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A Brief History Of Watches

A Brief History Of Watches Featured Articles

I thought that this simple timeline chronology that briefly discusses the history of watches was interesting and worth sharing. The file was too large to insert as one long image, so I had to cut it up. Click on the images to get larger ones in the photo gallery. Enjoy and thank you to for the graphic.

A Brief History Of Watches Featured Articles

A Brief History Of Watches Featured Articles

A Brief History Of Watches Featured Articles

A Brief History Of Watches Featured Articles

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Fueled by an unshakable love for horology and a general curiosity for intricate things, Ariel Adams founded aBlogtoWatch in 2007 as a means of sharing his passion. Since then, ABTW has become the highest trafficked blog on luxury timepieces, and Ariel has become a contributor to other online publications such as Forbes, Departures and Tech Crunch, to name just a few. His conversational writing style and inclusive attitude brings a wider appreciation for watches the world over, and that's just the way he likes it.

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  • Kris C

    It took 20 years for the minute hand to travel from Britan to France? Yeesh.

    • JohnnyJohnnyJohnny

      I guess time doesn’t fly.

      @Kris C

  • stephen

    looks good but is too small to read – need bigger high res images

    • Click on the pictures to get larger ones.

    • stephen

      thanks Ariel/Admin – can read easily now

  • IndWatchmakers

    We still are not sure if Perrelet is the “true” inventor of the self winding movement. There is a big controversy started more almost 20 years ago by Joseph Flores who has found document attesting that Sarton invented the self winding movement

  • enjoyed this post.

  • This is a great introduction to the history of wrist watches. Wonderfully easy reading and nicely illustrated.

  • Hacker4748

    Very nice post, save for the typos :-/

    • Hacker4748 Right, but since it isn’t our graphic we can’t fix it.

      • Hacker4748

        aBlogtoWatch Hacker4748 Yeah, it’s a pity.

  • varuzza

    The name of Alberto Santos Dumont is correct in the first line, but it was written AlVerto in line 10.