Anura Rafael Write Time Tourbillon Watch That Becomes A Pen

Anura Rafael Write Time Tourbillon Watch That Becomes A Pen

Anura Rafael Write Time Tourbillon Watch That Becomes A Pen Watch Releases

How does a new brand distinguish itself in the crowded field of ultra high-end, avant-garde watches? Make something truly quirky and niche, that's how. And that is what Anura Rafael has done with this part-timepiece and part-writing instrument you are looking at called the Write Time. The Anura Rafael Write Time features a "linear movement" with a tourbillon at the end, all in a module that can be removed from the watch case and attached to a pen.

Anura Rafael Write Time Tourbillon Watch That Becomes A Pen Watch Releases

Anura Rafael is the eponymous brand of a watch engineer who has spent the last 15 years working behind the scenes for some of the world’s biggest watch brands, and the Write Time is his first watch. It also marks the launch of his new brand with a product that, as often happens at these watch price levels, stands out not only for its technical features but also simply because someone took this unusual concept far enough to make it a reality.

Anura Rafael Write Time Tourbillon Watch That Becomes A Pen Watch Releases

The name Write Time is appropriate because it is a tourbillon watch and fountain pen combined into one. Using the brand's own terminology, the "horological capsule" itself is something like a cylindrical or conical module made out of sapphire crystal, pink gold, and partially wrapped in alligator leather. It is fixed to an open-worked "receptacle" (that the brand also refers to as the "case" or a "wristlet"), which, in turn, is affixed to an alligator strap. On the wrist, the case measures 42mm wide by 55mm long, and a not-insignificant 31mm thick - the pictures illustrate well its "wrist presence."

The capsule itself is 60mm long with a maximum diameter of 34mm. It is locked in place in the receptacle by means of a rotating ring. The rings use a patented internal tooth lock washer system, and each set of lock washer teeth will be unique for every Anura Rafael Write Time manufactured.

Anura Rafael Write Time Tourbillon Watch That Becomes A Pen Watch Releases

Time is read off three discs that are housed under the large sapphire crystal, one for the hours and the other two for the minutes. Numerals on the discs are all hand-engraved and painted but we would like to see some kind of indicator to help users line up the numerals to make reading the current time easier.

The movement, dubbed the Calibre ARS001/T and consisting of 472 parts, took Rafael two years to develop and features a unique tubular construction with a linear gear train. It is a hand-wound movement and winding is done using a large fluted pink gold crown at one end of the case. The crown winds two barrels in series which provide a power reserve of 48 hours. The tourbillon, which is visible at one end of the case under the large sapphire crystal, makes a revolution every minute.

Anura Rafael Write Time Tourbillon Watch That Becomes A Pen Watch Releases

Even with its focus on novelty, we have seen some elements of the Anura Rafael Write Time before - pens, for one thing, are a well-established crossover sub-genre of watches. In terms of design, the Anura Rafael Write Time is reminiscent of Parmigiani’s Bugatti Super Sport watch or even the Hublot LaFerrari, but unlike those watches, the Write Time still has a trick up its sleeve in that it turns into (or attaches to) another object. To turn the Write Time into a writing instrument, you simply unlock the rotating ring, remove the module, and place it into the end of the pen. Presumably, the "horological capsule" is not required to use the pen for writing.

Anura Rafael Write Time Tourbillon Watch That Becomes A Pen Watch Releases

Anura Rafael Write Time Tourbillon Watch That Becomes A Pen Watch Releases

Again, the rotating ring is used to lock the watch in place when used as a writing instrument. The pen itself is also made out of pink gold and is wrapped in the same alligator leather used to make the strap. It can be ordered with either a piston filler or cartridge and owners will be able to have the nib in different sizes to suit their writing styles. As a convertible watch that detaches from its wrist mount, examples like the Bovet Amadeo Virtuoso VII Retrograde Perpetual Calendar that we reviewed here have used a similar concept to make a wristwatch into a pocket watch or a desk clock. One might even compare it to the TAG Heuer Connected Modular smartwatch for its modular nature. Needless to say, this kind of feature in watches is extremely rare.

Anura Rafael Write Time Tourbillon Watch That Becomes A Pen Watch Releases

The Anura Rafael Write Time will come in a special leather travel case that safely houses all components of the Write Time along with an inkpot. There are also additional compartments and trays for storing other items. According to Rafael, everything that you see here - the watch, pen, and travel case - are 100% Swiss-made by artisans in the Jura mountain region.

Anura Rafael Write Time Tourbillon Watch That Becomes A Pen Watch Releases

Anura Rafael has certainly succeeded in making a grand entrance in the world of high-end luxury watches with his new Write Time watch. I’m not convinced about the practicality of a watch that doubles as a pen, but it is certainly outrageous and wacky. But beyond that, there’s serious horology on show here too with that specially designed linear movement. The Anura Rafael Write Time will be made on an individual-commission basis with prices starting from 245,000 CHF.

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  • Word Merchant

    Excellent! Not only does it fit comfortably under a cuff, but it looks like it’d sit nicely in a suit pocket too. The sort of understated elegance I can truly appreciate.

    • IanE

      Yes just the thing for a cool dude into under-statement and stealth!

  • IanE

    I have to confess that I have, on one or two occasions, seen items more ridiculous than that.

    • Sheez Gagoo

      The DVD rewinder? The olive spoon?

  • “How does a new brand distinguish itself in the crowded field of ultra high-end, avant-garde watches?”

    I don’t know – create an item that no one will buy, at a price no one will pay, and advertise the hell out of it on various “lifestyle” websites until the company goes out of business next year?

    • Saul Sloota

      Even Nubeo lasted longer than this company will. 🙂

  • ??????

    Does it have a build-in shaver?

    • Yan Fin

      No, but there is a vibrator attachment. Also serves as winder.

      • ??????


  • Frans Krook

    Might as well try writing with a traffic cone… Certainly looks like one

    • proudAmerican702

      …but a traffic cone actually has a useful purpose. 😉

  • Titus

    The watch-inspired-pen theme is not new, so at the beginning of the article I was pleasantly suprised to see that this pen actually comes with a functioning watch. Cool, I thought, then I realized the size of this thing….


    whoa no doubt it took time to develop but I just don’t get it. let’s invest all this time and money for something that looks ridiculous to wear and absurd to write with. so it is neither a practical pen nor a practical watch. I have no doubt it is superbly made in the flesh but to think this is a good idea is rather puzzling and scary at the same time because someone invested in this.

  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    Well it’s solved that problem for me…. What do you give the plutocrat who has everything anyway?
    Fun if bonkers

  • Marius

    I am a big fan of expensive, high-end pens, I find this to be a very interesting pen/watch. Unfortunately, just a few days ago I purchased a €105,000 Richard Mille pen, so this year’s budget for pens has already been allocated. Consequently, I will have to delay the purchase of the Anura Rafael pen/watch for next year. In the meantime, I will have time to play with my latest acquisition:

  • TheChuphta

    The only pens that impress me are the ones that show a naked lady when they are inverted. Yowzaaaa!

    • Sheez Gagoo

      The most stolen kind of pen.

  • SuperStrapper

    Ugly, unwearable watch becomes ugly, unusable pen for only a 1/4 million? Sign me up. With a pen that can be used as a pen, preferably.

  • Sheez Gagoo

    Finaly my dream came true: A tourbillon that I can stick on a fountain pen. And the watch already looks like an ink barrel. Yeah. For just 245 000.

  • Sheez Gagoo
    • Saul Sloota

      What’s the thing on the bottom? A thermos?

      • Sheez Gagoo

        Yes. Of course. What else?

        • Raymond Wilkie

          A one cup thermos ?

      • joe Shmoe

        no silly, it’s a bullet from an elephant gun.

        • Saul Sloota

          a lawn dart, perhaps?

          • Raymond Wilkie

            For a septic tank ?

  • Esteban

    Ridiculous, preposterous, unbuyable, unusable and just plain stupid!

    • Raymond Wilkie

      It’s meant to be all the above……..and more.

    • Berndt Norten

      Wait… you just described Esteban’s “Gift of Guitar”!!!!

  • DanW94

    Items like these confound, disgust and excite me all at the same time. It’s an indulgence without conscience designed for the whims of the ultra-rich but at the same time I’d love to have one. Ah, the duality of man….

    • Berndt Norten

      Mankind is governed by two sovereign masters: pain and pleasure?

      • Gokart Mozart

        Money or no money

        • Berndt Norten

          Prince once said ‘money don’t matter tonite’. It sure did matter to his siblings!

      • DanW94

        Often indistinguishable from one another. (If you’re doing it right that is)

        • Berndt Norten

          R u gettin all Johnny Cougar on me?!

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Pens, cars, sneakers. film stars, films. Am losing the plot here !

  • Saul Sloota

    But what the frick time is it, supposed engineer who worked at unnamed watch companies?

    • Berndt Norten

      Does anybody really know what time it is?

      • Saul Sloota

        Does anybody really care about time?

      • DanW94

        Better Call Saul.

        • Berndt Norten

          Man! You beat me to that by 10 seconds!

          • DanW94

            Great minds think alike. And ours do too.

          • Berndt Norten

            Only from the mind of Minolta

          • DanW94

            In my mind’s eye, one little boy, one little man, funny how time flies……

          • Berndt Norten

            Tears and fears and feeling proud….

        • Berndt Norten

          I’ll have a Cole Saul Sloota with Frings


    All that and it ends up looking like an ancient proctologist’s device…aka a butt plug.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    The more i look at it the more i think it;s the most beautiful pen/ watch i have ever seen from a design point of view. is really is quite breathe taking.

    • Gokart Mozart

      Is that because of the limited competitors?

      TBH it does look quite cool,especially as a pen.

  • Ross Diljohn

    Oil money because old money ain’t having it.

  • Berndt Norten

    Between my finger and my thumb
    this diddly squat pen don’t rest.
    (Janey ain’t got no gun)
    I won’t dig with it.

    Between my finger and my thumb
    my Pelikan M805 rests
    I dig with it

    • Berndt Norten

      So there b no Seamus Heaney fans here? What up?

  • Saul Sloota
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  • Saul Sloota

    “Not rakish enough.”
    –Aaron Sigmond

  • Mark1884

    Just NO

  • Ugly, illegible watch…ridiculous pen.

  • Richard carroll

    Ridiculous in every way. Barely functional as either a pen or a watch. How some of these things make it to market is a mystery to me.

  • William Jones

    A few days ago there was an article about how high end watch companies were no longer relevant. This would be Exhibit A in irrelevance. They get extra points for making something beautiful (a fountain pen) look ugly. The guys who thought this up are laughing so hard nine if them can talk.

  • Jonathan Smith

    daheck is this

  • The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang

    Good Job Mr. Yeo, a mercifully short review.

  • JF Schnell

    Sorry… trying to be relevant with this?

  • IG

    High quality übergimmick.

  • Tia singh

    Wow….Classic watch..

  • Jerry Davis

    “will be made on an individual-commission basis” = this is the only one ever made.

  • mtnsicl

    It would function better as a butt plug or a weapon! And, you could tell the time while using it.

  • Pete L

    What a totally unnecessary gimmick! Looks beautifully made but absolutely no reason to attach the (heavy?) watch part to the top of a pen. The insanity of wealth….

  • Yojimbo

    I love hate it

  • Phil leavell


  • Luis Amaro Lopez

    A very classic innovative and aesthetic design, slightly large which reduces its elegance also makes it less wearable.

  • Ulysses31

    When did “quirky” and “niche” become synonyms for “unnecessary”? It fails as both a pen and a watch, looking stupid in either form. It’s well-made but so are a bunch of other luxury items; that doesn’t justify their existence. A great deal of human ingenuity grossly misapplied towards crafting a pointless artifact.