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What Happens To Watches Reviewed On aBlogtoWatch?

Lewis C. from Sydney, Australia asks:

Ariel, do you need to send back the watches you review? How long do they let you keep them for? Are you allowed to wear them around when they are sent to you for review?

A lot of people have inquired to how all of this works so we’d like to give a basic overview of how aBlogtoWatch Watch Reviews work.

Since sometime in 2008 or 2009, aBlogtoWatch has been doing an in-depth, hands-on Review of at least one watch a week; typically on Monday. What makes a Review different from the rest of our articles? For our Reviews, we not only see the actual watches, but spend time with them, wear them, and offer a more in-depth review on their design, comfort, and value. Watch reviews are a major part of our appeal and we separate our reviews into sections for watches priced at over $500 and under $500.

We also do “Hands-On” mini-reviews where we’ve been given very brief access to a watch or watches, sometimes lasting only a few minutes, when we are at a show like BaselWorld, or when meeting with a brand. These are like mini-Reviews. In these cases, we were not able to spend very much time with the watch, only long enough to get a sense of the feel of the watch in real life, get some original photos for you and report on our best general impressions. The watch in the case of the “Hands-On” articles, is typically never entirely in our exclusive possession, therefore, it stays with its keeper.

Some in-depth reviews are of watches that we own. A contributor might purchase a new watch and wish to review it. That happens often enough. However, the majority of watches we review come to us directly from the brands.

Brands either come to us asking if we are interested in a review of their products, or we specifically request certain watches that we’d like to check out. Much of the time we return watches as they are out on loan. How long we keep them really varies, but it is usually a few weeks or more. We absolutely wear the watches and they don’t just sit in a room to be photographed. We take the review process pretty seriously because we want to convey what the ownership experience is really like. Yes, there have been watches we’ve chosen not to review, as they simply aren’t something we feel we can recommend in any way.

Sometimes, it turns out, we are able to keep the watches we review. This isn’t something we require in order to review products but rather a decision the manufacturers make. Regardless of whether or not we are able to retain watches, all reviews are approached from the same perspective and free from bias. Sure, particular writers have their preferences, but all reviews reflect the independent thoughts of the writer.

We choose a few questions each week and publish them. Want to ask the aBlogtoWatch team a question? We want to hear from you »

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  • Lesthepom

    every job should have its perks I hope the ones you get to keep don’t just end-up in the back of the safe at ABTW may be if it is one you are not interested in you could auction it to your readers or may be a raffle for  worthy cause may be to purchase those cool watches for the blind you reviewed a few weeks ago !!!! 
    I don’t thing any one would begrudge you keeping the odd one or two 🙂

  • jamesposey77

    LOL Ariel Adams turning away a watch is like Ariel Adams turning away a donut, impossible!