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Watches + Video Games: Romain Jerome Teams Up With Taito

Watches + Video Games: Romain Jerome Teams Up With Taito Watch Industry News

It is funny how things develop as time goes on. So many watch I write about are dedicated to something young men would have been into in the 1960s and 1970s. Racing, planes, space travel, etc… All things that play with mens’ imaginations at a young age and when they are older still have the same effect, with that added sense of nostalgia they helps you spend cash. Now watch makers are starting to more and more direct their attention on things that had more of an effect on me, such as science fiction and video games.

Watches + Video Games: Romain Jerome Teams Up With Taito Watch Industry News

Romain Jerome has just penned a character licensing deal with Taito – publisher of the arcade shooter game Space Invaders that was popular in the early 1980s. RJ’s Moon Invader line of watches has a small Space Invader character on the back of the watch. It seems now that RJ has the rights to use more of these sprites, and I anticipate an interesting future for the Moon Invader collection with more video game tie-ins. What will that look like? According to RJ there will be dedicated “Space Invader” watches – officially licensed by the source in Japan. Look out for them soon, and hopefully more video game character themed watches in the future. Here is me crossing my fingers for a Super Mario Bros. themed watch in the next 5 five years! Don’t let me down Nintendo!

Watches + Video Games: Romain Jerome Teams Up With Taito Watch Industry News

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  • witch watch

    Got to be the most creative team up i have seen from a watch manfacturer yet. It’s a concept that could bring forth some great looking timepieces and more cohesive tie-ins. This one in particular does not work for me take this same watch and have a picture of the Helgast trooper on the back, add some green to the corner screws, a small Killzone or Helgast logo on the dial and package appropriately and then you would be on to something.

  • Snow

    I’m sorry but that watch is hideous. Its laughable that anyone would spend over $10,000 on a watch that looks like something out of a cereal box especially when there are a million better alternatives. To each his own but if I knew someone who bought this watch I would probably laugh in their face.

    • That was is the Moon Invader, while the Space Invader watches haven’t been debuted yet.

      • dshon


        Have you held an RJ in the metal? I have, and I never been so underwhelmed by the fit and finish of a $10K+ watch. I don’t understand who buys these…


        • Yes, I have held most of the collection. It really depends on the watches and when they where made. Under RJ’s new management quality is said to be a very important element.

          • dshon

            I’ve only held an RJ once, so I’ll defer to your judgment. Regardless, I find them gimmicky and tacky. You should get some better sponsors.

          • Many watches are gimmicky. When I work with sponsors it is because of the people at the brand and their view on business. It doesn’t they have to have timepieces everyone refers.

  • Ivan Y

    This is a curious partnership, but will see what RJ can produce.

    P.S. I’m your age Ariel and still into space and – to lesser degree – planes & racing 🙂

    P.P.S. There are SMB-themed watches (look on eBay), but you can also get vintage ones with built-in game — or

    • I meant high end ones! But thanks 🙂

  • KT

    Whats the price on these?