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AVI-8 watches are known for making pilot’s watches with mechanical movements that are available to a large audience of watch enthusiasts. Our latest piece is from the Hawker Harrier II line, the AVI-8 AV 4047 is inspired by the Hawker Harrier custom built engine from Rolls Royce. We completely reimagined the Miyota movement so as to register time via a set of 3 individual discs that display the time by rotating across the dial, which is rich with references to the Harrier II. This is a watch we hope you’ll pay attention to, especially if you’re into pilot’s watches with a creative streak.

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Originally designed by Bristol Siddeley, the Pegasus is not only able to power a jet aircraft forward but also able to direct its thrust downwards via swiveling nozzles enabling the aircraft to hover and maneuver vertically off the ground, adding a fascinating and tactically useful dimension to the modern day jet aircraft. We were strongly inspired by the Pegasus engine and you can see references throughout the watch.

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We decided that the watch needs to be a contemporary size and since we are referencing a jet engine- it should be suitably sized. At 45mm wide, the AV 4047 is exactly the size it should be, allowing the wearer to fully appreciate the design intention of the piece. We crafted it out of Marine Grade 316L Stainless steel with a sapphire crystal and an exhibition see through case back. It comes on a quality buffalo hide genuine leather strap with bi-colour detailing on the sides of the beautifully supple leather watch strap, which provides an excellent and snug fit on the wrist.

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We wanted to create a watch with a creative and fresh approach, and our team takes a lot of pride in the design and construction of these watches. The deconstructed nature of the dial is one that makes the AV 4047 stand out in a sea of aviation inspired watches, and the profile silhouette of the Harrier acts as the marker to call out the time on the dial, a detail that is clear in its design inspiration but one that blends in with the rest of the watch. Machine finished detailing frames the time readout with the seconds hand disc bringing the ever march of time to life dynamically and fluidly on this timepiece.

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The Avi-8 AV 4047 is available in stainless steel and also in a titanium carbide ionic plated version. There are dial options of silver white, gun, and black while the straps are available in light brown, dark brown, green, and army green. Price for the stainless steel models is £350 and for the titanium carbide model the price is £370. We price these units at a level where we believe most watch enthusiasts can access and they are available for pre-order on our website. avi-8.co.uk 

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