We are currently publishing new episodes of the SUPERLATIVE Podcast each Monday and have some incredible stories from some of the most interesting people in and around the wristwatch industry to share with you. Before hearing the new episode of the SUPERLATIVE Podcast tomorrow, enjoy a few hours listening to some of the latest episodes you might have missed.

Are we watch snobs? I chat with fellow watch collector and photographer Gary Getz about what it is like collecting watches today and how personal taste trumps popularity as your collecting experience matures. We battle the fundamental question of where good taste and ego intersect.

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Later, in a very special episode, I speak with not one but three members of the Shanghai Watch Gang (who are all over the world) about what it was like to pursue watch collecting neither as a novice nor a veteran during the pandemic. Surprisingly, we find that pandemic times have been particularly good to the timepiece collecting hobby.

You may not know the Wristwatch Revival YouTube channel, but fans of the world’s most popular collectible card game, Magic: The Gathering, will know Marshall Sutcliffe and his position as an e-sports announcer and personality. He is also a watch guy and likes (trying) to restore vintage watches on video.

Finally, I speak with the youngest generation at the historic Austrian watch strap maker Hirsch. We talk about what it takes to modernize tradition, and what the next generation of the luxury watch industry might be like.

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All that and more on the latest episodes of the SUPERLATIVE Podcast (on the BLEAV Network) here.

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