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The Slovakian duo of Molnar Fabry is known for their inventive take on skeletonized movements and dials. Michal Molnar and Igor Fabry joined forces after careers in jewelry-making, combining their expertise and love for haute horology to create one-off, bespoke, largely handmade, and often richly engraved watches. The Molnar Fabry White Lotus Rattrapante chronograph watch is all of this, but is based upon a heavily modified vintage pocket watch movement.

For many watch buyers and collectors, there is little chance to own a rare or limited edition watch that can be said to be a truly unique piece made to their exact tastes. The Slovakian duo behind Molnar Fabry specializes in doing just this, and since 2006 they have created some truly intricate and breathtaking bespoke watches. This piece, the Molnar Fabry Majestic Tourbillon Piece Unique watch is no different.

With the increase in mass-produced luxury watches, truly limited runs (let alone unique pieces!) have never been a more attractive emotional and financial investment. Despite the global recession, the luxury watch industry seems to have not only escape unscathed, but rather has performed extremely well over the course of the last two decades. If major luxury brands were not careful, they soon found themselves in a position where their output was upped significantly to respond to the high demand.

The skeletonization of high-end timepieces has long been a viable option for those watch collectors and enthusiasts who seek a way to appreciate mechanical movements more thoroughly than a sapphire case back or an "open-heart" dial allow. Michal Molnar and Igor Fabry of Molnar Fabry are two Slovakian certified jewelers who, bitten by the "watch-bug" and driven by a developed passion for fine watches, have specialized in creating unique, made-to-order timepieces comprised of beautifully and heavily modified base movements from ETA, Unitas, and others.

The watch industry is a complicated one, and this month, we try to analyze and explain just what is going on, and what is wrong in the watch industry now. We also spend some time with new watches from Bulova, Seiko, Frederique Constant, Ancon and Rolex. Finally, we talk to Maria Doulton, the founder of The Jewellery Editor, to find out how emotions and stories play apart in our decisions to buy watches; and also spend some time with the revered Kari Voutilainen.

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