The following timepiece auction analysis post is by Chris Meisenzahl. He is a long-time watch enthusiast and daily Speedmaster Pro wearer. He blogs at The Pretense of Knowledge and can be followed on Twitter at

Fellows is a UK auction house, established in 1876. For this auction the estimate range is a fairly reasonable £200 – £50,000. Clearly not pocket change, but there are dozens of pieces in there for a person looking for a deal, or just filling out a themed collection.

I see that the most expensive (that is, expected to bring the most money) item in the auction is a Rolex with a range of $61,600.00 – $77,000.00. It’s lot #486, a “platinum automatic Oyster Perpetual Day-Date bracelet watch circa 2006.” But here’s the problem, the thing is covered with about 4.0ct’s worth of diamonds (see pic)! I’m sure all aBlogtoRead readers realize this isn’t a watch so much as a piece of jewelry. So we’ll move on.  😉

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If you’re a new collector or just looking for a bargain there are a ton of options for you in this auction. There must be a few dozen items expected to go for under $500, many of them way under. As this doesn’t happen often, let’s look at a handful of the deals, instead of the over-the-top pieces we usually lust after.

Do you reminisce about the days when you wandered the mall and gazed into the mall jewelry stores, hoping to one day own a Tag? Then you might want to go retro and grab this quartz Tag Heuer Formula 1 (lot #579). It’s expected to go for 120.00-190.00, and all kidding aside, it’s a nice watch (see pic) for not much money.

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[You can grab the wife/girlfriend/paramour an Omega Connie for 80.00-120.00, or even a quartz lady’s Seamaster for 310.00-460.00!]

Looking for something classy, a dress watch to round out your collection of Tag Formula 1s and Chase-Durer watches? How about a real men’s Omega Constellation for under $300? It’s lot #238, here’s a pic of the dial, and don’t miss one of the best casebacks in watch history. Though be aware, the case is 36mm, which will seem diminutive if you’re a Paneristi.

[Note, any of the vintage mechanical pieces will very likely need to be serviced.]

Is there a hole in your collection, maybe a lonely empty spot in your watch box? Then do check out lot #96, this automatic Chopard Mille Miglia GMT chronograph (see pic). This thing is a steal at 770.00-1,080.00. Don’t miss the exhibition back.

This auction may be one of the more rare opportunities to get some great deals, especially if you’re a fan of Omega, Tag-Heuer, or Omega. If you have perhaps $1200 to spend and don’t expect to go home with a repeater or Patek, and definitely not a Patek repeater, you can leave this auction very happy indeed!

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