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Winner Announced: Indianapolis 500 Race With TAG Heuer Watch & Experience Giveaway

Winner Announced: Indianapolis 500 Race With TAG Heuer Watch & Experience Giveaway Giveaways

Congrats to Todd M. from Los Angeles, California, who is the very lucky winner of the Indianapolis 500 Race With TAG Heuer Watch & Experience giveaway on aBlogtoWatch last month. To recap, Todd is going to get a trip to Indianapolis from May 27th to May 30th, enjoy TAG Heuer’s hospitality and VIP access to the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 race on May 29th. He will also get a “supercar track day” where he can get some much-needed fast driving out of his system. And, of course, he’ll receive a TAG Heuer watch. Thanks again for everyone who entered, and please enter for a chance to win an Azimuth King Casino watch this month on aBlogtoWatch here.

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  • SuperStrapper

    Great giveaway, congrats Todd!

    Too bad us sub-humans (non-Americans) weren’t allowed to participate.

    • Boogur T. Wang

      I think it has more to do with your global location than your species.
      I am an American citizen and was also excluded from the contest.

      • SuperStrapper

        Why were you excluded?

        • Boogur T. Wang

          As indicated in the contest rules this contest was for residents of the continental USA.
          I do not reside in the continental USA.
          As explained – global location.

          • SuperStrapper

            Ok, understood. Is that common knowledge and I missed it? You seem a little uppity over having to explain it.

          • Boogur T. Wang

            Always glad to help in any way I can.
            I am just an arrogant old bastid.

          • john coleman

            So am I !!

    • john coleman


  • Boogur T. Wang

    Much Congratulation on a fine gift package.

  • DanW94

    Congratulations – sounds like it’ll be a hell of a good time. Enjoy.

  • Josh Graves

    Congratulations Todd!

  • Eddy Hope

    Well done Todd!!! Words cannot describe my jealousy.

  • cg

    A few tips…..I’ll wave at ya from the pits… Make sure you tour the garage area pre and post race. You get really up close and personal. Don’t forget the Museum Tour and all the memorbilia stands benefit local non profits! Get a Turkey Leg and a Beer and watch the great low level fly over after the National Anthem and opening Prayer Innvocation. Don’t forget ear protection muffs thats very important. Oh yeah! Enjoy the Greatest Spectacle in Racing.

    • Larry Holmack

      Also…remember to take a “Sharpie” with you and get some autographs…and some memorabilia…like a cap and maybe even a diecast car. And it goes without saying…a good digital camera for lots of pictures.
      I used to attend a lot of NASCAR races and was fortunate enough to get Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s autograph at the Homestead race in 2000. Sadly it was the last race he completed since he passed in the accident at Daytona in 2001. I’m really glad I had a chance to meet him and get his autograph. And yeah….ear protection is a must….it’s much louder than you think!!!

  • Twinbarrel

    Congratulations Todd. Feels great doesn’t it?

  • LapYoda

    Congratulations, Todd! Hope I get to meet with you and Ariel when you come to my stomping grounds. Don’t forget to bring a fast camera and ear plugs for the race!

  • egznyc

    You lucky devil – sounds like a fantastic prize with such a great mix of experiences and also a watch!

  • Alexandro Betanzo Bartolozzi

    Tag Huer is bin doing some good stuff.

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