Are Bezels On Rolex Submariner and GMT Master Watches Interchangeable?

Alexandru I. from Bucharest, Romania asks:

I bought a Rolex GMT-Master II black uni bezel ref 16700 . Can I change the bezel for an another one such as the Pepsi bezel? It is interchangeable, or it is specific for the model black or bi-color?!

Technically the bezels on most "same" model Rolex watches are interchangeable. That means if you have two otherwise similar Submariner or GMT-Master models (same case styles) but with different color bezels the parts should be able to be swapped out. We can't say this with certainty for every single Rolex model, but for the most part the components should be able to work with one another.

Your problem will be getting the right parts. As far as we know Rolex does not sell individual parts such as bracelets and bezels - even to many third-party watch repair specialists. They don't exactly encourage this behavior as they like to keep a consistent look for their products. Sure you could find parts online, but be careful that they authentic and in good condition. So assuming you were able to get all the right matching parts, you could probably change out the bezels just fine.

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  • DG Cayse

    An answer than many, if not most, on this forum will hate to hear – You can get a bezel that you want ahnd have it installed on your Rolex.
    With the correct item # and a searching of the internet, you will be able to find the bezel you are looking for.
    Exact item specs will be required. Gaskets and springs are also involved inthis swap – so either be sure to keep the ones you have, and make sure of their interchangeability, or be certain the new item kit contains all you will need.

    As to whether you decide upon a genuine Rolex bezel or an ‘after-market’ bezel will be entirely your choice. The quality standards available are varied – there are after-market bezels that will meet your needs. There are also dodgy parts out there that will be less than satisfying quality wise – Caveat Emptor.

    Once you buy the bezel, you will most likely require a skilled watchsmith to do the change. again, Caveat Emptor.

    Although, YouTube may be all you need to DIY (Do It Yourself).

    Good Luck and search out the item. Its out there.

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  • John Henry

    Dive watch bezels usually have a uni-directional limiting feature with a pawl that prevents reversing the ring (the ring turns only counter-clockwise to prevent decompression sickness by accidentally changing the ring position and inadvertently extending time at depth beyond the no-decompression limits.) GMT watches have no such feature and their bezels turn in both directions and the demarcations are for 24 hour marks, necessary for the 24-hour hand, not 60-minutes marks. Exchanging the colored ceramic marker insert may be possible, but the functioning of the bezel device as a whole will still be utterly different (and of course there is no 4th hand on the Sub.)