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Bangalore Watch Company Mach 1 Available For Pre-Order

Bangalore Watch Company Mach 1 Available For Pre-Order Watch Releases

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In 2018,  Bangalore Watch Company released the  Renaissance Automatic watch, covered on aBlogtoWatch. While that collection was a mid-century inspired dress watch, the brand’s follow-up piece — the Bangalore Watch Company MACH 1 — takes the company in a new direction with a collection inspired by an icon from the history of the Indian Air Force.

In December 1971, the Bangladesh Liberation Movement was at its peak. The Indian Government’s stance was to provide tactical support for the creation of a separate state for ethnic Bengalis — a position that didn’t sit well with India’s estranged neighbor. What followed was a series of preemptive strikes on Indian Air Force (IAF) bases both on the western and eastern fronts.

Bangalore Watch Company Mach 1 Available For Pre-Order Watch Releases

During these strikes, the IAF MiG 21 FL Type 77 fighter plane passed into legend, forcing the enemy air force to ground its planes. The Type 77 was the first supersonic fighter jet of the Indian Air Force built by India’s state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (headquartered in Bangalore). These planes served the Indian Air Force for 50 years until retirement in 2013. It is this iconic plane that Bangalore Watch Company pays tribute to with the release of its first pilot watch collection.

Bangalore Watch Company Mach 1 Available For Pre-Order Watch Releases

The Design

The MACH 1’s design is that of a modern pilot watch; one that makes an intentional departure from the ubiquitous German fliegers. Despite the integration of more up-to-date elements, however, the brand takes care to keep the look subtle and understated.


Bangalore Watch Company Mach 1 Available For Pre-Order Watch Releases

The standout features of the MACH 1 collection are the Indian Air Force fin-flash at 9 o’clock, a MiG 21 fuselage-inspired (long and narrow) handset, a MiG 21 afterburner nozzle-inspired crown, and deeply engraved caseback showing 3 MiG 21s in a V formation.

Bangalore Watch Company Mach 1 Available For Pre-Order Watch Releases

On the dial, the Arabic numerals are made up of multiple layers of Swiss C3 Super-LumiNova. Not only does this result in a very strong glow in low-light conditions, but it also adds a very pleasing three-dimensional effect to the display, as the numbers seem to jump out from the matte black background. The color-matched date wheel and red triangle at 12 o’clock (traditional features of Pilot’s watches) complete the look.

Bangalore Watch Company Mach 1 Available For Pre-Order Watch Releases

The Collection

The MACH 1 is available in two versions: the MACH 1 Civilian (with hour markers represented by numbers 1-12), and a MACH 1 Aviator (which uses double-digit minute markers instead of hours, such as 05, 10, 15 and so on). Each style is available in a stainless steel case, or a PVD matte black case, making a total of four options.

Bangalore Watch Company Mach 1 Available For Pre-Order Watch Releases

The Details

With a case dimension of 42mm, 48mm lug-to-lug, 11mm in height, and 22mm lugs, powered by a Sellita SW220-1 with a screw-down crown that protects the 10ATM case, and a flat sapphire crystal with triple-anti-reflective coating on the underside, the MACH 1 not only tells a story of an iconic fighter plane that served the Indian Air Force, but also makes for a compelling aviator-styled watch.

Bangalore Watch Company Mach 1 Available For Pre-Order Watch Releases

With prices starting at approximately $680, the MACH 1 collection is now available for pre-order on the brand’s website. Worldwide shipping is due to commence during November 2019. Learn more about the brand at

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  • TheInsideVoice .

    Considering what India is doing in Kashmir.

    No thanks.

    • NaJo

      Considering what china is doing in HK and India is doing in Kashmir you will need to stop using all of your electronic gadgets (hardware and software)! Lol ?

      • Marius

        Indeed, and never mind HK, there’s a million Uighurs in concentration camps in China. And unless you live in the US, your oil & gas probably come from a misogynistic undemocratic hellhole. Although if you live in the US and are afflicted with TDS you might consider yourself no better off.

    • (Brand owner) Thank you for the comment. The MACH 1 collection does not celebrate a specific political stand, rather a Supersonic Fighter Jet that defended India for fifty years, and is celebrated by over a billion people. I understand Kashmir is a sensitive topic, but the collection has nothing to do with it. Best we leave geopolitics aside and enjoy watches. Cheers!

  • James Honour

    Did someone say “Oris”?

    • (Brand owner) Thanks for the comment. Our goal was to design a pilot watch that does not look like yet another German Flieger, rather a modern watch with a more updated look and feel. I understand there may be similarities to other watches, but the design details like the fin-flash, the crown, the multi-layer C3 indices, and the caseback are differentiators. Cheers!

      • James Honour

        Good to see interaction with commentators.

        • (Brand owner) Of course! Nothing better a brand owner could do besides engaging with the community and listening for feedback. Cheers!

  • Agnar Sidhu

    I think the history and watch seems like a good match, and I really like the crown and handset! The line shoot is nice. Best of luck with the campaign!

    • (Brand owner) Thank you for the compliments. Glad you like the design details!

  • Raymond Wilkie

    As a pacifist ( ahimsa ) this whole concept is Just dreadful. You should be ashamed of yourselves. This is no platform for a heated political debate but to make money off a situation after partition is beyond reproach. by printing a messenger of death on the case back just adds insult to injury.

    • H.S.M.

      The watch itself doesn’t commemorate the conflict itself, rather the plane. Granted, those were military planes, but I would hardly call the plane a messenger of death, it can be used for defensive purposes as well. It is an instrument of war, which can be used for good and bad.
      And if we go further down the road, I presume you wouldn’t wear a Stova, Laco and IWC either. As they actively delivered watches for the airforce of Nazi Germany.

      • Raymond Wilkie

        H.M.S. This plane played a major part in this conflict in that instance it was not on a defensive mission. In this mission it was a messenger of death pure and simple. Being part of something ghastly like the association of the Nazi party was done in most instances as self preservation like the watches you mention, Hugo Boss designed the uniform, Mercedes made the cars. the beetle (VW) designed by Porsche. That I can forgive.

        • (Brand owner) Raymond, the MiG 21 Type 77 is being celebrated through the MACH 1 collection because it was the First Supersonic Fighter Jet of the Indian Air Force; the details of 1971 was added for colour and context. The Type 77 served (and defended) Indian Territory for fifty years and retired in 2013. MACH 1 tells the story of a fighter-plane that is celebrated by over a billion people, so it depends on which side of the fence you’re at. Nevertheless, it is best if we leave geopolitics aside and enjoy watches. Cheers!

    • NaJo

      Huh!! More then half of watch industry is on historical events including fighter jets, personals, army who attacked innocents etc…

  • Sheez Gagoo

    Ok, the watch is quite nice, but celebrating an at the time third world country attacking another third world country…

    • (Brand owner) The MACH 1 collection celebrates India’s First Supersonic Fighter, the MiG 21 Type 77 and not the 1971 War specifically. The details around 1971 was added to this story for colour and context. Glad you liked the watch! Cheers.

  • Playboy Johnny – Team Mariu$

    I like the watch and the movement. The civilian model would be my choice. The Mig case back might be unpopular in the North American market.
    Overall, nice watch.

    • (Brand owner) Glad you liked the watch! The Civilian is cleaner and not as busy as the Aviator dial. But most first time pilot watch buyers gravitate towards the Aviator (Type B in general). Cheers!

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Remove what before flight? The box?

  • NaJo

    A nice watch and dial design, a good touch + the mig case back + jet burner nozzle shaped screwdown crown, 100m wr and a sellita for $650! a good contender for my country specific collection..

    • (Brand owner) Thank you for the compliments. We’re glad you liked all the design details and the package! We’ll look forward to having you on board!

  • Raymond Wilkie

    love it 🙂 Would you mind awfully not invading during our lunch time oh , and we’re closed at night and on the weekend.

  • Julie Hill

    Nice looking watch. Well executed design.

  • Geoff

    Does Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman have his own version with an F16 tally on the back?

    • (Brand owner) Nope he doesn’t 🙂 What Varthaman flew was a MiG 21 BIS (a.k.a a Bison upgrade) that came in the late 1980s and still serve the Indian Air Force. The MACH 1 commemorates the Type 77, First Supersonic Fighter Jet of the Indian Air Force that was taken into the IAF in the early 60s and retired in 2013. Cheers!

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Thanks Sheez. That clears that up.

  • Daniel Harper

    I’m really stoked about this watch and this direction that Bangalore Watch is going. I am definitely saving up for one of these hopefully by christmas. I love it!

    • (Brand owner) Thank you! We’ll look forward to your ownership and patronage!

  • Jon Heinz

    Even if you’re not aware of the significance; it’s a very clean presentation. There’s nothing ugly or out of place here; just a good looking pilot type watch with a workhorse movement that will last long and be cheap to get worked on. Cool beans! Now let all sponsored posts be more like this.

    • (Brand owner) thank you very much for the compliments. Yes, we’re happy with the outcome, it does seem like a good package overall 🙂

  • JM

    Nice to The the Irish flag finally make it to a watch dial. ?

    • (Brand owner) Good catch there! The Indian Air Force Fin-Flash (the sign that air forces carry on their tail fin) has been long criticised of having the Indian flag’s order on one side (with saffron being first) and reversed on the other side (with green being first). Our logic is that if the crown is the afterburner-nozzle, then the fin-flash should be green first (plane’s nose pointing left). Cheers!

  • PR

    I like it, looks neat, both versions offer a good look based on personal preference. The caseback is very cool and so is the crown.

    I am still not a fan of the name and such long text on the dial but that’s a minor thing. My only other issue is with the flag, it should be straight like it is on the tail of the MIG 21 and not slanted as it ends up giving a wrong racing flag like vibe instead.

    • (Brand owner) all great feedback, thank you! Glad you liked the designs of the Civilian and Aviator variants, and yes they’re down to personal preferences. We’re happy with the caseback and crown outcomes, looked good on renderings during design, and looks even better in the metal. The name: I get it, it is rather long. We’re working on acquiring trademark for a shorter name and will use it from the next collection if everything works out by then. The flag, we started with it being straight during design, didn’t like it, and turned it to a slant and it looked great! I suppose this boils down to personal preference too. Cheers!

  • (Brand owner) Thank you for the compliments. Glad you liked the design!

  • egznyc

    Looks good in terms of sizing and value. I like the lume and 100m WR too! I just don’t particularly care for the little flag on the dial – I don’t think ANY kind of flag typically belongs on a watch dial, and for a fleiger in particular less branding is better IMO. Also not such a fan of day of the week.

    I remember liking the brand’s first offering. Interested to see what else they offer in the future.

    • (Brand owner) Glad you like the design and size. The design with the fin-flash on the dial is a matter of personal choice I suppose, we’ve received a lot of positive comments about the fin-flash. Sterile dials with no markings are really cool, but there isn’t anything unique about those. I’m stoked you liked our first offering too! What would you like us do next? (Don’t say diver!). Cheers!

  • SMB

    Good looking watch, both variants. Loving that crown and caseback.

    • (Brand owner) Thank you. I am glad you like both the variants. We’ve received many positive comments about the crown and the caseback. Glad you like the design too. Cheers!

  • Jeyaprasanna A

    Watch looks great and the brand looks ambitious but not for me unless MADE IN INDIA. I am happy with my HMTs for now. Hope the watches will be designed and made in India soon . All the best

    • (Brand owner) Thank you for the comment. The watches are designed and assembled in Bangalore right now but are not ‘Made in India’. We’ve looked around for two years and have come to the conclusion that making high quality watches with high level of finish and tolerances in India is only possible if we invest multiple years in developing skills, and will also need huge cap-ex. For the foreseeable future, we’ll continue to design and assemble in Bangalore with components coming from around the world. What fuels our passion is to bring exciting stories like the MACH 1 from India, as opposed to the futile pursuit of ‘Made in India’. If you insist on that label though, you’ll have to make do with HMTs and other also-rans. Cheers!

  • ray h.

    This watch in 38-39 mm stay with 22 mm lug, plus a mono pusher like the new Bremont but without the crazy price tag, show what good people with skill can bring to the market an even better looking watch ,made every bit as well, but under $1000, we all know it can be done, and with a fair profit., Thank you!

    • Great feedback. I’m with you on making great watches and pricing them sensibly. Albeit, a mono-pusher movement is at least 6X of the price of a day/date, and it’ll push construction costs further up being a chronograph. Fair profit for me (and many brand owners) does not mean a ‘cost plus’ approach, rather having the ability cover staff paychecks, spares, warranty work, customer service, design for future models, e-commerce etc. A $1000 mono-pusher sounds ambitious , but I get the spirit of the comment 100%. Thank you!

  • Thank you Mikita. Lot of thought went into the logo placement on this one, but I am glad the 3H placement has worked out and is consistent with the fin-flash on the 9H side for symmetry. No plans for Unitas at the moment but more exciting stories coming in the future!

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