Angular Momentum a heap of luminous skulls watch Angular Momentum a heap of luminous skulls watch lume

These watches might have Corum skull watches beat. They at least match them! These two watches are part of Angular Momentum’s Artisan collection Eerie Timepiece line and have illustrative names such as “A Heap of Luminous Skulls” and “Juicy Skulls.” I really love these watches, and am just awestruck at the variety of wonderful watch art pieces coming out of Angular Momentum. The most important aspect of these two watches is the luminant, and it is the basis of the “Eerie” theme. It is done using a proprietary compound known as Èmail Lumineuse, that will glow for roughly 30 hours if charged for about 10 minutes. You can see from the images how rich the imagery is in the dark.

Angular Momentum juicy skulls watch Angular Momentum juicy skulls watch lume

Thick dagger hands add to these watches’ personality. I like the change in color on the hands and dial from the steel case. The hands and dial are done in “Champleve,” which gives them a slightly bronzed tone. The 42mm steel cases themselves are satin and polish finished attached to alligator straps. The crowns have black enamel inlays, and probably look as cool as the rest of the watch. Inside both watches have automatic mechanical movements, and 3mm thick sapphire crystals. They are also water resistant to 10ATM.

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The first of the two versions is the “A Heap of Luminous Skulls” features a vivid image of glowing skulls akin to apocalyptic scene from Terminator, only cooler. The second watch, “Juicy Skulls” is decidedly more upmarket with diamonds set in the lugs and around the bezel. The image there showing a spiked helmet wearing skull who looks happy to see you. These are just really awesome watches, I am giddy like a school boy just looking at them If you are interested in either of these or other Angular Momentum watches, they invite you to contact them here.

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