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Winner Announced: Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Chronograph Watch



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  • mauro tovoli


    • Twinbarrel

      Thanks Mauro.

  • SuperStrapper


    • so close

      • Boogur T. Wang

        “Missed it by this > < much"….Maxwell Smart.

  • Twinbarrel

    Thank you Bilal. As it is always an honour to be nominated (i.e. have a chance like anyone else) it is also very exciting to win…. as I found out. THANKS!

    Almost immediately after our e-mails I went to see Joe and Jean-Pierre from Ancaster Jewellers, who happens to be the AD for Maurice Lacroix also. They were very excited for me as well and I obviously took the opportunity to look around whatever new things he got his hands on lately. Awesome collection but he always likes to show me the pieces that didn’t make it out to the website or the store displays yet. Anyway… always fun. Jean-Pierre is a personal friend with the Maurice Lacroix rep in Canada so I believe its a fun idea this gift will be handed to me in Jean-Pierre’s store by Maurice Lacroix with pics for various media purpose. A sort of an ‘out-of-the-box’ great idea we agreed, as the gift keeps on giving for everyone. This event would be totally ‘Grand’ if Matt Smith-Johnson (Art director ABTW) would be in town for this too to represent ABTW.

    …or I could just open the package by myself, put it on my wrist and privately enjoy this wonderful prize. What would you do..?

    This way, my Pontos S will forever have a story to tell and might very well become one of those pieces you will never be able to part with.

    I will be looking forward writing my review. Thanks again also to my fellow readers who, collectively contribute for everyone here to have an equal sense of belonging of this very pleasant online community. Thanks.

    • Hey man, congrats on winning! We look forward to your hands-on review! I notice your previous comment before this one was a post congratulating the winner of the LAST giveaway. Karma is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Following this pattern I hope to be writing my own review for next month’s giveaway. Hint, hint.

      • Twinbarrel

        I hope you do my friend and thank you very much.

  • Gokart Mozart


    It would be interesting to know what the winning email was and what watch was decided to be the best dress divers watch.

  • cg

    It’s FREE! Wear it in good health…

    • Twinbarrel

      Free and healthy. Perfect foundation for new adventure. Feels great, thanks cg.

  • spiceballs

    Congratulations and looking forward to your write-up.

    • Twinbarrel

      Thank you spiceball.
      If Ariel won’t edit my review it might become a 3-part series review – lol
      I haven’t been told to limit my words to a specific count… but something tells me I will get an e-mail about this soon. 😉

  • Boogur T. Wang

    Much congratulations. I am more and more impressed by the Maurice LaCroix offerings.

    • Twinbarrel

      Thank you Boogur T. Wang.
      Their Masterpiece movements are indeed absolutely incredible. No dial needed. I am particularly in love with their ‘Gravity’ watch. Everything about it is perfect; the size, the movement, open escapement, the wrist appeal, the perfection. This bustling industrial miniature world on your wrist is working on its own economy to produce time for its very supreme ruler.. you.

  • Fady337

    I’m not active in writing up things, a silent reader though.
    Wish to congratulate you on your winning. Wear it in good health.

    • Twinbarrel

      You might even be a little more active than I am. I think of myself alike you in that sense.
      Thank you kindly Fady337

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