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An All New Baselworld 2019 For Visitors And Exhibitors

An All New Baselworld 2019 For Visitors And Exhibitors Shows & Events Sponsored Post written for aBlogtoWatch by advertiser 

Baselworld is in the process of reinventing itself and, while the process is ongoing, we have a number of enhancements implemented for the 2019 edition that promise to improve the experience for exhibitors and visitors, alike. For starters, communication has been upped significantly, both in terms of quality and quantity. Year-round communications about the exhibiting brands and the industry are now in place on the new website, and there’s a greatly revamped chatbot, as well as all other social and mailing channels.

A focus of criticism in the past, Baselworld hospitality services, too, have been upgraded. Following an initiative taken by Baselworld’s new management, hotels and restaurants were invited to partner with the show in an effort to ensure that prices were not raised exorbitantly during the show, as had been the case in the past. The initiative proved successful, and most of the hotels in and around the city agreed to a fixed set of terms and conditions. The same applied to restaurants in the vicinity of the show grounds. With the new partnerships, hotels and restaurants guarantee fair and transparent conditions during the show. The list of hotels and their terms and conditions can be found on the Baselworld website. In addition, the food and beverage offering within the halls, which was considered under par, has been significantly improved and is bound to be enjoyed and appreciated by all visitors.

An All New Baselworld 2019 For Visitors And Exhibitors Shows & Events

Not least, the layout of the floor plans was reviewed with an eye toward raising the attractiveness of the show, as well as its efficiency. The newly available space has been converted into a gorgeous Show Plaza that will be a central hub with daily fashion shows, press and other conferences, and otherwise a meet-and-greet space with bars and seating. The positioning of the entire jewelry section has been considerably upgraded, and jewelry will now be featured in all its magnificence in Hall 1.2. Finally, the highly popular Les Ateliers section, featuring smaller brands, is now located in Hall 1.0.

See more about the new and improved Baselworld here.

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  • IanE

    Probably too little, too late. Arrogance and hubris seem to be watchwords throughout too much of the Watch World.

  • Mark

    I don’t wish to be a negative Nellie, but I read this as too little too late. I do hope that Baselworld can fix the faults.

    • I think they are (finally) trying. New management and at long last some of the ongoing complaints are being addressed. At least they are listening for a change. Hope for the best!

  • SuperStrapper

    Basel and SIHH may be in tandem next year but they’ll be consolidated to a single show before long at this rate.

    • Yeah, but with a hell of a hike between show halls, ha ha.

  • Not really an issue (scheduling) as media such as ABTW schedules with brands directly starting months before the show. I’m sure retailers who regularly attend the show do the same. Cheers.

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