1. Opinion: Has IWC Lost Its Way?


IWC is a great brand with a storied history and provenance. However, there are some who believe that the brand is diluting all that it stands for in its pursuit of greater market share. Celebrity endorsements, irrelevant sponsorships and lavish launch events have taken precedence over genuine horological innovation, some argue. Is this true? This article addresses these two opposing views in an old-school-style debate.

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Source: Gear Patrol

2. Seven Pearls of Wisdom From Ariel Adams


It is the end of the year and some of you might be eyeing a new timepiece maybe because you are feeling a bit rich from the bonuses you have just collected, or maybe you just want to celebrate after having a great year. Whatever your reasons may be, never forget these words of advice from our Editor-in-Chief, Ariel.

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Source: Lifestyle Mirror

3. Pre-SIHH 2014: A first look at three new Cartier Fine Watchmaking timepieces 

Cartier SIHH 2014

If you still think of Cartier as predominantly a jewelry house, it’s time to wake up. In the past few years, the Parisian brand has released a number of very exciting and horologically competent and significant pieces. As SIHH takes place just next month, this is a preview of three complicated pieces that you will see from Cartier next year.

Source: Watches by SJX

4. Watch Curmudgeon: Are Your Watches Hygienically Challenged?

Watch Cleaning

Your mechanical watch is a living, breathing object. You have to take care of it like you would your pet dog or cat. Apart from making sure you don’t handle it like Clumsy Smurf, we recommend that you keep it clean too. But how? Hit the link below to find out.

Source: Worn and Wound

5. London’s luxury shoppers prefer bricks to clicks

London Shopping

I don’t know about you, but I for one prefer to buy from good old brick and mortar shops as opposed to online ones. Apart from being able to see the watch firsthand and to feel it and try it on, I feel that buying luxury items such as watches should be an experience, and we would love to be pampered at the boutique. And according to this recent survey of London shoppers, they seem to agree with me. Find out what other interesting findings this survey revealed by clicking the link below.

Source: WatchPro

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