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What is aBlogtoWatch? Perhaps a better question is "Who?"

We are the cumulative voice of the watch enthusiast and your much learned friend when it comes to anything timepiece: A diverse and world-wide group that is equally informed on all matters horology. We appreciate and dedicate our pages to brands big and small; from grand complications to utilitarian time tellers. We're a media destination for the watch collecting community and a great resource for anyone who appreciates the art of telling time.


Founded in 2007 by Ariel Adams, we originally entered the digital age as "aBlogToRead.com," but quickly became focused on one subject: watches. We decided upon a name change in 2012 to further dedicate ourselves to watch content, and we've continued to sharpen our brand image while broadening our reach. From watch industry and community news, to press releases, hands-on watch reviews, and features such as "My First Grail," we strive to engage both the casual and well-seasoned admirers alike.

It's all how we've grown to become a segment leader with the highest traffic for any timepiece devoted website; we're a trusted voice in the watch aficionado circles the world over, and we welcome you. If you are wondering who we really work for, our audience or the watch brands, you can see our clear answer here and our editorial policies, here.

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Ariel Adams, Owner, Publisher, Editor-In-Chief of aBlogtoWatch

Ariel Adams

Fuelled by an unshakable love for horology and a general curiosity for intricate things, Los Angeles -based Ariel Adams founded aBlogtoWatch in 2007 as a means of sharing his passion. Since then, ABTW has become the highest trafficked blog on luxury timepieces, and Ariel has become a contributor to other online publications such as Forbes, Departures and TechCrunch, to name just a few. His conversational writing style and inclusive attitude brings a wider appreciation for watches the world over, and that's just the way he likes it. My ArticlesAriel on Google+Ariel Adams on InstagramAriel Adams on InstagramFollow Me
David Bredan, Contributing Editor at aBlogtoWatch

David Bredan

David Bredan is a young watch enthusiast based in Budapest, Hungary.He is dedicated to understanding, revealing and discussing as many aspects of fine watch making as possible. Fascinated by the countless admirable details of haute horlogerie, he strives to discover the challenges linked to the manufacturing of fine timepieces and also those related to chronometrical performance. As much as he loves unfolding the mysteries of mechanical timepieces, he also aspires to successfully capture and share the nuances that separate a fine watch and a masterpiece. My ArticlesGoogle+David Bredan on InstagramFollow Me
Bilal Khan, Managing Editor at aBlogtoWatch

Bilal Khan

Bilal Khan is a watch and cat lover living in Los Angeles.Having worked in media and finance, he is now thrilled to be somewhere that allows him to work with the best team in the industry. After his painstaking research and purchase of an Omega Speedmaster, he was completely and hopelessly hooked on wristwatches. Over the past few minutes, he has written and deleted several metaphors comparing watch movements to things like engines, cities, etc… but is content in saying that he's in awe of and endlessly fascinated by them. When he's not working he can be found listening to Kanye West, watching Empire, or obsessively talking about Mad Men and The Sopranos. My ArticlesGoogle+Bilal Khan on InstagramFollow Me
Patrick Kansa, Contributing Editor at aBlogtoWatch

Patrick Kansa

Patrick Kansa lives in Chicago, is an analytics developer by day, and a [redacted] by night. When he's not compiling crazy huge data sets to drive data visualizations, he's spending time with his family, reading up on fascinating watches, whipping up something in the kitchen, or trying to graduate from being a professional amateur photographer. The photography ties directly into another passion - watches. This is a more recent development, and has only grown since he began writing about them in 2011. He's loves the fact that we can carry these micro machines on our wrist without a second thought, and looks at watches through the lens of practicality, uniqueness, and relative value. And after all of that? Well, we're not saying he is Batman, but we've never seen him and Batman in the same room. My ArticlesGoogle+Patrick Kansa on InstagramFollow Me
James Lamdin, Contributing Editor at aBlogtoWatch

James Lamdin

James Lamdin is a freelance writer based in New York City with a passion for slow cars, peaty single malt scotch, and old watches.A longtime timepiece collector preoccupied with the past, he quit his day job to found analog/shift, an online boutique for a curated selection of exceptional vintage wristwatches. When he's not scouring the planet for the very best in vintage horology, he can typically be found cruising around Manhattan in his '67 Porsche or holding court at a pub in Hell's Kitchen. He couldn't think of a good enough zinger to finish this bio, so will maintain that he's just not that clever. My ArticlesGoogle+Follow Me
Rob Nudds, Contributing Editor at aBlogtoWatch

Rob Nudds

Rob Nudds is a watchmaker, freelance writer and American sports fanatic based in the UK. Rob spends most of his time trying to design the perfect watch, but is pretty sure no one will like it when he finally gets it down on paper. He looks for intrinsic congruity and cultural relevance in watch design, and has been known to get quite grouchy when he finds neither. Despite practically living on Wikipedia, he still struggles to understand digital technology and believes the Casio F-91W is either a deity in plastic or entirely powered by magic. My ArticlesRob Nudds on InstagramGoogle+Follow Me
James Stacey, Contributing Editor at aBlogtoWatch

James Stacey

James Stacey is a writer, dilettante photographer and part-time adventurer, currently living in Vancouver, Canada. An obsessive fan of many things, he loves watches for their breadth of style, historical connections and raw technical design. James has tendency for diving with dive watches, obsessing about case thickness and, despite owning a vast collection of leather straps, he lives by the adage - "when in doubt, just nato". He also wrote this entire bio himself and is pretty sure it's not a cry for help. My ArticlesGoogle+James Stacey on InstagramJames Stacey on FlickrFollow Me
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