The Single Watch We’d Own With An Unlimited Or $1000 Budget

Tony W. from London, UK asks:

A two-part question. If money were no object which single watch would each member of the aBlogtoWatch team own? If money were tight and you had only $1000 to spend, which watch would you own?

Tony, the best way we can answer this is by offering what a few people on the team have responded to your (quite difficult) question. It is hard to love one watch when you love "watches."

Ariel Adams: No limit: Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon Technique. $1000 limit: Most likely something Japanese due to their value to function and quality ratio. Some great indie dive watch brand out there and from large Swiss brands I like stuff from Traser, Swiss Army Victorinox, and Hamilton.

James Stacey: No limit: Patek Philippe 5270G. $1000 limit: An indie diver like the Halios Laguna or Tropik, or a Benarus Remora (so many to chose from).

Max: No limit: Patek Philippe 5960R in rose gold. $1000 limit: Casio ProTrek (especially the new PRW3000 that was announced this year at Basel) and for a bit more, say $1500, I'd get a Nomos Club.

Paul Hubbard: No limit: Kari Voutilainen Observatoire. $1000 limit: Helson Shark Diver 40.

Patrick Kansa: No limit: Rolex Explorer II white dial. $1000 limit: Archimede Bronze 42.

Adam Morin: No limit: De Bethune DB28. $1000 limit: The Halios Laguna would certainly be at the top of my list but current offerings from Deep Blue, Margrette, Hexa, and Crepas should not be overlooked.

Kristin Kramer: No limit: Grieb & Benzinger Black Tulip or Pearl Blossom Ariel wrote about them here ».

$1000 limit: I'm looking at two watches for my next purchases: 1) Victorinox Swiss Army Watch, Women's Chronograph White Leather Strap 241511 (LOVE the LUME on Victorinox watches) and 2) Frederique Constant Women's FC-235AS1S5 Slim Line Dark Brown Leather Strap Watch for a daily wear.

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  • Hacker4748

    I’d welcome some coverage of the sub $100 watches you mentioned. Some of the brands I don’t remember having heard of before at all.

  • Ulysses31

    The Grieb & Benzinger is a very nice choice.

  • PriyadarshanGajbhiye

    Really interesting choices.. Ariel’s choice was expected.. What really impressed me was Kristin’s choice for the unlimited budget watch.

  • MarcTravis

    There are so many fantastic <$1K micro brands out there that make terrific-for-the-price watches. Lots of hidden gems. And for me, someone who likes to fly under the radar with my choices, am leaning towards those brands these days.

  • BJS314

    A Casio Protek or a “little more” a Nomos Club? As $1,00 limits are concerned I’m speechless. Everything in PRW3000 line runs in the $200-300 range. Seems like there is room for a whole lot more watch there. Almost warrants an entire article. 🙂 Very, very interesting.

  • Jordan Antonoff

    and what are these micro brands you are referring to?