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The World’s Most Expensive Watches Book Party Photos

The World's Most Expensive Watches Book Party Photos Shows & Events

Overlooking Los Angeles at the historic Chateau Marmont Hotel, guests celebrated The World’s Most Expensive Watches book launch in an event that I was honored to host in collaboration with party sponsor Hublot watches. I’d like to reiterate my words from the event, and say thank you to the many wonderful people who not only attended the launch, but who helped make the event a success.

The World’s Most Expensive Watches book first became available for sale in late September, and people have been buying it on and local book stores in both English and French. Being my first book, I was really curious to see what would happen and how people would react. My goal was to create something that had appeal not only to existing watch lovers, but to “regular people,” who were not yet familiar with the world of fascinating horological items. It has been truly humbling to watch people who don’t know about watches flip through the pages of the book and peruse the 102 included timepieces.

The World's Most Expensive Watches Book Party Photos Shows & Events

The World's Most Expensive Watches Book Party Photos Shows & Events

The World's Most Expensive Watches Book Party Photos Shows & Events

I couldn’t be happier with how the book came out visually. As a large coffee table-style book, it makes a real presence in a room and I had a lot of people tell me that they were excited to put it on display in their homes or offices. One thing that I didn’t realize while writing the book is that it serves as an easy visual explanation to why people like watches when asked by those who aren’t yet like-minded.

Watch lovers often have to devise complicated explanations of why they like timepieces when asked by their friends, families, and colleagues; “why are you so into this stuff?” I realized that The World’s Most Expensive Watches book can actually serve as a simple answer. Personally, the next time someone asks me that question I am just going to hand them the book and say “I like watches because people can make stuff like that.”

The World's Most Expensive Watches Book Party Photos Shows & Events

The World's Most Expensive Watches Book Party Photos Shows & Events

The World's Most Expensive Watches Book Party Photos Shows & Events

The World's Most Expensive Watches Book Party Photos Shows & Events

We had a full house at the launch party which took place in one of the hotel suites that also has a very large private terrace. A lot of people asked me “why are you doing the event in Los Angeles?” The weather, of course (well… in addition to the fact that I live here). Where else but LA can you have a comfortable event outside in the middle of November? Thank you once again to Los Angeles for making sure the climate was apt for celebration.


Also, let me say thank you to the people who flew into town for the event or drove from far away. Though, given the reasons above, I don’t think that any of the east-coasters were upset with the venue. It is nevertheless a great honor to have had such an esteemed group of people at The World’s Most Expensive Watches book party. It was also great to see everyone’s watches.

The World's Most Expensive Watches Book Party Photos Shows & Events

The World's Most Expensive Watches Book Party Photos Shows & Events

The World's Most Expensive Watches Book Party Photos Shows & Events

The World's Most Expensive Watches Book Party Photos Shows & Events

When announcing the book launch party a couple of weeks ago, many people were curious as to why Hublot was involved, and what my relationship with them was. Hublot sponsored the event because they were excited about the book and wanted to support it. Hublot also values the work myself and others do who talk about modern timepieces. While watch companies like Hublot are very skilled at the design and production of products, they aren’t always known for being 100% effective at explaining to the public through their marketing activities why their watches are cool or should be taken seriously. Because a lot of us do this better than companies can in-house, they see value in supporting certain watch writers. It would be a mistake to suggest that intelligent watch brands only want writers like myself to tell people their products are good. We’ve built long-term relationships with a lot of great brands and see ourselves as having the same goals – to get people loving timepieces, no matter what their tastes ultimately may be.

What I have found over the years is that really understanding a brand requires a lot of time with their products, as well as discussion. Merely viewing an item’s marketing photography online isn’t always enough. Not everyone can experience every watch hands-on, so through my work and that of the aBlogtoWatch team, we continue to bring people our own hands-on experience through pictures and articles. While we don’t actively seek to promote the work of any particular brand in our editorial, we are motivated to share the things that interest and outstand, or otherwise appeal to us for discussion. Like I said above, our editorial activity is something that the watch industry wants to support, and brands like Hublot have been very active in doing so.

The World's Most Expensive Watches Book Party Photos Shows & Events

The World's Most Expensive Watches Book Party Photos Shows & Events

The World's Most Expensive Watches Book Party Photos Shows & Events

The World's Most Expensive Watches Book Party Photos Shows & Events

Being surrounded by friends and colleagues at a beautiful location with a view of Los Angeles (with good scotch) is probably the most perfect way I could imagine to spend an evening. Adding the fact that everyone is there to celebrate my book is a really nice bonus. It was a pleasure to personally sign people’s The World’s Most Expensive Watches books, and I hope that I’ll meet a lot more of you in the future so that I can do the same if you aren’t in the Los Angeles area. Thanks again to Hublot for sponsoring the event, my publisher Antique Collector’s Club for making the book happen, and all the aBlogtoWatch friends and readers who joined me. I am sure there will be a next time. Oh, and for everyone looking to pick a copy up, you may purchase the book via, with shipping available to most parts of the world.

Photography by Den Bradshaw

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  • Cool to see that Hublot brought along a La Ferrari watch. I spotted Samir and the future Mrs. Adams in some of the photos. Looks like it was a great event Ariel. Congratulations. I hope you vacation in Hawaii again so you can sign my copy (I really don’t want to lug it to BaselWorld next year).
    And I literally laughed out loud when I saw Ariel in a suit and tie. Not that is looked bad, just unexpected (compared to his usual blogger on the prowl at watch shows outfits).

  • Looks like a lovely evening both event-wise and weather-wise! Congratulations and all the best!

  • DG Cayse

    Great photos. Looks like a lovely event.

  • Congratulations Ariel – looks like it was an excellent, well attended event, and I wish I would have gone. I was in California not 2 weeks ago, if i had timed it better I could have come. 
    I still hope I can purchase a book and have you sign it, I’m ready when you are.

  • Fraser Petrick

    Who’s the guy in the black suit and red tie? Looks like a gangster to me. (A nice gangster, mind you,)

  • thornwood36

    Lovely warm evening, Views to die for , and all those invited guests hopefully buying and putting in lots of orders. continued success Ariel.

  • AtotheG

    It was a great party.  Thanks again, Ariel!  Seems  like it’s “Watch-event November” here in L.A. – not that I’m complaining…

  • LapYoda

    Looks like it was a fun event!  And is this the first-ever photographic evidence of Ariel in a suit?

  • David Damian

    Picture looks too grainy to tell the exact model, but it’s most likely a Hublot Big Bang.

  • SantiagoT

    Felicidades Ariel. That’s truly something. 

    P.S.: Mr. Dewitt is going to be ever so proud to see his watch in a book like this!

  • Elijah Krajewski


  • Gotta hand it to a guy who made his hobby a dream come true! Cheers Ariel!

  • Fraser Petrick

    Ariel, If you have a New York book launching, have your people get in touch with my people. I’d love to attend. (Note: I drink only Canadian wine; specifically Prince Edward County, white or red; I’m flexible.)

  • Ryan B

    Congratulations on your book  Ariel, the party looks like a smashing success. Cheers

  • Howard Roark

    Grainy picture indeed, David. Yet, couldn’t help but try to figure out as a “Book party” game here on this thread (if I may be so bold to suggest) trying to decipher what exact timepiece Ariel is wearing in that shot. OK, here goes from my end: Ariel is wearing (fingers crossed/ hail mary pass) a Big Bang Unico 45mm King Gold ref. 411.OX.1180.RX (photo)/
    Well Ariel? No cigar or ‘High Striker’ bell ring kewpie doll to be had? Regardless, Congrats on the book. All success in the world. Book page layouts (in quality) look great!

  • blackpantherevo

    My wife is buying me this book for my birthday in less than a month!
    Until I own them all, this will be the closest I’ll be getting for a while!!

  • DangerussArt

    Zzyzx As Hublot was sponsoring, I have  hard time thinking it would anything but a Hublot on Ariel’s wrist. It looks to be one of their Ferrari models, but from a distance I’d be hard pressed to tell a lot of them apart.

  • bichondaddy

    Huge congrats on the book!!  I’ll have to see about getting a copy for my ever growing collection.  

    Nice looking suit too….love the red tie!  When I was working…I had a collection of over 200 neck ties….and the red ones were my favorites.  They go great with almost any power suit…especially a Pin Stripe suit!

  • MisterDeal

    It was a great event, and I truly enjoyed the photos of the back of my head. Now I know that the guy who cuts my hair is doing a good job all around.

    Seriously, though, it was a great event because it was a great book. I have now read it almost 3x, and still learn something new. It has really opened my eyes to so much that’s great about watchmaking, and also serves as a wonderful primer, as Ariel noted, to show people what is at the core of one’s passion for watches. It could’ve also been called “The World’s Most Innovative Watches” just as easily – these are expensive largely because of the skill and craft and centuries of old-world R&D that went into them.

    Also, re: Hublot’s involvement, I was very glad for it for a number of reasons. Firstly and most important, it was an organic choice because Hublot has a few models represented in the book – they are one of the few companies that can afford to work at this technical level. Also, really experiencing Hublot watches in person really helps convey what the brand is about. It was great that the La Ferrari was in the book but also at the party, where we could check out up close what went into it. It was really “putting one’s money where their wrist is,” so to speak (and probably mangle the English language). Everyone should encounter a timepiece that requires a proprietary drill to set it at least once in life – and this event achieved that for me!

  • Fraser Petrick We will let you know for sure. I’d like to do a party there if we can manage it.

  • LapYoda Yea, I try not to wear suits whenever possible. It isn’t very LA.

  • AtotheG I know, I have 3 more events in the next 24 hours!

  • DangerussArt Zzyzx Close. It was actually an Hublot Big Bang Unico 45:

  • SarthakSharma

    Congratulations on the book! Very well deserved and I hope to pick up a copy as an early Xmas present to myself. Keep killing the game.

  • CG

    Very Cool! Publishing a Book in this Digital Age is like wearing a Mechanical Watch! HA!  Congrats…. labor of love I’d bet.

  • A lot of bare wrists among the posse.  Hopefully, this event sparked in them the realization of the appeal of fine watches.

  • spiceballs

    Nicely done – many congratulations on your book, the event and your suit/tie  – – – who was that man  ?

  • Diego Mathias Corpacho Caballero

    que le paso a alejandro saenz…? jajajaj

  • Frauss

    Is it my imagination or is Ariel starting to look like Thierry Stern?

  • Frauss Soon you won’t be able to tell them apart – except for the lack of a cigarette in Ariel’s hand, ha ha.

  • shinytoys

    Very well deserved. Lots of Mazel and continued success. Quite an accomplishment and an honor.

  • Oliver777

    Nice event !!

    Need some help from you watches experts!!!

    How many time do the Tag Heuer factory spend to build a Carrera cal 1887, 43mm autoamtic cronograph ????

    Help please !!!

  • Nice stuff.  Now time to get into a diet Mr. Adams

  • D S Vilhena I have always wondered why people post such mean things and why they think it’s okay to be critical when they get to stay anonymous.  I bet you could stand to lose a few pounds yourself, DS, otherwise you’d have kept your opinion to yourself.  When someone like you points their finger, they’ve got three pointing back at them. ‘Nuff said.

  • alvinblin

    Ariel, we met briefly during a recent event at the Omega boutique in Beverly Hills. You were very kind & gracious despite the frenetic energy of the crowd. I’ve long appreciated your writings & this blog. Congratulations on the launch of your new book. It seems you’ve also caught the eye of WSJ & Best wishes!

  • alvinblin Thanks so much. We will meet again for sure!

  • perpetuelle

    Congarts Ariel!

  • trj66

    Wauw! I received my copy of the book yesterday and I’m truly stunned: a really wide and fascinating collection of amazing creations covering all bases of haute horologie. The illustrations are beyond eye-candy, a more correct description would be “watch-porn”!

    Ariel, congrats with this amazing volume; I’m sure your father would be extremely proud of you because of this achievement as well.

  • trj66 Enjoy it and thanks for your spirited words. That means a lot to me.

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