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Archimede Outdoor watch

Archimede Outdoor watch Watch Releases

The newest watch from German Archimede is the Outdoor. It is an evolution on some past designs and fits a very specific purpose. To understand the Outdoor you need to look back to a watch that I believe was the thematic influence for the Outdoor, the Timex Camper. These are meant to be outdoors friendly timepieces that are easy to read and durable. They are not meant to be much more, and sit in a sort of functional minimalist category.

Size is 38.5mm wide in nice looking lugless steel case. It is rather thin at just 10.6mm thick. The case and watch is meant to be light for a steel watch. According to Archimede, the watch is 120 grams on the metal bracelet, and 70 grams on the leather strap. This is for active people don’t want a heavy watch and don’t want to wear a plastic watch. In a nutshell, this is a German daily beater that won’t complain when you beat it up.

Archimede Outdoor watch Watch Releases

Archimede Outdoor watch Watch Releases

The case has a sapphire crystal and is water resistant to 200 meters. The black dial has white text for very high contrast. There are lumed hour markers and hands, as well as Arabic numerals for even easier legibility. Archimede intends the wearers be able to wear the watch on their wrist or over various jackets. The steel bracelet has an extension segment, and the leather strap is available with an option extension pieces. These are good for use in harsh or cold weather climates.

At first I found this watch boring, but the more I understand what it is for, the more I appreciate the strict utility concept behind it. You can see more images of the watch at Archimede’s website. Inside the watch is a Swiss Sellita SW200 automatic movement. Price for the Archimede Outdoor is $675 on the leather strap and $745 on the steel bracelet, and they can be ordered online from Archimede here.

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  • Not bad, definitely has a bit of Exp1 feel to it.

    • Bjorn

      Very classy piece. I too got a whiff of Rolex Explorer from it. And that’s not a bad thing — we need more classy, tough & mechanical pieces like this.

  • Jéjé

    Nice and simple
    No clutter just good visibility

  • Andrew

    $700.00 and beater should never be said in the same sentence or some people just have too much money.

  • Crispin

    Reminiscent of one of the Glycine Combat range, with more sensible dimensions. WIS vs Wild.

  • AScott

    I really like this watch and would buy it if it weren’t for the price (almost $800, with shipping, duties, and so forth)  It’s not that I can’t afford it, but that I don’t see the value.  
    It’s a simple stainless steel, 3-hand, Sellita watch and I don’t see that it’s worth a 30% premium over any number of similar Hamiltons, Tissots, and other brands.  Particularly when it’s marketed as a simple rugged outdoor watch with no complications or pretentions to fashion.

    A watch is what it is, and isn’t worth more because it comes from a small factory in Germany.