Baselworld 2018 10 free tickets

As the world’s largest (and oldest) trade show for watches, Baselworld (in Basel, Switzerland) is an annual pilgrimage for the aBlogtoWatch team. This year, we decided to help 10 of you join us there (we might not actually be able to have you join us while we work, but feel free to say “hi” and buy us dinner!) by offering some free show entrance tickets courtesy of our friends who organize the Baselworld fair.

Baselworld happens this year from March 22–27, 2018. Brands such as Rolex, Omega, TAG Heuer, Patek Philippe, Seiko, and literally hundreds more gather in Basel each year to meet with industry professionals, show off their new watches, and generally give the aBlogtoWatch team a marathon of work for the week. Baselworld is technically open to the public, and tickets cost between 60–150 Swiss Francs per person to enter the show. aBlogtoWatch has arranged for 10 free tickets to be available to audience members who can make it to Baselworld this year. Trust us, it is a challenge not to ask for help carrying around our gear in exchange for the offer.

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Baselworld main exhibition hall

If you’d like a free Baselworld show entrance ticket, then comment below and tell us one thing you hope to see at Baselworld 2018. A week after this post goes live we will choose 10 random people and arrange for a ticket to be sent to them. For everyone else who can’t make it, aBlogtoWatch will be in full force covering Baselworld on all our channels and we look forward to bringing you the best of what’s new in watches.

I would absolutely LOVE to get to see some Arnold & Son watches in person for the first time, especially a Royal Blue!

  • I eagerly await what Rolex will bring to the table! A submariner in a new color, a totally new model, a revival of the Rolex Prince?

  • I absolutely want to see the new chronographs of ZENITH, to witness the influence of Mr. Jean-Claude Biver!

  • I warnt to See the Rolex Steel sporties like sub and gmt with the new caliber and new Design.

  • I would love to see TUDOR come out with a cool in-house powered GMT with an independently controlled hour hand and modern design but with some nods to past famous models.


  • GMT Tudor Pelagos. In a traditional, darker shade of blue, not that Royal Crayon Blue they use now.

    Rolex Sub lugs returned to normal size.

    4,000 new Omega speedmaster colorways.

    A re-introduction of the TAG Aquagraph

    A Grand Seiko dive chrono with more realistic and aesthetically pleasing proportions.

    Oris 65 Chrono in steel

  • Yeeess, hoping for a gmt from Tudor as well. I would also like to see the regular black bays embrace the date window…
    And generally just smaller dive watches please!

  • A 38-40mm bicompax chronograph with column wheel and vertical clutch, discrete date at 6, relatively thin (manual winding if necessary) steel, and affordable! In other words, something like the new Speedy Racing on a diet!

  • I’d like to see a watch conceived, designed and built in Africa for the African market. Does such a thing exist?

  • I’m very interested in what Rolex/Tudor do this year. Would love to see the Sub’s get the new upgraded movement with thiner lugs and no crown guards. Ideally they would go with a navy blue dial for the no date version as well. I doubt they’ll do any of this except for the movement upgrade. I’d also love to see JLC bring back more Reverso’s with the 1931 dials those were killer.
    BTW This is such a cool offering. Thank you aBlogtoWatch.

  • I’d like to see some watches that I can actually afford. Exorbitantly priced pieces are nice and all, but let’s be a little pragmatic here.

  • I would like the approx £3000 for accommodation, travel and meals for the 6 days. I would like to say, ” Ooooooh that’s different ” instead of ” That is just lazy “. From what I see that’s on show It’s going to be the latter. But I remain hopeful. I look forward to your reports.

  • I’d love to see new awesome nomos watches, because they’re so cool and almost affordable for a student like me. I also hope to see the new mido multifort datometre in the metal.

    • “because they’re so cool and almost affordable for a student like me”. Seriously?? You should be up to your eyeballs in unpayable debt caused by regular and unregulated late night over-indulging. Buy a decent watch when you’re 40 like the rest of us. It’s not like you’ve got to be anywhere on time.

    • Sorry to tell you, but micro brands are not in Basel, they dont have 150.000 swiss francs to pay to be there on a dark corner.

  • I’d like to see something rather interesting from Breitling. Maybe a new series launch. They have been in a bit of crisis lately after being sold to CVC, so something brand new and exciting from them would be a great comeback!

  • “one thing you hope to see at Baselworld 2018” – that’s easy: Three chickens, riding on the back of an ostrich sitting on the back of a rollerskating fire-breathing dragon. Probably something to do with the Hublot stand.

  • I’d like to see how will the winners pay 500 – 1000 swiss francs to find a hotel in Basel, plus 100 swiss francs for a normal dinner. Good luck!

  • I’d love to see a (and hopefully pick up) a Hesalite Omega Speedy. Gonna be hard to convince the wife to head to Switzerland considering this is the week of our 1 year anniversary ?.

  • would love to see big brands that can make watches more affordable.. i do own rolexes / omegas / panerais / zeniths, but off late prefer micros coz of their great designs at an under 1000$ price point!

  • I would like to admire the beautiful watches from Hublot and I want to tell CEO Ricardo Guadalupe how well he is doing his job.

  • I’d love to go and see what’s new from Rolex, Grand Seiko, and Omega… and of course Patek even though I can’t afford one yet.

  • Although I’ve collected watches for years I’ve never been to watch show so it will be an exciting experience for me !

  • I’m planning to be in Basel around then, so it would be great to go to Baselworld and, like many people here I’d like to see something that is smaller, 39-41mm, from any of the big brands at a sensible price. I might even bring a credit card 🙂

  • I would like to see Rolex showing a new Datejust line of 39/40 mm of diameter and Omega announcing an improved bracelet enabling micro adjustment for their Globemaster and Aqua terra line

  • I’d head straight to the Zenith stand with the vain hope of seeing a new 40mm Fly back chrono or th 38mm Chronomaster increased to 40mm (so that my old eyes can read the sub dials).

  • I’m really interested to see what Tag Heuer is going to announce for it’s collaboration with the China space program! I’d also like to see if they are going to do anything different with the Connect model of watches. Outside of that, I’m hoping that Tiffany & Co. might show up or if there is a vendor available that can showcase the pieces. Their watches are stunning!

  • I would like to see the Omega Seamaster 300, master co-axial becoming master chronometer with Metas certification, the date and the same dial as the spectre edition. It would be really great!

  • Rolex sky-dweller in all-steel, explorer 2 with new ceramic bezel, tudor heritage chrono with mt movement, Blancpain bathyscape in 40mm, omega seamaster 300 with date window,

  • I would like to see some more affordable tourbillon watches, like the one from Tag.

  • I would like to see some new concepts pushing the limits of modern manufacturing techniques.

  • I would like to see all the new watches, limited editions and concept watches from all around the world.

  • I like to see the novelties from Patek, Rolex and Omega. This will be my first Baselworld ever and love to be first in line to get a watch that I can treasure for ever…

  • Basel World is the annual pilgrimage for watch lovers.
    I look forward to seeing the latest offerings by the Holy Trinity of watchmakers (Newer models of -Calatrava by Patek Philippe | Patrimony by Vacheron Constantin | Royal Oak by Audemars Piguet) and what they have to offer; over and beyond the innovations that will be offered by the other “new kids on the block”.

  • I hope to see new Omega Dark side of the Moon Master Chronometer version. Also new Zenith Defy with the new movement

  • I would be curious to see what Patek and AP propose this year, I unfortunately couldn’t be present at the SIHH 2018 so I would be very happy to participate in Basel World !

  • I would like to see some of the SIHH exhibitors back in Basel. JLC, AP, VC, Lange, etc.. SIHH still remains a trade-orientated show and Basel is a great opportunity to show novelties to (non-trade). enthusiasts.

    As a local Baseler I would also like to see hospitality prices come down. No one likes to be ripped off for accommodation and restaurants. If it continues the show will wither and die. Take heed!

  • Hopefully not another coloured side of the Moon. Something original from Omega ad I’m finding all the reinterpretations – as great as they maybe – a little tiresome now.

  • I would like to see and meet the ablogtowatch team around a coffee and discuss the baselworld 2018 novelties !

  • having seen some of the great watch brands present at sihh timepieces that really focus on value (VC in steel, etc.) i hope to see the same trend at basel and to be pleasantly surprised by what some will have to offer in that regard

  • I would like to see more advanced materials in relatively affordable watches(in contrast with Mille for example)

  • I am looking forward to seeing all the new releases, trends in the industry, and how Baselword changes from last year. I am particularly curious to see what is happening at Rolex, and to see this year’s Seiko and Grand Seiko limited editions. Hooray Baselword! Thank you Ariel for you and your teams work to bring us coverage. I always take off work during Baselword so I can read all the coverage.

  • Will I get a chance to see (and maybe try) the new Breguet Tourbillon “Grand Feu” enamel version, as well as the Horlogical Machine 8 Can Am and Legacy Machine Split Escapement from MB&F?

  • It would be great to see a little more creativity around chronograph dials (e.g. vintage longine, vacheron … subtle colour, applied indexes, , sector dials, decent water resistance, sunken subdials) .. preferably an everyday piece of art in steel.

  • More creativity and interesting designs with a stories behind them. But not too much of avangard or insanity

  • I would like to see a slim sports watch (<11mm) or chronograph (<12mm) with a 100m water resistance in the 38-40mm case diameter category.

  • I would like to see dress watches with a “more practical” water resistance rating that could then be my “only watch” (until it isn’t) 🙂

  • A Omega Speedmaster Profesional with Column Wheel;
    and a Tudor Black Bay with an open caseback.

  • I like to see if they made some changes at their booth and if there is more digital experience then it was in the past 2 years

  • Piaget’s concept watch that was debut at SIHH 2018…the Altiplano. When it comes to timepieces, pictures and/or videos never do them justice!!!

  • I would like to see an Omega Speedmaster Red Side of the Moon, I know it sounds crazy but I love all their watches in white, black, grey, and blue ceramic, it would be really cool to see a red ceramic.
    Maybe a Snoopy’s ceramic watch would be awesome but we’ll have to wait until next year.

  • I love how Tudor keeps coming out with something new every year. I’d like to see an update one of the Black Bays with a jumping hour hand. It doesn’t have to even be a GMT. Just a jumping hour hand for travel.

  • As a young researcher of independent watchmakers coming from a non watchmaking country, I would like to see tourbillon creations and timepieces from the AHCI members at their booths, and have some discussions with them.

  • Ten years ago, I was at Baselworld 2008, and remember seeing AHCI watch makers and true craftsmen in person. I met with Kari Voutilainen, Andreas Strehler and Thomas Prescher. Unbelievably they spent some time with me, showing their watches in person, Voutilainen, the Observatoire, Strehler, the Papillon, and Prescher, the world’s first flying triple axis tourbillon. Unforgettable. This year I would like to the AHCI exhibitors, and at the other end of the spectrum, the new Zenith Defy oscillator.

  • Last year, Zenith unveiled two new models in the Defy series, the Lab and the El Primero 21, a 15 Hz movement 50 Hz chronograph movement, respectively . JCB promised new innovations each year from Zenith, so I would be interested in seeing what they will have this year.

  • A new Tudor Pelagos in a more bold look – green/red would be great! Also to see if any of the rumored Rolex models are discontinued.

  • A 6139 remake from Seiko for its 50th anniversary! This iconic chrono is a really understated achievement of Seiko.

  • If I were chosen to go to Baselworld, I would love to see all the independent watchmakers like Masahiro Kikuno. The art and ingenuity that goes in their watches, for example the ‘Temporal Hour Watch’ that combines Japanese and Western timekeeping combined has me really intrigued.

  • Been planning this trip for 2 uears now.
    Best place to be in march! I hope to see the new launches of Zenith, Tudor, Tag Heurer, Oris and Rolex divers at this exsibition.
    It would be my first time experience at Baselworld, so Pick Me!

  • I would love to be there and see both the independents with their beautiful creations and some newer tech like the Zenith Defy Lab

  • This would be an awesome birthday trip! Switzerland has been on my bucket list for a while but I would only ever go while baselworld is happening. This year would be the best time to go because rumours of my favourite diver of all time being released are floating around. The Seiko 6159! Send it! 😉

  • I’d like to see a Rolex GMT that is a practical every day watch and doesn’t have a minimum two year waiting list for anything other than the LN!

  • I would like to see Seiko and Citizen, showing Swiss watchmakers who is the bestin the world….
    And off course free ticket for me…

  • Hi, Ariel!
    I hope to see you at Baselworld 2018!
    I have some questions about possibility of our collaboration in the nearest future. 😉
    And of course, to see this year’s Seiko, Citizen and Casio new releases.

  • I would love to see MB&F’s Legacy Machine No 2’s movement which was developed by one of the world’s most revered movement makers of our generation JeanFrançois Mojon.

  • I would like to see the end of the retro inspired trend. We have seen enough of those IMHO ? Greetings, Tom

  • I would like to see anything with the new Zenith oscilator system like in the caliber ZO 342 but anything so inovative counts too.

  • I expect to see potential partners for my new developing product new patented technology. I am just starting and want to visit this fair for the first time in my life and maybe even participate in it as representer in a couple of years!

    Want to see such brands as Richard Miele and similar that are moving watch world for new materials.

    So please help me out on this 🙂

  • I want to see Rolex GMT Master Pepsi ceramic bezel in Stainless Steel to add to my Rolex GMT gold/steel 116713LNs

  • I would like to see newest limited editions and meeting different people from all the world 🙂

  • I would like to see newest limited editions and meeting different people from all the world 🙂

  • I want to see an independent brand i have never heard of before present something that blows my socks off.

  • I want to get in touch with the top brands, given that luxury watch industry is the focus of my master thesis.

  • We’ve travelled all the way from China to come see Baselworld. We want to see EVERYTHING!!!

  • My husband is a massive watch lover and would be so excited to be able to go and see all the show has to offer. We just moved to Switzerland and it would be lovely to get to know the markets and the community we are interested in.

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