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A Watch Where You Can Independently Set The Minute Hand?

Andrej P. from Slovakia asks:

Does the following complication on a mechanical watch exist: When setting the time with the crown, the minute hand jumps in 1 minute increments according to the current position of the second hand to ensure that relative position of second and minute hands is always correct. So, for example, if the second hand points at 30, the minute hand will always point exactly between the minute indexes. If yes, can you please provide and example of such watch?

Max here. Glashütte Original’s Senator Chronometer does almost what you are asking. In that watch, the second hands and the minute hands will move in exactly one-minute increments when turning the crown. However, I believe that the seconds hand also will move to 60 and thus the minute hands move to match each index instead of intermediary positions. I believe such a complication is called a “minute détente”, which translates literally from the French as “easy minute.” If you think about it, this is likely an easier design since it allows you to perfectly match a reference time looking for a new minute, rather than intermediary seconds.

Don’t know of any other watch with a similar movement, or one matching exactly what you ask for, though I would not be surprised if others exist. Watchmaking, after all, is a pretty old craft. Cheers.

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