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How Does Tudor Compare To Rolex Watches?

Subhash B. from Calcutta, India asks:

Tudor Heritage Chronograph Blue — Great watch, great brand, great value proposition … but what kind of intrigues me is the fact that some people who be trying to sell their Tudors (including this new Blue Heritage) online thru eBay or other sites always rely and underscore – ROLEX – MADE BY ROLEX – ROLEX QUALITY – etc …. Cannot Tudor hold a good resale value without having to remind prospective buyers about their Rolex heritage? Does that mean that Tudor is still not strong enough to hold its own on field amongst the big daddies of the watch world ? It still has to look upto big brother ROLEX to hold its hand to make it sell ? Then why not simply go buy a ROLEX than a Tudor when you know ultimately its the ROLEX heritage and build quality that’s gonna hold sway ….

For those that don’t know, Tudor is a sub-brand of Rolex that uses Swiss ETA movements versus in-house made Rolex movements. Of course, Tudor makes their own watches with unique designs compared to the Rolex models, but that is the principle difference and why Tudor watches are by and large less expensive. However, it is true that Rolex and Tudor components are made for the most part by the same people using (more than likely) a lot of the same machines.

In places like the US, Tudor has been absent for a long time, but in September of 2013 Tudor is making a comeback to the USA. Without a brand identity, it makes a lot of sense for them to extract as much value as possible out of their relationship with Rolex, given Rolex’s very high status and position in the US. Likewise, around the world, Rolex is typically held in very high regard, so any association with Rolex is something that at least, on a salesperson-to-consumer basis, would likely be communicated as a positive feature.

Having said that, you aren’t likely to see any official Tudor advertising discussing their relationship with Rolex. The brand is more and more trying to stand on its own as a more entry-level luxury watch, rather than act in concert or as a stepping stone to a Rolex watch. The two brands are more and more trying to live side-by-side as opposed to Tudor being a “cheaper alternative to Rolex that is pretty much as good.”

Tudor strictly doesn’t need to discuss their relationship with Rolex, but what good would it do salespeople to keep silent on that? It is like if you are running for political office and your brother is the President. You personally might not state that in a speech, but you can be damn sure that everyone speaking on your behalf will. Tudor salespeople discuss the Rolex connection because it helps a larger audience of people appreciate the quality of the watches (which is very good), and because not offering the Rolex relationship detail doesn’t do any good.

Is there a risk of losing a Tudor sale to Rolex? Probably not, since Tudor watches are appreciably less expensive and feature totally unique designs at this point in their product history.

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  • staplejj33

    I think Tudor can stand on its own two legs as far as quality is concerned, but at the prices their charging, then yes, they have to remind us they are “made by Wilsdorf too!”  These are fantastic $3000 watches selling for twice that (or put another way, ALMOST Rolex watches selling at Rolex prices) – they have to do SOMETHING to justify the additional fee, and apparently being “made in the same building” works for them.

  • Say nay to ETA unless it’s half-price day!

  • JohnSteed

    Can I edit for you guys, or is it assumed readers of this amazing blog tend to overlook the typos …

  • JohnSteed We always need more editors…

  • celt

    There are three things you should not under any circumstances do when you reach 40- or more. Join a golf club, buy a Jaguar or purchase a Rolex.  All are in extremely bad taste and show signs of a sliglty filed wannabe.  If you’ve done all three well- no hope for you.

  • DG Cayse

    celt Bugger off….well….I do kind of agree about the ‘golfing’ bit…but, I use the clubhouse facilities rather than dawdle about out on the greens waving expensive sticks about.
    By the way…have you seen the new F-types?

  • GalaxyGuy

    “Tudor strictly doesn’t need to discuss their relationship with Rolex, but what good would it do salespeople to keep silent on that?”

    Every Tudor dealer that I have ever been to (quite a few, in fact) have mentioned this within the first 30 seconds of my conversation with them.

  • JamesWWIII

    celt Spoken like a jealous loser who can’t afford to do any of those things. Stop drinking the haterade, buddy.

  • celt

    JamesWWIII as you provoked me……… I have a Steve McQueen Blue Face Monaco and a Grand Carrera- tasteful classics in my view.. I owned vehicle leasing and rental companies (cars no problem then) I used to live in a house backing onto the 17th tee of a large private golf club, it had good snooker tables and a lot of knobbers.  That’s before I sold the companies and moved to SW France- from where I write, I also accept I’m poor by rich mans standards- who cares! However I don’t mean to “brag” but you brought a Groucho moment on- you ladder climber you.  Oh and I’m working class straight off the council state- so I know pseud wannabees when I see them.. Gotta go- Ancienns lunch at the Salle De Fete later x

  • celt

    DG Cayse- yes and have to agree some jags old and new are very nice indeed.  Its the x type “big-shot” driver I abhor. Him with the Mondeo in drag, battery Rolex and Rupert trousers, knocking back G&T’s (or malt whisky with dry ginger in it- jeezz!)whist he tells you all about himself..

  • JamesWWIII

    celt Congrats, you sound like a total ponce.

  • celt

    Well James WWIII. I’ll carry a bet with you I’m telling the truth- one of mine against  your battery- or fake tasteless Rolex (unless you can afford one of the superior models-then the bets worthwhile!) .Its sad you even think I should be lying given ‘I’m’ a commoner!  How do we do that eh!  Methinks the lady doth protest too much sweetie. So- get back to your Rupert trousers and dream world.
    Salle de Fete lunch was just fine- eight courses and five hours- only in France! so I’m feeling “benign” heh.  Call me bluff Mondeo chappy x  Ps nowt against Mondeo’s, Ford’s were my favourite cars to rent and lease out.. Reliable unpretentious and driven by real people- for the most xx.. .

  • JamesWWIII

    celt The only one dreaming here is you, “sweetie”. My Daytona, Luminor Daylight, IWC 3777, and Dark Side of the Moon all say “hi”, and that’s just part of my chrono watch box. Since you are so hung up on batteries, let me see if I’ve got something to interest you. Hmm… just my Omega Skywalker. Will that do? Since you’ve apparently decided for the rest of us that quartz is so déclassé, I’ll probably give that one away to someone as a charitable donation.

    That five-hour lunch sounds rough. How did you manage to stay on your feet for that long? You must have had to fill a bunch of water glasses over eight courses! Did you also have to fold napkins when a diner left the table? Can’t say much about Ford’s, I’ve been driving a Continental GT for a few years now. But I still don’t look down my nose at Jaguar owners like I’m some sort of supreme arbiter of taste. I’ll leave that sort of pretension to dreamers like you.

  • celt

    Oh a divine mixture. So contraire yet still so passé. A rare skill ! . Aurevoir from sunny Charente my Pink Floyd  petty pwarrr 🙂 x .

  • JamesWWIII

    celt Yeah, that’s what I thought…crawl back under your bridge.

  • celt

    XX James world willy three. Off to lunch in Aubeterre today, funnily enough one of our diners -Terry is in Jaguar Owners Club and has a very nice E Type. Wears a Glashutte original Senator, now that’s pretty classy.  Oddly the restaurant is on a pont as well, we have so much in common Willy!  Although I don’t wear Rupert trousers heh. x

  • JamesWWIII

    celt Your obsession with men’s trousers is quite telling. Almost as much as your constant commenting on battery-driven timepieces. I think you’re giving away quite a bit about your predilections. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss at the restaurant. Wouldn’t want to to lose your job as head waiter.

  • celt

    Aw thanks Willy.  The trout maybe sometimes the fittest fish in the stream but is invariably the dumbest.  Cast a fly over it, lightly strike then play it for a little while until one gets bored. Willy the trout yer boring- and you can’t read. Go charge your batteries Willy 🙂  Xx sweetie.  Ps Terry says hiyaa.

  • JamesWWIII

    celt Sorry for not replying sooner, my little garçon, but I was in Augusta witnessing history being made in the final round of The Masters. How did you make out at your big luncheon? You didn’t have too many tables to serve, I hope. Maybe someday you’ll save up enough to afford a therapist to help you with those obsessive compulsions regarding men and their trousers. Best of luck!

  • celt

    I prefer Augustas sonny where the men “play”  Aw….ask someone sweetie. Say- have you ever heard of the word irony? xx

  • JamesWWIII

    celt Augustas…Is that a French gay bar? Do you mix drinks there when you’re not waiting tables?

  • celt

    Yeah thought it might just go over your pleb head (that’s a clue ignoramus) – just like the original comment willy xx

  • celt

    Jeezz just realised although it was nagging. Have you asked the bill payer?  Look best go eh!

  • johngage1

    I am fairly certain that Tudor has its own inhouse movement now Cal MT5621 which they unveiled in the new Tudor North Flag.

  • David Olson

    Tudor’s new blue face dial watch, Pelagios(?) has an in house movement designed and built by Tudor. It is COSC certified chronometer and therefore reliable to meet their standards. Same as big cousin.