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Baume & Mercier Capeland models have two styles of dial. One, we like to call “old” and the other we like to call “older.” Each is vintage inspired by actual dials from the past. This version has the “older” dial. That means more traditional looking hands and Arabic hour numerals as well as a snailed tachymeter scale and a telemeter scale. Dials like this have been known to exist as far back as the 1910s or 1920s. The other dial style was popularized about one or two decades later. Nevertheless, each of the current Capeland dial versions is what you would call a “vintage-style watch” for sure. And some people get very excited about that.

In black, with a mixture of gold and white markers, we felt that this was a very attractive Capeland model to play with for a while. I can’t help but love gold-toned pomme-style hands on something that feels like a traditional tool. I actually inherited a vintage Gallet watch with a similar dial – so designs like the Capeland 10068 speak to me positively. Legibility is good, but you’ll have to look to the other Capeland dial style if you want luminant on the hands or dial. One issue however, exists whenever you have shiny hands on a black surface: in certain kinds of light, the hands blend in affecting legibility. There are lighter-colored versions of this dial, and Baume & Mercier does make the hands flat which helps, but it is something to be aware of.

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The Capeland 10068 comes in the 44mm wide case, which is the only case size available for this dial style. The other dial style is available in either a 44mm wide or 42mm wide case. Also note that this dial style is only available with the (quite lovely) alligator strap (in two shades of brown, or black). The Capeland on the bracelet isn’t that bad though – coming from someone who loves watches on bracelets.

Of course, this “more” retro version of the Capeland arguably has more character. The distinct vintage looks of this model cannot be confused for anything else. The other dial can actually be confused with something more modern-looking. Indeed, even some novice employees at Baume & Mercier thought it was quite modern looking when the new Capeland models debuted in 2011. If you go retro, go full retro, and opt for a dial like this in my opinion.


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