aBlogtoRead.com Featured In The Financial Times

aBlogtoRead.com Featured In The Financial Times

aBlogtoRead.com Featured In The Financial Times Announcements

Did you know that the Financial Times has a special section from time to time called "Watches & Jewelry?" I didn't either until recently. How neat is that?

A recent Financial Times article discussing the power of blog in the watch industry featured myself (Ariel Adams) and aBlogtoRead.com. While brief, the article mentions the immense influence blogs have over the watch industry as well as the people who buy watches. It also remarks on how the watch industry doesn't always know how to deal with blogs like aBlogtoRead.com, as what I (and the few others like me) do is often quite different from the traditional watch media.

Nevertheless, the Financial Times suggests that sites like aBlogtoRead.com command a readership and awareness that watch companies realize is something that have to adapt to. Many thanks to reporter Simon de Burton who covered the story. I am honored to be recognized by the Financial Times and featured in their fine publication. Also thanks to my readers who make this all possible. See the story here.

  • Ivan Y

    Congrats on being the main featured blogger of the article, Ariel! As a recent reader, it’s very interesting to read more about your background and how this blog had begun.

    Out of curiosity, what do you (or other bloggers) do to make sure your coverage isn’t tainted by the ad money (or witholding thereof)? Because bloggers don’t have backing of a corporate parent, it’s could be argued that some would be tempted to give better coverage for more ad buys, paid trips to certan events, and so forth.

    P.S. Don’t feel bad about an occassional misspelling — even FT, with its editors and fact-checkers, couldn’t spell PuristSPro correctly (left out the ‘S’).

    • Thanks Ivan. To answer your question, it is complex. But first you need to realize that bloggers aren’t in a different position that “other” watch writers when it comes to dealing with advertiser’s etc… If you write for a watch publication the same pressures exist. Basically, it is human nature to want to be good to those people who dedicate the resources to sponsor you. My advertisers are here because of my readers, as well as for the simple reason that they specifically endorse my activities. While I can’t speak for everyone my take on advertisers is simple. You can buy my attention, but you can’t buy my opinion. Readers of aBlogtoRead.com know I cover lots and lots of watches – most of which are not advertisers. If an advertiser has something interesting, I will cover it. Perhaps I will post about it earlier than I would otherwise. If they have something I don’t like – I won’t cover it. So basically I don’t write anything positive just because the brand who made it is a sponsor of mine. Doing so does not interest me from an editorial perspective, and at the same time would hurt my credibility with my readers – who are the real people I write for.

      • Ivan Y

        Thanks for elaborating, Ariel!

        I’ve never detected any bias in your posts and the companies that advertise here make good watches, so that also speaks to your credibility.

        It wa interesting to read that you started this site after getting your law degree. It’s a gutsy move forgoing good income even if you didn’t have a six-figure loan!

        And you actually passed the bar & had a job. At my ol company, we worked for a legal department at a major oil & gas company that hired attorneys before they passed. Not a problem since they got very good people who always passed… until one poor girl didn’t pass and it wasn’t pretty – the only time they let someone go quicker was when an attorney handling asbestos docket got caught withholding evidence in one of cases (provided it in other cases so plaintiff’s attorney eventually found out).

  • Congrats from me too Ariel. I’ve been reading aBtR for a while now and filling in with back posts as I go along, as well as listening to the podcast. I too have noticed the not-infrequent typos and wonder if you dictate into transcription software? Sometimes the errors sound like what you meant to say but are entirely different, not so much a fat-fingered approach.

    One thing I haven’t figured out yet is why the name of aBtR is the way it is. Care to elaborate? Keep up the good posts.

    • The typos are because I type fast and also proof too fast. Looking for a good trusted editor that I can work with. Editing your own stuff just isn’t wise. No dictation software. As for the name, well it goes back to when I started the blog. It was my first website I ever made, and I wanted a name that could theoretically relate to all topics, without being ego-centric. Within a week of blogging I knew it was gonna be just on watches…