Alongside the announcement of their new three-hand Boeing Model 1, Bremont has announced a matching chronograph called the Model 247. Named after Boeing’s first commercially available twin engine aircraft, the Model 247 offers a design that is immediately distinguishable from their ATL1 range of both classic and military-inspired sport chronographs.

Available in a black or a white dial, the Model 247 will be launched with a case made of a proprietary aviation-grade steel provided by Boeing and manufactured in the UK. The new Model 247 chronograph offers a modern, attractive and accessible design that effectively connects with Boeing’s technology and heritage. While Bremont has produced a variety of military-only models for pilots that fly Boeing aircraft, the Model 1 and Model 247 offer a distinctive and specialized model range that is not limited to military personnel.

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With a 43 mm case, the Model 247 will launch first in steel and Bremont will add a titanium version in the future. Those of you familiar with Bremont’s hardened steel Trip-Tick case will know that the strength and scratch resistance of these cases is a paramount concern when Bremont is designing a new watch. To that end, the Boeing connection offers access to a very high grade of scratch resistant 465 steel, an alloy that is exclusive to Boeing. The steel is double vacuum-melted for the aerospace industry and is developed to be as scratch and corrosive resistant as possible, without the need of surface hardening.


Likewise, Bremont will leverage their partnership with Boeing to produce eventual titanium versions of the Model 247 that will use Ti-64, an aerospace grade titanium developed by Boeing (more details on this metal closer to launch). As a sport watch brand, Bremont is wise to expand into titanium models but has to be careful as a part of their branding is wrapped up in the real-world success of their hardened steel cases. As conventional titanium is an alloy that is easily scratched, we are excited to see what sort of scratch resistance will be offered by the Ti-64 titanium from Boeing.


Powered by the same BE-50AE automatic two-register chronograph movement that is used in the ALT1-C, the Model 247 sports a 30 minute chronograph with a date display at 4:30. Fully decorated and fitted with a skeletonized rotor, the BE-50AE starts its life as an ETA 7750 before Bremont makes the required modifications.

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