What Are Some Good Watch Magazines?

Jefferson H. from Los Angeles, CA asks:

There are a lot of watch magazines out there. I'm not sure which is a good magazine to subscribe to. Which one would you recommend?

Ariel here, and I will speak plainly as myself. When I first got into watches, I bought a lot of watch magazines. I was eager to see new models and learn things I didn't know. I found the articles in a lot of US watch magazines to be a bit dry, and not very interesting. I later moved to the Internet because I was able to learn things a lot faster. Though for novices, watch magazines can still be a good route to learn stuff. Watch magazines (like many watch websites) are almost entirely funded by watch brand advertising and they prefer to be neutral or positive in their mostly informational coverage.

The US watch magazines that come to mind are: WatchTime, International Watch (iW). Watch Journal, Watch, and Revolution. There are probably others out there. Some are beautiful to look at, and if you need an offline watch source I wouldn't avoid them. Having said that, I'm not personally taking the time to read them, knowing what I know about watches, my exposure to the industry, and my level of expertise.

I hear that there are some excellent watch magazines out there in German and Japanese. Perhaps in other languages as well, but I can't read any of those. There is, however, one English language watch magazine out of Europe that I was really glad to discover. It is called "Watch Around," and the issues I have read were excellent. It is more about history and some of the industry as well as technical elements of the watch world, but it is educational and well-written. If I had to choose for myself it would that. For everyone else, it really just depends on what you are looking for.

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  • csong36

    Thanks for the question and the response.  I was wondering the exact same thing recently!

  • DanielPatrick35

    The problem with those magazines is they cost a FORTUNE… Revolution is the best “looking” with great photography, etc., it’s a real coffee table mag. I’d say that Watch Journal is the most informative and iW is just kinda there. But I can’t get over the fact that I’ve dropped $60 to read about the same crap that I read about on the internet from this site six months before! Oh who am I kidding?! My stupid watch collection is worth as much as my car! I guess I don’t have room to complain about magazine prices.

    • Malfoy

      DanielPatrick35 I used to subscribe to Revolution Magazine but they one day decided to stop sending me my issues (I was still owed 3 issues) and didn’t reply to any of my emails regarding the missing issues or renewing.  While I really enjoyed their magazine, out of principal I won’t go in store and buy an issue I was already entitled to 🙁

      • JackForster

        Malfoy DanielPatrick35 Hello Malfoy –Jack Forster here, US Editor in Chief of Revolution Magazine.  We’d like to correct the subscription problem –not sure why your emails weren’t answered but DM me on Facebook/Twitter or email jack at revolution hyphen press dot com and we’ll get you your magazines.

        • Malfoy

          JackForster Thanks for finding this post.  You have been emailed!

        • JackForster

          Malfoy JackForster My pleasure; thanks for your patience.

  • MKRoma

    I have frequently read Watch World, QP and Revolution.  QP is good as it has a fair coverage of both the major and independent brands.  Watch World is okay-ish but you have to get past literally 20 pages of wasted pages before getting to an article.  Revolution is my preferred one on, especially on tablet, as you get the most for your money.  Best to read each if you can, then whittle them down.