Finally, a watch with a design as ostentatious as a Lamborghini – designed to go with your Lamborghini. New Italian watch brand Adriano Valente (did the name give it away?) has released their first watch called the AVL001. With tons of customization options, it is designed to go with the look of newer Lamborghini cars such as the Murcielago and Gallardo. It has a unique case design and (reportedly) exclusive in-house made movement. Note that their website music might give you brain seizure. Plus, even if you turn the music off on the site, it will inexplicably turn itself back on at some point and make you wonder if the ghost of a failed Milan night club is lurking in your computer to haunt you.

First of all, Adriano Valente has no relationship with Lamborghini – these are quite unofficial watches of the cars. Adriano started the brand because he simply didn’t find any existing watches out there with what he wanted. So the entire point of the brand is about customization. The first model for them is called the AV-L001 (AV-L001A). It has a very angular case that sits wider than taller on the wrist and boast several case material options. I am not sure of the dimensions however.

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According to their website you can get the case in “Karbonyte” (apparently some mixture of carbon and titanium), AlTiCar (aluminum, titanium, and carbon), or forged magnesium. Not only that, but the colors of the case are basically infinitely customizable. They will match the case color to your car’s color – any color. That also goes for dial and strap colors as well.

Detailing is interesting on the watch. It is meant to look like a Lambo’s speedometer – and in that supercar gauge look they more or less succeeded. The case design does feel clearly modern Lamborhini inspired. My favorite detail is the crown. Not only can you customize it with different styles, but it is mean to almost perfectly resemble the wheel design, complete with tire and visible disc brake. The renders look good at least.

You’ll either love or hate this watch over all. For me I think it is a fun piece in a wild over-the-top flamboyant Italian sort of way. Speaking of love or hate, I am not sure how I feel about the very prominent power reserve indicator – though it is interesting. Adriano Valente claims that the caliber Engine-001A automatic movement is built by them entirely from scratch. I can pretty much say that as a new brand this isn’t possible. It does however look as though they have a unique movement plate and style produced for them. The chances that they produce all the little movement parts themselves are next to none. The movement is an automatic and has a jumping big date indicator, time, and power reserve indicator. You can order the caseback of the watch to be partially open or totally closed. How do you feel about the middle of the dial that is meant to look like the hex grill air intakes on the front of cars such as the Murcielago? Kinda cool.

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Strap choices include rubber or Alcantara leather. Of course you choose all the color choices on that as well. An interesting note is that for an extra fee, Adriano Valente will let you “lock” a design. This means that the particular customized look you build won’t be available to others. Good luck policing that.

Throw in scissor doors and headlamps and I might perk up a bit more to the price that starts at 32,500 Swiss Francs. In Adriano Valente’s own words, “[you] can’t enter a club or restaurant with [your] car. Give [yourself] an opportunity to carry its alter-ego on the wrist.” So there you have it, a mini-me wrist Lambo for when the door is too small for a vehicle to enter. Go Italy!

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