Tank “112”

This WWII German early war inspired watch sports a grey paint scheme with winter white wash camouflage. The tank crew often applied coats of white wash to camouflage their tanks in the snow fields. The markings of a white steel helmet depict a tank from the premier elite Panzer Grenadier Division, Großdeutschland, which consisted of the best-equipped units of the German Army. Units from Großdeutschland took part in most of the major campaigns during the war and were particularly successful in the assault on Stalingrad. By the end of the war, a total of 56 Knight’s Cross were awarded to the soldiers from the premier elite Panzer grenadier division, Großdeutschland.

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Tank “139”

This watch exemplifies a WWII US inspired olive drab paint scheme. The markings consist of the ubiquitous white stars that clearly identifies a US vehicle. American crews were known to give their tanks nicknames, in this case “Classy Peg” was found on this M4A3 Sherman tank. Armed with a 75mm gun, “Classy Peg” represented a tank from the C company of the 716th tank battalion, which supported the 43rd Infantry Division during the assault of Luzon in 1945. For their effort, they received the US Presidential Unit Citation, which was rewarded for gallantry and for accomplishing its mission under extremely difficult and hazardous conditions.


Tank “062”

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This watch symbolizes the new range of tanks with the design based on modern pixelated camouflage patterns and is yet to be used in combat.

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