1. The Booming Market For Selling Your Luxury Timepiece Online: How Recommerce Is Dominating The Pre-Owned Watch World

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Watch brands have enjoyed a tremendous past couple of years in terms of sales and growth, and that in turn has led to a booming market for second-hand timepieces. And if you think it is just collectors or watch lovers selling their watches amongst themselves, you would be wrong. The market for secondhand watches is much more complex and wider than that. And in this article, you would learn more about the second-hand market, the concept of recommerce as it relates to watches, how dealers and services are adapting, and how you can take advantage of this.

Source: Forbes

2. Inside The Manufacture: A Two-Day Visit To Chopard

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Chopard Manufacture

Chopard is often thought of as a jewelry brand, but the fact is that the brand has its roots in watchmaking and has made significant strides in the past couple of years to establish itself as a true manufacture. In fact, apart from making its own movements, it even smelts in its own gold. Today, the Chopard manufacture is made up of three facilities in Fleurier and Geneva, and here’s a look at all of them.

Source: Hodinkee

3. LESSON: Hand-Engraving a Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso

JLC Reverso Engraving

How hard can it be to engrave a simple straight line? Specifically the one in between the “J” and “L” that forms the Jaeger-LeCoultre logo? Apparently, it is very hard. The author of this article recently had the chance to try his hand at engraving the back of a Reverso case and found it to be challenging. However, he did learn more about the art of engraving and the various engraving options that Jaeger-LeCoultre offers for Reverso owners.

Source: Watches by SJX

4. All About Seiko LumiBrite

Seiko Golden Tuna Lume

If you have a Seiko in your collection, I would dare say that its lume is probably one of if not the brightest. For that, you would have to thank Lumibrite, Seiko’s own luminescent material that they use in entire range of dive watches. And if you think their entry-level dive watches have amazing lume, this article also shows a simple comparison video between the lume of a high-end Seiko Golden Tuna and an entry-level Baby Tuna. The results are quite fascinating.

Source: Keep The Time

5. Up Close with the Richard Mille Quebec Clock

Richard Mille Quebec Clock

Richard Mille makes some out-of-this-world timepieces, but its latest creation could be its most insane yet. It’s actually a clock, one that stands at over 3.5 meters tall and weighs close to 2,000kg. More impressive yet is that it took 6,571 hours of research to conceive and later 5,451 individual components and 3,952 hours of assembly to build. Truly something extraordinary and it will be displayed at Jardins de l’Hôtel de Ville in Quebec, Canada. If you are in the area, you can always go check it out, but if not, hit the link below for a closer look at this magnificent creation.

Source: The Horophile

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