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It finally happened, Bell & Ross is giving everyone’s favorite square watch a metal bracelet. Actually, let me clarify. They are testing it out on the BR03 watch models. Seen here is one of the first of these types… maybe the first ever in a retail store. It is the BR03-92 watch with the new style metal bracelet that you can now get in addition to the rubber or other straps available with this watch line.

Bell & Ross does not currently have any plans to give the larger BR01 (46mm wide) watches a bracelet at this time. They are merely seeing how it goes with the smaller BR03 (42mm) models. I do like the look. It seems to make sense and feels like a visually comfortable fit. Like the straps, the bracelet tapers from the case down to the clasp a bit so that it does not feel unwieldy on your arm. The design is a bit retro, and the bracelet is done with a brushed finish on the top side, with polishing on the sides I believe. The inner side of the bracelet has a middle link that holds the larger links together. You get that nice clean vertical link look on the outside of the bracelet. The bracelet moves nicely and is flexible enough for what you’ll need to do with it.

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There is a folding doubling locking deployment clasp with a Bell & Ross signature on it. It all works pretty well. Bell & Ross proved to me that they could do a great bracelet with the one they have on the Geneva series of watch. The one here on the BR03 has sort of the same feel to it, light and airy, but well made. Not super heavy or dense like some sport watch bracelets. I have a feeling that the steel metal bracelet is going to be more of an option in the near future as more stores get these pieces, but it could very well be slow. I didn’t even see images of the BR03 on a bracelet online before I saw it at the Lussori watch store in Carmel, CA.  Even Bell & Ross themselves didn’t tell me about it, and they are always so good about telling everything that is going on. Sure there is a press release about some high society thing that they sponsor, but you get a new bracelet where there never was one, and no one knows what to say about it?

As you can see in one of the photos with the price tag, a Bell & Ross BR03-92 on the metal bracelet retails for $3,700. Quite a pretty penny (but that is the starting point of course). You can a lot of style and a good brand with a Bell & Ross. So while they are pricey, they use high grade Swiss ETA movements in most models (an automatic 2892-A2 in this pictured model), and tend to have a high buyer satisfaction. I can’t wait to see if Bell & Ross gets a metal bracelet for the BR01 watches.

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