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A contemporary watch is one that combines the styles and materials of today with a sense of keeping true to horological heritage. Watch brands like to promote designs of yesterday and those of tomorrow, but we feel that the “watch of today” is a product we all need to think a little bit more about. Modern yet also timeliness in their own way, these are some timepieces that are very much a product of the times.


Ariel Adams: Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon (Reviewed here and Hands-on here with more color schemes)

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Maximilien: Linde Werdelin Spidolite Tech Gold


James Stacey: Halios Tropik SS (Reviewed here)


Zen Love: Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra (Omega Aqua Terra GMT reviewed here, chronograph GMT hands-on here, and coverage of many more versions here)

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Watch To Impress Your Boss

The idea here is present your good taste, humility, intelligence, and worldliness all in a single timepiece that helps promote the idea that “you are the right person for the job.” Watches that will impress your boss will surely impress other people as well, but the trick here is to be both classy and subtle, telling people “I like to work with like-minded, talented individuals,” rather than “look what I have that you don’t.” Your boss (real or metaphorical) will want you on their team when you wear a timepiece like this – and will never feel as though you are trying to outdo them.


Ariel Adams: A. Lange & Söhne 1815 (‘200th Anniversary F.A. Lange’ watch pictured above hands-on here)


David Bredan: Rolex Day-Date 40 (Hands-on here)


Bilal Khan: F.P. Journe Quantième Perpétuel (Hands-on here)


Patrick Kansa: Glashütte Original PanoReserve (Hands-on here)

Blast-From-The-Past Watch, Made Today

Here we are going to look at watches that seem like they were, or could, have been made decades ago, but are very much present and successful today. Here are our picks for these modern-day classics.


Ariel Adams: Rolex Submariner (Ref. 114060 ‘No Date’ Reviewed here)


Bilal Khan: Omega Globemaster (Hands-on here)


Patrick Kansa: Oris Sixty-Five Grey & “Deauville Blue” Dial (More about it here)


Maximilien: Longines Heritage Diver 1967 Chronograph (Hands-on here)

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