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How Did Ariel Adams Start Writing About Watches?

Jason T. from Canada Asks:

Ariel, I’ve been following the blog for a couple of months now. I was wondering how you got into writing about watches. Did you own a couple of timepieces before you started writing about them? Also, what’s in your personal collection of wristwatches? Would love to know!

Ariel here. That is a good question Jason. I will respond that I really just decided to start blogging about watches back in 2007. The blog started as and later became in 2012. It was my first website and my first experience blogging. I probably owned about 50 watches or so at that point as I got into watches in about 2001. I tend to not discuss my personal collection too much as we try to cover everything. I have a large range of timepieces, and there is little in terms of a theme aside from them being mostly newer sport watches. I really do this because I love watches in general as opposed to a narrow type of watch.

There is a lot more information about myself and the genesis of aaBlogtoWatch here on a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) I was asked to do back in late 2012. I was honored to do it and I once again thank the great members of /r/Watches, and recommend people check it out.

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  • jasontstong

    Thanks Ariel! I didn’t know about the AMA. Will check it out now.