1. Why You Should Own A Timegrapher (and how to use it)


If you have lots of watches in your collection and are especially fond of acquiring vintage pieces, a timegrapher is a tool that you should invest in. For those unfamiliar with a timegrapher, it is a device that literally listens to your watch and calculates its rate and amplitude. These two values are very useful for determining if a watch is running properly or if something is wrong with it. You can even measure the watch in various positions to get an idea of how well it was regulated.

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Source: Wrist Times

2. Buying New Versus Vintage Rolex

Vintage Rolex

New or vintage? This is a question that many watch buyers face. I was faced with this dilemma too when I decided I needed a Rolex in my collection some time ago. Eventually, I settled for the new blue-black GMT Master II, but that was only after fighting off the lure of a vintage GMT Master 1675. In the end, the high-tech ceramic bezel and bombproof Calibre 3186 won it for me. Here, the author discusses the merits and disadvantages of a new Rolex versus a vintage one. A good read, if you find yourself in the same predicament I was in.

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Source: Fratellowatches

3. Paneristi Passion: An Interview With the Ultimate Panerai Fan

Panerai Collection

One of the reasons why meeting fellow watch collectors is interesting is because almost every one of them has an interesting story to share. I always find it fascinating to learn about how people got into watches and why they buy the watches that they do. Here is an interview with a diehard Paneristi who, interestingly, got started collecting Invicta and, at one point, even had over 100 Invicta watches. Find out how he moved on from Invicta here.

Source: PuristSPro

4. Finally, Tag Heuer….Tag Heuer V4

Tag Heuer Monaco V4

With Jean-Claude Biver taking over as interim CEO at Tag Heuer and subsequently announcing that the brand will now focus on more affordable watches, this means that watches like the Monaco V4 will be a thing of the past for the brand. Regardless of your feelings toward Tag Heuer, this must surely be a pity, as the Monaco V4 was a truly innovative and cool watch – it is, after all, the first watch in the world to be driven by belts. Here, renowned collector Bernard Cheong muses about his Monaco V4 and shares his ownership experience.

Source: PuristSPro

5. Special watch collector: Jean-Claude Biver, Head of Watchmaking of LVMH

Jean-Claude Biver is one of horology’s most interesting and outspoken characters. Widely credited for resurrecting Blancpain and Hublot, Biver is now the head of LVMH’s watchmaking division, which includes brands like Tag Heuer, Zenith, Bulgari, and Hublot. Here, he tells his story of how he got into watches and also shares some tips on how one should collect.

Source: TheWatches.tv

6. Seiko Watch Company Responds to TimeZone’s Seiko Forum

Seiko is fascinating brand, and perhaps even more so because of its Japanese roots. The Japanese sometimes do things in ways that the outside world cannot understand. For instance, the distribution of Seiko watches can be very frustrating. The “Sumo” or SBDC001, which is well-loved worldwide, has been kept as a Japanese domestic market only model. Here is Seiko’s response to this question and more.

Source: TimeZone

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