’m not a big risk taker, but asking my crush out was defiantly the biggest risk that has payed of for me

  • T Li

    I swam with deadly stingrays that had a poisonous tail that can kill a person in just minutes if stung. It was a chance to take but at the end, it was a great experience that I would cherish forever like this watch if I won it.

  • jko831

    I quit my job and moved halfway across the country.

  • DocSanti

    Despite the high risk , I’ve invested in several tech startups that so far have done well .

  • mohammed fadil ashraf

    Decided to leave my hometown, my family and friends to a new country alone when i was a teenager after against the will of everyone. Because of this decision, i struggled a lot for two years, but the final outcome was not as expected. But i learned and experience the most required aspects in life, how to survive, how is the world surrounding is, the true life etc. which is necessary for sustenance in this life and world

  • Kelly-Ann Radetic

    Had five children after the age of 30, two sets of twins and a singleton. Worth every minute of risk. (They are now 23,22,22,17 and 17)

  • Nick Hepden

    Love this blog! Keep up the great work and get well soon TGV!!!

  • szcsdy

    When I decided to try my luck in this giveaway. I hope it will pay off me 🙂 Seriuosly, when I started playing football because it teaches humility and perseverance. I love aBtW, cheers from Hungary!

  • Klammeraffe

    I took a risk by moving away to Switzerland. However, until now, every second paid off.

  • Joshua

    Decided to teach myself maths A level, whilst it wasn’t a hollywood ending, I still managed to get into my second choice university with the results!

  • Andrew Turner

    I decided that corporate life as a CFO and commuting to London 3.5 hrs day wasn’t for me — as so I am gainfully unbusy right now and planning a move back to the country- at the same time i’m going to set up a little handmade leather strap business– so from a lifestyle point of view things are looking up!

  • Edmond Leung

    Diabolical batman, OMG, try my luck on skydiving. Talk about risk. Still in 1 piece. Wow, prize amazon gc is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me, pick me! Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest. Starving artist here desperately needs the gc to shop and eat. A life changing exp.

  • Chester

    I took a chance with a woman – and made the right choice!

  • burnunit

    A risk I have taken is ocean yacht racing. Started out just for fun, have learned so much and we’ve become a competative team.

  • Bader Mohd

    Beautiful watch. I changed majors at during my last year at college and it has been the best decision I have ever taken, it really paid off career wise. couldnt be happier

  • James Heng

    I took a risk and start forex trading. Now this is another source of my income and hopefully it can grow into another source of income to start my watch collection

  • wai man leung

    i took a chance adopting a pet from a shelter when my apt. is no pet allowed

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