4N MVT01/D01 Titanium

4N is a relatively new watch company that was started in 2009 by Francois Quentin. If you are not familiar with the name, know that Mr. Quentin is one of the main people behind Hautlence – another high-end brand – and he was also responsible for the design of Louis Vuitton’s Tambour watches.

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The MVT-01/D01 was the company’s first watch and we have written about it a number of times in the past – most recently in a hands-on article here. The watch is unique because of the way it displays the time – it uses an all-mechanical 514-part movement to display the time digitally using a series of discs.

4N MVT01/D01 Movement

We first saw the watch in 2010, and it took 4N over three years along with the help of movement specialist Renaud & Papi to finalize and complete the movement design and put the watch into production. 4N had said earlier that the watch would come cased in white gold, platinum and titanium, and the first run of 16 watches were done in in white gold.

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Now, the company has announced that the next run of 16 watches will be in titanium. As befits the watch, the titanium case will be bead-blasted and polished. The 4N MVT-01/D01 is by no means a petite watch, so we reckon also that the titanium version of this watch will be much more comfortable to wear.

Price of the 4N MVT-01/D01 will be €168,000 or approximately $227,395. 4-n.fr

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