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Located in the heart of the Jura mountains, Aerowatch has been operating continuously as an independent Swiss watch brand since 1910. A quick glance at the centuries-old Saignelégier chateau with its tiled roof, white plaster façade, and brick red storm shutters may give the impression that the brand is rooted firmly in the past. However, the storybook setting belies a thoroughly modern workshop and a design team with a penchant for pushing the boundaries of watch design. The Aerowatch Spider Skeleton captures the spirit of the brand by combining over a century of knowledge and expertise in Swiss watchmaking with thoroughly modern materials and original design.


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Building on the success of the Aerowatch Skeleton Cobweb, the Spider Skeleton takes the arachnid theme to a whole new level. Nature has always provided inspiration for design and when producing a skeletonized watch, what better natural form to emulate than a spider’s web? Almost transparent, yet incredibly strong, with a distinct geometric pattern, the spider web is an ideal template. The spider web skeletonization does more than create a striking design, it also allows Aerowatch to showcase the manually wound Unitas movement at the heart of the watch and do so in a way that’s unlike anything else on the market.

The Aerowatch Spider Skeleton comes in two colorways – black PVD with red accents and a satin finish with yellow accents. The skeletonized black PVD Unitas movement acts as the backdrop for the dial, allowing the accent colors to pop and the details to come to life. The red and black colorway features a red rehaut that encircles the dial, framing the web and adding a striking contrast to the black that dominates the design. The black and yellow colorway is slightly more subdued, but the pops of yellow throughout stand out boldly, especially when coupled with the color-matched strap.

Though at first glance the handset is traditional with dauphine hour and minute hands, the seconds hand is where things get seriously funky – in place of a seconds hand is a spider that circles its mechanical web. Flip the watch over and another spider greets your eye. It’s a design unlike any other on the market, but perhaps not for arachnophobes. Just as the spider is most active at night, the hands are filled with Super-LumiNova, as are the hour markers that encircle the dial.

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Though the skeletonized dial is the centerpiece of the design, ample thought has gone into creating a watch that will be comfortable to wear every day. The Spider Skeleton is housed in a 43mm stainless-steel case in either a satin finish or PVD black, depending on the model. Crystals on the front and back are both sapphire and the watch features 50m of water resistance. The Spider Skeleton also features a 22mm lug width for the black leather strap, custom buckle, and contrast stitching that complements the accent colors of the watch.

Making the watch design possible is the use of the manually wound Unitas 6498-1 movement that features 17 jewels, beats at 18.8kbph, and features a 53-hour power reserve. Including the Unitas 6498-1 in this watch – a movement originally developed in the 1950s – brings the brand’s philosophy to life. This classic movement, first designed for pocket watches, represents Aerowatch’s continued commitment to traditional Swiss watchmaking, while the modern and playful design speaks to the brand’s creativity, embracing new ideas and techniques.

Aerowatch has a worldwide presence, with more than 500 points of sale spread across the globe, but the Spider Skeleton can also be purchased directly from the brand’s website with 3-4 day delivery through FedEx Priority shipping. The steel red (50981 AA21) and steel yellow (50981 AAS2) are priced at $3080 USD, while the black PVD versions of the red (50981 NO21) and yellow (50981 NO22) come in at $3150 USD. All Prices include shipping as well as any customs and duty charges. To learn more about Aerowatch and the Spider Skeleton, be sure to visit the brand’s website.

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