1. Video: Haute Collector Series with Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is one of the fastest up and coming comedians around and recently starred alongside Will Ferrel in the movie Get Hard. Like so many other watch lovers, Kevin marks each career milestone of his with a new watch. Check out the collection he has assembled in the video above. You can catch Part II of the interview in the link below.

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Source: Haute Time

2. Digital Is a Change in the Watch Magazine World

Watch Magazines

The way people consume media has changed drastically in the past decade. This can be largely attributed to the proliferation of mobile Internet access and the advent of smartphones and tablets. aBlogtoWatch, for example, was born in 2007 – the same year as the iPhone – as a means of sharing our passion with watch lovers who are becoming more connected. That said, watch magazines are still an important way for watch lovers to get information and learn about watches. However, these publications are also looking at ways to go digital to cater to changing tastes, behaviors, and also watch advertisers’ budgets and strategies.

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Source: The New York Times

3. A Critical Comparison Of The Seiko Eichi II, Laurent Ferrier Galet Micro-Rotor, And Philippe Dufour Simplicity

Seiko Eichi II

We know Seiko is not just about cheap and affordable mechanical divers and that the Grand Seiko’s chronometric performance and build quality rival the best that the Swiss have to offer. But beyond the Grand Seiko, there is Credor and within Credor there is the Eichi II, an exquisite time-only watch that features some of the best movement finishing anywhere in the world. Or is it? Here is an exacting look at how the Seiko Eichi II compares against Laurent Ferrier’s Galet Micro-Rotor and Philippe Dufours’ Simplicity.

Source: Hodinkee

4. The five tough questions everyone wanted to ask Omega at Baselworld 2015 (but didn’t), answered

Stephen Urquhart

If you ask me, I think Omega has been doing a real fine job lately, releasing very interesting watches that are both aesthetically pleasing and technically high-end. The Master Co-Axial movements are really something special and the fact that they are going to try and put them into most of their watches really must have had some brands sitting up and taking notes. So it was interesting to hear what Omega’s President, Mr. Stephen Urquhart, had to say in response to some really straightforward and blunt questions about Omega and their direction.

Source: Time and Tide Watches

5. Is the Geiger counter a reliable tool in evaluating the radioactivity on a dial?


Vintage Rolexes are highly sought after by collectors and certain models are very valuable. This is why they are also one of the most counterfeited watches around. In fact, I have read that there are operations in parts of Asia that specialize in replicating dials of vintage Rolex watches, so much so that they look as if they were decades old! As a result of all this, some collectors turn to Geiger counters as a means of validating a watch. The logic being that vintage Rolex watches used radioactive materials for luminescence and that these materials would still emit radiation to this day. However, is this really a credible means of evaluating the watch? This thread provides some very fascinating insights.

Source: PuristSPro

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