Wrist Watch Annual 2009

Apparently aBlogtoRead.com is now a source for deals. Right now you can get Abbeville Press’ wonderful “Wristwatch Annual 2009” Guide for 30% off by using the coupon code “ablogtoread “if you purchase from Abbeville’s Wristwatch Annual Purchase page here. This offer last until February 28th, 2009 (unless I convince them to extend it). This is really a great watch publication for a couple of reasons. First let me say that it is nice to sometimes read watch related content “offline.” That experience will never be supplanted (fully) by the Internet. I first discovered Wristwatch Annual when I was in college. I attribute my current passion for to this book, seriously. I was browsing in a bookstore at the magazine rack, and saw this thick, nicely printed guide all about watches (for that year). Flipping through the pages I decided it would be really cool to look at, and honestly that is how ALL THIS started. 2009’s version of the publication is 456 pages of pure, unadulterated watch goodness with over 1,700 watch models inside.

I’ll give it to you straight. Here are the top reasons why you want this book:

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  • Tons of brands. There is no other source I know where you can sit down and look at dozen of brands. Both the popular ones, and some you’ve never heard of.
  • Lots of pictures. It is great to view a company’s entire watch line up in a few pages with pictures and explanations of what you are looking at.
  • Movement guide and glossary. In addition to watches, the major mechanical movements are outlined and explained. There is also a handy guide telling you what all those obscure (and often not in English) watch terms mean. Baffle your friends with them, impress me.
  • Prices! Wow, a publication made for every person, not just those who “don’t bother with prices.” I know I can’t afford most of the watches, but I like to know what they are going for. It helps me understand the industry and judge a person when I see what’s on their wrist.
Wrist Watch Annual 2009 Pierre Kunz Page

Wristwatch annual goes for $35 in the stores, but here it is 30% off until February 28th, 2009. Once again, go to http://www.abbeville.com/wristwatches/, and enter coupon codeablogtoread” when checking out. It is that simple. Abbeville Press’ other watch publications like the Classic Wristwatch Buying Guide, are items worth looking at as well. Enjoy.

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